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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hockey equipment...

My prayer:

So I got to relearn another lesson again today God. When did I forget that you can make the impossible, possible? 

By noon today, it looked like there was no way possible I could get everything done that needed to get done, even if I had the rest of the week to do it. The mountain was too high. But, then I remembered that you are on my side, did each thing you put in front of me, and got it all done with time leftover for a work out!

Thank you awesome God! Everything I am that is good is only because of you!

What God Said Tonight:

I am like hockey pads. I don't do the work for you but I make it possible for you to do the work and I protect you while you do it. 

Could you play hockey without the padding, gloves and helmet. You could but you wouldn't be able to play very long because you would get hurt and have to stop. 

With me on your side, you can stay in the game longer and get more accomplished. I am a hedge of protection around you and I make it possible for you to do what you are called to do, each day. 

I love you sweet daughter and I am in this life with you to be your ever present help.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Introduce God...

My prayer:

Amazing Father God. You created it all. You spoke the universe into existence and you breathed life into man. You fashioned woman out of a rib. Then, you gave us one rule. We broke it. You provided a way out for us anyway by making yourself our sacrifice. And, because of all of that, I get to talk to you everyday and hear your voice. I get to have a relationship with you. 

If someone were to pitch that story to Hollywood, they would have turned it down. It is too unbelievable  But it all happened, and without it, I would not be here with you now. 

I think that is why we struggle so much to explain you to people who don't know you yet. The story is unbelievable, you are indescribable, and our relationship is unlike anything else on earth. But somehow, millions of people come to you everyday anyway. We are so hungry to be reunited with you Father. Even when we don't know what it is, we hunger for it. We hunger for you.

What God Said Tonight:

I don't need you to explain me. I just need you to introduce me. I will take care of the rest. It is no different than what you do at your job everyday. You connect people. That is all I really need from you. Connect me with all of the people in your life that don't know me yet. 

I will take care of the rest. I will help them to see what a life with me will be like. I will show them your life and other lives as examples. I will fill them with my Holy Spirit power. I will win them over, just like I did you. 

You just have that first part, but don't neglect it. I need it. You know how it is. Especially in this busy world. People are not going to pay attention unless they are introduced by someone they know and trust. So, introduce me and I will do the rest. I love you daughter.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


My prayer:

What a wonderful day God. What a wonderful weekend. I feel blessed and at peace tonight. 

I am sorry I got so out of balance again last week. I do know better and I will try to do better. 

I ask God that you make me a blessing to everyone around me this week. Help me to stay balanced and focused on you. Help me to not get so caught up in the craziness of life. You are my ever present help and I am so very grateful. I need a lot of help! :)

What God Said Tonight:

Remember when you got caught in the rip tide? Life is like that sometimes. You can get caught in a cycle that can kill you if you stay in it long enough. 

Remember what I told you when you were in the rip tide? If you don't do something different you are going to die. You listened then I want you to listen now. You are out of the rip tide for now. But, when or if it happens again, I need you to recognize it sooner and do something different right away. 

Don't get drug down by the waves of complications in life. Swim sideways, swim under, whatever, but don't get stuck. I will warn you if you will listen. Next time, when I warn you, change something right away. 

You will see a grater freedom and strength in your life if you do.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pity party cancelled...

My prayer:

What a wonderful and generally perfect day God! Slept in, great hike, time on the mountain with you, great church service, dinner with good friends, and now, quiet time with you. I REALLY NEEDED THIS DAY!! 

Sometimes I look at myself and wonder why you put up with me. It seems like I just continue to struggle with the same stuff year after year. It is boring! When will I find and maintain balance in my life? When will I remember that when I try to do stuff on my own power I fail and when I lean on you I succeed? When will I remember that if I don't keep the Sabbath holy, I get all out whack?!

I get so frustrated with myself. I know all of these things. You have taught me well. And yet, I continue to forget them over and over. I am just kind of sick of me tonight. 

How about I shut up and listen. That usually works a lot better.

What God Said Tonight:

If you treated others the way you are treating yourself tonight, you would not have anyone who loves you. You would scare them all away. When did you decide it was ok to treat yourself worse than you would treat a stranger? 

I am your Father and I will correct you as needed. You do not have to heap guilt on yourself. I will show you new ways of coping with life, as long as you are willing. I will help you change and grow and move into the future I have for you. 

To think that you have not grown is simply untrue. You have evidence to show your growth if you will look at it. Time to come out of feeling sorry for yourself and remember who you are and what your purpose is. It is time to treat yourself with at least as much grace and mercy as you show others. It is time to remember that I love you and I don't take kindly to people who talk badly about my kids. Even when they are talking badly about themselves.

Your life is a process, not a a destination. You will always be growing and changing. You will always be learning. The fact that you could so easily recall and state some of the major lessons you have learned over the last several years is a really good thing. 

Now, rest in my love for you. End this day with the joy and peace that we shared. Start tomorrow with a new sense of purpose and be ready to see great things happen. 

I love you now and forever.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Turning away from God...

My prayer:

WooHoo!!! You got me through this INSANE week God! That in itself is an absolute miracle!! I honestly don't know how anyone survives this life without you in it. If I did not have you to lean on, I would have been dead a long time ago. 

I am SO ready to spend a quiet day with you tomorrow. We are going to hit the trail and sit on top of the mountain. I will sing to you and bask in your amazing presence. It has been MUCH TOO LONG since we have done that. To spend a whole day resting and hanging out with you, that is heaven on earth. Thank you for the luxury to do so. Not everybody gets that chance.

God I pray and ask that tomorrow be a wonderful day of rejuvenation for all of us. Give us rest and fill us with you fire and energy to tackle the next amazing opportunity that you have for us.


What God Said Tonight:

On a mountain top or in traffic, I don't care where we spend time together as long a we do. I miss you when you get tied up the business of life. 

I am God, so I can survive, but I miss you. I created you for relationship. I created you to be mine. When you let other things take you away from me, it is painful for me. I am not bothered by the people who speak badly about me. They don't understand, they don't know me. What hurts me is when people who know me, my children, turn away from me. Sometimes it is in sin, sometimes it is in anger, and sometimes, it is simply letting "life" get in the way. 

I love you and I long to be your only focus again. I am with you always. I have never left you and I never will. Turn to me and embrace me. I promise when you do, when you remember, everything else will get easy again.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


My prayer:

Awesome God. I feel like I am coping out again but I can barely keep my eyes open. I am beyond grateful that you brought me through another day and for all of the wonderful favor you continue to pour out on me. I thank you for so many answered prayers for so many people. I love you God and am primed to hear what you have to say tonight. 

What God Said Tonight:

Everyday is a brand new opportunity to be the best you can be. But every day is also an opportunity to know me better, deeper, more than you have before. The more you know me, the more you know my promises. The more you know my promises the less hard you have to work. 

I never intended for you to run yourself to exhaustion. That is you and your drive that is doing that. I only want good things for you. I only want balance, joy, and peace. I have it all here for you but right now, there is too much getting in the way so you can't see it. 

Get you true Sabbath in this weekend, things will look better when you are back on schedule with me. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What fathers do...

My prayer:

Some days, like today, it is just one gift after another from you God. THANK YOU!!! You are so wonderful to me and so much better than I deserve. You even gave me stuff today that I needed but never asked for! You are so wonderful!! I guess I said that already but it is TRUE!!! LOVE YOU!!

What God Said Tonight:

I love you. You are my child and I will take care of you all the days of your life. 

You don't always have to ask me for things. I know what you need. If you and I are in relationship and talking all the time, when you include me in your life, 

I know and provide for all of your needs. I have enough and I love you so much. I will make sure you have what you need when you need it forever. That's what fathers do. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who you are...

My prayer:

Mighty God. My brain is so tired from this day that I can't really think anymore. All I want to do is to lay my head on my pillow and turn off my brain. But I have to hear from you before I do. I can't end a day without hearing what you are thinking. 

I love you God. Thanks for bringing me through another one and thanks for the good report from the doctors on little A! Your healing power never ceases to amaze and delight me!!

What God Said Tonight:

I am delighted by you my child. I know that this time is difficult but you do not lose faith and you do not turn from your commitment to me and my will for your life. 

You have been doubting yourself and that is because you are in uncomfortable waters. But, your surroundings and your circumstances do not define who you are. I define who you are and I say you are a prophet, a king, and a priest. I say you are the head and not the tail. I say you are above and not beneath. I say that you are more than a conqueror and I will make sure that you prosper in all that you do. I am with you and I will make you succeed. 

Go and rest but remember who you are in me. Take that confidence with you wherever you are.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rest in God...

My prayer:

Awesome God. Seems like every conversation for the last week or so, at least the ones here at night, has been about the future and you plans and will. It seems kind of odd. If I don't know by now that you will work out everything for my good, I doubt I will ever know. You have shown me so many times. But, it is never a bad thing to be reminded. 

I just feel like the bigger struggle for me is to get through each day right now. There is so much happening and it is just constant. It is all good stuff, exciting, and so much of it is for you and your Kingdom which is WONDERFUL. But, for example, I just remembered another thing at work today that did not get done and had to shoot off an email to explain. 

I am generally worn out and feel like I need a rest. Just a few days with no one needing anything. I am not sure how to make that happen right now. God, I need that rest and rejuvenation that only you can provide. Give me strength to do everything that you have for me to do, please.

What God Said Tonight:

I am present, past and future. You know your past, you are living your present so I tell you about your future. It is part of what I do. I make the unseen, seen. I make the unknown, knowable. 

Your now, your present is a result of your past and a jumping off place for your future. How you deal with your now, what you do with it, decisions you make will determine which path we take forward. Not choosing, not making a decision is actually making a decision. It is just a decision that allows everything to stagnate instead of moving forward. 

I am here to help with your present, past and future. I will help you let go of your past, live today and reach for tomorrow. I am your ever present help. I am your strength and I am your joy. Find your rest in me. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

In due time...

My prayer:

Timing. My timing, your timing. Funny that those two things are seldom the same. God, I am trying to trust your timing but it is not easy sometimes. I worry sometimes when something hasn't happened yet, that it won't ever happen. 

I wonder if what I think you told me about the future really was you or was it just my own wishful thinking. I wonder if I can have something that I have never had before. Maybe it is not meant to be for me? Maybe that is just something for other people. 

Then I think, maybe if I had it, if it was already done, I wouldn't actually want it. After wanting it for so long now, I wonder if I mainly want it because I can't have it, not because I really want it. 

Sorry to be so cryptic tonight God but you know my heart and I need more help. Seems like I have needed your help a lot lately. Thanks for not getting fed up with me!

What God Said Tonight:

If it is my will for your life, I will not let anything stop it. If it is not my will for your life, you don't really want it anyway. Your heart, your desires are in sync with mine. 

You have already learned that my will for your life is best. You have also seen that I can make anything work toward your good. Remember those times, remember what I have done n the past and trust that I will take care of everything in your future. 

Your job is to deal with today. To take care of right now. I have given you plenty to do and to focus on right now. Take care of what I have put in your hands and I will take care of tomorrow, especially the hopes and dreams of your heart. 

You will have all that I have promised you, in due time. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

God's power...

My prayer:

Another night when my thoughts are all over the place God. I need to quiet my mind and just focus on you. You are not a God of confusion. What do you want to talk about tonight God? What is on your mind? How was your day? What do you need/want tonight? I love you God and I love hanging out with you!

What God Said Tonight:

Peace, be still. The power of the Lord is with you and in you. You can speak to the storm and it will cease. You can tell the mountain to move and it will move. You have the power of my Spirit in you.

There is nothing you can't do in my name and through my power in you. Your only limits are the ones that you put on yourself. When the day comes that you truly understand who you are in me...that will be a glorious day. That will be the day when you realize that absolutely NOTHING is impossible. That is the day when you will walk in true authority that I have given you. 

I see you in your future and it is glorious. Trust me to get you there. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Small beginnings...

My prayer:

Tonight was amazing, wonderful, beautiful! You are the BEST God! I am so tired though, I don't trust my ability to put any more words together. Tonight is all you God. Can't think of anything better or more wonderful than that!

What God Said Tonight:

I have waited for this time and this moment with you for a very long time. I saw this day from the beginning of time. 

You have no idea yet of the significance of this day but one day you will look back and remember, oh yea, that is when it all started. We started things today that will change the world forever. You will see things that you cannot imagine and you will look to today as the root of it all. 

Sometimes, things of great significance happen under your nose, but you miss them. That is what has happened here. Don't despise small beginnings. They can be really quite wonderful. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Working it all out...

My prayer:

All knowing God. Thank you for the divine appointment today! I had no idea that what seemed like such a hassle was going to turn into such a great opportunity to bless someone and help turn their day around. 

Being a blessing to someone else is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Seeing their life, the day, their experience change for the good is so wonderful! Wow, I sound like a pretty sappy sap tonight but I can't help it. I love when I get show people the love you have planted in me.

What God Said Tonight:

I will turn all things to the good of those who love me and are called according to my purpose  All things, even a broken thermostat  

Just trust me. When things are going good, trust me. When things are going bad, trust me. When things feel unknown and scary trust me. 

Trust that I will never let you down. I love you way too much to let you fall. I have loved you from the beginning of time and I would not have brought you this far to leave you. You may recognize some promises in those statements. 

Fact is, I love you, I am in charge, and I will work everything out. So, you can either worry and waste your time, or you can trust and enjoy life while I work out the details. Your heart is precious to me and your destination is important to me. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Be faithful to what you have...

My prayer:

Awesome God. There is nothing like a furnace breaking down in the middle of a snow storm to remind me to be grateful! Thank you for fixing it God and thank you for the millions of things you do every day to take care of me, love me, teach me, and provide for me that I more often than not take for granted. 

My attitude has been pretty stinky lately. Thank you for the reminder of all the wonderful people, things, and experiences you fill my life with every day. Forgive me God for forgetting.

What God Said Tonight:

I have more for you than you can imagine but you have to be faithful with what you have before I can give you more. When you don't appreciate what you have, I can't trust you with more. The way that you take care of and appreciate what you have, shows me how you will act with more. 

If I give you too much too fast, it will ruin you. Too much of anything, even blessings, can destroy you if you are not ready for it. I know that it does not sound fair but to those who have, more will be given. Not because they need more but because they have shown that they can handle what they have, which prepares them for more. 

This is true in every aspect of life. Be faithful to what you have, take care of it, appreciate it, and then I can give you more. Then I can give you all I have for you. I love you daughter.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My prayer:

Wonderful Father. I love you and I never want to be ungrateful but sitting here, thinking about the day, the week, the month, and all I can say is ughh. I don't know if it is just the tail end of winter and feeling cabin fever or what but everything feels a little old, stale and boring. 

I need a break or a change of scenery or something to spice things up a bit. I am a little scared to say that out loud because I know that sometimes when I ask for excitement  I get more than I can handle. But, I need ... something. 

I love you God. Thank you for letting me bring everything to you.

What God Said Tonight:

Excitement is more about your attitude than it is about what is happening around you. What you need is a revival. Not the tent kind but the spirit and soul kind. 

The kind of revival that lifts your head so you can see the future I have for you. You need a revival that reminds you of the blessings that are staring you in the face. You need a revival that reminds you of the miracle and glory it is to have me working for you on your behalf in everything. 

There is wonder, joy and excitement all around you but you have to open your eyes and lift your head to see it. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tough times...

My prayer:

My Lord. Took 2.5 hours to get home through the snow, but I got home safe. Working on another foot or more of snow but it is going to leave everything really green when it melts. God, I know that my experience of life is largely determined by my attitude and I am trying to focus on the positive, but that is not always easy. 

It seems like so many people that I care about are going through some really tough times.  No money, no job, losing relationships, and health problems. I know you are going to work it all out but it still hurts to go through it. 

Do we ever get to a point where there is no more pain? Do we get there in heaven? Do we get there in the new heaven and the new earth? I am really looking forward to that God. 

What God Said Tonight:

I am your healer and I can heal you from any pain and any sickness. I am your Father and I will take care of your every need. I will protect you whenever possible and when you get hurt, I will be there to comfort you. 

This is what I can do today. Tomorrow is another story. Tomorrow we have 24 more hours to show my glory. In that glory is what you need. 

I have heard your prayers and I have already sent the answer. You are going to be flooded with praise reports in the next week or so. I have an encouragement and a hope for you because the plans I have for you are SO good!  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Desires of your heart...

My prayer:

Awesome Father. I have had some people asking me to "teach" other people how to pray. My initial response was "Sure! I love to pray and I love to teach so sounds like a great time!" But then I got to thinking about it. What would I teach them? Praying is just talking to you, getting to know you, listening to you, spending time with you. That isn't something you teach someone, that is just something they need to do. 

But then I think, I had a lot of people over the years "teach" me how to pray. They taught me how to know your promises and apply them to situations. They taught me the value of getting into a place of worship with you before laying out needs. They taught me how people prayed in the Bible and how you, Jesus, prayed while you lived with us. That was all good stuff and very interesting.

But, it didn't teach me how to pray really. The way that I got comfortable praying was by doing it. Praying with others, praying for others, praying with just you and me. That is how prayer became a part of my everyday experience and relationship with you. I suppose I could just tell them that and start praying with them? Maybe that is the best way to "teach" them. 

Still a weird concept, teaching someone how to talk to someone who loves them SO MUCH and is just happy to hear their voice once in awhile. What do you think?

What God Said Tonight:

I think that anything that brings people closer to me is a good thing. Anything that takes people farther from me is a bad thing. It is that simple. How ever you want to do it, as long as it draws people to me, that is the right plan. 

You worry too much some times about what to do. Do what is in your heart. I have given you the desires of your heart. A lot of people get that word backward. It is not so much that I will give you anything you want. It is that those desires you have in your heart, the ones that are always there? Those are from me. I gave you those. And yes, I will make sure they are fulfilled, but, if you are my child, and you have a desire in your heart that will bring you and others closer to me, that desire is from me.

I love you and look forward to seeing what you do...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Transfer of wealth...

My prayer:

Tonight gave me an awful lot to think about God. But it all comes down to one question, what do you want? What do you want me to do? What do you want to happen in your body? I am on board 100% with anything that you want. 

I pray God and ask that you open every door you want open and shut every door you want shut. I am more grateful than I can say about how you prosper me; but if there are things that I am doing or opportunities that I am looking at that are not your best, shut them down. 

I am yours. My life, my talents, my resources, all of it is yours.

What God Said Tonight:

Money, the love of money is the root of all evil. I am tired of my people getting taken off track because of money. I have the means and I will make possible the impossible, providing a way for my people to do what I have called them to, period. 

I have told you about a transfer of wealth in the final days. Get ready, that time is coming. With money no longer taking center stage, my people will be free to to follow their hearts. 

They will know me as their God.

Friday, April 12, 2013


My prayer:

Good friends, lots of laughs, thank you God! I needed that. I am ready for a rest, I am ready for Sabbath. 

I can't wait to rest all day with you tomorrow God. I can't wait to get quiet with you on the top of a mountain. 

Those are some of my most favorite times, just alone with you on top of the world. Nothing better than that. Although, these nightly talks are pretty awesome too. Then there are the times when I get to pray for people and watch you change their lives and meet every need, that is probably the most awesome time with you. There is NOTHING like laying hands on someone and watching you heal them before my eyes. Yea, maybe that is my favorite time with you. Or...I guess any time with you is my favorite! 

What God Said Tonight:

You are my favorite. Just like you can't really pick a favorite time, because they are all your favorites, that is how I feel about each of my children. They are all my favorites but that doesn't make any one of them less special. They really are all my favorites. 

So, I can honestly look you in the eye and tell you that you are my favorite. I adore you. I will always take care of you. I will always help you. You will always be my favorite. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You pick the time...

My prayer:

Mighty God. I am worn out tonight for sure. All I want is to hear your voice and go to bed. My brain is much too tired for anything else. 

I sometimes feel guilty about being so tired by the end of the day when we hang out like this. It sure doesn't seem like I am bringing you my best. But, I also love to end my day with your voice. What do you think God? Should we change the time of day that we have this quiet time together? I want whatever is best for you. LOVE YOU!!

What God Said Tonight:

I don't care what time of day it is, I just care that we get time together. I will always take you right where you are at. If you wake up in the middle of the night and want to talk, I am here. If  you want to talk first thing in the morning, I am here. You are not quite "all there" first thing in the morning but I am there for whatever you need. If you want to talk at noon, I am there. 

It is all the same to me. I am always here for you. Just don't forget to talk to me. Life gets so crazy and so busy that it is not hard to get distracted and forget to take the time for us to spend time alone. I cherish our time together and I don't want to miss that, ever. 

So, you pick the time or times and I will always show up. LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The garden...

My prayer:

Mighty and incredible God. What an amazing night of celebrating what you can and have done!! You have told me so many times in the past that I could not even imagine what you were going to do in my life and you were SO RIGHT!! I look around and all I can say is "WOW." I am in awe of you.

It has not always been easy but it is always worth it. I love you God and can't wait to see what you do tomorrow!!!

What God Said Tonight:

Eye has not seen and ear has not have only begun my dear. 

It is like a garden that has been planted. You are only seeing the early bloomers right now. Wait until you see the garden in full bloom! I have so much more for you. I have seeds that have been planted, seeds that you planted years ago, that are beginning to break ground. 

You will not believe the diversity, the beauty of the garden we have planted. You have such joy in your cannot imagine. I love you and I will see you blessed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My prayer:

Amazing God. I do not want to complain, I don't want to search out new depths of anything tonight. I only want to celebrate you tonight. I only want to love you tonight. I only want to focus on how amazing you are. You are everything, everywhere, and all powerful. 

One of the things that I love so about having you in my life is how you work everything out. A young friend needs to earn some money to buy a prom dress and you provide a short term job for her. A snow storm hits on a day when I have back to back meetings at work that can't be rescheduled, or more accurately  shouldn't be rescheduled, and you keep the roads clear during what was supposed to be a horrible blizzard. Then there are those flat out miracles where you heal busted up knees and broken down backs and so much more. 

Thank you for being you and always taking care of us!

What God Said Tonight:

How long will you wait? How long will you wait for me to speak? How long will you wait for me to move. 

The number one thing that keeps people from living out my promises for their lives is impatience. They get tired of waiting for it and they try to make it happen. They think they are helping me but they are not. I don''t need help to see my promises unfold in your life. I just need your agreement and your patience. 

Patience is a virtue. You will be amazed what you will see when you simply wait for me. Waiting is not fun, it is not sexy, it is not popular but it is necessary. I love you warts and all.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Good news bad news...

My prayer:

Well God, this was an interesting day with interesting challenges, that is for sure! What a crazy mix of good news, bad news, and bad news that might be good news and vice versa. It was kind of hard to keep up today. 

But here we are, just you and me and I can't wait to hear your news. I can't wait to hear your voice. What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:

All things work together for the good of those who love me. All things. No matter what the news, no matter the circumstances, I will work it for your good in the end. 

Joseph had a life of good news, bad news, but in the end, I elevated him to a position of great power that allowed him to save his family and eventually his people. 

It is when you don't give up on me, ride it out, that you get to see my purpose in all of the good and the bad news. I am the artist, the carver and the potter of your life and I will make sure that your life is a masterpiece.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saying yes to everything...

My prayer:

I am confused tonight God. Way too many opinions competing for top spot right now. And the thing is, they all have the tremendous and wonderful goal of bringing people closer to you. But, can I, should I try to be a part of all of them or by trying to do it all am I actually short changing everyone including you and me? 

I sometimes envy the people who have that one thing they are really good at and passionate about and they spend their whole lives focused on perfecting that one thing. That is clearly not me. No matter where I go, I seem to get involved in 5 million different things and anything less feels like I am not contributing. Maybe I am just trying to make everyone happy again? I don't think so. I really just don't want to miss out on anything that you have for me. 

I pray for wisdom, direction, and understanding God. The rewards of seeing people get to know you are SO GREAT that it makes me want to say yes to everything. But maybe saying yes to everything means I am not really saying yes to anything? help please...

What God Said Tonight:

  1. Have I ever, in your life, when you have asked for my help, have I ever not helped? 
  2. Have you ever, in your life, not been able to accomplish everything that I have given you? 
  3. Is there anything you are doing now that is contrary to my will? 
  4. Finally, are you keeping the Sabbath holy? 
That is your checklist and your promises my girl. We have been here before and it is good that you take stock. 

Those are the questions you need to ask. Assure yourself first of my faithfulness. Hold up each thing to the microscope of my will and purpose. Measure your balance by the Sabbath. 

I love you sweet girl. You don't have to say yes to everything that everyone brings to you. You don't have to say yes to anything. I hope you will always say yes to me. Sweet dreams tonight my love.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

God's voice...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I think you asking me to fast. You know I don't like fasting, for a lot of reasons but if it is really you asking, I will do it. It is so much easier to hear and believe that I have heard from you when you tell me things that I already believe or already want to do. It's only when you tell me things that don't line up with what I think or things that I don't want to do that I start to question if it is really you speaking. 

Pretty silly when I think about it. What I should be paying attention to is whether what I think you have said lines up with what you already said in the Bible. That is really the litmus test to know if it is you. What I think or what I want to do has nothing to do with it. Love you God. Thank you for teaching me new things every day!

What God Said Tonight:

My sheep know my voice. I don't speak in a whisper but I don't shout either. It takes effort from you to listen and then to understand. It takes even more effort to act on what I tell you. 

I know you don't like to fast. I know you so well. I would not ask if it was not important. It will blow your mind. Trust me.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Failing religion...

My prayer:

Amazing night God!! You healed, you prophesied  you released, and you set us on your path for our lives. Who could ask for anything more. YOU ARE AWESOME!! I LOVE YOU!!! I am exhausted but need to hear your voice one more time before I go to bed...

What God Said Tonight:

I am drawing in the sand for the whole world to see. A day is coming where the pharisees and the sadducees will no longer rule in this world. The religious rule makers will fall and those who have relied on the rules will be lost and looking for me but, they won't know where to find me. 

Their rules are failing them even now. 

Be their guides. When they come wandering to you lost, do not judge, do not turn away. Teach them about me, show them who I am. Help them to find me. 

Their hearts are true and earnest but they have been deceived. When that deceptions becomes clearer, be waiting to help. 

I love you daughter. Go and rest.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting to know God...

My prayer:

Another great day God. You spoil me. I am NOT complaining, at all! I love that you spoil me. I love that you bless me like crazy. Life isn't perfect but it is clearly blessed and I will always be grateful. 

All glory and honor to you God. We say that all the time, but really, ALL glory and honor to you God. I worship you. I adore you. I am fascinated by you. I want to know you better, deeper. I want to know everything about you. And, I don't want to just know it with my head. I don't want to just read about you, I want to experience you. I want to get to know everything about you on a emotional and spiritual level as well as an intellectual level. I just want all of you that I can handle. LOVE YOU!!!

What God Said Tonight:

Yes my daughter. that is what these quiet times together are all about. That is what worship is all about. It is in those times, when you focus is completely on me, that I can show you more of who I am. I can let you feel how much I love you. I can give you the peace that passes understanding and comes from knowing that you are the daughter of the most high God who is on your side and will always be your advocate. 

I love you. I crave more quiet time with you. I know your life is busy. Most of it is with things that I asked you to do. But when you can, when you can make time, when you can quiet your mind, spend it with me. I am here for you any time and any place. Quiet your mind and your spirit and you will here me. You will know my voice. You will learn all there is to know about me. We have eternity together to find it all out. LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Relationship with God...

My prayer:

Wonderful Lord. I have been studying your relationship with Moses lately and it is kind of fascinating. He argued with you and contradicted you a lot. Sometimes you listened to him and even changed your mind. 

I am not sure that I would have the confidence to argue with you the way he did. I mean, you are the God of the universe, all knowing, all powerful, and existing at all times and places. How could I even think that I would know better than you on anything? 

But then, when I think about it, every time something doesn't go the way I think it should, I may not argue with you but I definitely question you and ask you what is up. I guess that is kind of like what he did. But, in the end, I usually recognize that you had the best plan all along. Moses didn't always see it that way. 

Anyway, it is interesting. I have always thought of Moses as this really holy guy, leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promised land, setting up your laws, and he was. But, he wasn't an obedient or meek guy who just did what you told him. He fought you on things and sometimes he won the fight or convinced you of his point. 

What God Said Tonight:

My relationship with each person is unique. Not because I change but because you are all, each one of you, unique. I have some relationships that are sweet peace and love almost all of the time. David was a relationship like that. Not that he was perfect but his heart for worship made an environment of joy and love for us. Then there are the fighters, like Moses. Most people are a mix of both. 

The point is, I can and will meet you right where you are. My relationship with you will be perfectly suited to who you are. That is why every person needs to get to know me personally in order to experience the fullness of what I have for them. You can tell people about your relationship with me but until they experience a relationship with me in their life, it will not mean that much to them. 

I have said it before, but I am everything you need. That is because I am everything. But it is also because I know how unique you are and I know your personal needs. I made you. And it is with that knowledge that we begin to build a relationship. 

Get to know me like I know you and we can build something beautiful.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Never alone...

My prayer:

Awesome Father. I don't know what to talk about tonight. I have been having a hard time knowing what to talk about during our quiet time. Life is good, really good. You have done so much and continue to prosper me in every area. I am SO GRATEFUL for that I can't say it enough. And, it seems like most of my prayers right now are all about other people. Which, is ok and probably good in a lot of ways. 

But sometimes I know that when I am completely focused on other people it is because I am avoiding something in my life that I need to be dealing with. I guess I always kind of worry about that. I worry and wonder if there is some big old plank in my eye that I do not see and instead am praying for help for everyone else. But, if I am avoiding something, I am avoiding it pretty successfully because I don't know what it is.

God, I ask that if there is something I am missing, something I am avoiding, point it out to me. If there is something I need to change, make it crystal clear to me. I want to be the person you need me to be to do the things you need me to do. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

You know that I love you too much to allow you to stay in sin or to live in a way that keeps you from me. I will always point out to you the things that need to change. And then, if you let me, I will change them for you. I don't expect you to be perfect and I don't expect you to make changes on your own. We are in this together. 

You are in a season where I have you on a steady keel. this is a time to build and to intercede for others. When it is time to change, I will change you. When you need to move, I will guide you. 

You are not in this fight alone. I am your ever present help. Part of that help means that I will not let you avoid those things that you need to face. I just know the perfect rime for you to face them and I will not rush you before that time. I have plans for your life and they are good. Trust me in all things including your own growth. I love you daughter, so much.

Monday, April 1, 2013

All that you need...

My prayer:

Mighty God. I am so tired my thoughts are mush tonight. 2.5 hours of sleep is not enough. I pray God that you pour out upon me the spirit of deep sleep tonight. I pray that I will awaken for you sustain me. 

I love you God and I love that I can come to you with anything and everything and you have a solution. You have a way out. No matter how big or how small, you have the answer for everything. I love that you are omniscient, that you know everything. I would hate to have to trust a God that only knew part of the story. But, it is easy to trust you because you already kow the end from the beginning.

I should probably shut up know. I am hitting that goofy tired stage where I could go on forever if you let me with random thoughts flying in from here and there. Much better to stop talking and start listening to you. 

What God Said Tonight:

I am the bread of life. but I could just as easily say that I am the pasta of life. The point is I am what sustains you. I am what nourishes you. I am what gives you the energy and the strength to grow and do and be. 

My blood, is the life fluid that saved you but that also quenches your thirst. It gives you the fluid you need to survive. A human body can go many days without food but very little time without fluid. I am the the water that will never run dry and when you drink of me you will never go thirsty. I will quench your thirst in the physical and in the spiritual realms. 

I am all that you need and I will never run out of me for you. I love you and I am with you always. You shall not want.