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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blessing right here...

My prayer:

Amazing and wonderful God. Your power is mind blowing. Your grace is unimaginable. Your love is all encompassing. 

You are beyond my ability to truly understand and yet you sit with me every day and continue to teach me. I mess up and you make it ok. I step out into areas I know nothing about and you make me successful. 

Life with you is truly amazing. Not easy always but truly amazing. Thank you for never giving up on me.

What God Said Tonight:

Some things grow in the darkest places. Places that seem to get no light and yet for some things, that is the perfect environment for their growth. 

I will find a way to grow and prosper you no matter where you are, no matter what your circumstances. I don't have to change the circumstances to make you successful. I dont have to change the circumstances to bless you. I  can bless you right where you are. 

I will show my glory in you by blessing you where no one thought there could be a blessing. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Not easy...

My prayer:

Wow God. You have filled my life with such amazing people! Thank you! People who love me and support me. People who challenge me and help me grow. People who accept me and just want to hang out. I am richly blessed. Thank you Jesus! I pray your immeasurable blessing over all the amazing people you have put in my life.

What God Said Tonight:

Walking in my direction and path for you is not always easy. I will lead you to places that many will not want to go. I will ask you to trust me in situations where nothing would make you think that I was still in charge. I ask you take many things on faith. I ask you to believe that things that don't seem right will turn out for your good. 

I ask you for this faith and belief, understanding that what I ask is not easy. No where, ever, did I promise that the road with me would be easy. 

I did  promise it would be blessed. I did promise that all things will work together for your good. I did promise, that in the end, you will win with me. But I never promised it would be easy. 

If you want easy, you will have to follow someone else. I never pick the easy path. I always pick the path of the greatest reward. Not many footprints on that path, but worth the journey. 

Love you sweet child. Come walk with me.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


My prayer:

What an interesting and surprising day God! You have given me a lot to think about. I pray for the wisdom and understanding to process it all. Thank you for continuing to teach and mature me God. The process is not always fun but it is always worth it.

What God Said Tonight:

When you are a baby, I hold your hands to help you to walk. When you are a little older, I encourage you to go out walking around on your own, but always where I can keep an eye on you. When you are grown, I cheer you on as you run your marathon. 

Like any good parent, my desire is to see you grow, mature and acheive more than you ever thought possible. I will always be with you, but how I help you, how I support you may change over time as your need for support changes. I will always love you but how I express my love for you may change over time. 

Don't be worried when you start to see changes in our relationship. So often, it is only a sign of going to the next level of maturity. I will never leave you, ever.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trust and move...

My prayer:

Here I sit at the end of another crazy day with a silly smile on my face God. 

Thank you for being my joy no matter what the circumstance. Thank you for giving me little pearls of happy in the midst of all the crazy going on around me. 


What God Said Tonight:

I lead, you follow and everything works out perfectly. When I lead and you go your own way, I will eventually bring you back to the path and the way designed for you, but it takes a little longer to get there. 

When you hear my voice telling you to go here, do this, don't do that, turn left, go forward, bless that person, move out of the way...etc. etc. etc., trust that it is me and act on it. I will help you every time. But trust it. 

You know my voice. You are my  child. When you hear me, trust it and move on it. You will never be sorry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back to basics...

My prayer:

Awesome Lord. I find myself in one of those rare moments when I have nothing to say. Maybe tonight I should just listen. Love you!

What God Said Tonight:

I tell you, go back to basics. People often think of the basics as something less or something that is not worth much. But the basics, when properly learned are the foundation for everything else. Take a little time to remind yourself of the basics. 

I am God. I created you and the universe around you. I created you from love, to love. I sacrificed so that we could be together. I love you now and always will. I am with you in all things. I have this all planned out. And, when all else fails, love. When all else succeeds, love. 

The most basic of all basics is love. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Your path...

My prayer:

Thank you thank you thank you for a day filled with sunshine God! I loved every minute of it. 

Thank you for the amazing hike and everything else from today. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Thank you for hearing and responding to my prayer. Thank you for being so completely and transparently present with me today. Thank you for speaking so clearly to me today. 

I love you and I loved this day.

What God Said Tonight:

Your path might look different now than it has in the past but it is still your path. There maybe streams and obstacles across your path that you have not seen before but it is still your path. 

There is no obstacle bigger than my ability to get you over it and there is no stream deep enough that I can't get you across it. 

Your path his still your path. The destination is still your destination. Don't get confused or sidetracked by the changes along the way. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

God's plan, my hope...

My prayer:

My hope is in you God. The world has gone crazy but my hope is in you. I hold onto that hope with everything I have.

What God Said Tonight:

Your hope is well placed. I have numbered the hairs on your head, I will not let you down. 

I will ensure that every promise I have made to you is fulfilled. I have plans for you today, tomorrow and forever. Those plans will not be derailed. Those plans are for our good. Your good, my good, the Kingdom's good. 

I will see you prosper in Spirit, purpose and truth.

Friday, May 22, 2015


My prayer:

Mmmm, lovin' you Lord. your presence is like a soft warm blanket on a cold and blustery day. Your presence is like sunshine in the morning. Your presence fills me and makes life worthwhile. 

I love you God and I seek your presence, now and forever. Let me sit at your feet and follow you forever.

What God Said Tonight:

You belong to me and me to you. You are my soul mate. I made you to be with me forever. I am never letting you go. I will never let you fall out of my reach. I will always keep you safe, and near. You are mine and I am yours. 

I come for my bride and my bride is ready. I come with great anticipation and you do not  disappoint. The time for the wedding between Christ and His church is so very close. My bride is making some final refinements and then we will be joined. 

You have seen my commitment to you. You have experienced my covenant with you. When you my bride, my church, and I become one at the altar, you will know that my covenant is forever. You will never have to wonder if I will come through for you again. You will know that my love will never fail you. 

It is nearly time.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Overflow blessing...

My prayer:

Thank you God for, well you know. You ALWAYS give me what I need when I need it. Even when what I need is an opportunity to get out of my own head and issues and help someone else. You are amazing and I love you

What God Said Tonight:

I am water to your thirsty soul and I will always be what you need to quench and satisfy your need. 

It has not been so long since I walked the earth with you that I have forgotten the multitudes of desires and needs that flood through you every moment. 

I am hear to pour out upon you the blessing you cannot contain. I have an overflow avalanche experience coming your way. Get ready to receive all that you can of it and let the excess flow off you and onto those around you. Your excess will be there blessing. 

Your heart is in my hand and I hold it more precious than gold. I love you me sweet.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


My prayer:

Awesome God. My prayer tonight is for the millions of people who are trusting you right now in the biggest challenge/test of their lives. God I celebrate their strength and trust in you. 

I pray and ask you God to give them just the right Word, the right encouragement at just the right moment to give them what they need to stick to it and not give up. It is so easy in this world to give up God. We see people do it every day. 

Help us to never give up, unless it is to give up to you. Help us to hold on steadfast to our trust and faith in you. Help us to remember, every moment that you are with us and every struggle we go through you will work to our good in the end. 

What God Said Tonight:

I have covered you and washed you and you are left white as pure snow. The stains of this world cannot stick to you. They may throw everything including the kitchen sink at you but it cannot stick. 

You are covered in my sacrafice. You are covered in my Spirit. Your covering keeps you whole and keeps you clean in a dirty world. 

I will never lift my covering from you. I will protect you always.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


My prayer:

I am not sure how to talk about what is on my mind tonight God. Just vague thoughts of dreams. Both the ones that come true and the ones that never do. 

When I was younger, I had so many dreams, so many hopes and plans. And over the years, so many of them have come true because of your amazing blessing on my life. A few have not and I think I have learned to live with that but now, my dreams or how I dream is different. 

Now, when I think about the future or what I want, I am much more open to possibilities. I don't just have a single defined dream of what I want or what will make me happy. 

If I have learned anything from you over all of these years, it is that you always have a better plan than I do. I have learned that if I stay open to your opportunities, I can accomplish things I never thought possible, like writing a blog with you for more than five years that has reached people all over the world. That is something I never could have dreamed up but what an AMAZING blessing! 

So, I guess you are probably wondering what my point is. I am not sure that I have one. I guess I just wanted to talk it out with you. Sometimes I think it is a shame that I don't have those driving dreams like I did when I was younger. But other times, I see how that drive actual limited me as much as it spurred me on. 

What do you think?

What God Said Tonight:

Your dreams and your dreaming are a reflection of who you are. When your dream is specific and targeted you have a goal to accomplish. Once it is done, the dream is done and you have to find a new dream. to keep you going. 

When your dream is to follow me, to walk through every open door, to open yourself to the possibility of an impossible life filled with miracles and unnatural responses to what life throw at you, when that happens, you open yourself to a life fully lived. I can do a lot with those kinds of dreams. 

I am with you, dreaming with you. Dream on my child and lets see what we can find tomorrow.

Monday, May 18, 2015


My prayer:

You are so amazing God! I am in awe. I was facing a mountain that was so big today, I really did not see how I was going to get over it and then, I turn around and you took care of it all! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! 

Thank you God for all of the times when you give me peace in the storm and strength to withstand; but, THANK YOU for days like today where you simply take care of the circumstance and turn it all around! I love when you do that!!!

What God Said Tonight:

These situations, these circumstances that get you so concerned are really nothing more than opportunities for me to show who I am to the world. 

Sometimes I do that by switching up the situation in ways that don't make sense to the world. Sometimes I do that by fulfilling a promise I gave to you. And sometimes I do that by giving you the strength to carry on when no one else would be able to. 

I gave Shadrach, Mishach and Abendego the courage to walk into the furnace. That was a testimony to me. Then, I kept them safe in the fire. That was a testimony too. 

Whether I bring you through, change the circumstance while you are in it or give you the courage to walk on, my glory is evident. My purpose is clear. Your outcome is assured. You will always win in the end with me. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Changing season...

My prayer:

Thank you God for a wonderful weekend of rest. It was beautiful and I definitely needed it. Back to the rat race tomorrow and I will need your continued help and guidance. 

I am so very grateful that I don't have to live this life alone. I am so grateful that I have you and the amazing people you put in my life. 

My life is far from perfect. There are holes for sure. But, with you guiding me, helping me, healing me, filling me, teaching me and loving me, the imperfections and holes don't matter so much.

What God Said Tonight:

The Winter is over. The season for frozen stillness has come to an end and Spring is here. It is a time and a season for growth. It is a time to take all that you learned in the quiet of winter and apply it to the new things I am bringing to you. 

I am life. I will bring you new life in this season. I will bring you new joy. I will turn the snow and ice into flowers. 

I am changing things even now and you will see the full evidence soon. Just as you trust the Winter to turn to Spring each year, trust that I am turning the season in your life. 

I love you.

Friday, May 15, 2015


My prayer:

Look here God! I made it to our Sabbath!!! WOOOHOOOO! Could not have done it without you! You are my strength and my peace. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

What God Said Tonight:

Celebrate, rest, enjoy. I have great plans for you, for us, this weekend. 

I will give you rest. I will sustain you. I will lead you to the river and take care of you. 

Your work, for now is done. Rest in me and let me take care of you for a little while. Love you sweet child.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


My prayer:

Mighty God. I cannot express how grateful I am that not only did you bring me through this week and make me successful in situations that seemed impossible, but you also gave me patience and peace in the middle of it. Now, that was a miracle. 

Sometimes I get caught up in the idea that a miracle has to be a showy thing. A miraculous healing, parting the Red Sea, those we all recognize as a miracle. But, I think, sometimes being able to face the crazy stress of everyday life with your peace and your mercy living inside of me, reflecting off of me, that is just as big of a miracle, even if only I am the only one who sees it.

Thank you God for my miracle!

What God Said Tonight:

Truly, every breath you take is a miracle. Life is a miracle. It is why almost no one can see the birth of a child and not be caught up in the miracle that is life. 

I created you and that was a miracle. I will sustain you and that is a miracle. I will be your God and you will be my child, forever, and that is a miracle. 

I created you to see, experience and share my miracles. It is something that I created you for especially. I needed someone who can believe where others will doubt but who requires evidence. That my child is you. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

See and follow...

My prayer:

Thank you God for a good day. I am exhausted but it was a good day. I haven't had one of those recently, which makes me appreciate today all the more. 

You are so wonderful. Thank you for never giving up on me.

I will follow you wherever you lead me. 

What God Said Tonight:

I have lots of green patures in your future. I have lots of good days left for you. 

You stop and listen for my voice and I will always show you the way. You seek me and you will find me. 

I do not hide but I do not force myself either. 

Many do not find me and many do not follow because they don't look for me. I am right here in the open to be found. Not all will see me and not all will follow. 

And, that breaks my heart. 

Thank you sweet child for seeing, for following. You and me now and forever.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I am...

My prayer:

Today sure started rough God but it ended a lot better than it started. Thank you for giving me friends who will pray for me when I run out of words. Thank you for giving me friends who remind me how important our lives for you are. Thank you for being in me and in my life. I would not want to do this without you.

What God Said Tonight:

I am a friend that sticks closer than a brother. I am you light in the dark. I am your rescue from torment. I am your peace in every storm. 

Lean on me, trust me, know that I am with you and I am working it all for your good. Everyday. Every night. I am here with you working it out. 

I have never yet lost and I never will. It is good with you. My Spiit is good with you.

Monday, May 11, 2015


My prayer:

Awesome God. I have a lot of questions running through my head tonight. Most of them start with "why..." I somehow think that if I could just understand why things are the way they are, I could deal with them better. But, when I think about it, that is not always true. Just because I know what the problem is, does not mean I will know or be able to effect the answer. I don't know. Just tired and discouraged tonight God. 

Help me to be a better person. Help me to be a bigger blessing to the people around me. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

I am less interested in what you do than I am why you do it. I am all about the "why". The "why" of things show your heart. It shows the core of a situation. It shows the purpose behind the action. 

Don't ever give up on asking why. 

Do understand that sometimes, the answer to why is not something I can give you right now. I will always reveal it to you, eventually. But sometimes, I need you to believe, to trust, to follow even though you don't know the why, yet. 

Your trust in me is what fills in the time between the question "why" and the answer. I love you.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bad mood...

My prayer:

I had a really rotten attitude all day God and I don't even know why. I have a whole lot to be grateful for but for some reason, that didn't seem to matter today.

God I pray for wisdom and help to turn this attitude around. This is no fun for any of us!

Thank you Jesus for understanding and loving me even at my worst.

What God Said Tonight:

I can handle your worst my child. I faced down and defeated the prince of darkness on his home turf. I can handle a bad mood from you. 

You don't ever have to hide anything, from me. I am the one safe place. I am the one who will never turn my back on you. As long as you keep coming to me, with whatever you have going on, I will be here for you. 

I will rejoice with you when you are happy and I will cry with you when you hurt. I will hold you while you rage and I will rest with you when you are done. 

I love everything about you and will never turn away.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Following God...

My prayer:

Very little about today turned out the way I planned it but that makes life a bit more exciting. 

I am realizing more and more the joy of not planning, of going with flow and following you wherever you want to go. It really is a better way to live. 

When I try to plan everything out, more often than not, something goes wrong, I get frustrated and I miss out on what otherwise could have been good. But, when I relax and let you take the lead, I can see every twist and turn as one more opportunity for you to show me something new and exciting. 

I like this way a lot better!

What God Said Tonight:

In the battle to come, I need soldiers who can follow. I need leaders who can follow. Your life, you training ground, is teaching you how to follow until it becomes a natural way of living. 

Following me will never get you lost. Following me will never let you down. I am a light unto your feet and a lamp unto your path. I am the way. 

Follow me and find your way in any situation. 

I love you sweet child.

Friday, May 8, 2015


My prayer:

Thank you for a pretty wonderful day God and thank you for getting me through such a crazy week. You are clearly watching over me and I am SO GRATEFUL! I am looking forward to the weekend with you.

What God Said Tonight:

My favor has not yet begun to track you down. I have so much more for you. 

You have been blessed but you have not yet been highly favored. I have that in store for you. I have that waiting in the wings. 

The timing is not right now but it is not far into the future either. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


My prayer:

Driving home tonight God, there were so many serious car accidents on the road. It seems like an epidemic lately! And as I sat in another traffic jam as a result of an accident, frustrated and just wanting to get home, I looked over at the car that was totaled and got a whole lot of perspective. That person was just trying to get home too. That person never made it. That person, I pray is home with you tonight God. 

Thank you for your protection. I pray that you continue to watch over us, your children and keep us safe within your wings. I pray for the families of those who perished tonight that you give them peace and hope.

What God Said Tonight:

Shattered lives, like shattered glass, can be very dangerous. The broken shards if left alone, will cut and damage anyone who comes near. 

However, you can take those shards, carefully rearrange them and make them into a beautiful mosaic. You can make them into something more beautiful for the breaking than it was unbroken. 

I am the great artist. let me take the broken shards of your life and arrange them into something beautiful and new.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


My prayer:

Hanging in there God, semi-sucessfully. Thank you for your help today. Thank you for being my Dad. You always watch out for me and swing things in my favor.

I ask for your continued help and your grace and mercy for when I get it wrong. 

Love you!

What God Said Tonight:

I love boats. They are great metaphors for getting through life. You can rest in them as then slide over the swells and drops of your life. You can rest safely above the danger as long a you stay in them. The only danger is if you let the water that is supposed to be outside, get inside. A little won't cause real damage but if it builds up, it can take you under. 

You can think of the boat as your faith in me. As long as you stay in there, you can ride out any storm. However, whenever you let in the doubt, the bitterness, the world lifestyle you run the risk of sinking. The more you let in the farther you sink. 

Keep your faith in me strong and "dry" and I will carry you through.

Monday, May 4, 2015


My prayer:

Whoo! Survived Monday! I am not saying it was easy but when things got too intense, I really did try to remember to see things from your point of view and remember that you are on my side working things out. It helped a lot God. 

I pray for your continued strength, guidance, wisdom and favor. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

Every day has it s struggles and its blessings. You get to choose which you remember and focus on. 

I am your everlasting joy and I am always with you. Your struggle is only for a season. You can hold onto whatever you want.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Above the storm...

My prayer:

Here we go God. Into a week that I am going to need your constant help just to survive. 

I guess that is always true but this week I am more aware of some of the challenges that are coming. 

Thank you in advance for taking care of me, blessing me and giving me favor. There are many lives that will be effected. And ALL glory goes to you God.

What God Said Tonight:

Storms look ominous from the ground but from above they are quite beautiful. You have seen, flying over storms in an airplane, how you can enjoy the beauty when you are above the effects of the storm. 

Come up here with me this week and watch things from my perspective. I will keep you safe. From that safe perch, watch what I do with the circumstances. My glory will be evident. 

Love you sweet child.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

God never runs out...

My prayer:

Dearest God. I have never been more confused by what you are doing and I have never been more sure of your love and presence in me. 

That doesn't make sense to me. I would think the closer I get to you, the more I am aware of you in me, the more I would understand. But it seems like just the opposite. The more I know you, the more sure I am of you in my life, the less I know of everything else. 

It leaves me with two truths. I love you and I trust you. And, nothing else really matters.

Thank you for guiding me through when I have no idea where we are going.

What God Said Tonight:

What do you need to know? Do you need to know your destination, that is here with me in heaven. Do you need to know how you will get from there to here? I will guide each step. 

I have and will work everything out for your good. That is the truth that you need to know. I love you and I will work everything together for your good. Everything else will follow. 

It is here with me, now that connection, that love, this is what will carry you through. This is where you come when you get confused, afraid, sad. Here is where I will fill you back up, strengthen your spirit, breathe life back into you. Here, in my presence. 

Come here and I will always meet you. I will always fill you. I never run out, of anything. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

God's glory in battle...

My prayer:

Guide me, lead me, take me where you want to go God. I am yours, now and forever. Being in your presence is my most important goal. There is nothing greater than your presence. 

God, there is a battle raging around me and it is only your strength, your wisdom, your favor that can bring me through in one piece. I am completely aware that I do not have the knowledge or skill for this one. I need you. 

Thank you for always being in my corner and always being my help.

What God Said Tonight:

Be at peace. Rest in the midst of the battle. I am fighting for you even now and I will work everything for your good. 

This battle is only an opportunity for you to succeed. This battle is only an opportunity for my glory to be seen in you. I will give you knowledge that you don't have. I will give you favor you don't deserve. I will be with you every step of the way because I am your God and you are my child and I will see you victorious in my glory. 

Rest and know that it is true.