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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Life is a battle...

My prayer:

Wonderful Father. I have been on an emotional roller coaster today and you know that is not like me. One minute life seems wonderful and the next it seems like it is falling down around me. One minute I have peace and the next, confusion. 

It feels like there is a battle going on and I am being batted back and forth but no one let me in on what the battle is about. 

Is it my attitude? Am I making bad choices and not realizing it? Have I let in sin without knowing? Or, is it not about me at all? 

God, I pray for wisdom tonight. I ask if there is something I have done, not done, should do, should not do, that you let me know. I will do or not do whatever you want. I just want off the roller coaster.

What God Said Tonight:

Your life is a battle my daughter. The devil, your enemy and mine does not like that you have chosen to live for me. He does not like that you are my light in the world. He does not like that you bless people and do what I ask of you. Most of all, he does not like that you give me the glory. 

You will be persecuted and pursued by him all of the days of your life because you are valuable to me. I can't stop him from coming after you but I can stop him from catching you. Stay in my arms and I will keep you safe. Lean on me and I will make you strong. I will not let him devour you. I will not let him have you. 

Run to me, call out my name. I will defend you against all of your enemies and I will make you victorious. I promise. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love gives...

My prayer:

Awesome day God. I have never seen so many clothes given away or so many people blessed. Thank you for answered prayers. Thank you for blessing so many people. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. LOVE YOU!

What God Said Tonight:

Come here and rest your head on my chest. Come and let me hold you tonight. I adore you. I treasure you. You are the apple of my eye and carved onto my hand. You are a part of me and me a part of you. 

A love like ours can never be broken. A love like ours is for eternity. I adore you. My precious child. 

Your love for me was evident today, each time you helped, each time your prayed, each time you gave. With each time, I received with them. You were truly doing it unto me and I want to pour out on you fresh waves of love to take you through the night. 

Know that my love for you was established at the beginning of time but I want you to feel it more tonight than ever before as a natural reaction to the love you showed for me and for my people today. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Follow the new thing...

My prayer:

Hi God. Today was a long one and I am grateful that you got me through it all. 

I am excited about the outreach tomorrow. I continue to join my prayers with the rest of the volunteers in asking that you be in charge and help us to be a blessing. I pray that you bring every person who needs to be there. I pray that you help us to reflect your love, nothing more and nothing less.

What God Said Tonight:

I want you to remember one thing tomorrow, well, two things. 

Don't get stuck in doing things the way you have always done them. Be ready for me to do a new thing. I have plans for tomorrow and if you are with me, following my voice and my Spirit, you will see amazing things. If you don't, if you get stuck in the idea that there is only one way to do it, you will miss what I have for you and you may make it so the others miss what I have for them. Be open and free to follow my will. 

Second thing is to love, no matter what. Love the unlovable. Love the ones who irritate you. Love will make the difference. 

I love you. Go and rest for tomorrow.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ministry is like chocolate...

My prayer:

God, THANK YOU. Sitting here tonight and thinking about all of the amazing things you have done. Even more than that, thinking about how amazing you are. I have the answer to any problem because I have you. There is nothing that can happen in my life or in the life of anyone that I care about that I can't bring to you and be confident that you will show us the way. That is so amazing and awesome and wonderful and every other good word I can think of. 

It seems so simple but sometimes, like tonight, it hits me how amazing you are and how undeserved I am. You are with me always and I sometimes take that for granted. I take for granted that I can bring everything to you and pray over everything. But sometimes, I remember that it wasn't always this way and that the fact that I get to talk and listen to you at all is a miracle. 

I love you God. Thank you for being you and thank you for loving me.

What God Said Tonight:

All that you do, all that you do for the Kingdom, it is not enough. But don't be discouraged, it will never be enough. You will always have more to do and your work will never be done. Now, I see you picture this large weight of impossible responsibility on your shoulders and I want you to stop that right now. 

The reason your work is never going to be done is because your work is the ministry of the good news and there will never be a day where spreading the good news and loving my people will be complete. No matter how much you tell people about my love and no matter how much you love people, there will always be more. 

This is an exciting truth, not a burden. It is like me telling you that you can never eat all of the chocolate. There will always be more chocolate. Now that doesn't make you feel a weight of responsibility does it? That makes you smile and grateful that you will never run out. It is the same with the work of the Kingdom. 

Be grateful that there is always more, not because you have to do it all but because you know you can never do it all but you can always have more. You can never eat all of the chocolate but you can always have more, when you want it. 

I love you my daughter and I receive your gratitude. Your grateful heart makes me smile.Go and rest. Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Give like Jesus...

My prayer:

My Father. My thoughts are very scattered tonight and the many individual thoughts are pretty random without much meaning. I was concentrating so hard on the task at hand today that now that I have stopped my mind is jumping around like a bunny on my favorite running trail. I bet if I would have taken a nice long run tonight, I would not be so scattered, but I didn't.

One thing I want to be sure to thank you for is for providing me with the opportunity to be a crazy blessing to some people this week. They probably think that I blessed them but it was such a HUGE blessing to be able to help. That old saying of yours that it is better to give than receive is SO TRUE!!

I pray and hope God that you continue to show me the opportunities to bless and be a blessing. It is definitely one of my MOST FAVORITE things in this life!

Ok, enough of my rambling. Let me get quiet so you can talk.

What God Said Tonight:

I want you to shock people with your generosity. That is part of the purpose of this season. I want your generosity be so startling that people are stopped and stunned out of their complacency. 

I want them to see that all things are possible for those who love me. I want them to see that living in me means being willing to give anything. I gave my life. There is nothing I will withhold from those I love and I want to see you walk in that too. 

I will provide. I always provide. But don't get stingy. Give as I would give if I were still walking on this earth. Make people stop and take notice.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A prayer for God...

My prayer:

You bless my socks off God!! I ask for more time and you give me more time! I ask for help and you give me help! I ask for peace and you give me peace! You are so crazy generous God!!

Tonight I want to ask for something for you. I am not sure what to ask for the God of the Universe. But, you are always telling me that the thing that you think about most, the thing that hurts your heart is that there are so many of your kids that have not chosen you yet. 

So, tonight, my prayer is for you God. I pray that there be an abundance of new believers that come to choose and trust you, tonight. I ask for a great harvest of your people that will spark a tremendous celebration in heaven that has never been seen before. 

You know your kids God and you know what will move their hearts. I pray that you move their hearts tonight for a flood of new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you God!!!

What God Said Tonight:

I...Thank you. Amen

Monday, June 24, 2013

Worry free...

My prayer:

Talk to me awesome God and let me hear your thoughts, plans, and goals. I just want to listen to you until you have said all that you want to say...

What God Said Tonight:

You could be here for a very long time if you were to listen to everything I have to say. I am the God all mighty and my Spirit is continually renewed. I am a fountain that will never run dry. I am joy everlasting. I am peace beyond understanding. And most of all I am your Father. 

I adore you. I have great plans for you. But you know that. We have talked all about that before. 

What I am not sure that you understand is that my love is truly all that matters. Because you are loved by me, you will have the desires of your heart. You will never lack for any good thing. You will be, now and forever, cared for by me. You will be protected by me. You will be promoted because of me. 

You need never worry another day of your life because I am yours and you are mine. Live with the confidence of my grace and mercy all of you. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Battle on...

My prayer:

Amazing Jehovah Jireh. You are my provider and I am so grateful for how you have blessed me and made it possible for me to bless other people. 

There is no greater experience in the world than to see a great burden lifted from someone. Whether that is physical healing, emotional healing, letting go of past hurt/offences, financial burden, addiction, or salvation. I simply love to watch how that burden, that weight is lifted from them through your power and your provision God. 

You provide everything we need. Thanks for letting me be a part of your plan and your purpose. Being saved alone would be great but I get to be a part of what you are doing, on the front lines of this war, and I LOVE IT!!! You are wonderful and my everything God.

What God Said Tonight:

The battle is on but the war is far from over. I love you and love your willingness to jump in. 

The enemy in this war does not think that my people will be able to stand. He does not believe that you will be strong in adversity. He does not believe that when the chips are down and when the forces of darkness are against you that you will still love me. That you will still believe in my word and my promises. He does not think that you will stay faithful. 

He has a big surprise coming. You have the Spirit of the living God in you and you cannot be defeated. You cannot be beaten. You are steadfast and faithful and you will see great things, great victories throughout your life. This war will be a series of great disappointments for the enemy and a series of great victories for us. 

It will never be easy but it will always be worth the victory. I love you daughter and battle on. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013


My prayer:

Amazing Father. It seems like so many people are at a major crossroads in their lives today. So many people that I love, are waiting on you for something big, something vital, something essential to them continuing to go forward on the path you have laid out or, in some cases, to even survive. 

This is serious God. We are not "playing" at religion. We need you, right now, right here. We need you to show us the way to go. We need you to provide where there is no provision. We need you God, more than ever. 

We are all standing on our faith. We are all standing on our belief and trust that you will take care of us. It is hard sometimes, but we are doing it. 

God, I ask tonight that you give each of these people who are in this situation tonight a very personal and very real sign of encouragement. Let us know you are still here, working on our behalf and it will all be ok. We know that it will be in our hearts, but sometimes when things get desperate, our heads get in the way. 

Thank you God for encouraging us and for always coming through for us.

What God Said Tonight:

I am here and I have never left. I have good plans and I will see them accomplished. It may not turn out how you think you wanted it but I promise you my best. I promise you that as long as you are looking to me, I will make sure you have my best. 

We are at a crossroads. We are at a critical juncture and my people will have to have courage to get through. This is a time that will separate those who are serious and those who are tagging along. I need an army, not an audience. 

I love you my little soldier. We will do great things and you will have my best.

Friday, June 21, 2013

God's hurting heart...

My prayer:

My God it is good to be with you here tonight. It seems like today was about a week long and I am simply grateful that I made it through and get to spend the end of it with you. 

Thank you for the blessing of all the new people you brought into my life tonight. I am pretty excited what you are going to do with this group. They are definitely on fire for you. 

But, enough of me. I want to listen, not talk tonight. What is on your heart and Spirit tonight God?

What God Said Tonight:

My Spirit is at peace. 

My heart hurts. A part of my heart will always hurt for the children I will lose. Satan is stealing children from me every day and it hurts my heart. I love them so much. 

I have given them choice and that is an important part of the whole process but it tears my heart in two when one of my children, decides to walk away from me and into satan's traps. My heart breaks for my lost and dying children. 

Please love them for me. Love them so they know they are loved. They can't hear that from me right now and love will keep them alive. As long as they are alive, they have a chance to choose me.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


My prayer:

Awesome God. I have been noticing something about Christians, me included. We seem to have a really hard time receiving. We are happy to give and feel good about that but when we are really in need, it seems like it is very hard for us to accept help, in any form. 

Sometimes for me I know it is pride. Sometimes it is because I don't think I deserve it. Sometimes I am worried about what "they" the giver, will expect in return. And sometimes I am worried that it will cost the giver too much.

The scary thing is, that kind of thinking bleeds over into what I am willing to receive from you. I wonder what I have missed because I have been unwilling to receive? I bet there is a lot. 

The thing that really doesn't make sense when I think about it is that I know when I give, it is always a bigger blessing for me than for the person I have given to. And yet, when I refuse to receive, what I am really doing is denying that person, or you, that bigger blessing which is down right selfish on my part. 

God I pray for help to be able to rightly receive the blessing that you and the people around me want to give to me. Help me to receive help when I need it and blessings when I don't. I choose to change my mind about how I have thought about this and I pray that you help change my heart.

What God Said Tonight:

I have seen this too. I usually see it in my people who have a true heart for me and for my people. It is the givers that have the hardest time receiving; but the truth of it is, giving and receiving are all part of the same cycle. 

You cannot, or should not, have one without the other. By definition, if you do, you get out of balance. If you are always giving and never receiving, you will run out of the ability to give. If you are always receiving and never giving, you will be smothered by your own gifts. 

When you are giving and receiving freely, especially within the Kingdom, you will achieve balance and everyone in your community will be taken care of. This is how we started with the early church and it was a peaceful way to live. 

Look for opportunities to give and look for opportunities to receive. Both are blessings to you and to the other person. Be generous in both and you will become a free flowing source for all those around you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blessed assurance...

My prayer:

Awesome protector. Mighty God, with wild fires sprouting up all around me I am reminded of your watch care and protection in my life. Yea though I walk through the shadow of the valley of death it shall not harm me. It is so true. You take such amazing care of me and keep me safe in very unsafe situations, all the time. 

It's not that bad things don't ever happen, but when they do, you already have a way out for me and you turn it all around for my good. I know you say you will do that in your word and I know you don't lie. But there is a big difference between reading it, believing it, and living it.

Thank you God that I am at the point of my life where I get to live out your promises here on earth. It took some time and effort to get here but it is an awfully wonderful place to be!

What God Said Tonight:

I call that blessed assurance. To know that no matter what, I have your back, I will take care of you and protect you and I will never let you down. To know that and not just think or believe it is how I want all of my children to live. 

I gave you promises not so you could read about them and hope that some day, maybe in heaven, you will see those things. I gave you promises to help you in this life, right now. 

This life is not easy. There are many struggles and challenges you must face. You have an enemy that is trying to destroy you constantly. You need my promises and protection simply to survive. 

Live knowing that each and every promise in my word is for you. Specifically for you and that I want you to have it, now. I love you  and I will see you blessed all the days of your life. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Move your goal...


My prayer:

My wonderful Father. I don't have words tonight. I am sitting here and plenty of things are going through my mind, things I need to share with you but I can't seem to put them into words. Hear my heart tonight? Tell me things I need to hear even when I don't know what I need to ask? 

I love you Father God.

What God Said Tonight:

Stop. Stop worrying and trust me. Stop beating yourself up for not doing things that I never expected you to do in the first place Stop feeling guilty over things that did not even happen. Just stop. 

You are who I say you are and you are a royal priesthood. You are a prophet. You are my child who I love and have set aside for a holy purpose. I guide your steps and I will take you everywhere you need to go. 

You are only responsible for the things that I have asked of you. You are not responsible for EVERYTHING. That is why we have a family. That is why we have different members of the body of Christ. All of the members play a role but no member is expected to play every role. 

You will fall short and I will cover you in that sin. I will wash you clean. But right now, you are worried about falling short of a goal that you have set, not one that I have set. It may be time to move your goal.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Calling God...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I did not do very good today. First day back at work and stress level shot through the roof! It took me until about 1:00 before I realized that I was trying to handle it all on my own instead of leaning on you. Then, one quick prayer and there you were, giving me peace, ordering my steps. Thank you God for always being there when I turn to you. You never let me down. 

Maybe tomorrow I can remember to start the day leaning on you instead of waiting until I am ready to pull my hair out.

What God Said Tonight:

When storms rage, I am your peace. When your enemies come at you from all directions, I am your guard. When the devourer threatens to take all that you have, I am your redemption. I am your way out no matter what the trap. 

Satan tried to steal your joy and your peace today. You almost let him. I am glad for your sake that you stopped him. 

Call on me in times of trouble and I will be there. Call on me in time of joy and I will be there. Call on me for any reason and I will be there. I am waiting for your call. I will always answer.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Father's love...

My prayer:

My Holy Father. Today, Father's Day, I want to thank you for so many things. Thank you for restoring my relationship with my earthly father. Thank you for all of the wonderful men of God that you surrounded me with before that restoration so that I could know a father's love. Thank you for teaching me what that love is all about. And, most of all, thank you for being my heavenly Father and loving me so perfectly and wonderfully yesterday, today and forever.

What God Said Tonight:

My child. My sweet child. 

We are about to embark on a journey together. A new journey that will be wonderful and beautiful and will require every bit of trust and love that we have built over the years. 

Our love is for a purpose. Our love will heal a nation and a world. Our love is powerful beyond what you can imagine and we will be taking it on the road. Get ready.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


My prayer:

Basking in your presence tonight God. Resting in your peace. There are many things to consider, many things to do, many things change; but, right now, I just want to be with you. I want to hear your pure voice. Not in response to any need of mine or of anyone else; but, just to hear your voice for the sake of hearing your voice. Just to experience your presence for the sake of experiencing your presence. 

I love you God and I worship you. I surrender all to you.

What God Said Tonight:

I won't say ;much because this is a precious and holy moment. I am here and I receive you my daughter. Come into the Holy of Holies with me and we will speak and not speak. I will show you my glory tonight. Get quiet with me...

I have waves of blessings for you. I have waves of glory for you . I have a flood coming that will leave you with great abundance and you will never be the same. Get ready and see if it is not so.

Friday, June 14, 2013


My prayer:

Wonderful Father. Thank you for today and for helping me take care of all of the little details that had been falling between the cracks. You made everything go so smoothly today. I truly felt your blessings and your favor all over me and it was AWESOME!

God, I love you and I am in constant awe of you. I am so grateful that you, who knows everything, is in charge of my life. I was reminded again tonight that if it were just up to me, I would likely make some really wrong choices that would not turn out so well.

I pray God that you always give me wisdom and discernment so I know and can make the right decisions, the ones that are firmly within your will for my life. I don't want to waste any more time going down paths that are not your best.

I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

No path is a wasted path for my children. You may go down some paths that are not my best for you but you always learn from them. I always turn them for your good. 

I know that you are after my heart and that you want to do my will in your life. You have shown your faithfulness and I am fully convinced of your desire to follow me. I have plans for you, and you know that they are good plans, but I also want you to choose, make decisions, move in directions that are true to your heart. 

I will be with you and I will bless the things that should prosper and I will withhold that blessing from the things that should not prosper. But I will always be with you. I will always use those things for your good. 

Sometimes, it is not so much about what you do for me and for the Kingdom but it is that you do something. I would rather have you doing something that you think will be a blessing to me and the Kingdom than have you sit back and wait for me to tell you what to do. 

Now, I don't want you to sin. Sin will take you down paths that you REALLY do not want to go. But, short of sin, I have given you freedom. I have given you the choice to do the things that bring you joy. I am not a slave master. I don't need you to be at my beck and call and only doing what I tell you. I am a Father, a brother, a husband to you and I want to support you in your dreams and plans just as I know that you support me in mine. 

Feel free to fly. I will catch you every time.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Guilt vs. Compassion...

My prayer:

Wonderful Father. I cannot thank you enough for the last four days God. Such peace and rest. Wonderful hiking. Time with you and Mom. A gorgeous place to stay. And you guiding, directing, and helping every step of the way. I almost feel too blessed. 

To come home to find so many people who have been chased out of their homes, or lost their homes to fires that I did not even realize were going on...I almost feel guilty for having such a good time when others are suffering so much. 

But, when I really think about it, there are people suffering unbearably every day around the world. If I were to start thinking I can only be blessed when the everyone in the world is blessed...I would never be blessed. Ughh. I don't know. It just feels selfish to enjoy myself and be relaxing when people around me are losing their homes.

I pray and ask God that you make a way out for every person who is in danger and who has suffered loss. In particular, I pray for those who are being threatened by wild fires right now God. Please put up a hedge of protection around them, keep them safe, keep their families safe, and provide a way for them. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

The world and the people in it are not your responsibility, they are mine. I love that you are my hands and feet in this world and that you want to be a blessing to everyone but you are not their savior. You are not their protector. You are not the one who can make a way out for them. 

Yes, I need you to pray. Yes, I need you to help in any physical way that you can. Yes, I need you to do your part. But the responsibility for my people lies with me. 

You, live our life. Enjoy my blessings in your life and do your best to be a blessing. 

Guilt, is not from me. I do not cause or create guilt. Guilt is a result of thinking you see the truth and doing the opposite. But sometimes, the truth you see is not the actual truth. It is not my truth. Look at life through my truth and you will know no guilt. You will only know compassion.

Compassion is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Guilt is the gift of satan. Choose your gift.

Monday, June 10, 2013


My prayer:

SO, my plan was to go on vacation, take a few days off from the blog, let folks look up old postings...looks like your plan was a bit different...let's go with your plan since it always works out better :).

Truth is, I want, need to spend quiet time with you at least every night. Whether we do that here or some other way, it doesn't really matter to me. As long as you are with me, nothing else really matters. 

This place that you brought me to is so beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing what all you have planned!

What God Said Tonight:

I am with you always but I do confess I love when you focus on me. When you listen just to me. When you take the time to be with me, no distractions and no competing demands. Those times are truly precious to me. Just as you are precious to me. 

I love you and I have planned this time of rest, calm, before your next season. There is a lot coming and it is good but you will need to be rested and at your best for it. Take the time to rest but be sure that you are resting in my presence. That will ensure that your rest is fruitful and you are ready for the next season.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


My prayer:

What a long but pretty wonderful day God. I am still soaring on the amazing things you did today through prayer. Healing of eyes that were going blind, healing another back, and beginning the restoration for one of your kids who was sexually abused. You are amazing and you are our hope. There is nothing too hard and nothing too ugly for you to handle. 

I am not sure when we started white washing things in church. I don't know when we decided that we shouldn't talk about "certain things." Seems to me, the best place to talk about the nastiness of life is at church with people who can help me seek you and find a way out. 

I love you God. Thank you for being the God who can handle it all!

What God Said Tonight:

I am here for your every need. I will provide for you always. 

I never meant for you to live a sanitized life. I never meant for you to change before you come to me. I died for you while you were yet a sinner, not after you got your life cleaned up. And truth is, your life will never be cleaned up enough for you to be righteous. It will remain filthy rags if you are trying to do it on your own. 

Bring me the soiled rags, the unspeakable things and I will clean them. I will restore you through them. I will make you new. Bring me the thing that is so awful you can't even talk about it and I will turn it to your good. I promise. As impossible as that seems, I promise I will turn it to your good. 

Try it out. I promise you can't shock me. I already know what happened. I love you anyway. Bring it to me. Speak it out to me. I will heal you and I will restore you. I love you so much.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Love them...

My prayer:

Mighty God. I am not sure what to talk with you about tonight. Not that I don't have anything on my mind. My mind is actually racing with a million different thoughts. Some are too difficult to put into words, others would take to long to explain, and others are so random, I am not sure they are worth your time. 

A lot of them are centered around trying to understand what to do when everything is falling apart. I have some wonderful people in my life who are doing everything they know to live for you and to live in your purpose for them and yet their lives are falling apart financially, in relationships, and in their health. 

I know that is not your will for their lives. They are earnestly seeking you for answers and a way out. And still, they are truly suffering.

Not only do I want to understand so I can provide them with hope, but also, for those people whose lives are going well but see these things happening to your children and get worried they are next, I need to know what to tell them. I need to know what to tell myself about it.

I ask God for wisdom and understanding.

What God Said Tonight:

No two life stories are the same. No two paths are the same. I cannot provide you with a blanket answer that will give you what you hope for. The blanket answer, you already know. You live in a world that still has sin in it. As long as sin is in the world, bad things will happen. Sometimes, for no apparent reason. Because I allow people to make their own decisions, I can't stop the bad things from happening but I can use them for your good. 

But, I think what you are wanting tonight is something more specific. You are wanting to know what to tell the people who are suffering. I have some answers for you and I will give you the words when you need them. 

Most of all, love them. Most of all, make sure they know that no matter what they face, you will face it with them. That is more important than any words of wisdom you might provide Love is the key to all healing and all restoration. Let them know your love in a real and tangible way and that will do more than you can imagine. 

I have not forgotten them. I have not stopped loving them. I have not forgotten the plans I have for them (which are good). I have a way out for each of them I will not leave them or forsake them. 

And, I will not leave you either. As you walk with them through this journey, I am right there with you. I am in your midst. I will comfort, heal, strengthen, guide, and teach them. I love you.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Asking for help...

My prayer:

Perfect night God. Just what I needed. Thanks for reminding me of the things that I forgot. Basic things like get out of your way and let you do your thing. I am sorry that I allowed my prideful self think it could do it all. I should know by now that any time I rely on my strength and my abilities, I end up crushed into the ground. 

I ask for help to let go of all of the things that are outside of my control. I ask for help for letting go of guilt when I feel like I have let someone down. I pray God for your grace and mercy on my life and help to receive it.

So, pretty much help with everything! LOVE YOU!

What God Said Tonight:

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Asking for help is a display of wisdom. 

To know what you need help with and what you don't is a difficult but important thing to learn. When you ask for help on things you already know, it is a waste of your time and the time of the person you are asking for help. 

But, when you ask for help with things that you are not capable of or don't know yet, you find help, understanding, and build new skills and strengths you did not have before.  

People who are helpless don't ask for help. People who ask for help are those who still have hope but need more of what they don't have to make it to where they want to go. 

I am your ever present help and I will honor your prayer. I send my helper to you. He will be by your side, guiding, directing, helping, and sharing this life with you. I love you so much. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

See you again soon...

My prayer:

Wonderful Father. Today was mostly about loss and I am left feeling a bit empty tonight. I think it is time to count blessings: 1. wonderful family who loves me 2. friends who are amazing and who love me 3. a roof over my head 4. food to eat 5. a great job 6. amazing opportunities to minister to people every day 7. beauty all around me 8. and most of all YOU!

Thank you for this life that you have given me. It is more than I could have hoped for and I can't wait to see what is next.

What God Said Tonight:

I have an eternity of joy for you. I have an eternity of joy for anyone who wants it. 

Today was not goodbye. Today was "See you again soon." My people don't have to say goodbye. My people have been given everlasting life My people have a home here in heaven with me. I have mansions that are built and ready to be occupied at the right time. 

I have not forgotten my covenant with you. I will never separate you from those you love longer than is absolutely necessary and when you are back together, it will seem as no time has passed. 

I love you and I will take care of your every need always.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cloud of peace...

My prayer:

What a weird mix of good and bad stuff today God. I don't know if I did a good job today but at least I survived. On days like today, that seems like quite an achievement! 

I guess when I really look at today objectively, nothing horrible happened (except dropping my sunglasses in the dirty toilet...that was pretty horrible). But seriously, compared to the real problems in the world I shouldn't complain. I definitely let stress get the better of me at times today. 

I would love to get to that place where I live in the middle of your peace no matter what. I have met people like that. People who, no matter what is happening around them, they remain in your peace. I think that would be a pretty wonderful way to live. And the truth is, you ALWAYS work things out for me so I should be at peace. Help me to get there?

What God Said Tonight:

You have my peace, whenever you want it. It is always with you and in you because I am in you. You can choose to experience that peace or you can choose to stress and worry. But always remember that you are making a conscious choice to do so. 

You always have access to my peace. You may want to keep some reminders about that around handy that you can see when you run into stress. You know my promises around peace and how I have promised to take care of you. Keep those readily at hand to remind you in those tough times. 

Truth is, you are a lot more at peace today than you have been in the past so this is simply a continuation of that journey. It is the next level of peace in any storm. 

Feel my peace surround and cover you tonight. Like a cloud, let it surround you and block out the worry. Rest in my peace and know that I am God, your Father.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Mary, less Martha...

My prayer:

Today was pretty crazy God. I was barely able to keep up most of the day. Thank you for being my peace in any storm. I always have you to lean on. I can always count on a place of peace and stability in you. 

How in the world do people survive without that? I wouldn't last a day if I couldn't lean on you!

Love you and can't wait to hear what you have to say tonight...

What God Said Tonight:

You can watch the people, people all around the world and you will see, money is not the key to happiness, even family is not the key to happiness. The key to happiness is being safe, with people you love, and having a challenge to accomplish. That is a sure tried recipe for happiness. 

I want you to be happy. I want you to enjoy life. So often you get too wrapped up in the problems and forget to enjoy. I need a little more Mary and a little less Martha from you right now. 

I love you more than anything and I want you to be happy.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hands off...

My prayer:

Amazing Father. I need your help. You always say when I need help I just need to ask, so I am asking. 

This crazy project is not going very well. I just want to finish it; but, when it is done, me and everyone at the office has to live with the results so I want it to be done right. I have tried my best and it is not working. I have asked for help and it is not working. I am frustrated and want to say I quit, but it has to get done and there is no one else to do it. I need your help. 

You have done much bigger things than this. Even this week you have already performed mighty miracles. I just need a little miracle, in a very real and mundane situation.

Thank you God for being my Father and my help in every situation.

What God Said Tonight:

I wondered when you were going to get around to asking for my help. I have watched you struggle with this and I have wanted to help but until you took your hands off long enough for me to get my hands on it, my hands were tied so to speak. 

I am your ever present help. I am always here and always ready to help. But, for me to help, you have to let me in. 

I will take care of this. You will surprised at how easy it from this point forward. The things that you could not make sense of will seem so simple now. I will give you everything you need. I am here for you always in all things and I love you. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unique love...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I am so crazy in love with you. All I have to do is stop for five seconds and start to think of who you are and all that you do and I am overwhelmed with how wonderful you are and how much I love you!!

Thank you for "C's" praise report of healing from MS today! That blessed and encouraged so many people. You are wonderful!! Wait, I already said that. I just run out of words God. 

I always loved how Bishop L always use to start the year with the alphabet praise. Let see if I can come up with 26 words to describe how wonderful you are starting with each letter of the alphabet...I may need some help with "X"...

You are awesome, beautiful, caring, delightful, excellent, fabulous, GREAT, highest, incredible, Jesus, knowing, loving, marvelous, newsworthy, overwhelming, perfect, quality, regal, stupendous, terrific, unstoppable, victorious, xiphoid (as in your word is like a double edged sword), Yaweh, and zenith!


What God Said Tonight:

You make me smile my child. I love you too. I always will. 

Be confident in my love for you. Not just confident in my love for all humanity, but be confident in my love for you. 

My love for each of my children is somewhat different. My relationship with each of my children is different. My love for each child is not greater or less than others but it is different. 

I love you specially because you are you. I love you because I am love, but I love you because of who you are as well. I have a special and unique love for every single one of my children. I have numbered the hairs on your head and I save your tears because I am so in love with you. You are never out of my heart. 

Go and rest. Tomorrow is going to be good.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Permanent protection program...

My prayer:

Today was pretty wonderful God. A mix of a lot of my favorite things again. You are awfully good to me. I love being your kid. It comes with some pretty amazing privileges. 

I don't know what all you have planned in my life next but it looks like it is going to be exciting and you know I love exciting! I see so many possibilities and have no idea which of them will work out, assuming any of them do. 

I also see some real dangerous possibilities. I can see how if I am not extremely careful, I could fall into temptation that I might not be able to pull out of. 

God, please protect me, from everything, including myself. Help me to make right decisions, keep me from temptation and deliver me from evil. It is an old prayer but I need it as much today as they did when you first said it. 

What God Said Tonight:

I am your protector for eternity and I never let down my guard. You are in my permanent protection program. 

The only way out is if you choose to get out. You have control over your own decisions and your decisions can put you in positions that can result badly for you. I will always bring you out. I will always be waiting with open arms to welcome you back home when you turn back to me. But, when or if you choose to move away from me, if you choose a path that is clearly not my will and runs contrary to my word, that moves you outside of my realm of protection. 

I don't condemn you. I died for your sins. But, until you turn from those decisions and return to me, I can't keep you protected the way I want to. I will still love you. I will always love you. I will always have a way out for you. But, try to make decisions that are in line with my word. 

You know my word. You know the truth. Use that truth to make decisions and you will live forever under my covering for you. Stray, and you make yourself vulnerable.