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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

Heal the hurt...

My prayer:
My God.  I don't have any words tonight.  I need you to take it tonight.  I love you with all that I am. Thank you for your love.

What God Said Tonight:
I am all that you need and I will take care of everything.  I will take care of you. I know your heart is hurting right now but these are momentary circumstances that will change. 

What will not change is my love for you.  What will not change is my plan for you.  What will not change is the assurance that I will guide you direct you, protect you, teach you and most of all, again, I will love you. 

I have a plan and purpose that you do not understand.  It will make sense some day I promise.  But right now, trust me and give me your heart so I can heal the hurt.  I will take very precious care of it.  I will treat it as if it is my own, because it is. 

I am here and I am not leaving.  I am never going to leave you.  I am the one true thing you can always count on. Count on me, trust me, even though you can't see the end from the beginning.  Know that I can and it all turns out perfectly. 

Don't isolate, don't run from me, just trust me.  I love you daughter.  Always remember that.  Always remember my promises to you.  They are eternal and forever.  I am all yours and always will be.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Small concern...

My prayer:
Awesome God of the universe.  the answer to everything that ever was or ever will be.  God you are so much bigger, so much more than I can ever imagine.  And, the concern I have tonight, that I need your help with seems so small, but I can't think of anything else. 

God, my kitty hasn't come home yet tonight and that is not like her, especially when it is cold.  I am worried about her and I want her back home and safe.  So, God you tell me to bring you everything.  You say there is nothing too big and nothing too small.  I am taking you up on that.  Please bring my Tess home safe.  It is too cold for her to be out there.  You gave her to me and she is such a great companion.  I am not ready to be without her.  Thank you God for hearing me and taking care of her.  In Jesus name, amen.

What God Said Tonight:
Waiting is never easy.  I know your worries and I will give you peace if you allow me.  I care about the concerns of your heart.  If it is important to you, it is important to me.  Just like you often tell me that the things that are important to me are important to you.  That is part of what love is about.  When the things that are important to the person you love become important to you for no other reason than they are important to them. 

So, yes, I hear your prayer and I will take care of it.  I love Tess too.  You are my precious child and I do not want you to be in pain unnecessarily. 

I have a lot for us to do and I need you focused.  I need you to hear me and to understand what is coming next and as long as you are picturing the worst with her, you aren't hearing me clearly. 

You feel me with you now.  You feel my breath, the breath of life.  Inhale deep and be life and light to this world.  Be my walking praise report.  I love you daughter and I will take care of this and everything that concerns you.  Your concerns are my concerns and my concerns are yours.  Your life and everything in it is what I care about.  Trust me for the little and the big.  I will not let you down, I will never let you down.  Be in peace and leave this in my hands tonight.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

God's fingerprints...

My prayer:
My God, my Father, my love.  God you are not just mine but you are at least mine. 

Your love is so amazing that I don't want to keep it to myself.  In most areas of my life, in most relationships, I want to be the most loved, thought most highly of by the person.  Pretty selfish, I know.  But with you, your love is so good, I don't want to keep it all to myself. 

I want every person on the planet to experience that love. Not just because it assures their salvation and they get to live with us in heaven forever.  But also, because your love is so amazing, right here right now.  I want them to feel your love.  I want them to see your favor in their lives.  I want them to hear your voice God. I want them to know you.  I want all of this for them just because it is so GOOD.  It is completely and totaly good. 

So, tonight I pray God that you give everybody an experience of you.  It is a big prayer but you are a big God.  I pray God that you give the people who know you a fresh, greater level of intimacy with you.  I pray God that you give the people who don't know you a real, powerful and undeniable experience of you tonight.  God, pour out your love on them, heal them, love on them, fill them with your peace. I pray and ask it in Jesus name, amen.

What God Said Tonight:
Now you are hearing my heart daughter.  I can easily fufill your prayer tonight because it is the desire of my heart.

I am laying my hand on your heads right now and I will love and protect you always.  I will guide you always.  I will love you always.  I will heal you.  I will protect you.  I will take you to new levels of spritiual maturity and blessing.  I will walk with you all the days of your life and I will welcome you on the day you come to live in heaven. 

I will be yours forever.  I will be your God. I have chosen you.  I have ordained you for a purpose.  I have loved you from before you were born.  I have carved you in the palm of my hand.  You all are my fingerprints.  Each curve and swirl in my hand is reflection of you, who I love. 

I am with you now and forever.  Receive me and I will keep you close.  It is time for you to receive all that I have for you. I have so much to give you and so much to share with you.  I have been waiting for you to be ready and that time is here. 

You are about to receive more of me than you have ever known.  Are you ready?  Don't be afraid, I promise that it will be good. You don't have to do anything but be open to me and receive me.  You will see like you haven't seen before, you will hear like you haven't heard before, you will taste like you haven't tasted before and you will smell like you haven't smelled before. 

You will have a new level of sensitivity to hear and follow me.  You will have a new level of sensitivity to do my will in your life and to see the needs around you.  I love you dear daughter and I will never leave you.  Rest in me and I will give you rest.  I will awaken you ready to meet tomorrow. Sleep in my peace.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Building steps...

My prayer:
Well my God, we made it!  This was one crazy week but we made it!!  You are amazing and I will never stop thanking you for all of the favor you showed me this week.  I hope I made sure everyone knew that it was you making me successful and nothing I was doing except following your lead.  God you get all the glory.  I am just grateful to be along for the ride!

God I pray that your perfect will be done in every situation in my life and in every situation in my friends lives.  Your will God.  Nothing more and nothing less.  That is such an easy prayer these days God.

Thank you for showing me I can always trust you.  Thank you for showing me that your will is always the best.   Thank you for showing me that you really can and do turn everything for the good of those who love you and are called according to your purpose.  Thank you for letting me love you and for calling me.

What God Said Tonight:
Why don't you wait and see what I have for you next.  You think this week was good and crazy? It was nothing compared to what is coming next.  The next thing will blow your mind. 

Do you see how each day, each week, each month and each year builds on the last.  I want to take you to high places and I need to build you the platform steps to get there.  That is done with gradual growth.  Sometimes not so gradual. 

You are building the steps that will lead you to heaven.  You are building the steps that will lead you closer to me.  You are building the steps that will remain long after you have used them.  They will create a stairway that anyone can follow.  Make that stairway public so the world can follow you. 

Continue to build each step with me and before you know it, you will look down and not be able to see where the steps start any more. 

I love you so much daughter.  Take each step, not worrying about our ultimate destination but trusting as you build each step and climb onto it, that there will always be another step, another level, another height to reach. 

Your life is destined for greatness and you will look back in awe.  I have created you for a purpose and I have a great plan.  Build and take each step so you can get there on time.  I love you daughter.  Time for you to rest now.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My prayer:
My Father God.  God, you are so perfect.  You are so incredible.  Your words are always perfect, always just what I need to hear.  Your love is so perfect.  Your favor is so amazing.  I cannot help but be in awe of you. 

God, I have given pretty much all that I had to this day.  It was good, but I don't have much left tonight.  All I really want to do is go to sleep.  But I couldn't do that without spending our time together.  I can't go to sleep without hearing from you.  Your words are like air to my lungs.  I can't live without you.  I love you Daddy.  Speak to me?

What God Said Tonight:
Great favor brings a lot of work.  You know that I have destined you to succeed and I will continue to do so but that doesn't meant that you won't have to work for it.  Favor just means the work will be fruitful and will produce results. 

You will know great success throughout your life.  I love watching you succeed.  Don't let it ruin you.  Don't let yourself get cocky or full of pride. Remember me in all that you do and watch what we can accomplish. 

The fruit, the results, the outcome is what will reflect the heart.  You will be known by your fruit.  When others criticize or get jealous, you won't have to say a thing, just point to your fruit. 

You are my precious child and I will protect and defend you always.  I will guide you always.  I will be yours forever. My favor is not a burden but it is a responsibility. Keep praise on your lips and love in your heart.  Keep me on your mind and enjoy the ride my daughter.  I have destined you to succeed and I won't stop now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

God's full time job...

My prayer:
Awesome God, Father, teacher, healer, reigning King, what is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
Waiting on me tonight? That's good once in awhile.  I love that you bring me your needs but I love even more when you just want to be with me and hear what I have to say. 

I am proud of what you are becoming.  Yes, your righteousness is like filthy rags but they are some of the nicest filthy rags.  I am proud of what you have learned and what you are doing with it.  I am proud that you are not just sitting on it, that you are using everything that I have taught you and showed you. 

I will prosper you.  I have great plans for you and I will cause you to be successful.  You will win in the end. 

You know that doesn't mean that everything will be easy.  You have much more to learn. You have much more to experience.  To go where we need to go, you must have more of me in you than you do right now. 

You are doing everything you need to do but don't get distracted.   There are many things that would like to distract you from this purpose.  There are many other priorities that would like to grab you, but stay focused. 

I hear your thoughts and you want me to stop talking about you but I can't help it.  You, my children, are everything to me.  If you ask me what I am thinking about, the answer will always be that I am thinking of you.  You are continually on my mind.  I am in constant thought and planning for your future. My kids are my only priority.  Keeping track of you all is a full time job but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

There are so many that I am waiting for.  I am so anxious for their return.  I think about them a lot.  I think about you a lot.  I love you so much. You will never know the full power of my love for you.  It would overwhelm you.  But know that I love you many more times than the best love you can imagine.  Sleep well tonight my daughter.  We have a big day tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More beautiful...

My prayer:
Mighty God, my mind is on your people tonight.  You have given your people such amazing talents.  I look around me and I see people who can sing and break my heart, people who can make me laugh until I can't catch my breath, people who can explain an idea with such simplicity and truth that I get an entirely new understanding of it, people who are so pure of heart and so transparent that I can only stand in awe and hope to be like them someday and people who love no matter what. 

How is it that I get to be so blessed to have all of these people and so many more in my life?  How is that possible?  God you bless me.  I love the way you love me.  I adore how you treat me.  I revel in your care for me. 

God you are my everything.  You are the breath in my lungs and the water to my soul.  You are my everything.  You are my reason for waking up in the morning and my peace when I go to bed at night.  You are my Father who takes care of me and my teacher who releases me to apply what you have taught me.  God I love you.  You are all that I will ever need or want.  I am ALL YOURS!

What God Said Tonight:
I want you to picture the best mountain sunset you have ever seen.  I want you to picture the most beautiful beach you have ever been on.  I want you to see the most amazing city you have ever been in.  I want you to imagine all of these things, see them again in your mind and know that you are more beautiful to me than all of these things.  You are more beautiful to me in your mess than the finest crafted art. 

The beauty you see in others is me in them. You see the light that I have put in them.  You should always appreciate that light in them and in yourself.  I put it there so you could recognize each other and so you could fulfill the special and specific purpose I have on your life.  I love you my sweet daughter and I will always treasure you. 

You are my most prized thought.  You are the daydream I fall on when I want to just relax and enjoy a moment.  Let's continue to make amazing memories and share it with the world.  Share your life that you can bless others the way they have blessed you. It will take humility, vulnerability, sacrifice and obedience but you are no stranger to these things  You are my beautiful daughter and I love you more than life.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The meaning of life...

My prayer:
God you are so amazing.  You are so faithful.  You know just what I need and you always provide for me.  God, thank you for the insight of last night.  Thank you for sticking with me through the struggle of trying to deal with it today and THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to share it with some of the awesome people you have put in my life. 

I feel like things are back on track and back in right alignment.  I feel like I have gotten out of the way and I can't wait to see what you do now!!!  Speaking of getting out of the way, let me shut up so you can talk about whatever is on your mind tonight God.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

What God Said Tonight:
You are submitted and that is good. Watch for this particular lie in the future.  You are in a position that pride will always be an enemy.  You must stay vigilant against it.  Pride doesn't like company so keep sharing the struggle and it will go easier. 

People, your community, your family are there for a purpose.  You often see the purpose of serving them but there is a greater purpose of them also supporting you.  The net that is built in true relationship is the key to everything. 

The meaning of many people are always looking for the meaning of life.  It is really easy, it is relationship.  Relationship with me and with each other.  I made you to be in relationship.  I have one commandment above all others to love me and to love your neighbor as yourself.  If you are paying attention, you will see that there is the meaning of life.  To be in relationship. 

Keep your relationships healthy.  Nurture your relationships and everything will come from that.  I love you daughter, I am glad you are doing better.  I know it was a tough battle, but you are better for it.  I love you forever.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


My prayer:
Mighty God, I am a bit of a mess.  You warned me not to get caught up in what people think of me and to focus on what you think of me.  I heard you, but I am not doing a very good job of it. 

There are so many expectations right now and I don't want to let anyone down. I don't want to but I feel like I am.  I feel like I am letting everyone down including you.  I feel like I am not enough.  I am feeling like a big disappointment. 

Ok, I don't mean to have a pity party, but it is where I am at tonight God and I need your help to do what you have told me to do.  I need your help to focus on who I am to you and in you.  I need your help to follow your lead and not get confused by the millions of things I could be doing. 

I need you God.  I am out of my comfort zone in a big way and feeling pretty scared and vulnerable.  I place it all in your hands and at your feet God.  Please help.

What God Said Tonight:
What is different today from yesterday?  You think you failed today.  You think you let people down.  What evidence do you have for this?  Your entire struggle tonight is born and bred inside of you. You have allowed lies in and it is tearing you up. 

If you think logically, you know what I am saying is true.  You let some lies in and they have grown beyond what you were ready for.  Now they are filling you and eating away at you. Lies will do that.  They are prolific and they multiply with very little effort.  Satan lies because it is such a good weapon.  All he needs to do is put one false word into you and that can grow like a fast growing cancer to take over you entire existence. 

So, treat it like the cancer that it is.  I have shown you how to pray against cancer.  You have to pray that it is killed a the root, torn out at the root, and cast into the pit of hell.  Pray that over the lies and I will take them from you.  I will leave with you the truth.  I will leave with you the proper reflection of who you are and who you are about to be. 

I will wash you clean each day.  I will wrap you in my very own swaddling cloths.  I will comfort you in distress and I will strengthen you in time of battle.  I will heal you in sickness and I will guide you in times of indecision and doubt. I will be your God, your Father and your teacher forever.  I am yours and you are mine. 

I don't have worthless children.  My children are precious and holy.  My children will inherit this earth.  My children are a royal priesthood.  You are my child and I will remind you as much as you need me to of who you truly are.  But sweep away the lies so you can hear it clearly and believe.  I love you daughter.  This was a momentary hiccup.  You are bound for the future I have determined for you and it is good.  I promise.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome father!  What a difference a day makes!! Thank you for rest and for renewing my strength!  I was so completely tired out last night but then you gave me a full night's rest (been awhile since I have had one of those!), great fun with Mom today, more rest and a great movie...I feel ready to take on the world!

So much so, I am having a hard time thinking about going to sleep tonight.  I want to go, run, do something somewhere, anywhere!  I feel trapped and restless.  It use to be, when I would feel this way, I would take off on a drive and do my best to get lost.  That is a whole lot more difficult with GPS!  But, I don't think that would really cut it anyway.  I want to go and do something.  I want to do something for you, just because. 

I guess I will need to wait until tomorrow.  There should be plenty of opportunities with church and everything tomorrow.  God I ask for opportunities to bless you and your people tomorrow.  I pray God that you show me the outlet for the amazing renewed energy and strength that you have given me.

I love you so much God.  I truly cannot imagine life without you and I don't want to try.  I am all yours God!

What God Said Tonight:
What you seek is here for the taking.  You can serve me in your thoughts and your actions.  You can bless me with your words as well as with what you do. 

You don't need to change the world, you just need to do that one small thing I have asked of you.  You know the one.  You know the thing that I asked that you are still working on.  I know it takes time but you also know how to get this stuff done.  A little each day and before you know it, there it is. 

I love you so much and you bless me just by being with me.  You will have great opportunities to serve me and my people tomorrow.  I count on you to continue to be faithful.  I plan things around your faithfulness.  I am able to do more because I know you will do your part.  So I will always give you opportunities.  Continue to balance, keep the sabbath for your rest, and do a little each day so we can do the thing I have asked you to do. 

I love you.  I will continue to renew and refresh you.  I will continue to provide you with opportunities.  I will continue to walk with you through it all.  I am God and I do not change.  I am forever what I was in the beginning.  I am forever the lover of your soul and the Father who loves you more than my own life.  I will always love you and take care of you.  I do not change and I do not lie.  I am forever in the place of your forgiveness and your redemption. 

I am forever here waiting for you to call on me.  I am always ready to bless you and to hear your cries.  I am never deaf to your voice.  I will always hear you.  I keep a part of me always alert for your voice.  You don't have to shout, I hear you.  You don't have to beg, I love you.  You don't have to worry, I have got you.  Sleep if you can and we will do more tomorrow together my love.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Circus mirror...

My prayer:
Mighty God, thank you for your favor during the meeting today.  You always take care of me God.  I am so completely grateful to you.  I am nothing but you destine me to succeed every time.  You are so amazing.  God I am not worthy but I am grateful. 

God I feel like I haven't really sat and talked to you about what is on my heart in awhile.  I have been so tired by the end of the day, all I can do is be grateful for what you have done and I don't have a lot of time or energy to think or talk much beyond that. 

Fact is that life remains pretty amazing right now.  I am busy but happy.  I am tired but it is the tired that comes from honest work.  I am not getting everything done that I want but I am getting a lot done. 

And, fact is, everything I need, you provide. Every time I pray, you are there waiting.  Every time I need you for me or for someone else, you show up and show out.  How could I ask for more than that?  I love you God and I love this season we are in.  Thank you for life and for the blessings you are pouring out on me.

What God Said Tonight:
I want you to know something.  I want you to hear something.  It is something I have told you before.  It is something that you have learned the hard way before.  Tonight I don't want you to learn the hard way, I want you to listen to me so you can adjust before there are consequences. 

You are more than your accomplishments.  You don't have to "do anything" for me.  You don't have to do anything for my love.  I appreciate your service.  I appreciate that you want to do things for me but your worth is never based on that. 

You talk of being unworthy and it is true.  But my son came and sacrificed so you could be worthy.  If you don't accept your worth in him it is as if he died for nothing.  I need you to focus on who you are in Christ.  I need you to get your focus off your accomplishments.  I need you to get your eyes off of the approval of others. 

You are falling back into the performance trap and I can't afford to let you.  I need you  too much.  I need you to know who you are in my son.  I need you to see your reflection as clearly as I see you. 

You have been looking in a distorted mirror again, just like the funny mirrors at the circus.  You have been looking in a distorted mirror but you think it is real.  You are not what others say about you.  You are not what have done or what you have accomplished. 

You are a precious child of the most high God.  You are a royal priesthood.  You are a blood bought daughter who's life is so precious to me I sacrificed my own son to have you.  I laid down my life that you could have yours.  Now that you are redeemed and washed clean of your sin, stop seeing it as a part of you.  Stop looking to others to validate who you are and your worth.  Look in the clear reflection of my Word and see who you really are. 

I love you and I want you to remember your position through my son.  I want you to remember your authority that I have given you.  I need you to remember those things and not the circus mirror reflection.  You are who I say you are.  You are successful because I have told you that you are above and not beneath, the head and not the tail. 

See me in you and see clearly.  I love you daughter.  You need to rest tomorrow and recenter.  Get this right and the rest comes easy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guide in the storm...

My prayer:
Awesome God, Father, Lord and teacher.  God I am pooped tonight!  So much happening today, it is kind of a blur.  But, I love you and I don't ever want to miss our night time together.  Ending my day with you is perfect.  Starting my day with you is perfect.  Spending my day with you is perfect. 

God I pray and ask for your favor tomorrow.  I have another important meeting tomorrow and I need your help. Thank you God for blessing the work of my hands.

What is on your mind tonight God?  If you want to talk about anything, I am here.  I love you Daddy.

What God Said Tonight:
Bet you thought that today would never end.  All things end except our life together.  Hard times end.  Good times end.  Challenges end and blessings end.  Everything in this world is temporal except for you and me.  You , your brothers and sisters and me are eternal.  All else is temporary. 

Part of why I tell you not to worry is because whatever you are worried about today, will not be there tomorrow, or maybe the day after.  All things change, except my love for you.  All things have a season except for our relationship.  We are the constants in a world, an existence of constant change. 

You will always know and trust me. I will be your home base forever.  I will be your safe home for ever.  I will be yours forever.  Don't get lost in thoughts and worry over the temporary.  Keep you mind focused on the permanent, the unchanging, keep your mind on me. 

I will be the stability in the chaos.  I will be the guide in the storm.  I will be the zip line in the blizzard.  I am your true north and I will guide you through this constantly changing world. 

I love you daughter.  Rest and prepare for more tomorrow.  There is much left to do this week. There are things that you have put off that need your attention.  Rest and I will give you the time you need, tomorrow.  Sleep sweetly.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dance with me...

My prayer:
My God I am so grateful tonight.  Grateful for your healing power and you healing the cold that was after me this morning. 

Grateful for you answering prayers for jobs and provision for friends.  Grateful that you have filled my life with amazing, smart, beautiful and loving people. 

Grateful that you continue to lead, guide, protect, teach and forgive me when I get it all wrong. 

Grateful that you have planted me in a home church that loves you above everything else, no religion, no extra rules, just you and your word. 

Grateful that you have given me a safe and warm home to live in.  Grateful for the smartest cat in the world to keep me company. 

Grateful for an amazing mom who loves me no matter what.  Grateful for reconciling me with the rest of my family. 

Grateful for the opportunities to serve you.  Grateful for the ability to worship you freely. 

Grateful for you.  So very grateful for you.

What God Said Tonight:
Your life is a beautiful dance right now.  Dance with me my daughter.  Dance with me.  The music is beautiful, the setting is perfect and the steps we take together are in perfect sync with each other. 

The dance we dance is a joy to us and a joy to watch.  The dance we dance is for others as much as it is for us.  Our dance is a dance of intimacy and of joy.  Our dance is a dance of communion and of celebration. 

Dance with me through life.  Dance with me forever.  I will lead, stay in sync with me and we will create such beauty as you cannot imagine.  I love you my sweet dance partner.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Constant love...

My prayer:
Awesome God, you made my way prosperous today!  Thank you for the successful meetings today.  I love the way you bless the works of my hands.  You are so amazing. Everything I do in your name is blessed! 

I am so grateful for all that you do God.  You are everything.  What more can I do for you God?  How can I let you know how much you mean to me.  They sang "More than words" at church on Sunday and I keep thinking about that.  I tell you I love you all of the time but do I show you enough?  Do I show you that I love you the way that you show me every day? 

What can I do to show you God?  What can I do so you feel my love for you like I feel your love for me?  Maybe I can't, I mean you are God and I am not.  Maybe you have to be God to show someone that kind of love?  I don't know but if there is more that I can do, something different that I can do that will better show my love for you, tell me and I will do it.  They are just words but, I love you God!

What God Said Tonight:
Words are good.  I like it when you tell me you love me, just like you like it when I tell you, but actions are more meaningful. 

Your heart is shown in how you spend your time, what you think about and where you invest yourself.  Every time you choose to be with me, to serve me, to serve my people, you are showing me your love. 

You must remember though that you cannot earn my love nor do you need to.  My love for you is unconditional and is not effected by your behavior or your actions.  I loved you when you were knee deep in sin and couldn't see a way out.  I loved you before you were born.  I love you now and I will love you forever.  My love for you does not change.  My love for you is constant and everlasting.  My love for you is greater than any ocean and deeper than any valley.  I will never leave you. 

Your actions, the ways you show me love do not effect my love for you but they do make me feel good.  And, more importantly, they keep you on track. Doing the things that are good for you, things that will make your own way prosperous, things that make you the person you were intended to be. 

When you want to know what to do to show me love, look at the things my son did and do that.  You can never go wrong when you use him as your model.  That saying you have now of What Would Jesus Do? is a good one.  Ask it and then copy him.  I will know you love me and you will be blessed.  I want you to be fully confident in my love for you, never doubt and never wonder.  It is the one constant that you never have to question.  I love you now and forever, no matter what.  It is complete.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love counts...

My prayer:
Awesome God and lover of my soul.  God I love you and I am so grateful that you love me.  Here we are on Valentines Day, my second least favorite day of the year. 

God, I don't mean to be ungrateful.  I do so appreciate your love for me.  I am so grateful for how you show me that love every day.  I am so grateful for the amazing people you have put in my life that show me love every day.  All of that is entirely true and most of the time I can focus on that. 

But once in awhile, especially on a day like this, I can't help thinking of what I don't have.  I can't help but wonder if that husband you have talked to me about is ever really going to show up. It makes me wonder, maybe I am not good enough.  Maybe there is too much stuff in me that is messed up.  Maybe I am not cut out for marriage.  Maybe what I have today, you, amazing friends and family is what I will have for the rest of my life.  Is it enough?  Sometimes. 

Above all God, your will be done.  Your love truly is better than any love that exists.  I would rather have your love and no one else's than have the love of the whole world without your love.

What God Said Tonight:
What is this my love?  Why are you letting pressure of the world system make you doubt my purpose and plan for your life?  What is Valentines Day?  It is not a celebration that I called for although I like the idea of celebrating love. 

Love is inherently good and it is a absolute necessity for your life.  I am love and you were made in my image.  Your very existence requires love.  You are my love displayed on the earth.  You are the expression of my love to my people.  You are surrounded by so much love that it blankets you. 

You will have all of the love you dream of.  There is still time.  You will not want for any good thing.  I love you and I will make sure that you are loved every minute of every day.  Experience the love that is with you now and know that there is more to come. 

You know the promise I have given you.  Do not doubt it, especially not because of external pressure.  My promise is real.  My love is real.  My purpose for you is real.  Valentines Day, not so much.  Rest in my love my precious child and remember what counts.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The bunker...

My prayer:
Awesome God.  What an honor and privilege it is to serve you.  What an amazing experience to pray and watch you change people's circumstances.  What an incredible thing to see you time after time show up and heal people God. 

Two manifest praise reports of immediate healing today.  Your healing power has no boundaries.  Whether it is a headache, a common cold or cancer, you heal.  Thank you God for being our healer.  Thank you God for letting me be a part of your healing power.  God you get all the honor and the praise.  You are our healer.

I praise you God.  I thank you God.  I am in awe of you God. 

What God Said Tonight:
Healing is easy, it was already taken care of years ago.  I have a plan and a purpose that you don't see yet. You know pieces and parts and today was a part of it.  Your connections, your relationships are key to your future.  Your experiences today are the bedrock of your tomorrow.  Your decisions today lay the path for your tomorrow. 

You stay focused on what I put in front of you. But know that it is a part of a bigger pattern. 

I am having trouble getting through to you tonight daughter.  You have been distracted much of today.  Where is your mind and your thoughts? Why are you not able to focus on me tonight?  Keep me at the center and everything else will fall into place.  But, concentrate and keep me at the center.  Basic principles.  Keep me first, my people second and everything else will fall into place. Rest but renew your focus on me.  Keep your mind stayed on me. 

Wall yourself in with me like a bunker.  We are about to be in a battle.  The first volleys have already begun.  Keep in the bunker with me.  Stay protected and be my medic.  Pray for the injured. Pray for the injured in body, mind and soul. 

There will be casualties in this war.  Pray for them.  Be my light and my hands in this war.  I will do the fighting.  You be my medic.  Together we will see victory, I promise.  Now, go and rest, with your mind focused on me, and we will be ready for tomorrow.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God.  I am in a bit of an introspective mood tonight. Today was great.  I love these sabbath rest days.  You are right, I need one a week or things get too out of whack. 

God, I have so many different thoughts and questions running through my head tonight, I am not sure where to start.  I am thinking about the point of life.  The meaning, or I guess not really the meaning, but how life is best spent. 

I spent a lot of years focusing on being "successful" in life.  I focused on excelling at work, always winning, always being first, always working harder and doing more.  I valued the accomplishment.  

You have shown me in the last several years that there is more.  That people, relationships are much more important than accomplishments.  So, is that it?  Is that how I am supposed to focus my time, on people and relationships?  Is there more beyond that? 

Of course, you are my first focus God.  You are above everything.  You have that verse that says seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.  Maybe that is the key?

I guess, there is so much going on right now, most all of it good, but everything is moving so fast, life is a blur and I feel like I am lacking focus.  I feel like I am losing track of basic principles.  God, I ask for your help and for wisdom.  I pray God that you show me where to focus.  I pray God that you make me a blessing to the people in my life and to you. 

I also pray over worship services throughout the world God.  I pray that your presence and power be present.  That people get to experience you personally and in a significant life changing way.  I love you God.

What God Said Tonight:
Your life feels like a blur and out of focus right now but that is ok.  I am in charge still.  You are uncomfortable because you are not in charge, you are not in control.  You always feel safer when you think you are in control, but you are not.  You are safest when you give in and let me take control. 

Stop trying to put boundaries or limits on this experience you are in right now.  Stop trying to make sense of it.  Just experience it.  You can't put your arms around this thing because you are living my dream for you and my dreams are bigger that you can imagine.  You can't fully comprehend everything going on or even everything you need to do right now because it is bigger than you. 

I love you so much. I know you can do this.  I know you can trust me for each breath.  I know you can follow my lead in the little and the big things.  I trust you to do it.  Now, trust yourself.  Trust that you have been prepared for this and you do not need to be in control.  Understand that if you were in control, you would ruin this.  Not on purpose but simply through the limitations you have in being human, you would ruin it. 

Trust me for each direction and continue to follow me.  I have such a plan and a purpose for you .  Trust me and stop trying to reason it out.  Pay attention to me, love me and love the people around you.  Anything more specific and I will tell you personally.  Keep moving forward and we will do more than you can imagine. 

Trust me and you will see things beyond your ability to imagine.  You will be a part of something that you won't be able to believe, even as it is happening.  You already are and it seems like you are loving it.  So, trust me for the next steps just as you trusted me to get you here.  I love you daughter.  Be mine forever. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Worry meter...

My prayer:
Mighty and awesome Lord.  Another amazing day.  Opportunities to pray with people, to share you, what more could I want. 

I am ready for a little rest again.  It has been a phenomenal week and I am so grateful.  I pray God that you give me rest and peace tomorrow to refuel for more. 

I love you God and really just want to hear what you have to say tonight.  What you have to say is always a lot more interesting than my stuff.  Probably due to you being the all knowing, all powerful and ultimate King of the Universe! :)  Love you Daddy.  What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
My mind is at rest and at peace tonight. I am pleased with you and with my children.  I am pleased with your faith.  I am pleased with your faithfulness. I am at peace knowing that everything is happening according to my plan and in my perfect timing.  I am always at peace because I always know the end from the beginning. I never have to worry because I know who wins. 

You know too, by the way.  If you trust me. If you believe me, you know that we win in the end.  You know that nothing can stop my will and my way in this world.  You know that we are more than conquers and we will win this war.  You know that we are destined to rule and to reign together for eternity.  You know this because I have told you. 

Do you believe it?  Your worry or lack of worry is the barometer of that trust.  When you worry, you should recognize it as a lack of trust in me.  Worry is your enemy.  It keeps you from the peace that I have for you and it does not add one positive thing to your life.  Worry is a thief.  Worry is a symptom that something is wrong in our relationship. 

A child who is confident in the love of her father, who is confident in her father's ability to take care of her, does not worry.  Check your worry meter regularly.  When it starts to crank up, come to me and spend time with me so we can repair whatever has damaged your trust of me.  Spend time with me so I can remind you how much I love  you and that I will take care of you, always.  Come to me to repair the damage. 

I love you daughter and your life can be worry free if everything is solid between you and me.  I love you.  Remember that aways.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

God's treat...

My prayer:
Awesome God I continue to rejoice in you.  God, you are so awesome and I continue to be amazed every day at what you do.  You are healing, providing, guiding and prospering us every day and I continue to be so excited to be a part of it God. 

God I know that all of life is about cycles and I know this cycle may not last forever.  I am going to enjoy every last minute of it while I can.  I am going to squeeze out every last drop of joy out of this time and I will remember it during the next season of waiting, trials or whatever.  But for right now, it is ALL JOY!!!! 

I think people might be getting a little sick and tired of me.  No one can stand someone who is the happy all the time!  God I pray that they see the joy is straight from you and that they can have it too.  I pray God that you fill their lives with this intense joy. 


There is a tiny part of me that worries about when this will end.  A tiny part that is waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I am sorry for that tiny part.  I am sorry for my doubt and my fear.  I don't want them and I give them up to you right now God.  I pray that you replace them with peace and trust in you.  I REALLY DO LOVE YOU!!!

What God Said Tonight:
What is it that you fear? You fear the joy ending? You fear that because you don't deserve the joy and the blessings that you will somehow have to pay for them someday?  Think about that a second.  You don't deserve it on your own and that is true, but I already paid the price for it so you can have it. 

If someone takes you out to dinner and pays the bill, do you worry for the rest of the night that the restaurant is going to hunt you down and demand that you pay?  No, of course not. They have already been paid.  You were the one being treated so your only job was to show up, enjoy it and show a little appreciation.  Your job was not to pay for it.  That was taken care of. 

It is the same way with your forgiveness/salvation, your healing, your blessings.  You don't have to pay for them. You just need to show up, enjoy them and show a little appreciation.  No one is going to come after you to pay the bill.  I already paid it.  I love you too daughter and I am with you always.  I will always "treat" you in this life. Just enjoy. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A party for God...

My prayer:
My God and Father.  What an awesome day God.  What a day of joy!  I am just giddy with joy tonight.  Not for any particular reason, although you are doing some mighty great things right now.  But I am filled with joy. 

I celebrate you God.  I celebrate all that you do.  I celebrate how your work in my life.  I celebrate how you work in others' lives.  I celebrate your healing power that never fails to amaze and delight me.  God you are truly awesome. 

God, what can I do to praise you appropriately?  I understand worship. I understand how to get to that intimate place of being with you and I love it. But tonight, I want to celebrate you.  I want to praise you!  And I feel so inadequate to do so in a way that reflects how I feel about you.  I feel like I want to throw you a party!  I want to gather together a bunch of people you love and have a party for you!  Now, you know God, that sounds like a good idea.  How would you like a party to celebrate you?  Not during Christmas or Easter or anything like that but just because we love you.  What do you think?

What God Said Tonight:
I would love a party my daughter.  I love to celebrate with my children.  I work pretty hard to make sure you are blessed and I love it when you appreciate it.  Much like a surly teenager, my children can sometimes forget to be thankful and appreciate.  Especially when what they get is not what they think they want. 

Celebrate me and your life in me every day.  Find ways to celebrate and you will have more joy tomorrow than you did today.  Find a way to remember all that I have done, find your way, and you will be blessed by it.  That is truly the reason I want you to celebrate.  I know how it will bless you. 

That's why I want you to do all of the things I tell you to do. It is all for your good.  It isn't so I can see if you will obey me and somehow affirm my position as God.  I already know who I am.  I already know that I am the master of the universe and the almighty creator.  I don't need your celebration to show that.  But you need the celebration to live the life of joy I have for you. 

Celebrate the little things and celebrate the big things.  Celebrate the breath in your lungs each day and celebrate the miraculous.  Celebrate and let the world see you celebrate.  Let them see what it is to be my child.  Let them see the joy that only comes from a life with Christ.  Celebrate for your sake and celebrate for their sake. 

Know that in that celebration I am always pleased.  Not just because you are celebrating me and that feels awfully nice but because of what I know it will do for you and the people around you.  Be my lighthouse daughter.  Don't forget to shine.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Greatest blessing...

My prayer:
Awesome Father, incredible God, great Creator, complete Healer, ultimate Teacher, final Redeemer, God of my life, soul, spirit and body, I worship you.  I worship you for who you are and I worship you for who you are in my life. 

I worship you because you dream bigger than I do.  I worship you because you know more than I do or ever will.  I worship you because you love me in a way that is greater than what I can even imagine.  God you think so big and I am so small.  My thoughts, my concerns are so small compared to you and what you can do. 

I am more than a little in awe of you God.  There are times, like tonight, that I sit here literally with my mouth hanging open, in stunned awe of your power and what you do.  Thank you God for loving me and choosing me.  I will never understand why you love and chose me but I will always be grateful. 

I love you God.  Have your way in my life.  Please don't be constrained by my limited ability to imagine or think.  God I want the things you see for me, not just he things I can imagine for me. 

What God Said Tonight:
Walking with you in this life is a blast.  I love that you take time to realize this stuff.  You have no idea what I have planned for you.  You will be so amazed.

I don't have to be in a box with you anymore and that is good.  I am free to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all that you have seen or hoped for.  I am free to bless you to overflow.  You should get ready because your greatest blessing yet is on the way.  Prepare for the intense joy like you have never known.  Get ready to be out of your mind with joy.  Be ready to experience me, my kingdom, my blessing in a way that you never have before. 

I will show my blessing in every area of you life.  Your finances will be blessed, your family will be blessed, your church will be blessed, your friends will be blessed, every where you walk will be blessed.  I am getting ready to pour it out on you and you will be stunned and possibly a little hysterical with joy.  I can't wait to see you laugh with the joy of it all.  I can't wait to see what you do with it.  I can't wait to just see your face my dear. 

I love you and the blessing has been loosed...get ready because here it comes!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Heavy lifting...

My prayer:
Awesome God this was a long day but a good one.  You blessed me all day God and I am grateful.  I am also really tired again.  I have been saying that a lot lately.  I love that you have so many exciting opportunities for me these days.  As a result, (notice how carefully I did not say "but" :)) I also get to the end of the day with barely the ability to put two thoughts together. 

Thank you God for renewing my strength every night.  Thank you that even when I think I have nothing left, you always have more for me.  More strength, more endurance, more of whatever I need.  Thank you God for always being whatever I need.  I love you.  What do you want to talk about tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
What is the difference between your strength and mine?  Mine never wears out.  As you try to do things in your own strength, you will always fail in the end.  Your strength will always wear out sooner or later.  Mine never will. 

You are getting tired because you are trying to do much of it in our own strength.  Rest in me and remember that when you rely on my strength you will never grow weary.  I love you and I love that you want to try, but stop wasting your time and energy spinning your own wheels.  Give it all over to me. 

I will guide and direct you always.  I will give you each thing in the right time.  You don't have to push so hard right now.  You don't have to try so hard right now.  Give your will over to me and rely on my strength and you will not faint or stumble.  Go rest now.  Tomorrow follow my lead and let me do the heavy lifting.  Love you sweetheart.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God, I love you and I thank you for today.  Thank you for keeping me safe.  Thank you for incredible opportunities to serve you and your people.  Thank you for amazing friends and time to spend with them.  Thank you God for multiplying the hours of this day to get it all done!

God, I am teaching/training tomorrow and it has been a month or so.  I am excited, but I ask God that your favor be on me.  I ask God that you help me to do a good job and the work of my hands be blessed by you.  Help me to teach well.  Thank you God for the gifts you have given me and I ask that you help those gifts shine through tomorrow.

Awesome healing Father, you also know the prayers today for you to do a true and mighty miracle in my friend.  God, I pray that we get the praise report of your healing power tomorrow morning.  I thank you God that you have already done the miracle, you have already healed, but I ask now for that confirmation tomorrow am at the doctor's appt.

Thank you God for being everything I need.  Thank you for being more than I can hope for.  I love you God!

What God Said Tonight:
Waiting on me and my timing is not fun, but it is necessary.  I hear your thoughts now, you think I am saying that I won't give you the praise report tomorrow a.m. and that is not necessarily so.  But remember regardless of the report tomorrow,  I am God and I will handle this situation that you have brought to me as I have promised to handle every situation you have brought to me. 

I am your Father and I will always take care of you and the things that are important to you.  Some things are important to me for no other reason than they are important to you.  I love you so much that the things you care about, the people and the situations you care about, I automatically care about. 

Can you say the same about me?  Is your love for me enough that you care about things just because they are important to me?  Saving souls is important to me.  To do that, I need witnesses.  Are you willing to tell people about me even when it is uncomfortable, just because it is important to me?  I hope so. 

I have gifted you with many things,  I have given you many talents.  I appreciate that you use them all for me and my kingdom.  Sometimes, I need you to do more.  Sometimes I need you to step out and do things that you are not talented with, you are not gifted with just because it is important to me that it get done. 

I know you and I know you are faithful.  I know that anything I ask of you you will do.  I love that.  Know that I may need to ask you to do some things soon that are not things that come naturally to you.  I am going to need you to do some things just because they are important to me and I need a willing servant to do them. Will you do the stuff you aren't good at?  I promise I will fill the gaps and make it work but I need you to step out and do things that you are not good at so we can get them done. 

Are you up for it?  I hope so.  I need you daughter.  I love you and time is short.  We need to finish some things now.  Rest well and know that I am with you now and forever.  I am yours my dear. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Greater view...

My prayer:
Awesome and incredible God, my Father.  Thank you for today! Thank you for rest.  Thank you God!!! I needed it. 

Now tonight, I am looking out my window at more snow that has fallen leaving snow packed roads and it has me worried.  God, tomorrow is the Superbowl and it is going to be hard enough for people to make it to church.  Add bad roads to that and they have a lot of excuses not to go.  I don't want people to miss out. 

But you say that I should worry over nothing and pray over everything.  So, God, I pray and ask that take care of this.  I put it into your hands.  I pray God that you encourage your people to gather and to worship tomorrow.  I pray God that you take care of the roads and protect us all as we travel to church.  God I pray your hedge of protection around us.  I thank you God that you are all powerful and you can handle this. In Jesus name, I ask God. amen.

What God Said Tonight:
I knew that it would snow today. I knew that it would be on Superbowl Sunday.  I know all of it. 

Sweet daughter, there are often plans that you don't understand.  One of the reasons I tell you not to worry, not to fear is because your fear and worry are often a result of your limited view.  I have a greater plan that you don't see yet.  I need you to trust me. 

I need you to know that things that may appear to be a a hindrance are actually carefully planned to meet my will in a given situation.  They are often the things that I use to make a miracle.  They are often the things I use to show you that it is my power and my omnipotence that is in charge.  If I always did things the way you expected me to, you would never know for certain that it is me.  I need to use the foolish things, the things that don't make sense , so you know that it is me and not coincidence or your own will, power or skill. 

I love you daughter.  I will take care of this and every situations.  When things don't seem to go your way, step back and trust me to use it anyway.  Rest well and be ready to serve.  My love for you is greater than the mountains are beautiful.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Much needed rest...

My prayer:
Awesome Father, my God.  This was a long week and I am all out of words, thoughts and energy.  All I really want right now is a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.  But I couldn't miss meeting with you.  I couldn't miss talking to you and hearing what you have to say.  It is the best part of my day.  Tell me God, what  is on your mind?

What God Said Tonight:
You do not need to rely on your own strength in times like this.  Let me be your strength.  I will never fail you daughter. 

Your week was long but it was good.  You were able to see many new things, new blessings, new accomplishments in the kingdom of God and that is important. 

You rest tomorrow.  Take that sabbath that I have explained is so important and I promise you will be ready to get back at it on Sunday.  I love you and I will renew you.  I will replenish you.  I will refill you.  So, go, rest and we will meet back here tomorrow. 

I love you daughter now and forever. You are more precious than the most dear jewels and you are worth more to me than you will ever be able imagine.  I promise I will take care of you always.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Answered prayer...

My prayer:
Mighty God.  I feel like all I have done this week is ask you for help.  For me, for friends, for countries, there have been so many needs this week.  And you God have shown up every time and taken care of it. 

I am so grateful that you allow me to bring you all of these problems and I am so beyond grateful that you answer every prayer.  Sometimes you answer right away (I love when you do that!) and sometimes I have to wait but you always answer. 

God thank you for answered prayer.  I don't want to ask for anymore right now God.  I just want to know what you want, what you need.  What can I do for you God?

What God Said Tonight:
I will always answer your prayer.  I will always listen and respond to you.  You are my daughter and my creation.  I love to hear from you. 

I understand when you have many needs and I am glad that you bring them to me.  That is the right response to life's struggles.  I am the answer, always.  I don't get tired of hearing from you.  I don't get tired of helping you. 

I also love when we just spend time together though.  I appreciate when you come, like tonight, without an agenda just to be with me.  I love you so much and that means I want to spend time with you, I want to give you things. I want to take care of you.  You are never a burden.  You are my love.  You are the object of my love. 

You worry about people, you worry about their circumstances. You said tonight that your heart breaks.  My heart breaks sometimes too.  But, as you give these things to me, you can stop worrying about them.  I will take care of them.  You do not have to worry about whether I hear.  You don't have to worry if I will respond.  I will.  I promise.  While you are yet praying, my answer is on the way. 

I love you daughter.  Keep praying.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Know God's heart...

My prayer:
Awesome and mighty God.  I love you God.  I am so grateful that you, through your grace and mercy, love me. I am so grateful for you in my life.  I am so grateful that I get to experience your power and your presence every day.  Not everyone does.

Thank you for hearing my many prayers throughout this day.  Thank you in advance for what you are going to do in each of those situations.

What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
Your prayers were heard and I am already answering them.  Thank you for bringing them to me.  Thank you for pointing out those needs.  Thank you for being an intercessor when others need you to agree or to just pray for them. 

I am desperate search of true relationship with my people.  I am desperate for people to know me.  I am desperate for you to know me even more.  I need you to know my heart in every situation.  You have learned obedience, now I need you to know for certain what my will is in every situation. 

You will know it as you know me.  As you understand what is important to me, what I care about, you will always know my will and you can work with me and not against me.  I need, I want us to be on the same side always.  I am yours and you are mine. 

I am your Father, your King, your teacher, your Lord and I will love and guide you always.  I am anxiously waiting for the day when all of my children know me.  Really know me and know my heart so that we can all be working together to accomplish all that we need to in these last days. 

I love you daughter, draw closer to me, learn more about me, spend more time with me.  Let us find the way to live, love and work together each day for our commons dreams.  I love you daughter and we have a lot to do.  All of it will be easier if you know what I want instead of needing to ask me each time for my will and my guidance. 

I love you.  Show me off.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Come running back...

My Prayer:
Awesome God.  My heart is hurting tonight.  How is it that we, your children, who know you, love you and know your love allow ourselves to get separated from you?  Even when we know better.  We know that when we allow it, we end up in a pit of despair that is meant to destroy us.  And yet, time and again, we seem to forget and let satan, the world or even just our own bad decisions and laziness get in between you and us. 

I've done it.  My very best friends who have loved you their entire lives have done it.  Everyone, every Christian, I know has done it.  Even Adam and Eve did it. 

God I am so sorry for every time that I allowed something to get between you and I.  Thank you for your grace and your mercy to always bring me back to you.  Thank you for never giving up on me. 

God I pray for every person who has allowed something to get in between you and them tonight.  Whether they did it consciously or unconsciously, God I pray that you draw them back to you.  I pray that you give them a very real experience of you tonight.  I pray God that you remind them of your love for them. Let them feel that love tonight. 

Thank you God that you always take us "prodigal sons" back.  Thank you that as long as we are alive, we never run out of chances to return to you.  I love you God.  I don't ever want anything to come between me and you again.

What God Said Tonight:
I will never leave you or forsake you.  I said it and I meant it.  You are mine and I love you.  I will always take you back.  I will pursue you when start to drift away. 

You are asking "why" tonight and I am not sure if I can explain it.  It hurts my heart, my Spirit, when you allow things to get between us.  But I am God and I can take it.  I will never stop loving you even if you stop loving me.  My love is forever.  I will always welcome you back because I can't help myself.  My love for you is so complete that I can have no other response. 

That is perfect love.  When you have perfect love, you won't allow anything to ever come between us again.  Until then, you are perfecting your love for me.  In that process, there will be setbacks.  There will be times when you get it wrong.  Those times are not to be despised. Those times help you to grow and help you to get to that place of perfect love.  It is all a learning process. 

My love for the prodigal son is not less because he left me and returned.  If anything, it is more. He was faced with a choice and chose me.  He considered the alternative, tried it and chose me. His choice, his love for me is stronger upon his return than it ever would have been had he not left. 

But the important thing is to come back.  Don't get lost out there.  I understand that there are these times of growth, but don't get caught out there.  As soon as you realize we have gotten separated, come running back to me.  I will take you up in my arms and I will love you.  But come running back. 

It is kind of like when you were a kid and you got lost in the store.  When you realized you were lost and then when you saw your mom in the distance, you went running to her as fast as you could and she gathered you up in her arms, so glad to see you safe. 

That is how it is with us.  I don't get angry at you for straying, but I worry for you.  There are so many bad things that can happen to you when we are separated.  So, come running back to me.  I will gather you up, safe in my arms and our love will be even better than before.  I love you so much and I will never let you go.