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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My prayer:
Awesome God. I have been awfully busy doing stuff lately and I think I may have lost the big picture view. I think I may have lost track of the big dreams and big ideas of what you can really do. 

I have been saying, "God, whatever your will", which is not bad  but sometimes I think I say that so I won't get my hopes up for what I want. It is easier to not dream for big things than it is to be disappointed. And, the fact is, you have given me an amazing life. It almost feels greedy to ask for more. 

But a life without dreams is boring and quickly becomes dull. Shouldn't there be a middle ground? God help me to find the balance between obedience to your will and dreaming big for my future.

What God Said Tonight:
Balance? Have I ever asked you to be balanced in your dreams? Have I ever told you to think smaller? Have I ever told you not to dream? No, I love it when you dream big. No matter how big you dream, my dream for you is even bigger. 

Dream as big as you can, keeping your heart in alignment with mine and I will see you blessed beyond your belief. I will see you blessed abundantly. I will see your dreams are fulfilled. 

I love you daughter and I want you to have everything that you can dream. Your heart, your mind, is connected to me and your dreams are my dreams. My dreams are your dreams. I will tell you if you get off track. I won't let you wander away. I love you too much. But, let's do something big and wonderful together. 

Dream it and you can do it. Dream it and I will bring it to you. I love you daughter. DREAM BIG!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Where blessings come from...

My prayer:
All knowing God. I seem to be in the position lately to observe how seemingly small decisions, or even large decisions, can have such significant effects on people futures. Since I seem to be noticing it so much, I assume there is something I should be learning here. 

Just today, I saw someone potentially lose out on a great opportunity because she procrastinated by one day. That one day may make all the difference because someone else, who did not procrastinate, stepped in and will likely get the opportunity instead. She may never know how close she was to her blessing.

How often have I done that God? How often have I been one step away from a blessing that you have for me but, because I procrastinated or made the wrong choice, I lost out? It makes me realize how important every decision we make (and the ones we don't make or put off) are.

All knowing God, help me to make good decisions in time to receive everything you have for me. Thank you!

What God Said Tonight:
Focusing on what you don't have or on the blessings you missed will bring you nothing but misery and regret. Make the best choices you know how to make and trust me to bless you. Trust me to bless you out of my love for you, not because of anything you do or don't do. If you are following my lead, you will always be inn the right place at the right time. 

Instead of focusing on the things that you may have missed, spend more time focusing on all of the blessings that you have. Focus more on all of the wonderful blessings that make up your life. Thinking on good things will lift your spirit and encourage you. Focusing on the good will make each day better than the last. Focusing on the good will make the good grow until you can't imagine any lack. 

I am the giver of good gifts. Turn your head and look at what you have, not what you lack. I love you and I will bless you all of the days of your life. I will cause you to succeed. I will make sure that everything you do will prosper because you have my heart and I live in you. Love you.

Monday, February 27, 2012


My prayer:
My God of hope. Today, discouragement came at me from every direction; but, because you are my hope, I did not get discouraged. Because you are my hope, I was able to encourage the people around me. There is such amazing peace when I know that you are in charge and that you will take care of me no matter what. Forgive me for all the times that I have forgotten that Lord. 

What God Said Tonight:
There is a fire coming that will consume everything that is not pure and not of me. There is a Holy Spirit fire that is going to fuel and encourage those who have a heart for me and will chase off all of those who don't. It is time to make a choice. It is time to start choosing sides for the battle to come. 

Will you choose life? Will you choose me? It will not always be easy but it will always be best. I will always provide for you. I will always be your hope. 

In the middle of battle, I am your hope. In the middle of what appears to be failure, I am your hope. In the middle of disaster, I am your hope. Remember Shadrach, Mishach and Abendego in the midst of the fire? I am even your hope in the middle of the fire. I love you daughter. Continue to find your hope in me. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live life to the fullest...

My prayer:
My awesome Lord. I am not sure how to talk about what is on my mind tonight. I have been thinking a lot about life today. Thinking about how short this life really is, even when we live out all of our days, it is still short. 

Then I got to thinking about how this life may be more important to people who don't have the confidence of living through eternity with you. If I thought that this is all there is, I might be a bit more intense and worry more. But, when I look at this life, the only thing that I can think of that I can only do while I am here, that I cant do when I live forever with you is that now, in this life, I can share you with people who don't know you yet. When I am living forever in heaven with you, everybody will know you already. 

Just thinking...Love you Daddy!

What God Said Tonight:
Live your life to the fullest. I have provided an abundance for you in this life. Eat well, sing often, laugh even more often. Spend every moment in my presence. Love the people around you. 

There is much for you in this life. I gave you life and it is good. The challenges in your life will only make you stronger. The blessings in your life will engulf you. The joy that I have for you is bubbling up and will overflow in your life. 

Heaven is wonderful. Our future together is fantastic. But, please don't fail to enjoy the life that you are in right now. Please don't think that because it is not "heaven" that it doesn't matter. 

Stop waiting for tomorrow and do it today. That thing you have been putting off until tomorrow, do it now. I will bless it and you. I want you to have the best life. I want you to have a life that you can look back on and think, that was good. Your eternity with me will come, but let's not rush it. Enjoy today. Today is good. I love you daughter.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


My prayer:
I see a river of pure crystal clear water. I see the bottom of the river bed covered in smooth river rocks. I see the sunlight glinting off of the water and making the stones sparkle. 

Some describe your voice as running waters. Your voice to me has always been a calm sweet voice. It  comes with a complete sense of peace. Not unlike the feeling I have seeing this river in my mind tonight. The water is gently rolling over the stones. It is beautiful and peaceful. Just like you God, beautiful and peaceful. 

I love you God and I praise you. I give you all the glory God because you are glorious. I give you all my praise because you are worthy of praise. I give you all my love because you are love. I give you all of me because you made me and I belong to you. I love you God. Thank you for another wonderful day in your presence.

What God Said Tonight:
I am the living water that sustains you. I am the well that never runs dry. I am sufficient to supply all of your needs. My living water restores. My living water brings life to things that were dead. 

Let my living water roll over you tonight. There are some things that are dead in your life that I want to resurrect tonight. There are some dreams that have died that I want to bring back to life. There are some hopes that you have put away and allowed to wither and die but I am here tonight to bring them back to life. 

Find you hope in me. Remember that all things really are possible with me. I am your God and I love you. I will make sure that every detail of your life is blessed as long as you stick with me. 

Listen to me when there are hundreds of voices round you trying to get you to listen to them. There are many who have a legitimate message of my love. But always listen to me first...and last. I love you my sweet daughter.

Friday, February 24, 2012


My prayer:
My Father. I have spent a lot of time talking about me lately. How about I stop talking tonight and just listen? That is what I love to do. To hear you speak to me and to spend time with you, that is the really good stuff.

What God Said Tonight:
Spring is coming daughter. In the natural and in the spiritual world, spring is coming. I know it looks cold, dark, and dead right now, but spring is coming and it will be beautiful beyond your belief. There will be beautiful flowers all around. Everything we be green with new growth. The air will be crisp and the Spirit will be fresh. 

Spring is the time of growth. It is the time for all of those seeds that you have sown to become wheat they were intended to become. The financial seed you have planted is about to come up in a crop for harvest. The time that you have sowed is about to come back in time of leisure and joy. That talent you have sowed is about to become your provision. It is about to multiply back into your life. 

I love you daughter and you will love this Spring. Don't get discouraged now. Not now when we are so close. Rest just a little bit more. Try to be patient. It is worth the wait. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012


My prayer:
Mighty God. I am simply worn out tonight. It is one of those nights where I wish I could just jump on  a plane and go to some far off island and hide for a day, a week, a month...or longer. 

Life can be overwhelming at times. I love you God and I don't mean to complain, but I am. Maybe it is the weather, can't believe we had more snow! Maybe it is stress. Maybe I just have the wrong attitude tonight. Whatever the cause, I just want to run away, just for awhile. 

Forgive me God for not being stronger. Give me the strength and whatever it is I need to stick to it and do all that you have for me. Let me escape in your arms tonight to strengthen me for tomorrow? Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:
I am your refuge and your strength. Stop trying to be strong in yourself and rely on my strength. My strength will never run out. 

You are trying to stand too much on your own again. I understand, I made you to be independent and strong; but, your strength will never be enough. Be independent but don't be independent of me. Be strong but don't be strong outside of my strength in you. 

I am everything that you need. I will take you anywhere you want to go but I won't help you run away. I will give you everything you need to stand strong. Just remember it is my strength you are standing in. I am your strong tower and I will never fall. Lean on me for your strength and you will never grow weary. 

I love you daughter and I am with you now and forever. I am your strength and I will never let you down. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All in...

My prayer:
Mighty and magnificent God. I love you more than I can say. I am devoted to you in a way that I didn't even know was possible. I am all yours now and forever. 

If you can use anyone, use me. If there is any good that can come out of me for you, it is yours. I am all yours, every part of me, every aspect of who I am, every talent I have is yours to do with as you wish. God I pray that I am a blessing to you and to everyone you put in my life. 

What God Said Tonight:
I need all of you. If you are going to be the person that I intended, if you are going to accomplish the things I have for you, if you are going to receive all that I have to give you, I need your all. 

I can't do much when you are only part way in. I can't do much when you silo me into certain parts of your life and keep me out of others. When you try to put me in a box and keep me for Sundays only, it limits what I can do in your life and what I can do for you. It limits my ability to bless you. 

I won't ever invade a part of your life that you have not invited me into. But, that means when you run into trouble in that area, I am not there to bail you out. It means that if I have a blessing for you in that area, I can't get it to you. If you keep me out of your workplace, I can't bless the work of your hands. If you keep me out of your love life, I can't bring you the person I have meant for you and I can't bless that relationship. I can only move and work in the areas of your life that you let me into. 

I promise I will never force my way in; but, when you let me in, I will make everything work out to your good. Let me in. Don't be a half way Christian. Be all the way in so I can bless everything of you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Constant change...

My prayer:
Awesome God. I feel like I am waiting for something but I don't know what. I feel anxious, on the edge of my seat, and that something is about to happen, but I don't know what. I feel like a change is in the wind but I don't know what it is. Is it a good change? Is it a bad or a hard change? I don't know but I am restless. 

God, I pray that whatever it is, you help me/us through it. I pray that you give us wisdom and favor no matter what comes. Thank you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:
There are a lot of things that are about to change. There are a lot of things that are changing as we speak. Life is change. If something is not changing, it is not alive. All things that live are in a constant state of change. 

You should not be anxious about change. Once you realize that everything is changing all of the time and once you accept and realize that I will walk you through all of it, there is no reason to be anxious, nervous or worried about change. 

Rest in my arms and I will guide and carry you through the changes. I know every bump in the road and every turn of the path. I know what is at the other end and I am taking you where you need to go. Change is life. Embrace change and embrace life. I love you daughter, now and forever.

Monday, February 20, 2012


My prayer:
My God. I am not sure how to talk about what is on my mind tonight. I guess the theme is selfishness or self centeredness. It is something that seems to come so naturally to us and yet, when I see it in others, it makes me sad (or angry depending on the circumstances). But, I know that it is in me too; when I look at myself honestly, I don't always think of others before myself. I have to consciously choose to do that. My natural tendency is to think of me first. 

So, here is where I am struggling. If I know that about myself and know that it doesn't mean that I don't care about other people, why does it upset me so much when I see it in other people? Why do I take it so personally? 

Huh, as I am typing, it suddenly seems so clear. Being upset about others selfishness and self centeredness is just a reflection of my own selfishness. The reason it upsets me is because they aren't thinking about me! Now, if that isn't the height of selfishness and self centeredness, I don't know what is!

God forgive me of my selfishness and self centeredness. Help me to think more of others than I do of myself. Help me to think of others needs and feelings before my own. Help me to be a better person God.

What God Said Tonight:
Being "othercentered" instead of self centered is a choice and it is a choice that you will need to make daily, hourly, and sometimes each minute. It is one of those things that does not make a lot of sense logically but the more you take care of others and focus  on the needs of others, the more I will take care of your needs. When you take care of the things and the people that  I care about, I will take care of you. I will take care of all of your needs. I will make sure that you have everything you need. 

When you don't have enough, change your view from looking at what you are getting or not getting and focus more on what you are giving. As you give, as you take care of the needs of someone else, I promise I will take care of your needs. I will see that you are well cared for as you care for others. 

I love you daughter and I will always help you when you ask. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ultimate matchmaker...

My prayer:
Awesome God. As I was looking for a message today on the 24/7 Lighthouse site, I was struck by all of the amazing things that people are doing for your Kingdom. I look at Heidi Baker, Nick Vujicic, Bill Johnson, Tim Tebow and so many others and I just sit in awe of all that you have accomplished through them. Then, some little part of me started thinking, wow, in comparison, I am not doing much for you. In comparison, I am not doing much at all. Then I started getting depressed, feeling guilty. 

I know this is wrong thinking God. I can almost hear you asking why I am comparing myself to anyone. I know that you gave us each different gifts and abilities and our job is to use what you have given each of us, not envy what you have given others. I know all of that in my head. I just wish I could get it into my heart. 

God, help me to do everything you need me to do with what you have given me. Continue God to bless all of your children, your warriors, who are spreading your love and your truth throughout this world. Help me to remember that it takes all of us, doing what you have for each of us to do, to spread this message.

I love you God. Thank you for what you have given to each of us and the opportunities you give us to use it.

What God Said Tonight:
You preached your ownself happy, didn't you! Thank you daughter for remembering what I have taught you. Thank you for using your mind and your wisdom instead of letting the emotions take you down the wrong road. 

You have been given exactly the gifts and the opportunities I need you to have to accomplish our greater goal. The people that you touch have been specially assigned to you. Take care of the people, the gifts, and the opportunities I give you. 

Every opportunity to touch a life and share me with them is more valuable than all the gold that there is in the world. The people I bring to you are especially suited to hear my message through you. The ones I take to others, are especially suited to receive the message from them. You might say I am the ultimate matchmaker. 

Trust me to to guide and direct you. Trust me to bring you the right opportunities for you. Trust me to know your perfect role in the spreading of my salvation throughout the world. 

Talking and praying with one person in the supermarket is as important and as wonderful as preaching to 1 million at a revival. Any action that results in people coming to me and receiving salvation is important, powerful, and wonderful. 

I love you daughter. Grow where you are planted and know that you are exactly as I hoped you would be from the beginning of time.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


My prayer:
Mighty God, you do not get enough credit. Everything, you made everything. You give every good thing that we have. You give us our talents and provide for us. You give us joy and peace that doesn't even make sense. You heal us when we are sick. You teach us. You love us. 

Every good thing I do and every good thing in me is a direct result of what you do and what you have done. How do I thank you appropriately for that? How do I give you proper credit for that? 

I love you God and know that at least in this moment, I recognize that it truly is all You all the time and that all the credit, glory, and honor is yours.

What God Said Tonight:
Come here and rest. You have done enough for today. You have striven hard enough. It is time to rest. It is time to replenish. 

I receive your worship as a sweet fragrance. That you are giving it at a sacrifice  makes it all the more beautiful. But, it is enough for today. rest in the peace that you have done all that I asked today and you may rest with my blessing, my protection, and in my love.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Expect more...

My prayer:
You are awesome. Today was awesome. Too tired to think God but I can listen. What is on your mind tonight God.

What God Said Tonight:
I won't talk for long tonight but I do want you to see something that I have been trying to show you in your life lately. It is simple, you will get what you expect to get in life.

If your life is not what you want it to be, check your expectations. Your expectations are the true reflection of your faith. Belief is easy and doesn't produce much on it's own. But faith (belief with expectation) and action with that faith...that can move mountains. 

Change your expectations and you will change your life. Expect to be blessed. Expect to be highly favored. Expect everything you touch to be blessed. Expect me to show up in every situation and make a way. Expect more out of your life and you will get it. 

I have so much more  for you but I need you to expect it. Your expectation is like a catcher's glove in baseball. I am constantly throwing blessings at you, but if you don't have the right mitt to catch them with, they will fly right by you, or, sometimes, they will hit you right in the head and knock you out. But, when you have the right mitt, when you have your expectations in place, you can catch what I throw to you. 

I love you daughter. Expect more.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The one true God...

My prayer:
Awesome God. I need wisdom and direction tonight. You have said that if I lack wisdom, I should ask for it and you will give it to me. I am asking. 

In particular, someone posted on What God Did Today and said that Allah was the only true God. It is clearly a lie, but likely one that they believe strongly or they would not have posted it. I know that you are the only true God because I know you personally. Not because I read about it but because I know you. And, while you have many names and references, Allah is not one of them. 

So, what do I do? I can imagine a lot of different options. I could explain the truth to them and do my best to do it in love. I could ignore it. I could get confrontive with them. I could quote your word to them. 

I feel like if I say nothing, I am not standing up for you. But, if I say it wrong, I could make it worse and not better. What should I do God?

What God Said Tonight:
I can fight my own battles and all gods and all people will one day bow down to me. It is written and it is promised. 

Your job has not changed. Spread my word and my love everywhere you go. Live your life for me and let people see. Let people see the truth of me through your life. You do not have to debate for me. You do not have to get into a a word battle for me. You have to love and live your life in a way that reflects me and my love. 

I will fight the battles. I will win the war. I have instructed you not to worship other gods and that holds true.  You keep focused on me, live for me, and I will take care of the rest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My prayer:
Awesome God. My mind is focused on the importance of relationships and the networks that you build in our lives. No one survives in isolation. It drives us crazy eventually. The more intricate and full our network of relationships is, the better the net is that can catch us when we fall. 

I feel you showing me a net made of red and white fibers. I would assume the red is for your blood that you shed and the white represents your purity. When you are the one making the connections in my network, we are tied with the bond of salvation, sacrifice, and purity. Wow God, thanks for that picture!! I love that. 

What God Said Tonight:
Hey, you wrote my part tonight! Well, what more can I say. You were born to need and crave relationships. You were created to form and maintain relationships all around you. It was the first thing Adam asked for, someone he could be in relationship with. It is the first natural response of all of my kids. 

The thing is, sometimes, this sinful world can beat you up so bad, that you can forget this natural longing. Instead, you isolate to protect yourself. You remember what that was like? satan really loves it when you do that. He loves it when he can get you all alone and start working on your thoughts. He can do so much more damage to you when you are alone and isolated. There truly is safety in numbers. 

I can't leave you in isolation. It is too dangerous. It is why I told you to gather in my name often. One, to remember me but also to keep those connections, make new connections, and love each other just like I love you. 

Remember your surprise birthday party where they invited all kinds of your friends from different parts of your life? Remember how great that was and how much you enjoyed introducing everyone to each other and helping them get to know each other? That is kind of like what it is like for me when you get together. It just delights me. I love when you get to know each other and I am grateful for the increased safety and joy it provides for you. 

Isolation is the enemy. Communion is the antidote to isolation. Love you sweet daughter. Rest well tonight.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

God's health insurance...

My prayer:
Amazing healing God! Last night you healed Mom, tonight you healed me, YOU ARE AWESOME!! 

I was just thinking about it God, we are having our annual benefits meeting at work tomorrow and I was wondering what changes there might be. Then I stopped and realized that other than the Lasik surgery this year, I can't remember the last time I had to use health insurance. It has been at least a couple of years. 

You keep me in divine health and the few things that we do run into like the stomach cramps today, we pray and you heal! God, it really is amazing. If people could really catch a hold of your healing power that you have for us. If we could learn to trust and accept the gift you have given us, life would be so much easier and more fun!! 

I love you God and I am so grateful for your healing power and for teaching me about it.

What God Said Tonight: 
My healing is meant for all of my children. And, just like the woman who reminded me that even dogs get the scraps, it is really for anyone who will believe. Anyone who will believe and receive it. It is there for the taking. 

I love to see you healed and well. Sickness is from the devil, every time. I want to make that crystal clear. I do not bring sickness. We are in the renewed covenant. I came to bless and not curse. I came to fulfill the covenant so that you could live in the promises of your ancestors. I came that you could live a life free of the bondage of sin and sickness. 

I came to give you a way out. What kind of Father would I be if I provided a way out but first, I imprisoned you? I don't work that way. I will use whatever circumstances you are in to your good; but, don't let that confuse you. Just because I can use it for good, doesn't mean that I brought it or that I want it in your life. 

It is my desire that you live in divine health. That is my desire and my will for your life. I have provided the means for you to do so. Draw close to me. In my presence is the healing that you seek. I love you daughter, now and forever.

Monday, February 13, 2012

God's Valentine...

My prayer:
Mighty God. I am a bit at a loss for words tonight. My mind is kind of wandering but nothing specific and nothing terribly important. What is on your mind tonight? How was you day? Did we give you anything to celebrate today? I love you God and just want to hear from you.

What God Said Tonight:
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day in your culture and I want to love on you tonight. You are my true valentine. 

I love you with all that I am. I love you for who you are. I love what we do together. I love to watch you grow and learn. I love being with you I love talking with you. 

You are my picture perfect pink rose. You are so beautiful to me. I have waited so long for us to be together. I died so we could be together, and I will never give you up. I will be with you for eternity. You are my child and my love. 

The love that I have for my children is more than you can bear. I have more love than you can ever truly absorb. But, I will keep pouring it out every chance that I get. My love for you is complete, all encompassing, and eternal. Be my valentine.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bad choices...

My prayer:
Father God. Why do I still make decisions that I know are not good for me? How is it, after all this time, after all that you have taught me, I can have a good choice and a bad choice in front of me and I choose the bad choice? I get SO frustrated with myself. As soon as I make the wrong choice, I know immediately what I have done. 

God, help me to make better choices. Clearly, just teaching me what is the best choice is not enough. You have done that already in so many cases and yet I still, sometimes, make the wrong choice...knowing it is wrong. Ugh! I wish I was a better person for you God. I wish that I didn't mess up so much. 

I am grateful that you love me anyway. I am grateful for your forgiveness, mercy, and the many chances you give me to get it right.

What God Said Tonight:
Choices are the rudder in your life. Your choices determine where you go and where you don't go. As long as you always choose me, I can work with your other choices. 

I can use the poor choices to teach you and those around you. I can use the bad choices to strengthen your faith. I can use the bad choices to draw you closer to me. It is in those times when you have made a bad choice, that you are most likely to come running to me. 

I rejoice every time you make a good choice. I celebrate every time you take what you have learned and apply it correctly to the current situation. Like any proud poppa, I love to see you make right choices. 

But what I want you to hear tonight is that the only choice that really matters is that you choose me. I can work with anything else. 

I love you daughter. Your training is not over. You will continue to grow and improve but I love you just the way you are. I love you with all of your flaws. I love you for who you are going to be. I love you because you are mine. Rest awhile, you will have another shot at it all tomorrow.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

No more money...

My prayer:
Great Sabbath today God! Today felt truly decadent. The blessings that you have poured out on my life, in every area, are pretty unbelievable. I know I am completely undeserving but I am so very grateful. 

I also feel a little guilty sometimes God. Days and nights like this where it is so cold...I am so blessed with a warm home and a place to sleep and so many people don't have that. How do they survive nights like tonight God? I know that some of them don't. 

God, I pray for every person who is without tonight. I pray God that you bring blessings to them. I pray that you provide for them tonight. Find them a warm place to stay that is safe. Please God help them. 

I love you God and I know that it was never your intention that any one of us would suffer. I know that we are in the mess that we are in as the children of God because we sin. Starting with Adam and Eve leading all the way to today and to my choices, we have sinned. God, forgive us of our sin and rescue us out of the consequences of that sin. In Jesus name I ask for your help tonight. 

What God Said Tonight:
One day there will be no need for currency. When that day comes, we will all have the basic necessities and we will trade for extras. We are a long way from that now though. 

Right now, I need you to be my hands and feet and provide and help as many of my people as you can. I need you to use the gifts that  I have given you to reach and help more people. You have a great start but I need more. 

I will show the way and the means. I will give you the strength and the wisdom. I just need you to say "Yes" one more time. I love you daughter. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

New praise...

My prayer:
Today was long but tonight was a blast God!!! I love your joy!! I love to laugh with friends. I almost didn't go tonight because I was so wiped out from the week but I am so glad that I did. I really needed that. Sometimes it is good to just laugh until it hurts. Sometimes, it is good to get silly. Life is so serious, I need a comic break now and then. 

Thank you God for the joy tonight, the comic break, and wonderful friends to share it all with. My life is good because of you God. 

What God Said Tonight:
I will give you water when you are thirsty, food when you are hungry, and joy when you are down. I will always give you everything that you need when you need it.l I am your provider and your Father and it is my job. 

I happen to love taking care of you as well. I love to laugh with you. I love to spend time with you really whenever and doing whatever you want to do. 

There is a time for tears, but that time is not now. Now is the time for joy. Now is the time of celebration. Now is the year of jubilee. You are going to get anew spirit of praise in your life. You have always been a worshipper and I love that; but, you are about put on the garment of praise like never before. We are going to start celebrating together more. There is so much to celebrate and I want to celebrate together. 

Get ready to shout to the heavens and dance until your clothes fly off. David was not the only one who had a crazy praise. I love you daughter and I plan to celebrate something with you everyday of the rest of your life and after. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

God's cake...

My prayer:
So tired I can't keep my eyes open or even think but I am never too tired to listen to you my awesome Lord. Fact is, it is on nights like tonight, when I am too tired to move, you come up with some of the most profound stuff. Probably because I get out of the way. So, have your way God...

What God Said Tonight: 
It is not that I need you out of the way but it is true that sometimes you are more open to hearing me when you are tired and the distractions of the day and of your life are quieter. Getting to a quiet place where you can hear me is so important. 

I have so much I want to tell you. I have so much I want you to know. I can make this life easier for you. I can make the struggles easier to bear.

I am continually pouring wisdom into you but I have to do it slowly, like when you add liquid into the mixer when you are making a cake batter. If you pour all of the liquid in at once, the batter won't come together right. But, if you slowly add it while you stir so it becomes incorporated into the whole, It all comes together perfectly and makes the perfect cake. 

You are my cake and I am pouring into you right now. Soon, you will be ready for the oven, but I need to make sure you have all the right ingredients, mixed in the right way, before you go into the oven. That way, you will rise and be beautiful when the heat comes. When the trials come, they will strengthen you and make you into the person I want you to be. If I don't get all of the ingredients into you and mix them in the right way, you will fall in the oven. You will fall in the face of adversity. Let me finish your preparation so you are ready to be everything I have planned for you to be. 

I love you, go rest now. I will give you more tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love and sacrifice...

My prayer:
Awesome God. Today was so full, I am not sure what to talk about tonight. There were some great moments, there were some tragic moments, there were some confusing moments, there were some mundane kind of had it all! 

But at the end of it all, at the end of each day, I get to settle in with you and talk, listen, laugh, and cry. That is pretty awesome. I can't believe it sometimes, that the God of all creation, the one who made and purposed everything that is, is someone that I get to have a relationship with. That I get to talk to you and know that you hear me. That I get to hear from you. That I get to spend the rest of my life and after life getting to know you better. It is wonderful, but also seems kind of crazy when I sit back and really thing about it. 

How could you love us so much to sacrifice everything just so we could know you? We, I , am not that lovable God.

I am grateful for all that you are and all that you do God. I remain in awe of you.

What God Said Tonight:
How could I not love you? I made you. I fashioned you. I conceived of you and built all that you see, just for you. 

Life is a precious gift for my children. Salvation is a second gift that makes the first gift go on for eternity. 

I love you daughter. No matter where you are or what you do because you are mine. I made you, I live in you, I know you, and I love you. My authority in your life is sovereign because you choose me. You will never be sorry for that choice. 

I love you and there is no sacrifice too big for you. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Get closer...

My prayer:
Amazing God, your grace and your mercy are so WONDERFUL!!! I can not thank you enough for saving my friends' home today!! You are so awesome. It looked so hopeless but we put our hope in you and you gave them favor in a hopeless situation. 

I love that I get to call on you, the Most High, All Powerful, All Knowing God when me or when people I love are in trouble. I love that in situations where there is nothing I can do, You can always turn it around and take care of everything. 

Thank you God for what you did. Thank you for the testimony it is. Thank you God for the reminder to me that the best possible help I can give in the "hopeless" situation is to call on you. I LOVE YOU!!

What God Said Tonight:
The only time a situation is hopeless is when I am not in it. I am your hope. I am your answer. I am your strong tower that you can run to in times of trouble. 

The thing is, the closer we are everyday, the easier it is to get to me when you need me in times of trouble. I hear every prayer that is ever made to me. But, for those who know me, those who understand my will, those who talk to me every day and every night, for those people, it is so much easier for them to call on me and for me to answer quickly in times of trouble. 

When you know me, you already know what my will in any situation will be. Then when you pray in agreement with that will, there is nothing I won't give you. 

Know me better so that no amount of tragedy can surprise you. Know me better so you will always have the answer. Know me better so you can turn to me in times of trouble and immediately find me. 

I love you daughter. I want to help you in every situation. I want to give you the blessed life I have intended for you since the dawn of time. Know, me, know my will and you will always have hope.

Monday, February 6, 2012


My prayer:
All knowing God. I watched a dear friend make a life changing decision today based on what she fully believed to be truth. The thing is, while it may have been her experience of the truth, when I look at the situation from a different angle, I see a different truth. 

So, was her decision the right thing for her to do? If she had been able to look at the situation the way that I saw it, would it have changed her mind? 

It makes me wonder how many times I was convinced that what I knew was the TRUTH; but, in reality, was just my view of the thing. Is there any truth outside of the truth of you God? Or, is everything else just people's opinions and viewpoints? I am not sure. 

What I am sure of is that my friend needs you more than ever now. Please take care of her God. She is your daughter and she loves you. Guide her and direct her. Please make a way out of no way for her. I love you Father, now that is TRUTH!

What God Said Tonight:
Truth, real truth does not change. Real truth is true no matter the circumstances around it. Real truth comes from me and from my word. I am the truth that you seek. All other information, outside of me is up for interpretation. 

People experience this life differently. They learn at different rates. They have different experiences. You make the best decisions you know how, based on what you know. When you know more, you make better decisions. When you know me more, you know TRUTH and you make the best decisions. 

Base your life on the truth that I am and you will see a great and mighty future. Base your life on the changing truth of everyday life and you are building on shifting sands that will never withstand a storm. I am your firm foundation. I am your TRUTH. 

I love you daughter and I will take care of all of my children each day giving them all that they need. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Filled up and ready...

My prayer:
What a great day God! You inspired me, you healed and restored my knees, you gave me rest and restoration, you gave me time to have fun, I feel kind of spoiled God. Thank you God! What can I do for you? How can I give back to you? How can i spoil you? I love you God.

What God Said Tonight:
I have waited a long time for this moment and this season. I needed you to be rested because we are about to see and do things together that are going to take all of your effort and energy. You will need your reserves full. 

That is what this weekend was about. That is what the last month has been about. I need your spiritual reserves nice and full for this next season. It will be a lot of work but it will be full of joy. You will be amazed and filled with my joy throughout. 

You will never question again if your life has meaning. You, my daughter are about to see the miraculous in your back yard. You are about to see the multiplication that we talked about at the beginning of the year. You are about to see and do things that you haven't even dreamed about. 

You know that I work in seasons. The season for storing up and filling up is over. You are about to enter a season of pouring out. You will love it. I love you and can't wait to show you this next season.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


My prayer:
My precious God. I almost forgot for a minute tonight God. I almost forgot how wonderful you are. For a minute, I wondered if it was all worth it. I wondered if it really mattered, if I served you or not. I wondered if my life mattered. For a minute I forgot how amazing your presence and your word is. 

I don't know how that is possible. I don't know how I can forget even for a second, but sometimes I do. 

Thank you God for reminding me. Thank you that all it took was reading one bit of your word to remember how alive and fresh your word is. You gave me just what I needed at just the time that I needed it, like you always do. 

God, please forgive me for forgetting, even for a moment. You are wondrous and my life could have no greater purpose than to serve you.

What God Said Tonight:
My children have poor memories. You always have. It doesn't really matter how many times you forget, as long as you remember at least one more time than you forget. 

I am always here for you. I am only a word, a prayer a thought away. I am in you so you can reach me any time that you want. 

The thing is, i don't need you to remember me for my sake. I am all, I am whole on my own. But I need you to remember me for your sake. You can't live the miraculous life that I have for you unless you are focused on me. You cannot see all that I want you to see if you don't remember me and focus on me. It is when you are remembering me, putting me first, loving me, that you are in position to receive every blessing that I have. 

I love you daughter, always and I will never forget you, even for a moment. Keep me in your rememberance tonight and always. Let me be your strong tower, your fortress against attacks. Let me be your protection and your guide. Let me be your everything. I love you.

Wise surprises...

My prayer:
Nothing about today was what I expected God; but, that is part of what living life for you is about. You delight me with your surprises! 

I thank you God for your will being accomplished here on earth. God, I pray and hope that I remain open to your plans. It is so easy for me to get caught up in my plans and thinking that I know the right way, the right things to happen next. fact is, I don't know what needs to happen next. 

Thank you God for always giving me what  I need most, even when that thing is not what I think I want. Thank you for your wisdom. 

What God Said Tonight:
If you knew what was best all the time, you wouldn't need me. You don't have all of the information to know what is the best way. You don't see what I see and you don't know what I know. 

I see the end from the beginning. I am the alpha and the omega. I am everywhere all the time and I am all knowing. Rely on me to always know what is best. Lean on me to know the best and right way of things. 

I will walk through hell for you...I already have. I will give my life for you, I already have. I will give my all for you because you are my all. I love you and you become a clearer reflection of me daily just as I planned. Rest well. We have more surprises tomorrow.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Peace like snow...

My prayer:
My God, your Spirit is sweet here tonight. There is a simple, uncomplicated, and pure presence of you in this place tonight. You are so beautiful. Just you. No pomp and circumstance. No religion, no stained glass, just you. You are SO BEAUTIFUL.

My God I worship you. I trust that you always know best. I trust your will for me. I trust your plan. I am all yours God. Let me hear your precious voice tonight.

What God Said Tonight:
The atmosphere is suffused with peace. I am blanketing you with peace in the spirit, just as I am blanketing the city in snow tonight. I am covering you with a peace that will cover you and slowly melt into you, providing lasting nourishment for your soul. 

I am giving you my peace that passes all understanding. I am covering you so that worry is smothered to death and hope is given fertile ground to grow in. I am your hope. I am your peace. I am your everything and I will take care of you always. 

I love you and will not see you tormented. I will not see you suffering for long. I will always rescue you. I love you my sweet child.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ugly pride...

My prayer:
Awesome teacher. Lot's of messages on humility these days and they just keep coming. 

I am starting to see more and more the areas of pride and the ugliness they cause in me and in my life God. I don't like that in me. Everything to do with pride like unforgiveness, control issues, always having to be right, everything is so ugly and destructive. 

God, I thank you for the lessons and for the insight. I pray and ask that you help me to get free of pride and its negative partners. Help me God to live a life of humility, more focused on others, more focused on loving others than on being "right." Help me to be more like you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:
Trying to not be prideful is kind of like trying not to think about the white elephant that is in the middle of the room. It is not really possible. 

What is possible is to think on good things, things that get you closer to me. Things that focus your thinking on my kingdom, my will, and what I want to do. When you see your self as a member of my royal family, you don't have to prove yourself anymore. You don't have to worry about status or what you have. You are a king's kid and you have everything you will ever want. You have an inheritance that is bigger and better than any will ever written.

You have these things, not due to your actions but due to my love. It is not about you but it is about who you are in relation to me. As my child, you have it all; but, because you did not earn any of it, you  cannot boast in it. Or, you should not boast in it. 

My kids are all very talented. I have gifted my kids with amazing capabilities. When you use you gifts for my Kingdom, good things grow. When you use my gifts to advance yourself, rot and mildew grow. In time, they will destroy the gift. 

Protect your gifts, keep focused on me, and remember, you don't get what you deserve, thankfully. I love you daughter. Rest well tonight,