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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Monday, October 31, 2011


My prayer:
Amazing God. Incredible provider. Jehovah Jireh. I have been thinking a lot today about the disparity of wealth today God. It is strange to spend one day with people who don't have food or a roof over their head and the next day with people who live in huge homes and travel the world for fun. 

It seems like there should be enough for everyone. It seems like if we could figure out how to share better, no one would have to go hungry. Am I just naive God? What if we really did live the way you talk about in Acts where everyone threw all their money into the pot to provide for the "church." Could we ever make that work as the family of God? I would like to think so but when I think about it, who would be in charge of the communal account? Who could we trust with everything we have. I don't know, but it seems like there should be a better way than this. 

It really seems like there should be a way that everyone at least has food, water, shelter. We can put a man on the moon but we can't figure out how to take care of each other? OK, I am done ranting God. 

Help us dear God to find a better way. Help us to help each other. I love you God and I love your people. It is hard to see them going without. More specifically God, help me to know what I can do to help. Show me how and when to give to have the greatest impact and to most closely follow you will. God, you know I can give. Show me where it will be most effective and then multiply that gift God like only you can. Thank you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:
My daughter, if you could better understand Kingdom finances, you would be less worried. I own all of the cattle on a thousand hills. there is no end to my wealth. The streets of heaven are paved with gold. 

I showed you earlier tonight me covering you and my people with gold. You are more precious than any amount of money. My people are precious and valuable. You, treat them well. Treat them with respect. Treat them as the valuable carriers of my precious currency that they are. 

A coin can help someone who doesn't have one. Listening will help everyone. Everyone wants to be listened to. Everyone wants to have their worth recognized and valued. Step one to evening out the disparity between people is to treat everyone with the same level of respect. 


Value is determined by the core of a person, not by what they have. Value every person at their core and watch their circumstances change. 

I love you daughter. Rest now, we have more to do tomorrow.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God of love. You who are love. God, I talked to a lot of people today who believe in you but who think that you don't love them, that you are mad at them, that you hate them and want them to live a life of less than enough. God, I tried to tell them that isn't who you are, but I don't know if they believed me. 

God, my God, we need a flood of your love over our lives. We need your powerful love to overtake us. I pray and ask tonight that you shower people with your love tonight. God, let them see, feel, and know that you do love them, that you want only good things for them, that you have a plan and a future for them. God, my God, Holy Spirit, fall on them with your love. Even tonight God, make your love real for them. 

God I love you so much and I remember what it was like before I really understood that you loved me and that you wanted me to live blessed. It was horrible, dark, lonely, and at times, unbearable. God, show them your love as you have shown me. I love you Father.

What God Said Tonight:
I pour my love into you so you can share it with others. I do not force myself on anyone. I only come into someone's heart if they ask for it. So, if you share my love, and they like it, they can ask me to come in and I can flood them with love. 

Keep doing what you are doing. Keep sharing my love. Keep pouring out what I give to you. My children really only have one job in life. To love. Love me and love each other. One job, one mission. 

I love you more than ever.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Study time...

My prayer:
Awesome teacher! Thank you God for the new vision and direction in my study of your word tonight!! I am excited and can't wait to see where this takes us! 

You are awesome God. I know I say it a lot and if I had a better word, I would use it. You are beyond anything I ever could have imagined. How could I have known, when I chose to live a life for you, that you would provide everything for me, that you would love me like I have never been loved before, that you would teach me everything I need to know, that you would heal me from every hurt whether physical, emotional or spiritual? I mean, it is pretty unbelievable even when I am in the middle of it, living it. 

God, if people could really see it and believe it, if they could understand what a life with you is really like, or what it can be like, there would not be a single person who would not give their life to you. God, you have spent thousands of years trying to get us to understand and, at best, we only get a small sliver of your message. 

God, help us to hear you, to understand you, to live the life you have for us. Help us God to find ways to truly explain that life to others. My God what a world this could be if we all lived in the full promises that you have for our lives! 

I love you God and I am eternally grateful for who you are and the life you give me every day.

What God Said Tonight:
You are embarking on a new journey in your faith. You are about to open windows of wisdom and understanding that you cannot imagine. I have strategically placed people and messages and I am about to take you thorough a course program that will blow your mind and equip you in ways that you cannot imagine. 

I am glad you are excited. It is exciting. The power in my word is waiting for those who will truly tap into it. My power is here and stronger than ever. You will do these things and more if you believe, if you learn, if you trust.

I am anxious to begin this journey with you. I am anxious for you to learn new levels of understand and access the gifts and the power that I have for you. Study, trust, believe and you will learn truly great things. 

Rest now. We will do more tomorrow. I love you daughter and I have prepared this time of study for you, knowing you will share, like always. I love you so much.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The power in joy...

My prayer:
My awesome God of joy. Thank you so much for tonight God. The laughter, the fun, the friends...I needed it so much!!! I am sorry that I got so tied up in the work of life that I forgot to enjoy it God. I will try to do better. I will try to keep better balance. I will try. I love you God. What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
Ah, the importance of joy. You know where I say the joy of the Lord is your strength? Have you ever really thought about that? It is true. There is strength in joy. There is power in joy. When you fill your life with joy, especially my joy that is not dependent on circumstances, you gain a strength to face any challenge. If you meet each challenge with joy, you have already won. 

You are my sweet child and there are many talents and gifts in you but if you don't have joy, what is the point. If you don't have joy, your life is miserable and the people around you see the misery, not me. When you are full of my joy, no matter the circumstance. they see the joy . They see me. 

Live a life of joy. Find joy in the small things and the big. Make time to laugh. Make time to play. Make time to renew your joy and your strength every day. 

Seems like I am giving you a lot of every day instructions right now. But, that is what it is all about. Living for me, living with me every day. We need to build up some new habits that will take you into the new season. They will strengthen you and help you. 

I love you daughter  remember this joy and find more if it in your life. Surround yourself with it. Live in a joy bubble. It is a lot more fun.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rhythm of God...

My prayer:
My God I am glad to be with you here tonight. This truly is the best part of my day. You and me, nothing better. 

God, I give it all up to you tonight. Every worry, every need, every thought, all my love, everything I am, everything I have, I give to you tonight God. I do it knowing that anything in your hands turns out good. 

God, I pray and thank you for a good life. A life that is a blessing to the people around me. A life with a purpose. A life that is pleasing and useful to you. Thank you God for every opportunity and for the wisdom to find balance to be all that you want me to be. I am all yours God and love you so very much.

What God Said Tonight:
I have a lot for you to do, but not tonight. I have a plan for your life but that plan includes times to rest and times to act. There is a time and season for every single thing. I have to teach you the line between healthy drive to get things done and obsession with making things happen RIGHT NOW. 

You do not have to get everything done RIGHT NOW. There are things that I have slotted to happen next week, next month, next year. I hate to call it waiting because I know how hard waiting is for you. It is more of a relaxing into the rhythm of my timing. Don't get ahead of me and don't lag behind. Be free enough with your time that you can move when I need you to move but do not be idle. 

Do at least one thing with great purpose every day. Just one thing. It may be a different thing each day. I kind of hope it is. But each day, find one thing to do that truly matters. I will guarantee you that your life will take on a  new sense of purpose and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with just one thing a day. 

I love you daughter and I gratefully take on everything, every issue and every problem. Bring it all to me and I will make beauty from the ashes. I will turn it all to your good. I will make water into wine and see your life fulfilled to its full measure. You will not fall short of the goal. Be in time and in tune with me and you are going to be awesome!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fire is coming...

My prayer:
God you are so good. You are so patient. You are so loving. You are not always easy, but you are always so good. 

God, I thank you for having a plan for my life that is bigger and better than my ability to imagine it. I thank you God for not being satisfied with leaving me at good enough but encouraging me on to all that you have for me. Thank you God for health, joy, peace, protection and love in my life. 

You are the source of everything I need God and I will not forget. I love you God. 

What is on your mind tonight? I am here and I am listening. Your voice is all that matters right now.

What God Said Tonight:
There is a burning fire that is within you and it is catching and spreading. My holy fire is about to cover the earth. 

Fire can destroy but it can also provide warmth, light, life. Fire can provide new life. Do not be afraid of this fire. It is coming for a purpose and a plan and I will keep in control. It will come to accomplish exactly what I have planned it to do. 

Watch for my signal. Watch for my leading. When it is time, I will tell you what to do. I will guide you always. 

Thank you my daughter for being my willing servant and vessel. I will have need of that service many more times. Together we will see and accomplish great things. I want you to be a part of it because you so want to be a part of it. You begged me for years. 

The time is here and it is now. You and me, let's do it. Let's accomplish all that I have for you. Let's watch people changed and futures redeemed. Let's see the power of salvation of the heart to change and restore people. Let's go out together and talk to the people who don't know me yet. Let's go network the world until every corner is covered with my word. 

I love you daughter and I am grateful that we can do this together. I could use the company. We are in for a wild but fun ride. This next thing, this next season is going to be so exciting! Hang on, don't lose hold of me or your faith and we will ride this out to a place of even greater glory and favor. I love you so much!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hurting each other...

My prayer:
Awesome God of love. My heart is hurting a bit tonight. I am really getting tired of watching us, your children, hurt each other. I mean, I know that we are imperfect and we will hurt each other unintentionally. But, there are a lot of times that people say and do things that they know will hurt and they do it anyway. 

I am tired of seeing amazing and wonderful people who I care about getting hurt. I am tired of seeing amazing and wonderful people who I care about hurting others. God, I am tired of seeing myself hurt people, with my own preconceived ideas of what is right. Who am I to think I have it all figured out? It should be pretty clear by now that I don't. 

What is it in us God that seems to drive us to hurt other people, even those who we love the most? More importantly, how do we stop? How do we learn to love like you do? How do we learn to love others as ourselves? I can't change the world, but I can change me if you tell me what to do. 

I love you God. Thank you for every blessing you poured out on me today and thank you for all that you protected me from. You are awesome and I love you SO MUCH!

What God Said Tonight:
Sin. Sin is the root of all evil in your life. Sin is the action that opens the door to evil in your life. Sin is what makes you see others as threats instead of the brother and sister that they are. Sin blinds you to love. Sin hurts you and makes you want to hurt others. It is really that simple. 

So, get the sin out of your life and you will notice that you hurt people less and you love people more. I could keep going, but it really is that simple. 

You are redeemed in my blood and I therefore do not see your sin. It is erased and you are forgiven as you repent. But, there are still natural consequences to your actions and this is one of them. 

Get the sin out and see your life change. 

I love you daughter and I love that you think about this. Sin no more and you will love like I do.

Monday, October 24, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God of everything. God it is good to spend this time with you. I love these quiet times together. I love to hear your voice. I love to hear what is on your mind. 

I have been going through a lot of stuff lately. Thank you for not getting tired of me bringing it all to you. Thank you for always listening and always responding. Thank you for always having the perfect word, the perfect answer to anything and everything I am going through. I leave every situation and every worry at your feet God, kniwing you have already provided a way out. 

I love you God. Tell me what is on your mind tonight. Tell me how your day was. If there is anything you want to talk about, I am here to listen tonight.

What God Said Tonight:
I love this time with you too. 

Time is a gift. Spending time with someone is a gift that sometimes costs more and is worth more than gold. Time is the one true commodity that once spent, cannot be redeemed or gained back. 

But the fact is time means very little in the face of eternity. When you literally have all the time in the world, waiting, spending time, become less of  a sacrifice. I can spend this time with you because I literally have all the time in the world. 

Think about how you are spending your time. Do you have the time or do you take the time to talk to the person who needs to hear your voice? Do you take the time to stop and pray when I put it on your heart? Do you take the time to love me and love others? Do you take the time to show it? 

Find time each day to love me, to love the people around you. Spend your time on worthwhile pursuits. Remember it is precious, even though you have an eternity with me. This is one case where scarcity does not determine worth. 

I love you daughter. Thank you for taking time to spend time with me. That will always be time well spent. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fight evil...

My prayer:
All powerful God. I am doing much better tonight God. Thank you for renewing my strength. 

Not that today was easy. It seemed like everyone I talked to was going through really terrible things. God, there is so much evil in this world, it can be overwhelming at times. I know that I should not be focusing on the evil and I should be focusing on you, the good, and all that you can and do accomplish. I am trying. I just hate to see people I love suffer. 

God, I am ready for the new heaven and the new earth. I am ready for a time when we get to live with you free of evil. I am ready for a time when satan has been put in his place with his demons in the lake of fire, never to return. God, I am ready!

Even saying that though, I feel selfish. You have already said that you can't take us there until every last person has had a chance to choose. There must be people in the world who haven't had that chance yet. It is not fair for me to take away that chance. 

I guess my prayer tonight, in addition to all of the prayers for help and protection that I have already sent up, is that you spark as many hearts as you can to reach your people. I pray that you bring the perfect person at the perfect time to each person who has not had a chance to choose you. I pray that you continue to show me the people that I can offer that chance to. I pray God that you help me to see who is lost and without you. I pray God that you give me the boldness and wisdom to say the right things at the right time. 

I pray God that this be an efficient process so we can get to the really good stuff of living in joy with you, free of evil. I love you God. Thanks for listening, thanks for caring, and thanks for providing an opportunity to be free of the evil.

What God Said Tonight:
What is different about tonight than any other day? Evil has been on this earth from the beginning. I have already given you dominion on this earth over evil. You know what you need to do. You know how to take authority. In my name, you can command evil to leave. Not only can you but you should. 

I gave you weapons for a reason. I gave you the sword, my word for a reason. I expect you to need to use it and I expect you to use it well. You have been taught well. Stand up and fight. 

Evil is here but it cannot come near you unless you let it. I have given you the power to defeat the devil in my Holy Spirit and in with my word. 

I love you daughter. Be the warrior I created you to be. This is what we were resting up for. It is time to fight. I love you and I am with you in every battle. I am your victory. I am Jehovah Nissi and I am all yours.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God thank you for your provision in my life. Thank you for always providing what I need, when I need it. What I need right now is your strength, your power in my body and in my life. I am just completely wiped out God. I don't know if it is illness or what it is but it has me wiped out and left me with no energy to do anything useful. Everything hurts.

I pray God that whatever this is, I give it to you. I ask that you take care of it in your miraculous and loving way. I ask for your strength. I ask for your joy which is my strength. I ask God that you give me rest that I awaken refreshed and ready to do all that you have for me. I need you God. Right here and right now, I need you. 

What God Said Tonight:
I am here my daughter. As always, I am here for you. You are vulnerable right now but I am here, protecting and taking care of you. Just like the other night when I woke your mom to pray for you, I will be sure that you are protected and cared for every day of your life. I will make sure that you have all that you need forever. 

This thing is temporary and will not last. There is hope and a future. There is a day very soon when you will back to 100%. For now, learn to rely on me totally. Learn to trust me to take care of you and bring to you exactly what you need for this season and for this time. 

I am here for you always. Rest, I will strengthen you. Sleep and I will awaken you. Trust and I will be worthy of your trust. 

Again, I tell you this is a temporary situation. It will not always be like this. I have great things for us to do and you will have full strength to do them. For now, rest. I have put some things on temporary hold to give you the time to rest. 

Don't lose hold of me. Don't lose hold of your faith and trust that I will take care of everything. I love you sweet daughter. I am here for you always. I am here, I am here. I am here. Do not forget, I am always here for you. 

Friday, October 21, 2011


My prayer: 
Thank you awesome healing God for the miracle healings you accomplished tonight!!! Thank you God for healing the feet tonight God! Feeling that huge bone spur/bunion thing shrink right under my COOL!!!

Your healing power is so amazing and WONDERFUL!!! Thank you God for your miracles and your gifts. I just want to celebrate you and your power tonight. You are more than I could have ever imagined. You are greater than the greatest!!! I love you GOD! Thank you for letting me be a part of your miracles.

I pray and ask that you continue your miracle healing in our lives. I send your word of healing to "L" and "G" tonight God. I pray God that you put everything right for "L" who went back to the hospital today. Only you God understand all that is going on with him and only you can fix it all. God, I leave him in your wonderful hands trusting you to heal him. I pray that you heal "G's" shoulder, arm, neck. I thank you God that you are relieving the pain even now. I pray that you are releasing the stress and the strain and you are renewing it all in the name of Jesus and his sacrifice.

I love you God. I love how you heal. I love your power God. I LOVE YOU!!!

What God Said Tonight:
My healing is my gift for you. I did not have to do it. It was possible for me to provide for your salvation and not worry about the healing but I did because I love you so much. I hate to see you suffer. I had to provide a way that you did not have to suffer. I had to provide a way for my children to be healed.

You do not have to live in sickness and infirmity. You do not have to live with less than enough. I am the God of more than enough. I am the God who gives to overflow in your life. I am the God that heals you. My healing is here for you whenever you want it. You are welcome to it. I did it for you.

You have to come get it though. I don't force my gifts on anyone. Make sure that when you pray for healing that you and the person who is to be healed wants to be healed. I mean really wants it. Make sure that you both know what you want to happen. Your will aligned with mine, calling on the truth that I was bruised for your sin and I was beaten for your sickness. I took the beating to provide the sacrifice for your healing. Leave your sickness with me and I will heal you. But you need to want it and come get it. Come to me and ask, pray, believe. I will heal you. I love you. I am yours.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beautiful landscape...

My prayer:
What an amazing God you are. You never fail to astound me. You who knows everything, the end from the beginning. You who is all powerful and the creator of the entire universe and all that there is. You astound me God. I live in awe of you.

Thank you God for being so magnificent. I am so glad that I don't have to settle for a "good enough" God but that I get to have the God that is above all gods as my Lord. I get to call the All Mighty, my God. You are more powerful, more wise, and more loving than anyone and anything else that ever was or ever will be and I get to call you Father, Lord, teacher, redeemer, and friend.

How do I thank you for something like that? I give you all that I am and all that I have God. It is the only response I can think of. I love you so much. Please don't ever give up on me. Please continue to show me where I am getting it wrong and show me how to get it right...whatever "it" is. Thank you for being you and choosing me.

What God Said Tonight:
Look out over the landscape with me daughter. Come and look and see what I see. See the beauty of this earth and of my people. See the beauty of the redeemed. See also the ugliness of evil that tries to get between you and that beauty. It gets up in your face and it looks bigger than the beauty but it is not. The beauty is vast and covers the world. The evil is small but it looks big because it is in your face and so close right now. It is blocking your view, but look around it, look through it and see the beauty of my Kingdom that is where the truth lives. That is where you are.

The evil is nothing more than a tiny shield trying to distract you and block you from the beauty that I have for you right here and right now.

I love you daughter. Live in the beauty that I have put all around you. Know that evil cannot really come touch you. It will act like it will and it will try to scare you but you are my redeemed, and protected daughter. Evil cannot have you. You are a part of the beauty that I have created. You will not be marred. You will remain pristine and beautiful without scar or blemish. My daughter, I love you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Let me love you...

My prayer:
Amazing Father God. Today was good. Today was a day of small steps forward. I don't mind baby steps as long as they are headed in the right direction. I have to say that all those baby steps today have tired me out! I feel my eyes closing as I type. But, before I go to bed, I need to hear your voice and know what is on your mind. I need my God time where nothing else matters but the sound of your voice. I love you God.

What God Said Tonight:
Come here and sit in my lap. Let me wrap my arms around you tonight. Let my love surround you and enfold you. You are so very precious to me. Let me love you tonight.

Mmmm. I can't help myself you know. This love I have for you is unconditional. You are covered in the blood of my sacrifice and made perfect in that sacrifice. I can't help but love you. I couldn't help loving you even before though. Before you were covered and redeemed. When you were still such a mess and struggling in the pit of your own making. I loved you then.

I loved you before you were in your mother's womb. I have loved you from the beginning of time and I will love you throughout eternity. Think of the greatest love you have ever experienced and multiply it by 100 and you still can't begin to imagine my love for you. It is my motive for everything I do.

Let me love you tonight? Don't be afraid. I just want to love you. Let me kiss your forehead and love you. Mmmm. that is good.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New perspective...

My prayer: 
Awesome God. I don't know what to pray tonight. there are things on my heart but I am tired of whining to you. I feel like all I have done lately is complain and I am getting sick of me.

God, I choose to trust you and believe that you have my future and my life in your hands. I choose to trust that you will meet every need in my life, in my family's lives, in my friend's lives. I choose God to believe your word and your voice.

Thank you God for healing the headache from today. It was a doozy! I love you God and can't wait to hear what is on your mind. Your voice is so much more interesting than my doubt.

What God Said Tonight:
Fly with me tonight and get a new perspective. You are seeing only what is right in front of your face. I need you to come up here with me for a minute and see things from a Kingdom perspective. I need you to understand the big picture and that all of what you are experiencing is for a purpose and that I have a plan that is at work right now in your life.

From your perspective, it looks overwhelming. It looks like it is too big to handle. Come up here with me and you will see that it is only one part in a huge and beautiful plan that is so important. If you could see from my perspective you could see how beautiful the future is. You could see how beautiful today is.

Today is the birth place of tomorrow's dreams. Everything that happened today will be a part of the foundation that tomorrow is built on. Your dreams, my dreams will spring out of today's experiences and decisions.

Don't think for one minute that today, that your life is trivial. You are vital to my Kingdom and I need you to be you. To have the experiences that I have planned for you. I need you to love the people I have put in your life. I don't need you to do what everyone else is doing. They are already doing it. I need you to listen to me carefully and each day, do what I have for you to do. I will guide you and direct you. I will give you the wisdom and the skills you need. All I need from you is to say "yes." Say "Yes" to me everyday and I will take care of the rest.

I love you daughter. You know it is true. Rest in my love again tonight. Keep your mind here with me with a bigger view and perspective on your life. Don't sink back into only seeing what is directly in front of you. Good, you are with me and I am with you forever.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I give up...

My prayer:
My precious Father. I am tired of the battle tonight. That usually means I am trying to do too much of the fighting on my own and not relying on you like I should. I give up tonight God. I give up to you. I am done trying to fight under my power. Why was I even trying? I know better. Only your strength is powerful enough to fight satan and his little minions. God, I give up to you tonight. I put it all in your hands and trust you to take care of it and of me. Thank you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:
I am your strength. Sometimes the most courageous and most powerful thing you can do is to give up to me. Surrender to me. When you fall, I will catch you. When you let go, I will hold you. When you need help, I am here. Give it all over to me.

I don't need you to fight. I need you to trust. I don't need you to be strong. You know the word, it is in our weakness that I am shown to be strong. Stop trying to keep it all together and fall apart in me. I will put you back together and it will be better than ever. I am your Father who loves you. I am here for you always.

When we are through this battle, you will be better equipped. You will have a greater arsenal. You will know how to fight the fight better. Or, to be more accurate, you will know how to let me fight the fight for you better. You will have more to give. You will have more to bless those around you. You will be more and have more when you give it all up.

I love you daughter. I know it doesn't make sense, that doesn't make it any less true. I am truth. trust me to get what you need for the next season, you need to give it all up. I love you now and forever. I am with you and will never leave you. I will guide you always.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


My prayer:
God, all knowing God, I am confused tonight. Seems like I am running into a lot of road blocks and I don't know if they are closed doors from you or if they are are stumbling blocks from satan. Usually I can tell but right now I am not sure. I think it is satan's game because there is always a work around to get it accomplished. Then the next time I use the work around, it doesn't work and I have to find a new one.  I ask for wisdom to know for sure.

God, there are so many wonderful new things happening and you know I love that, but it can be confusing too.

I know that part of my confusion is a result of my own insecurity. I don't like confusion. You are not a God of confusion. I pray God for clarity of thought. I pray for a greater understanding of the battles that  are going on right now. I pray God for strength to get through the battle.

God, I love you and I trust you. Speak really clearly to me right now so I can be sure to get this right.

What  God Said Tonight:
Your confusion is a direct result of your insecurities tonight and satan is playing them for all that they are worth. Choose whose voice you will listen to. Choose who you will follow. Choose the truth that you will believe.

I know you love me and I know that you want to follow my will in the abstract; but now, you need to choose my will in the reality and in the specifics. I am asking you to do things and not do things that you are not comfortable with. It makes you doubt your abilities. It makes you uncomfortable. It makes you wonder if you are doing the right thing.

What it should also make you do is remember the many times that I have asked you to do things in the past that at the time did not make sense, but in hindsight, you realized the purpose and plan in it all. I need you to remember that I have your life and your future well under control. Do not be afraid. Do trust my plan for your life. I would not have brought you this far to leave you. I am not a subtle God. When I want you to do something and when I don't want you to do something, I always tell you, straight out. I will not make you guess. You are not alone. I am with you every step of the way.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who is God...

My prayer:
Indescribable God. You are beyond my ability to describe adequately. You are so much more than anything else that ever was or ever will be. You are so much more than we can even imagine. When people say that God doesn't make sense, it is kind of true. You are beyond our ability to make sense of.

God, I want to know all of you. I want to know every aspect of you. The more I get to know you the more I love you. The more I get to know about you the more I want to know. You are my first thought in the morning, you guide me through each day and you are my last thought at night. I love you I love you I love you! I am nothing and you are everything. I love you more than I thought possible.

God, I want to see more miracles, because I want to know all of you. I want to do more for you so I understand you better. I want to spend time with you so you can tell me more about who you are and what is important to you

Then God, as I know you more, make me more like you. God give me the ability to see and love people like you do. God, help me to see situations like you do. Help me to see your possibilities in our impossible situations. Help me God to think like you.

I love you God. I am all yours.

What God Said Tonight:
And, my daughter, I am all yours. That is the thing that you most need to know about me. You need to know and understand that I am here because of you. My whole purpose centers around you my children. You are what I wake up for and you are what I think about all of the time. You are my creation and my children and I have designed and created all of this for you.

Now, it wasn't always pretty. We have had our bumps along the way. But, in the end, we end up together forever in paradise That was my intention from the beginning. Because of sin, we have taken a pretty big side trail. But, we will still end up at the destination that I intended. You could say we took the scenic route.

I am here for your always because you are my primary concern. I will love you always because I am love and I created you to love you. I will rescue you and redeem you because I have promised to do so and I am God, I do not break promises. I will show you more of me any time and every time you seek me. I am. I do not hide. My mystery comes from being bigger than what you can imagine. It does not come from me witholding information from you. Anything you want to know, ask. Anything you want to understand, ask for wisdom and I will give it to you.

I am here for you and love you more than you can ever know. My sacrifice for you was the natural outcome of my all consuming love for you.

You have asked to be more like me. I will give you what you have asked for but it comes with great responsibility. It comes with challenges. You must remain humble. Pride will take you out if you let it. You must remember why you asked for it and use it always to help people. You are ready or you would not have been able to ask for it. I will open your eyes your ears, your mind and your heart to be more like me. You will begin to see connections and rationale that you did not see before. You will gain understanding of people and their actions. You will love like you have never loved before. Use it all for my Kingdom and for my glory and you will be blessed and not cursed.

I love you daughter and I am all ours.


My prayer:
Amazing God I am blown away by you and how you work things out. I know I say it all of the time and I probably sound like a broken record, but I just can't get over it. You are so amazing. You bring a group of people together, many of whom have never met before and within 2 hours, we realize we all have shared dreams and visions! Thank you for the outreach meeting tonight and for all of the great ideas. Thank you for all of the amazing people you are bringing together. Thank you for letting me be a part of what you are doing. It is SO EXCITING!!!

I love you God and I am so grateful that I get to be a part of your plan and your will on this earth! I know I get discouraged sometimes and I know I complain sometimes and I am sorry for that. I think sometimes I forget the wonder of it all. Sometimes I forget that 10 years ago, I would not have been able to imagine what it was like to truly hear your voice. Sometimes I forget how crazy wonderful it is that the God of all creation is willing to talk to us in the first place. Sometimes I forget what it was like when I wasn't living for you. I forget how hard it was.

I pray tonight God and ask that you help me to remember, if only so I don't grow complacent. So I don't take you for granted. Help me God to never lose the awe I feel in your presence. Help me to always remember how amazing you are. I love you God and can't wait to hear what is on your mind tonight.

What God Said Tonight:
Sweep away all of thr thoughts and quiet your mind a minute. I know that it is all very exciting tonight and I know it is hard to slow it all down and clear your mind, but I need to bring you to a place of peace for a minute. I know you daughter and I know that if I don't remind you, you will keep running full speed ahead and forget to rest. You will forget to refill. Stop and rest a minute in me. Let my peace blanket you.

You don't ever need to worry about fogetting anything. I, the all knowing God, am on your side and I will bring to remeberance every thought, every lesson and every experience as you need them. I will remind you when it is time to move and when it is time to rest. I will remind you what it was like before and bring those specific memories up as you need them to help people. You see me do it all of the time.

I will always give you everything you need when you need it. Don't worry. Relax and rest. It is your Sabbath and I need you to rest in preparation of all that I have for you next week.
Tonight I will remind you of the importance of balance. Rest in me. Receive my peace as you trust me to take care of all of your needs. Listen to me. Through all of the ideas and the thoughts and the chaos, listen to my voice. Concentrate on me. Stay  with me. There you go, stay with me.

I am your comfort and your guide. I am your provider and your redeemeer. You can always count on me to be there for you. Rest tonight, tomorrow and be ready to hit the ground running. But, for the next 24 hours, rest in me. I love you daughter.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The antidote to discouragement...

My prayer:
Awesome God, thank you for the great news today and the reminder that prayer works. Thank you for reminding me that you can do the impossible. Thank you for the reminder that nothing is too far gone for you to fix it if we will just bring it to you!

I needed that reminder today God. I have been a little discouraged lately. It seems like so many people who I talk to are without hope. I try to encourage them. I try to remind them who you are and what you can do. I try to show them that their hope is in you. But, I am never sure if I got through. And then, there are days like today, where someone comes back, their lives are changed, the impossible thing they were facing is suddenly not so impossible, and they are praising you.

That is what makes it all worth it God. To see you work in people's lives and change them, change their situation, make the impossible possible like only you can do, that makes it all worth it.

Suddenly the long hours and discouragement don't seem so bad. Suddenly, I have the energy for the next thing. I don't need a lot of encouragement, but every once in awhile, I need a day like today.

Thank you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:
Who are you kidding daughter of mine. You thrive on praise reports! You have said it yourself, you are a praise report junkie. But that is okay, I love them too. I love it when people remember to thank me. I love it when people remember to give me the credit. Not because I need the credit out of some sense of ego or pride. But because every time they give me the credit, it is a testimony to themselves and to others. It draws people to me. It makes them want what you have.

That is why I love the praise reports. They are the antidote to discouragement and hopelessness. They are the defender against doubt. They are one of the greatest evangelistic tools you have.

Praise me, encourage others to share their praise reports. Make a place where it is ok to say, Praise God!

I love you daughter and I will give you much more to celebrate over the years. I love blessing you. You are my child and I will always give you good gifts. I love you now and forever. I am yours. You are mine.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Corners of the earth...

My prayer:
Amazing God. I have started to let go of some of the things that you have told me to let go of and there is a sense of relief, but also a sense of sadness and grieving. It's hard to let go of things that have been so good in my life.

Even as I am typing that I can hear you saying that sometimes you have to let go of the "good" if you are going to experience the "great."  I know that to be true. You have shown me enough times. But it doesn't make it less sad.

But, knowing the benefits of letting go and following your plan, I will do it. I feel like I sound ungrateful tonight God and I am sorry for that. Truth is, I would have never had those opportunities in my life if you hadn't brought them and if you say it is time to let them go, you would know and have every right to tell me to stop.

Ughh! I feel like I am being very whiny and I am a bit sick of myself. The truth is you are God, you know best, and I will follow your direction every day forever to the best of my ability. I will do that because I love you and because I know that what you have for me is always best.

What God Said Tonight:
Wow, took you awhile to get back to obedience, but you made it! But, I don't want to talk about that tonight. I know you will follow my will in this, even though you will struggle a bit on the way. It is  done deal and you have made the decision in your heart.

What I want to talk about is what comes next. What I want to talk about is how we are going to share this message of mine in places of the world that have still not heard it. I want to talk about how we are going to reach people who have not been reached.

I want to talk about the next thing. This next season is going to be very focused on getting the word out in a new and effective way. It is going to be about giving every single person on the planet an opportunity to choose me. I can't let this world suffer much longer But I also can't withold my love and a life ever after from anyone who has not even been given the chance to know me and to know that there is a different. way.

Every person is so important to me. I cannot leave one behind. Be thinking about how you can spread my word to more people, to the corners of the earth. I want to do that next. I love you daughter. This season will be fun and exciting, I promise.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let go...

My prayer:
All knowing God  need your wisdom tonight. There are many more things to be done, people asking for my help, and demands on my time than I can handle.

I ask God for your help. Help me to know what to say "no" to. Help me to have the strength to say it in love. For the things that you want me to say "yes" to and the things that I do not have a choice about, I pray that you give me the ability and the time to do them and do them well.

I need your help God. I can't handle all of this right now. I need your help...wait, I just said that didn't I? I really do though.

I pray your Kingdom come and your will be done God. Nothing more and nothing less.

What God Said Tonight:
I am your God. I am your Lord. I am and have been telling you what you need to let go of but you are resisting. You know the things I want you to let go of. You are waiting for some easy way to do it and that might not come. I may need you to do this one the hard way. Step out in faith, knowing that you hear my voice and just say "no." Saying no can be as important as saying yes.

If you are going to have the time and the energy to do the things I have asked you to, you will have to let go of the things that I don't need you for anymore. We have embarked on a new journey and there are some things you need to let go of. I can help you do it appropriately but it will never be easy. It will never be painless.

When you hang on to things longer than you are supposed to, they spoil. They get old and spoil. It is better to follow my lead. I love you daughter and I will help you but you will have to let it go. I can't do that for you.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Presence and power of God...

My prayer:
My God, you are so incredible and so amazing. I have seen you do crazy and wonderful miracles in my life and in the lives of people around me. But tonight my heart is hurting for wonderful friends and people that I know who want to love you, want to believe that you love them but they have not experienced your love.
God, I love to tell people about you and teach them about you, but without a personal experience of you, it is all religious talk. Without your power in their lives, there is no point to it all.

God, what do I do? How can I help?

One thing I know I can do is ask for your help. I pray God and ask that you touch their lives. Let them experience your love personally, right now. Break down any barrier that is keeping them from you. Let them feel the power of God in their lives so they can be changed.

Thank you God for being the love and power in my life.

What God Said Tonight:
Life is like a long hike through the mountains. Sometimes you are on the top of the mountain and you get a clear and far reaching view of the landscape. You can tell where you are and where you are going. You can see in front of you and behind you with great clarity. But, then in a moment you can be deep in the valley, under the canopy of trees and unable to see your own hand in front of your face.

It is in the valley, in the forest that I need you to trust m the most. If you can trust me when you can't hear me and you can't see me, then you can get through anything. So whether you are on the mountain of clarity or the valley of confusion, hang on to me. I will take you through.

I will be there with you when you don't feel me, I am there. When you don't hear me, I am still here. I promise. I will never leave you or turn my back on you. I am yours forever. I am not planning on ever letting you go. Love and kisses sweet girl. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ease up...

My prayer:
Amazing God how I love you. How I love the reality of your power in my life. God I thank you that I don't need to doubt you. I thank you that you have proven yourself to me over and over and I no longer have to wonder who you are and what you will do. I love you more than I love my own life and I cannot imagine life without you. You are everything I want and need.

God, it was great to see so many old friends today. Sometimes I wish there was more life or more of me so I could do all of the things I want to. That way, I could get my work done, serve you, serve others, and stay in touch and have fun with all of the amazing people you have brought in my life.

Balance is always a challenge for me, I know. There just seems to always be more to do and more to experience than there is time.

God help me to find the balance again. Help me to make sure that in the midst of doing I don't forget the people I am doing it for. I love you God and I remain all yours.

What God Said Tonight:
I am going to keep it short and sweet tonight my girl. The best way for you to find balance is to stop pushing yourself so hard and wait for my timing. It is your own impatience and drive that get you out of balance.

Wait on me. Learn patience. Know that this really is a marathon and not a sprint. I will ensure you have time to do all of the things that I need you to do. If I did not think you had enough time, I would not have them for you to do.

There is a time and a season for everything that we need to do. Let up on yourself and breathe. That is the secret to balance in your life. I love you and I love how you strive but ease up a bit and enjoy the process. This is one of the best times in your life. Don't miss it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It all makes sense...

My prayer:
God, my God, today was wonderful. When I look back over the last 15 years of my life, well I guess really my whole life, and see how you orchestrate everything, I am in awe. Things that at the time I thought had no real meaning or purpose. Things that I was irritated or even hurt and angry that I had to go through, now it all makes sense. Now I can see the plan, the purpose and how it all works together to prepare me for this time, to prepare me for what we are going to do now.

God, especially poignant to me tonight are the people you have brought into my life over the years. You have the right people at the right time to make the perfect team that you need to accomplish your goals.

I am not sure why it amazes me so much. I mean you are God and you know everything, you know everyone, you see the end from the beginning, so it makes sense that you would know the perfect way to prepare and bring your people together. But, still, to be a part of it, to watch you do it, I am in awe. I love you so much God and can't wait to hear your voice tonight.

What God Said Tonight:
My precious and intellectual daughter. You always want to know why. You always want to understand the purpose and the plan and you feel much more comfortable when you do. When it all makes sense. I know and understand this about you. I made you that way. There is great use for that way of thinking in my Kingdom. It helps to make strategies and plans. It helps you to learn from mistakes and plan for success. But, like may things, there are two sides to the gift. Remember that when things don't make sense, it does not mean that it is wrong or bad. It just means you don't understand yet. When things don't make sense, and you have brought it to me, let it go and rest knowing that I will take care of it and that you will understand some day.

One of the great things about writing down our talks each night is you can come back and read this. You can come back when you are going through the next hard thing and you can remember that in the end eventually, you will see he purpose of it all. I will never let you go through any thing for no reason. I will ever waste an experience or a talent. You have given me all of you and none of you will go to waste. Every person, every lesson, every skill, and every gift in you will be used for the Kingdom of God. It is what you have told me that you want and in that giving, you will receive. You will get back more than you give. I love you daughter and I am all yours.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fill up...

My prayer:
My awesome God!! Prayer and worship was so amazing tonight. How you showed up, how you healed, how you drew people together, the shared visions that you gave us, the opportunity to be your hands and feet.

I just sit in complete awe of what you do when we sit back and let you take over. It is truly amazing. I stand in awe of you my God. I stand in awe of your power. Thank you God so much for letting me be a part of it. Thank you for teaching me the things I needed to know to get me here. Thank you God for everything.

Grateful is only a word. Thank you is only two words. If I could use every word in the English language, I could not express what I feel. You are everything I need and everything I want. I am wholly and completely yours God.

What God Said Tonight:
Shhh. Sit a minute and be in my presence. I don't need you to do anymore tonight but I want you to let me blanket you in my peace and my power. You gave much this week, now receive. Receive my love, my joy, my peace. These will never run out.

Receive all that I have for you. Don't worry that you don't deserve it. Your worth comes through your covering  in Chirst. Don't worry that someone needs it more. I have plenty for everyone. Don't worry that it must not be for you. It is.

Receive and as you give, you receive more. I love you daughter. I love that you give. Remember to receive and fuel up. Stay full of me and you will never run dry. My anointing will flow from you like a might raging river, taking with it anyone who comes near. We will sweep through cities and nations. We will bring the water that never runs dry. We will bring the word that saves. We will bring me in and there will be change. Things cannot and will not stay as they are. A change is coming and we will bring it, together .

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love and joy...

My prayer:
What a great day my awesome Lord!! I have clearly had the spirit of joy all over me today and it has been GREAT!! It has been awhile since I have had that, Joy for no particular reason other than being alive. It was awesome! You are awesome. Getting to be a part of your Kingdom and family is awesome. I love you beyond measure. I am so grateful for you. I can't wait to see what we are going to do next. I can't think of anything else really to say God. Today was good. You are good. Life is good.

What God Said Tonight:
I love you daughter. I know I tell you that a lot. You need to hear it a lot. You need to be drenched in my love. I am pouring it out on you now and you experience the joy as a result.

I want you to truly soak in my love for awhile. You have been through some tough times and it is time to refill, recover, and refuel with my love. Receive my love as the healing balm that it is. Relax in my love. Rejoice in my love! It is here for you.

I have more than you can ever need and it is all for you. I am going to spoil you with my love. I am going to immerse you in it. Take that same love and share it with everyone you meet. Be generous with it. You will never give away more than what I can give you.

Love me and love people. Simple.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In agreement with God...

My prayer:
Awesome God. What a lesson in trusting you to take care of everything today. When I didn't know what to do, you stepped in and did it for me. When I messed up, you stepped in with a ready made solution. 

My God, I am so grateful for you in my life. I am so tremendously grateful for how you take care of me. I don't know enough words to truly tell you how I feel. I am so incredibly fortunate and blessed to have you on my side! I don't deserve you but I can't live without you. Thank you God!

What God Said Tonight: 
You are living my plan for your life. As long as you are doing that, of course I will take care of all of the details. When my will and your will are the same, it is easy for me to fulfill your prayer requests. It is easy for me to anticipate your prayer requests. When we want the same things and when we are in agreement, life, your life is so much easier. 

Seek my will, try to find a way to agree with it, even when it seems odd, and you will find yourself in a season where everything is easy and works together to accomplish your goals. Be in agreement with me and see every mountain moved and every promise fulfilled. Be in agreement with me and feel my power moving in your life. 

I love you sweet daughter and I love that we are in agreement. You are going to see some truly great things as a result!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I don't know...

My prayer:
Amazing Father. I had some major technical difficulties getting here tonight but I am glad I persevered. I need to hear your voice. I always need to hear your voice. It is like air to me. I need to hear from you to survive. I was clearly created with a God shaped hole that only you can fill. God, thank you for filling me. 

Thank you for being everything I need. Thank you for never holding back. Thank you for your power and your grace in my life. thank you God that you give me hope. Thank you God that you love me beyond my ability to imagine and understand. Thank you God for helping me to believe in things that I don't yet see. Thank you for teaching me about the power of my words and so many other things. God you are so awesome and I am forever grateful. What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
You have learned a lot over the years together with me but you have more to learn. You know that quote you saw the other day "Don't necessarily believe everything you think?" It stood out to you. Do you know why? There are things happening in your life right now that you think you have all figured out. There are things that seem like barriers that may not be barriers. There are things that seem like attacks that may not be attacks. 

Suspend what you believe to be true about the events in your life for just a little bit. Be open to alternate explanations. I will shed light on it all. I will give you the wisdom to see and understand it when it is time. 

In the meantime, remember that you don't know what you don't know yet. Be mindful that I am all knowing and I will guide you but that you do not know it all. Even in those situations that seem so similar to past situations you have been through, this is a new season and the same events may have a different meaning and a different cause. 

Trust me to know the truth. Trust me to share that truth with you then it is time. And in the meantime, in all humility, remember that you don't know it all. I love you daughter now and forever. You are on path of great things. Listen to me for each step.

Monday, October 3, 2011


My prayer:
Incredible God, thank you so much for the change in perception today! Thank you for finding a way to get me to see all that you are doing and all that I am blessed with instead of the fear and the lack! I really needed that change! Thank you for doing it through my dear friend "M" who doesn't even realize what she did for me! She thought she was just having lunch with me and asking me what was new. When really, she provided a chance for me to objectively to look at what was new and all that you are doing...and it was GOOD! It is GOOD! 

My God, please don't ever stop, don't ever give up on me. When I don't get it the first time, please keep trying until I do. I know you promise me to do that, I just want you to  know that I WANT you to do it. Keep challenging me, helping me grow, teaching me, expecting more from me. I will keep trying. I love you God.

What God Said Tonight:
Growth, is part of the seasons. My whole Kingdom is based on seasons. There are seasons for growth, seasons of maturity, seasons of new birth, and even seasons of death. You will always be in one of my seasons and you can always count on that season to change. 

Like the leaves on the trees. First a bud, then a leaf, then a mature leaf, then the leaf turns brown and dies only to be replaced by a new bud. Each year, the tree gets bigger, the leaves more numerous and bigger. Each year there is growth. 

That is what living for me is like You are my tree. Each season you have experiences that bud, mature, turn old, and die. These experiences keep coming and going and during all of it, the base, the trunk, your character is also growing. 

That is why you cannot and should not ever lose hope. This season will pass. A new season will come. I will always have new things for you daughter. Do not worry about or mourn the old. I will move things in and out of your life so the transitions are so smooth you will hardly notice them; but, you will look back on this time and say, "Oh, now I get it." 

I love you my daughter and weather the seasons well.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

God's love...

My prayer:
Amazing God. You are Jehovah Jireh, my provider. You are Jehovah Nissi, my victory. you are Jehovah Rapha my healer. You are Jehovah Shalom my peace. You are everything God. You are all knowing and all powerful.

I sometimes still get confused as to why you need us. I know you have told me but when I look at all that you are and see how little of anything I am, why would you need or want me for anything? 

God, help me to be a better person. Help me to be more of who you want me to be. Help me to love better. Help me to be more responsive to your will. Help me God to be all that you want me to be. I love you God and I am willing and you are able. 

What God Said Tonight:
I think you need to go back and read last night's response because you are still struggling with that self worth thing. I love you just as you are. I have covered you in my blood that your imperfections are completely covered. I love you so much I wanted to provide a foolproof way to make sure you are redeemed and we can be together forever. 

The answer to most any question you have for me is that I love you. Why  do I need you and want your service and help? Because I love you. Whey do I tell you to pray over everything and pray without ceasing? Because I love you and when you are praying we are getting to interact one-on-one. Why do I tell you not to do some things? Because I love you and those things will hurt you. Why do I keep this world turning despite the pain and the things that have gone wrong? Because I love you and I want every single person to have the chance to love me and receive my love. 

Next time you have a bunch of questions running through your head, try putting the answer "Because I love you" after it and see if it makes sense. I bet it will. 

I love you so much I can never fully expresses it to you. I sacrifice for you daily and I do it willingly because of my love for you. Rest and know that we will have plenty more to do together in this life. You are not experiencing endings but you are experiencing new beginnings. Go with it and see what we will do next. I love you daughter...there I go again! Loving you. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Self doubt...

My prayer:
Awesome God. All day I have been filled with doubts. I don't want to whine about it but I think I need to bring it to you. I am doubting myself and my capabilities. I am doubting whether I can do what I believe you have asked me to do. I am doubting the anointing on my life. I am doubting it all. 

I know this will pass. I have been here enough times to know that these phases don't last. But, tonight, in the middle of it, I just feel rotten. I know that none of it is me anyway. It is all you working through me. But, what if you stop working through me? What if I mess up and you can't work through me anymore? This life is worth nothing to me if I can't serve you and accomplish what you have for me. And, that is where I am tonight. Feeling like I don't have the right stuff to do what you want me to do and since I don't, life doesn't feel worth the trouble. 

I am sorry for the drama. I know I have no right to complain. You have done so much for me God. I am truly grateful for all that you have done and do in my life. I am grateful for who you are. I am sorry I have let the doubts get the better of me today. I know that you have already said I am the head and not he tail, that you will make me succeed, that I am a priest and a king. I know that you have said that I can do all things through you. God, I am trying to encourage myself and look at how you see me. I am not doing a very good job of believing it tonight. Help please.

What God Said Tonight:
It is transition time again. You always get unsure of yourself in transitions. It is normal but it is not necessary. Stop worrying about what you can and cannot do. Start remembering what I can do. 

In this next season after the transition, you will have to lean on me even more. I will be asking you to do many things that are beyond your ability to do them. You will need to turn to me for every one of them. I have gifted you with many talents and you have used them all for my Kingdom. I cannot tell you how much that has meant to me. Now, it is time for the next level. Now it is time for you to trust me to do what I have promised. Now it is time for you to rely on me for every step and every accomplishment. 

I have some very specific ideas about how we are to move forward and I will guide and direct you through it all. Your job right now is to let go of the notion that you have to do it all. You only have to show up and I will take care of every other step as it is needed. As I have so many times in your past, when you need a new skill, I will give it to you. When you need people to help, I will bring them around you. When you need strength I will give you mine. 

Trust in me, not in yourself. You will let you down. Not because you want to but because you are limited. I am not. I love you daughter. Watch during the next couple of weeks and note all of the changes. Know that I have equipped you for it all. Peace I give to you tonight.