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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

God's assurance and mystery...

My prayer:

Every day we are faced with things that seem too difficult to bear and every day you get us through. I know I have said this before but I truly cannot imagine how people make it through one day without you. I would be completely lost, hopeless, and destroyed without you. 

Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being you.

What God Said Tonight:

Your assurance is that I will always come through for you.. The mystery and excitement of life is waiting to see how I will do it. That will always change. 

How I work in your life is always changing so you remember it is me and not a formula. But, the truth that I will show up and take care of you is the constant and never changing truth you an rely on.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Love, empathy, and grace...

My prayer:

Thank you God for closing a door today. I love all of the opportunities you provide for me but I love it just as much when you make it clear what opportunities I should not follow. I love being your kid and I love walking your path in my life. 

What God Said Tonight:

When you see other people dance in celebration and joy and you feel their joy like your joy, that is love. When you see someone's sorrow and you heart hurts for their pain, that is empathy. When  you see someone deliberately try to harm you and you forgive and let it go, that is grace. 

Show off your love, empathy, and your grace. They come from me. I have planted them deep in your DNA. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Impossible situations...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I need to pray for something that I don't even have words for tonight. I need to pray for your help for my friends and I can't even say what that help looks like. 

They are in a situation that looks hopeless but their hope remains in you. They are facing things and fears they never thought they would have to face and they are believing in you to bring them through. 

I add my faith and my prayers to theirs. Hear our prayers, even those that have no words. In Jesus name we ask for your help.

What God Said Tonight:

When you run out of words, use mine. Let my Holy Spirit pray thorough you. 

I am on the job. I am not asleep and I am not somewhere else. I am with them. I am with you. I will not let them perish. 

I will be with them. I will strengthen them. I will help them through every impossible situation. 

There are things you do not know or understand in this situation. There is a love and a hope that I have nurtured in them for this time. I will give them everything they need to ride this storm. 

This is an opportunity for a great glory to be shown. This is a testimony in the making that will change lives. 

I love you. I have heard you. I am on it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


My prayer:

Another day where nothing went as I planned but everything worked out. Thank you for your guidance God. Thank you for showing me the roadblocks for what they were. Thank you for understanding my frustration and giving me another path. You are so good to me!

What God Said Tonight:

Focus on the goodness surrounding you. I have placed you in the center of goodness. 

There are other things you can see and focus on. There is terror and there is war. There is the doom of a time you cannot change. But there is goodness too. 

Take all of your effort for the rest of the week and focus that energy on seeing with new eyes, the goodness I have placed around you. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Are you a follower...

My prayer:

Thanks for the time away God. It was so beautiful up there, like always. I feel like that is a special spot in the world that you save for me. Being there always soothes my nerves and revitalizes my soul. Thank you for the luxury of taking time from work and being able to really get away. 

While I have been disconnected, it looks like the world kept moving. So many needs, so many tragedies, so many dangers and I pray for your help in every single situation. I pray that you reach out and protect and heal your people. Thank you for being big enough, powerful enough, and loving enough to take care of it all.

I am ready for the day when the old world and the old heaven go away and you replace it with a new heaven and earth. I am ready for the day that we walk and live together, just as you had planned way back in the garden. I look forward to the day when my full time occupation is to give you praise. 

I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

Are you a follower? Are you one who will follow the lead of your Master? 

Not every leader is a follower and not every follower is a leader. I need you to be both. I need you to lead, as you follow me. I need you to recognize your place in eternity and stand in it. 

There are times I need you to stand up and make witness of me and my glory. There are times when I need you to follow my lead, stay silent and let my will be accomplished. 

The real challenge is understanding when you need to be each. The real challenge is not getting confused and leading when you should follow or following when you should lead. 

I love you. I will help.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Never worry...

My prayer:

So, a lot can change in a day. I guess you knew this was going to happen the whole time which is why you kept saying to wait? I really need to remember that nothing is impossible with you and just about the time I think I have it all figured out, you will change it up. 

Thank you for guiding, directing, teaching and helping me every day God!

What God Said Tonight:

Remember today as a perfect example of why you need never worry. 

I will always take care of you. I will always make sure you come out on top. I love you and I will see you prosper. Now and forever.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Glory within the tragedy...

My prayer:

Earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, head spins with the tragedy and need in this world. The best I know to do is pray God because only you are big enough to help us through this much trouble.

I pray God that you provide and protect the hundreds of thousands of people effected by tragedy this month, whether it was nature-made or man-made tragedy. Give them hope. Give them shelter. Give them food and give them love. I pray your healing power over their minds, their bodies, and their lives. 

Thank you God for your help.

What God Said Tonight:

I am your ever present help. I have sent legions of angels around the world to minister to my people. Some you will see and some you will not. 

Always remember that while there definitely is tragedy, there is also opportunities to love, to bless, and to heal. The outcome of tragedy does not have to be pain. When Lazarus died, his death was a tragedy but God the Father chose to use that tragedy to show his glory. In raising Lazarus from the dead, I took something that was meant for evil and pain and turned it into something to inspire and cause great awe. 

Look within the tragedy and see the glory I create. There is glory in rescue. There is glory in healing. There is glory in people coming together to help each other.

I love you.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

You will know...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I am praying for wisdom and understanding tonight. 

I am not sure if what I am looking at is an opportunity from you or if it is temptation trying to get me out of position. It might not be either. It might be me grasping at straws, hoping for change. I don't know but I know you do. 

Please help me to understand. Guide me to the right decisions. Keep me in your will. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

I know and understand why you are looking for the way out. I promise, when it comes, it will not be ambiguous. You will not have to question, "Is this it?" You will know and there will be little choice other than to move in that direction. 

A timing is preset for this. It is good to keep our eyes open but you will not miss this next change, opportunity. I will not let you. 

I love you and I want every good thing for you. You are mine and I am yours forever.

Monday, September 18, 2017


My prayer:

Whooo! What a difference a day makes! From peace and contentment to strife, struggle, and craziness, all in 24 hours! 

Thanks for being with me and getting me through no matter what is going on. And thank you for the good news to end this bad day! It didn't make all the bad of the day go away but it did remind me that you will bless me no matter what. 


What God Said Tonight:

Every piece fits together, eventually and for your good. 

I know things look rotten on the face of it all. You were slogging through mud today. But even mud has it's purpose. Used to build, it can be great. Walking through it can be tough and slow going. Whether the mud is holding your house together or dragging off your boots, the mud is still just the mud. It does not have intentions, good or bad. It just is. It is what you do with it that changes its usefulness. 

The same is true of the circumstances in your life. You can use them to help you build or you can try to walk through them and let them bog you down. Choose to build and you won't be sorry. 

I love you and we will build something amazing out of the mud from today.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


My prayer:

I spend so much time trying to figure this life out, but tonight, I am just happy to be here with you. I am at peace. I am rested. I am content. For once, I don't need anything, I am not asking for answers, and I am not complaining. I love you Abba.

What God Said Tonight:

Enjoy this moment. Contentment is not so easy to find in this world. 

Your  peace is lasting because it is not born from circumstance. Your peace is born in me. I never change so your peace does not change. 

Your contentment, however requires a stillness and maturity that is often hard won and difficult to keep. Contentment is meant to be transitory. If it was permanent, you would never grow and you would never change. 

Enjoy this moment of contentment. Hold it dear to you. But let go when it is time. 

I love you.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

God's survival kit...

My prayer:

Praising you for my life tonight God. I know I tend to complain but the truth is, I have it pretty good. A roof over my head, food on my table, a group of wonderful friends and family around me and, in the center of it all YOU! It doesn't get much better than that. 

I apologize for every time I have forgotten that. Thanks for loving me anyway!

What God Said Tonight:

A time of reflection is healing and can recenter your life and priorities. It is good. 

A life of joy, my joy, just is. You don't have to work for it, you just have to receive it. I give joy away freely with no strings attached. Connect with the joy I have put in you and you can weather any storm. 

Peace settles you and joy lights you up. Find my peace and joy in you and you will have all you need to survive. 

I love you, I am with you, I am never leaving you.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Freedom to...

My prayer:

What a great day God. Thank you for every minute. 

Thank you for freedom. Living the free life that you provide for me is pretty wonderful. When I was young I thought freedom came from being an adult. But, as I became an adult, I realized I had even less freedom. It wasn't until I truly began to understand your grace over my life that I began to experience freedom. 

I pray that everyone of your people gets to have the joy of your freedom in their life. No more guilt and no more shackles. 

I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

A freedom from something feels good for a moment. Freedom to something feels good forever. 

I give you freedom to. I give you the freedom to love me and be loved by me, no matter what. I give you the freedom to know that whatever happens in life, I have and will take care of you. You have the freedom to share this love and this freedom with everyone you meet. 

I love you.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Drink him in...

My prayer:

Thank you for the moments of joy today God. They were welcome little oasis.

My prayers tonight are for the usual, provision, protection, health, and peace for me, my family, my friends, and all of your kids throughout the world. Not very original but I feel like I need to get back to basics tonight. And, in that vein, I pray above all things that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

 It is not important to hear my words tonight. It is important to spend time together in the presence of my Holy Spirit. Drink him in. You need that refreshment. I love you.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hidden treasures...

My prayer:

I have a lot on my mind tonight God but I am really not in the mood to talk about it. You have heard my prayers and it is up to me to patient and wait on you. I am doing my best. 

I love you and I trust you.

What God Said Tonight:

Find the small celebrations. 

You have gotten out of the habit of looking for the silver lining, the blessings in the mess. I promise, I always put some for you there, no matter how tough the circumstances are. I leave them like little hidden treasures to be sought out. Remember to look for them. They are for you and they will help you through even the toughest season. 

I love you. I will bless you all the days of your life. Remember to look for them.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Wait for God...

My prayer:

Thank you for the guidance today. You saved me a lot of hassle. 

Sweet Father, there is so much wrong in this world, I honestly don't know how to pray about it. Every time I turn around, something horrible is happening. Natural disasters, people hurting others, and some truly unspeakable acts. 

I know you always say that this time will not last one second longer than it has to and I believe you but it is hard to imagine things getting worse or living with all of this for much longer. 

We need you more than ever God. Rescue us.

What God Said Tonight:

What I have to say, you don't want to hear. I need you to wait. 

I know it seems bad and it is but I will shelter you. I will keep you safe in the storm. But the storm must come. There is purpose in the storm. 

I need choices made and sometimes you have to push people to make a choice. The time is short but find a way to wait for me. Lean on my strength, my peace and my protection. I will see you through this. But we have to go through it. 

I love you, now and forever.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Easy peasy...

My prayer:

Two days of pure fun and great people. Thank you God. I really needed that. 

As I go into this next week I ask for your continued guidance and wisdom. It feels like a really important time right now and I will need you to help me know how best to handle everything. 

I love you and I love that you are always there to help me.

What God Said Tonight:

There are things lining up, even as you pray here tonight. 

I don't want you to worry or stress about it. You are trusting me and that is all you need to do. Truly, that is all you need to do. I have everything else under control. 

The plans I have for you are not only good but they are perfect and happening just how I have planned. No worry, no stress, no wondering, I have got you and this step is going to be the easiest of your life. It is true. 

I love you.

Friday, September 8, 2017


My prayer:

I am so grateful this week is over. I pray for rest and restoration. I leave everything in your hands God.

What God Said Tonight:

A river runs softly down the valley and a bird takes to flight over the meadow. There can be great peace in the middle of any situation if stay your eyes on me. Don't look away, don't look up, don't look down. I will bring you peace.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hang in there...

My prayer:

I am trying to keep a good attitude God but it is hard. I am trying to remember what you have said that you will work all things for my good. I believe it and I am grateful. It is still hard to get through days like today with a smile. 

I pray for rest and restoration tonight God.

What God Said Tonight:

I have worked to see you positioned for this time. Don't give up before you see the destination and the goal realized. 

It will be worth it I promise. Just hang in a bit longer. I will reveal the truth.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Not as it appears...

My prayer:

I survived today. Sometimes that in itself is victory! Thank you for your help today God. We have a couple more days with more to do than seems possible, but, with you, literally all things are possible. Thank you for being in my life and making me more capable than I am on my own.

What God Said Tonight:

What you see is not always what it appears. What you see as drudgery or something to be endured can actually be important preparation for your future. 

I never waste an experience. Your life is in my hands and guided by me. Through that, I will use every last thing in your life for your good. So, even in the times where nothing seems worthwhile, know and understand I am still at work and every last things will be used for your good. 

I love you.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The storm...

My prayer:

Awesome Father. So many in danger tonight. So many devastated. I pray for the people in Texas, Montana, Oregon, California, Sierra Leone and all of the other places that have been devastated by natural disaster. I pray for Florida and all of the places that are under the threat of natural disaster.

God, it is all around us and you are the only protection. You are the only escape. You are the only one who can redeem what is lost. Please God, help your people.

What God Said Tonight:

The earth, the world is responding to the impetus for change that is coming. The world is changing as it needs to do. 

There is an end to the suffering. There is a joy that comes in the midst of the storm and a glory that comes after. I am the great redeemer and I will not leave my people begging. I am your fortress and your strong tower. I will stand over you in the storm and keep you safe, when nothing else will. 

I love you more than life. that's why I gave up my life for your salvation. I am glad to have done it and there is no way I will let go of you now.

Monday, September 4, 2017


My prayer:

Thank you for the reminder tonight God about how following sin takes us places we don't intend to go and don't want to be. 

I am more than grateful for your grace and mercy to cover my sin. I am also grateful that you continue to show me the benefit of following you vs. following the world. Finally, I am beyond grateful that you so often don't require me to learn that lesson the hard way. You have patience with me and teach me with books, movies, etc. so I don't have to personally go through the pain of the wrong choice. 

You are so very good to me God. Thank you for your gentleness, kindness, and grace. I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

I am teacher, Rabboni. I have many tools to teach with. I teach with stories. I teach with lessons. I teach with words and I teach with the Spirit. 

I love you and I will teach you all you need to know as you need it. It is one of the benefits of having me in your life. I am all knowing so I can share with you what you need to know when you need it. 

I love you and I am with you in everything.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

God hears...

My prayer:

Awesome God. There are so many people who need your help tonight, I kind of don't want to take up your time with any minor thoughts or issues I have going on. I pray God that you hear your people's cries for help tonight and that you show up in a very real and tangible way in their trouble.

What God Said Tonight:

Heaven here on earth. It happens more often than you might realize. Every time a prayer goes up, an angel comes down. Every time a prayer is said, I hear, I respond. 

I have the Holy Spirit with you so there is no separation between us in these times of trouble. I have the angels watching over you. 

I have more to do, If I did not, there would be no need to delay another minute. But in these times, be assured I am with you, I hear you, I will respond. Sweet children, I am yours and you are mine forever. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Not too late...

My prayer:

Remembering big dreams tonight God. When I look at my life it is strange. In some ways, it is so much more than I ever imagined. I have seen things, done things, gone places, that I never once imagined. Then, I think of the dreams that have not yet come true. 

Are they still possible? Is it getting too late? I believe those dreams were directly from you and so I think they must happen some day but it has been such a long time, it is hard to keep believing they will.

Regardless of what life has for me, as long as you are with me, that is all that really matters. I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

I can make miracles in the blink of an eye. There is no "too late" with me. Your life has barely begun. You have an eternity with me. These mere decades are barely the start. 

I have things for you that you have not imagined yet. I have glory to show you that will leave you breathless. I love you and we are not done yet.