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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best Christmas present ever...

My prayer:
Mighty God, today was better. Thank you for opportunities to pray, bless, encourage and celebrate today.

Thank you for hearing the healing prayers today and thank you in advance for the good reports we are expecting later this week. Thank you for being a healing God. You didn't have to do that for us. You didn't have to provide healing for us, but you did.

God I love seeing you heal people. I love how it just messes with our "reality." I love the words, "We can't explain it but..." How many times have we heard that from doctors now?

God, I just want to appreciate you tonight. I want to just bask in your presence and love on you for a bit. You are so amazing and beyond words. You are my everything God. You are the reason I get up in the morning and my last thought before bed. You are the maker of my dreams and the one that makes them come to pass. You are my encouragement. You are my teacher. You are my provider. You are my Lord and in charge of my life.

I love you God, body, soul and spirit. Everything I am is in love with you. You are my hope and my future. You are my present and strength. You are my everything. I pray my love, my worship is a sweet fragrance to you tonight God. I pray that it blesses you. I pray that you hear all that I say and all that I can't find words to say. What do you want to say tonight?

What God said tonight:
Today was fun. You did recognize opportunities much better today and you will do even better tomorrow.

There remain some areas of conflict in your life. Conflict is counterproductive. Things can't move forward effectively if there is a tug of war going on. I need you to spend some time identifying those areas of conflict and look for resolution and reconciliation.

Do what you need to do to make it right. Forgive if you need to forgive. Ask for forgiveness if you need to be forgiven. Find a way to move forward in concert, not in conflict. As you clear out conflict, you will find a new unity and a new power in unity.

You are so precious to me. Your worship and love is like fine jewels to me. I love when you take time to love me just to love me. I want you to know that my love for you never changes. It does not come and go. I never take my mind off you. You are the first thing, the middle thing and the last thing on my mind every day. You are the reason that do what I do.

I died for you, I took the whip for you, I suffered ridicule for you, I conquered hell for you. All for you. All for your brothers and sisters. Make sure people understand what I did for them. There was no point if people can't or won't receive the salvation, love, forgiveness that I have provided.

It's like buying the best Christmas present ever and not having anyone who wants it. No one who is willing to open it up and see how amazing it is. Will you open the present for people? Will you help them to receive what I bought for them? It is my greatest need of you on earth. Do it in love. Let them see my love through you.

Remember to always ask, never take for granted that they already know me. Always ask.

Thank you my faithful daughter. We are ready for the next level.

Monday, August 30, 2010

No limits...

My prayer:
God, there is no one like you. You are perfect in everything that you do and everything that you are. Your plan is perfect, your will is perfect, your timing is perfect. Sometimes I don't recognize that when I am in the middle of something but that doesn't make it less true.

God, today was a bit of a hit to the self esteem. I am not very happy with me today. I think the problem was that today was too much about me. I am not sure that I blessed anyone today. I was wrapped up in everything going on and trying to keep up with it all and now I sit here tonight feeling kind of empty. Like I missed the point of today.

God, I don't want another day like this. Help me to see the needs around me more clearly and be moved to help, even when things are busy, even when things are exciting. The whole point of everything you are doing in my life right now is to create opportunities to bless people and bring them closer to you. If I forget to bless the people in my everyday life in the process, that seems like a huge mistake.

God I ask for your forgiveness for my self centeredness and pride. I pray God that you help me tomorrow to do better. Thank you for providing for my forgiveness through your grace and your mercy. Undeserved grace and mercy. In the name of Yeshua, amen.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter your are forgiven and washed in the blood of my sacrifice. I love you and appreciate you recognizing the source of your emptiness tonight. I know you will not believe this right now, but you were more of a blessing than you realize; but, you did get in your own way today too.

Tomorrow will be better. You have learned and will do better with that knowledge tomorrow. My child, I am so proud of you when I see you learn. When I see you grow. Never be satisfied with the status-quo. There is always more to learn, to do, to be.

You have no limits on your life. You can go as high as you allow yourself to go. I have placed potential in you that is still waiting to be realized. Keep learning and growing each day to realize all of the potential I have placed in you.

Don't let the day stop you from reaching your future. Put it behind you and move forward. Looking forward and not back is the key now. You have learned what you needed to from your past, it is time to step into your future. I am not just talking about today, but in general. It is time to stop looking back and move forward with all that I have put in you, all that you have learned.

The future, the promise is in front of you, not behind you. Make bold choices based on the foundational teaching you have in you and you will be very satisfied.

I love you as always, now and forever. Look to your future and the one thing you can always be sure of is you will find my love there.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I will provide...

My prayer:
Mighty God, awesome Lord, maker of all that is. I have looked forward to this time all day.

God, so much can happen so suddenly. Your suddenlies are pretty amazing. When I look at all that happened, all that you did, all that moved forward from last Sunday to this That is really all I can say, wow. You put me in awe God.

I love when things are moving so quickly. I love seeing you move mountains. I love seeing your power making changes in this world to conform to your will.

God I pray as we enter a new week that you continue to guide me, you continue to show me what to do, you continue to equip me to do it. God the favor that you have on my life right now is so wonderful. Thank you for that favor.

I pray God that as you are moving my dreams forward that you bless the dreams of those around me. I pray for breakthroughs in the dreams, visions, and plans that you put into us God. Teach us what we need to know, position us to be in the right place at the right time, make us aware of opportunities as they show up and help us to see how we can help make each others' dreams come true. God I pray that you show me how to help make dreams come true for others this week God. Show me the opportunities to bless, encourage and love on people in a way that is meaningful to them. God, make me blessing to those in my life. Let your love, light, joy, peace and grace shine through me to their lives.

I love you God and stand in anticipation of what you want to do next. Your will be done God.

What God said tonight:
My daughter, you know you are holding back tonight. Not everything is so wonderful. Don't forget that I already know so you may as well tell me. That way we get to deal with stuff up front and not let it fester.

The unspoken prayer of your heart tonight is an old one. You already know the answer to that prayer. I send you my peace to know that you will be in the exact position to receive all that I have determined should be yours and you will not want. You will not die alone. You will not be without, anything.

I love you so much. This is the beginning of a new week that will have all the highs and lows, the ups and downs that you have come to expect. We will do some great things this week, there will be some things that seem stuck, there will be some things that seem to fail.

Through it all you must remember and know that I am Lord. I am the great I AM. I am God The Father. I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. There is no god above me and there is no plan, problem, blessing or curse that is too big for me. I am bigger than anything that ever was or ever will be. I am the great and mighty God that created it all.

This week I want you throughout it all to concentrate on the vastness that is me. I need you to remember who I am and my reach and power that is limitless. You must remember this, not for my sake but for your sake.

Don't hesitate to bring me anything. I am here for you. You are my purpose and my reason for existing. I created you as the object and the product of my love. My love is the most precious commodity in the universe. That makes you made of the most precious of the most precious.

Remember your place, your position. Remember that none of that place and position is due to anything you have done or not done but is the sole result of my grace. I am sovereign. I am God. Remember and trust me in that sovereignty. I will not let you down.

I will put all of my power and all that I am behind you to move the dream forward. You can count on me to be with you every step of the way. When you need encouragement, I will provide it. When you need help, I will provide it. When you need money, I will provide it. I will provide out of my riches in glory.

Be the blessing I created you to be. Remember to love more than you are loved. You are my precious and sweet daughter and I am with you all the way.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can you get ready quick?

My prayer:
God your Holy Spirit presence remains so strong. What an amazing night. God, I have no words for tonight. Your healing power, your prophesied word, your love and restoration over our lives. God we had a more intense worship and prayer session in the front seats of my car tonight than I can ever remember in a church service.

God, when your Spirit is present in that tangible way, that way that I can feel you, sense you, hear you and smell you...that is what I live for. Those moments of intense connection with you. Those moments when I can touch you and feel you. Those moments when through that touch, I can touch others and see your power manifest in their lives. To see your power fix the thing that is trying to kill them. To make whole the emptiness that has threatened to overtake them.

And God, thank you for encouraging me in the areas where I was discouraged today. Thank you for reminding me of the promises and confirming the validity of them.

I love you God. I told you tonight that I trust you with all of it God. I meant it, I trust you with all of it I take my hands off and pray your direction and your sovereign power in my life. God I am yours. I reach out to you and trust you to always be there to catch me.

I trust you to work everything for my good and that you will never let me enter a battle without you. I will never face tragedy or pain without you. I will never have to celebrate a victory alone because you will always be there to celebrate with me. God it is late and my mind is wandering. I love you and your will.

I pray your blessing and anointing on services tomorrow. I pray in particular over the people being baptized tomorrow. There is no more powerful symbol of our submission and commitment to you God. Bless them God as they publicly declare you as Lord of their lives. I pray God that everything be done decently and in order that you are able to accomplish all that you want to. In Jesus name, amen.

What God said tonight:
Stay with me here daughter, don't go to sleep yet. I have some important things to say tonight and I need your full attention. Your faithfulness in being here tonight is noticed and appreciated. I come to expect it from you but that doesn't make me appreciate it less.

There is so much to say and so little time. In the coming days, I need you to remember every lesson I have taught you. I need you to remember every sermon you have heard preached. I need you to have the knowledge and wisdom of Solomon.

Big changes are coming, there is a storm and potential trouble involved, but it is nothing you can't handle, with my help. I just means some more shifting in your ideas. Ready? Can you get ready quick?

I love you more than the desert loves the rain. I love you more than the sky loves the sun. I love you more than life. I am your unfailing father and lord. Don't leave me at the altar, follow through on this thing with me.

I love you and will continue to bless your work. You will know that I am God and in charge. You have come to recognize me in every situation. That is so good, because you will need to know this.

Rest before you fall asleep looking at us. Be good. Not In the sense of following the rules necessarily, but be inherently good. Be like me. I love you sweetness.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Enjoy the ride...

My prayer:
Incredible Lord, Mighty God! What another amazing day! You are doing so much it makes my head spin! Hard to believe I was complaining about being bored just a couple of weeks ago.

I spent most of tonight building a website for What God said tonight. I've never done that before but then again, I had never done a blog before you told me to start it up a few months ago and that is working out pretty good!

You are so incredible God. The way you show me how to do stuff, connect me with fantastic people to help, give me favor everywhere I go, is all so incredible. I'm living it and I find it hard to believe! I find my self saying "amazing" a lot lately God...I can't seem to help it. Everything is really so amazing right now. I stand in awe of you, of life, of everything you do and say. What a great ride this is God!

I can't wait to see what we will build together tomorrow God! I pray God that you continue to guide, direct, provide favor and connect me with the people you need me connected to so I can accomplish all that you have for me. I pray God that you give this same favor to all of my friends, my family and anyone who is reading what you say tonight.

You are my God and I am beyond grateful for you in my life. Help me to keep up on this crazy wonderful roller coaster! Love you God!

What God said tonight:
It is not too much for you. I have prepared you for such a time as this! I will never give you more than you can handle. That is true of hard times as well as good times like this. I will stretch you but I will not break you.

We are going to do this thing and it is going to be even more than you are envisioning now; but, don't get overwhelmed. We will do it together, step by step. You will have support for each step, me of course, but I will continue to connect you to the people that I have prepared to be a part of what we are doing.

You remember how I have been telling you for awhile now that I have great plans for your life and that you won't believe what is coming next? Well, "next" is here and while you may not believe it, you are in it and enjoy the ride. Throw your hands up and yell for joy because this is what life is meant to be. You and me working together to bring more and more people closer and closer to me.

Don't worry about the finances, don't worry about the "how" of it all, I promise I will take care of it all, each step as it comes. You have been faithful to me, can you imagine I will be anything less to you. I will remain faithful to you forever.

We are going to have so much fun. We are going to have such a great time together as we go out into the world and show people how to know me. How to really know me. I need to gather you all in as close as I can get you. For this last run, this last battle, we need to be so close we are one.

I love you daughter. You are precious to me and I will help you and keep you safe and whole. You can do this thing with me to help. Stay strong, keep balanced, rest when you are tired, pray all the time, laugh a lot and surround yourself with people who love you and who you love. I will be yours forever.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


My Prayer:
God what an awesome day! You are so GOOD! I love when I get to serve you. I love when I get to pray for people and see you work in their lives! I love to see you take the circumstance that tried to kill them and turn it into their greatest victory!

You are the God of victory. You are our banner of victory that we can wave in the face of the enemy. You ALWAYS win!!! I love being on the winning team God. I love knowing that as long as I am with you, I will always win in the end.

God I am excited! Sleep is going to be tough tonight. Keep working in our lives God, making everything work out the way you intended it to. AMEN!

What God said tonight:
I love seeing you so excited. You make me smile! Tonight was good and many things were cemented in the truth that is my word.

You know the victory is yours. Live victoriously so the world can see. Everybody wants to win. Some of you are SO competitive you want to win above all else. As long as you are connected to the ultimate winner, me, you will never need to lose again. I will always win in the end. You have read the end of the book and know that it is true.

You are in the victory with me. The victory is really for you. I don't need to win. I will always win because it is who I am and I made the game. But, I don't need to win for me. I win for you. I win so we can be together. I win so you are not destroyed by the enemy. I win for you.

Receive the prize from the victory. Life can be like a carnival except the booths are fixed in my favor and I always win. Plan to have A LOT of stuffed animal prizes my girl! We will win them all.

You will do more in one minute of my power and victory than in a lifetime of striving on your own. Isn't it better when you let me drive?

You try to rest. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Spend a little more time with me tonight, just resting and let me hold you. I love you my victorious girl.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My Prayer:
Awesome God of all creation. Thank you for today. Thank you for the attitude adjustment and the reminder to be thankful, grateful and appreciate all that you are doing.

Thank you that you don't get angry or fed up with me when I let my attitude slide, but that you always bring me those gentle reminders, and when I don't listen, the stronger reminders. Thank you for loving me too much to let me stay in my mess. You are so good to me God.

You have given me such amazing experiences so far in this life and I can't wait to see what is next. Thank you as always for amazing friends.

Thank you for continuing to confirm your direction for my life. Thank you for continuing to provide opportunities to bless and be a blessing to the people who have put in my life. Thank you for enlarging my territory to include people from all over the world. I thank you God for continuing to expand the reach of your living word that changes people's lives. Thank you for being faithful, every time I seek you, I find you.

ILY God! What do have for us tonight God?

What God said tonight:
Your attitude determines your altitude. You have heard that preached a few times now. It is true you know. When you have a bad attitude, it takes you no where but down. It makes you fail in circumstances that I intended you to succeed in.

Your attitude, like your words, is so important to what happens in your life. Be more watchful over your attitude. Be more aware of the effect it has on you and the people around you.

I will continue to help you and show you when you need to adjust. Remain open to my guidance. Let me be the barometer that warns you of the coming storm. Live a life of gratitude, love and prayer and you will not believe what you can accomplish.

You are a little to wiped out to hear too much more tonight. This has been a roller coaster week but it is necessary to move into the next stage and next season. Continue to trust and love me and I will continue to lead and love you.

You will see the dawn and it will be good. You will see more dreams fulfilled, and not just your own. Be at peace and know that I AM. You will never want for any good thing. Everything I have is yours. Live in the rich abundance of my love for you. Let it flow over and through you that you can be the conduit of it to others.

You will understand one day what this day meant. It and every day has a unique purpose that all work together toward the day that we get to live together forever in paradise. That is the goal. Let's get as many people as we can to come with us. Be you while you do it. Rest now. ILY too!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My prayer:
Mighty God you are incredible! God I love it when you tell me things in different ways to make sure I know it is true and from you!! Tonight was confirmation of so many things. Thank you God.

I will do my best to be true to the calling you have on my life. To not follow others' ways of doing things but to do things like you have shown me. I will do my best to remember that you are in charge and have everything under control despite what I am seeing. I will trust you Lord. I do trust you Lord.

You are everything God. You are my future and my present. You are the love of my life and all that I live for. I am so in love with you God. Your sweet care and carefulness with me makes me feel so precious and tended. I love you and long for these moments of closeness when I can just sit in your presence. Your love, your presence is so sweet. You fragrance is so beautiful. Your peace is so perfect.

You are my God, Lord, Saviour, Healer, Teacher, Father, Husband and Friend. You are everything I need and I am complete with you God. I pray God that you continue to draw me in even closer. I pray God that you teach me how to love you better. I pray God that you teach me how to love people better. I pray God that you make me the blessing that you have been to me. I am my Father's daughter and I want to be like you Daddy! I pray it in Jesus name, amen.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter of mine. You have learned so much this week. You have grown and it is good. You are listening, paying attention and you will need everything you have learned for the next steps, stages and seasons.

Your life is a continual preparation for the next level. Some people can stay in one place, one season for a long time and be very satisfied. I made some people to be that stable person who remains in the one place and is the center cog that others revolve around. That is an important position and an important need in my kingdom.

You on the other hand are made to establish things and move into new things. You will be continually growing and building and doing the new thing. I made you that way so you could get things moving. You will always be faithful, you have learned the value of faithfulness and loyalty. But you will always be following the new thing that I need done. You will leave the maintenance of things in the very capable hands of the people I bring to you to raise up to leadership.

This is what I need you for. Knowing your place and position in life is important. You get a lot more done if you aren't trying to do someone else's job.

I love you my precious child. I haven't told you that enough lately. You need to know that I love every cell that is in you. You are made of the love of God. You are my precious and perfect daughter. You are covered in the blood of my son who died for your sin and you are covered in him. He is the blanket to your soul and will keep you safe, covered and redeemed all the days of you life.

Your trust in me is begining to grow. With that trust, we can do even more amazing things. And, most importantly, with that trust, you can experience a greater level of love from me. It isn't that I love you more. I love you to the ends of time with more power and more intensity that you could ever receive. But your trust in me allows you to receive more of that love than in the past. You aren't trying to protect your heart as much any more. You can trust me with your heart. I consider it more precious than my own. I will protect it always.

I will be your covering, your mentor your guide. Receive my love, my protection, my guidance that we can be and do everything that is for you to do. My love for you is deeper than the ocean and greater than the universe. There is no end to my love for you. My love is not tied to an event, your actions or any circumstance. My love is tied to you, your soul, the essence of who you are. I am tied to you with a bond that will never break.

I love you. When in doubt, hear me, I love you. When you are afraid, hear me, I love you. When you are waiting, hear me, I love you. When you are challenged, hear me, I love you. When you rest, hear me, I love you. At ALL times, hear me, I LOVE YOU! Rest sweetly daughter and know that we are right where we need to be. ILY! My new abbreviation for you!

Monday, August 23, 2010


My prayer:
Hi God. It's good to be here with you tonight. Not much seemed to happen today. Not much to talk about. I guess I needed a mellow day to process the last couple of days.

God, thank you for always giving me what I need. You bring people to encourage me when I get discouraged, you bring me a challenge when I am bored, you bring me opportunities when I need to serve more, you bring me people to love and to love me.

You definitely don't always do things the way I think you are going to. You definitely still surprise me pretty regularly. Color me surprised this week! Nothing is really going according to how I thought it would but I do trust you to work it all out, most of the time.

Forgive me for the moments, hours that I doubt. I am trying to trust you completely and sometimes I get there. Right now, I am there. This morning, not so much!

Thank you for friends to remind me of what you have planned for me. Thank you that I am only one phone call away from the love and support of people who love me. What an amazing thing it is to be truly loved. To be loved by you, to be loved by family, to be loved by friends. There really isn't anything better. Thank you for teaching me that God. I haven't always understood that. There was a lot of years that I thought love was about control and I had two choices, be controlled or control. Thank God those days are over.

Thank you God for teaching me that love is about surrendering control and trusting. Thank you God for teaching me that love is about giving and not taking. Thank you for teaching me all of this through your amazing example of love in my life. I have never been and will never be loved better, more completely than the love I have from you. Please know that I recognize the value of that love and wish I had better words of appreciation. Hear my heart God and know how I value your love.

What do you have to say tonight? What is on your mind?

What God said tonight:
What is it that makes you doubt the truth that you know? Sometimes you get so caught up in the circumstances of today that you miss out on the bigger picture. That is why I have to mix it up now and then. I need to remind you that I am in charge. I have to remind you that the purpose will be served and accomplished regardless of the circumstances around it. The circumstances don't accomplish the purpose. The purpose uses circumstances to achieve what it came to achieve. I am the purpose. I will accomplish what I have set to accomplish in your life.

Due to your surrender and your choice to make me Lord of your life, I have free rein to accomplish everything every last thing that I had planned for you from before you were born. That is SO GOOD! Your surrender makes it possible for me to give you every blessing I have for you. Your surrender makes it possible for me to provide every thing you need. Your surrender allows me to do things for you and through you that will blow your mind.

Surrender is not a sign of weakness like you thought in the past. Surrender is a sign of strength. It says I know who I am and I choose to give myself over to a God that is bigger, better and loves me more than I can imagine. You will never regret your surrender to me. You will never regret your choice for me. Just don't quit and leave me in control.

I will take you to the highest of highs. Be ready. And, you guessed it, I love you! Rest sweetness, tomorrow is a good one.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On earth as it is in heaven...

My prayer:
Awesome God. How was your day God? Did the things you wanted to see done get accomplished? Was our worship pleasing to you and did it touch your heart? How are things in heaven tonight? I wonder what a day in your life is like. I wonder what it is like to be you. I am sure I can't even begin to imagine. Talk about multitasking! With all of the prayers, the needs, the events and the people in the world, it is a good thing you are the almighty God of the universe because no one else could handle it!

Thank you for being you God. Thank you for making it possible for me to know you, love you and live with you in my life. Thank you for the assignments you have given me. Thank you for the people you have trusted me with. Thank you for family who loves me. Thank you for dreams and desires to make each day worth getting up for.

God, I pray in preparation for this week that you bless me, my family, my friends and that your favor be on our lives. I pray God that you show us your plan and purpose in each moment. I thank you God for what you showed me earlier about direction--if I am on a road driving down a canyon and I know better than to drive into oncoming trraffic or off the side of the road, I don't really need you to tell me specifically to turn left of right, I just need to follow the road. God I thank you that in this season, I am on the canyon road and just need to follow it and make common sense decisions. I love you God.

What God said tonight:
I love you too sweet daughter. Tonight is a good night to rest and to relax. You were pretty tied up and stressed out today but I am glad you have found some peace. I am glad that you turn to me in those times and look for my peace. It is the only lasting peace and the only peace that will satisfy.

Thank you for asking about my day. Not many people think to do that and even though it is hard to expalin it is still good to be asked.

Heaven is a difficult place to describe. You have heard the stories of people who have been to heaven and returned. Some of them are true, some are not. It is a beautiful place. It is a place of peace and worship and joy. We are always celebrating here. There is thankfully always something to celebrate. Each second there is someone somewhere who is accepting Christ into their life, doing something for the kingdom, loving and forgiving someone. We celebrate each of these things. We love to celebrate in heaven. You know the part of the prayer, "on earth as it is in heaven"? Well, that's how it is in heaven.

You should find more to celebrate on earth. I know that life can be hard, but there is something to celebrate in each moment. If you run out of things, remember that there is always someone somewhere getting saved. Then, just join us in our celebration in heaven.

On earth as it is in heaven. I am anxious for the day when there is a new earth and new heaven and we can live as one kingdom free of sin and the results of it. I am anxious for the day when we can live in an even closer communion. I look forward to the day of truly wrapping my arms around you. Hopefully, by that time, we will have been so close in the spritual realm that we won't even really realize that we are connected in the physical realm as well.

You are my everything. Let me be yours. We love you and send you a blessing tonight to last the whole week. Thank you my servant daughter.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


My prayer:
Mighty God. Awesome Father. How can everything seem so good one minute and one rumor later have me questioning everything. I hate rumors God. They do nothing but tear down. I try not to listen, but sometimes they get through. And the thing is, even if this one is true, I am not sure why it is bothering so much but it is. It has me questioning everything. It has me questioning my future. It has me questioning my motives. It doesn't have me questioning your plan for my life but it has me questioning how I am supposed to get there.

God my mind is a mess tonight. I need to hear you clearly and without question tonight. I thought I understood. I thought I knew what we were doing. Now, I am not sure. Now I am not sure what to do and what not to do.

God have your way. Show me if I am to continue in what I am doing or if this means a change of direction. Why am I so scared God? Why am I so filled with insecurity over a rumor? God help me in this. I need you so much. I need to know your every minute plan for me. I need to have you lead me in every moment so that I am in your perfect will. I know what it is like to be out of our will. I don't want to be there again ever. Show me, teach me and guide me God. I love you and need you so very much.

What God said tonight:
What has troubled you so tonight? Your path, your walk has nothing to do with man and everything to do with me. Can I not open opportunities for you and prosper you wherever you are? Have I not promised you a life of prosperity and favor. What makes you think that has changed? I do not change.

Your assurance is from me. Wherever we go, we will go together. Whether we are traveling to the far reaches of he world or sitting in your back yard, we are together. You know that I will not leave you ever. You know that. In the face of that, does the decisions of man really make any difference at all?

I will guide you as always. My love for you is undiminished and ever growing. Your call to be my lighthouse has not changed. Do you remember the last time you were baptised in the Jordan? I do. There was so much happening in that moment. Remember the commitment and the words over your life. You are to be a lighthouse to the world for me. Your call is not changed. You will follow that charge, that path no matter who is with you and no matter who is against you.

My call is greater than ANY person. My power is greater that any circumstance. My love is more than any force can deal with. Bask in my love and trust that I will take care of you and the dream no matter what else happens.

Do not be afraid my daughter. Do not fear. It is all working toward your good. I promise you will prosper and not fail. Trust in me and get your eyes off of the rumors and off of man. I will make a way. I will bless you abundantly. I will make your way prosperous. You are my first "son" and I will always treat you with the favor afforded your position.

Come and let me love you through this tonight. There you are, rest in my arms and know that I am God. I love you sweetness. Be sweetness and light in the dark and I will prosper and protect you. Feel my light in you and rest. See how good that is? Stay here with me for awhile...You are my blessed and you are my blessing. Be all that you were created to be in Christ.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Know your worth...

My prayer:
Awesome God, 4 hours of sleep, full day of work, lunch with mom, dinner with a friend and now I get to spend time with you. So tired I can barely move but life doesn't get much better than this.

What an exciting time God. You are doing such amazing things every time I turn around. You are helping people to see life long dreams come true. You are touching and teaching people in all new ways. I keep hearing common themes around transparency and true relationship with you. It seems like these things are pretty important to you right now. You are telling so many of us the same things about it.

Thank you for talking to us God. God, with my last moments of semi-conscious thought for the day, what do you want to say tonight?

What God said tonight:
You are here out of obedience, which is good. But better yet, you are here in joy to be with me. Despite your being tired, you have an anticipation to hear what I have to say.

Thank you for caring enough about what I have to say to keep showing up each night with an open heart and mind. I know it isn't always easy but I promise it will always be worth it. I can make you that same promise about life, it won't always be easy but it will always be worth it. My son was such a great example of that. He went through unimaginable pain, torture, death, betrayal, but it was all worth it. You were, you are worth it.

Never underestimate your worth. It is a weird balance I know. You are to be humble and avoid being proud because pride will be your downfall. Pride is something that I always have to take down because it is so destructive to you.

However, you must, while being humble, always understand your undeniable and unfathomable worth as my first son and daughter. It is like the son or daughter of a great singing star. They may not be anything special in their own account, they may not have the talent of their parent, but you see them as valuable because they are the son or daughter of a star. You are just you, nothing too special, but in light of the fact that you are the daughter of the most high God, you are more precious than rubies and gold.

You are about to see things you have never seen and do things you have never done. Your worth and understanding your own worth will be important. Understanding where your worth comes from will be even more important.

I love you sweet daughter. Have sweet and restful dreams. We have more to do tomorrow. Your service tomorrow is already blessed. Thank you for what you are about to do.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to love God...

My prayer:
Restorer, redeemer, God. You are so amazing! What a day!! My head is spinning with so much happening, all of it good!

Thank you for the amazing dream last night. The joy in that dream stayed with me all day. Thank you for the opportunities to serve you in new ways. Thank you for your favor on my work and on the training programs. Thank you for showing me where the lost thing was. Thank you for the confirmation regarding publishing the book. Thank you for my friend's mom's safe surgery today.

You truly were blessing me coming in and going out today God! What can I say when thank you is so inadequate? How can I let you know how much I appreciate you? What is meaningful to you God! I know how I like to be appreciated and loved, but what do you like? God show me how to show you how much I love you. Show me new ways to show you how I appreciate you. Show me the ways that will mean the most to you.

As always God, I pray that you make me a blessing to the people you place in my life. Show me how to best give into their lives. You are...I have no words.

What God said tonight:
What a great question to ask. You should ask that question more often to more people in your life. You should ask them how they want to be appreciated and what you can do that will be a blessing. Some won't know but it will get them thinking about it. It is important to know what makes you feel loved. It is important to tell others.

You have asked me, how can you show me your love. You show me your love when you serve me, when you are faithful in keeping your promises to me, in worshipping me, in meeting with me every night, in loving the people I put in your life, in praying, in trusting me. In each of these things, I see your love for me.

There really isn't one way that I like better than any other. The thing that makes a difference to me is when you love truly and from your heart. It is the intent, the heart that I see. So, when you are going through the motions, doing what ever it is because you think you are supposed to or you think it is what I want, that doesn't really touch me or move me. But, when you just groan out of your heart with deep adoration for me, that is more beautiful than the most beautiful psalm ever written.

When you think of me first in any situation, that makes me feel your love for me. When you ask my opinion and listen for the answer, that makes me feel your love for me. When you let me love you, that makes me feel your love for me.

Love isn't something you want to over think. Just love. Make a decision to love and let it flow. I will receive your love in any expression as long as it is true and from your heart. Don't waste our time with shallow or repetitive statements that someone once told you were worship. One heartfelt thought directed toward me is better than an unfelt soliloquy, no matter how beautiful. Be real, be honest, and love me from your heart. It was a good day. Rest for tomorrow and know that I love you.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life of joy...

My prayer:
Mighty God. Thank you for the new ideas and next steps all day today! Thank you for an amazing small group. It was pretty small tonight but truly fantastic and just what I needed.

God, I feel inspired tonight. I love that we are moving again, that I am moving again! Thank you for getting me out of that "stuck" season. God you are amazing. I feel like everything in my life, in my friends' lives is about building right now. Building businesses, relationships, ministries, it is a season of building. I love building God. It is so exciting to watch vision come to life.

God I pray for the strength, wisdom and capability to do all that you have for me to do to build my friends' dreams and my dreams. Dream builder...that sounds like a great job title! I love you God. I see it all coming together.

I saw tonight how decisions I made more than two years ago have led to and set up everything that is going on right now. I hadn't seen that connection before. Thank you for that insight! It helps me to see the progress and encourages me.

God, keep guiding me, directing me, helping me and show me how to best help the people you have put in my life. Love, love, love you God!

What God said tonight:
I love seeing you happy. To see you full with joy is a balm to my heart. You have learned to walk in all types of seasons. You have learned to wear the armor and covering to bring you through without significant harm. This is a really important thing you have learned.

It doesn't not mean all seasons are fun. You asked this morning to make summer last longer and for winter to be delayed. A season can be delayed but it cannot be avoided. Best to learn to dance in spite of the season. Best to find the good in each season and learn the way to appreciate it. There is always something to appreciate but you have to look for it.

As we move into new seasons, I ask that you move a level higher and learn to enjoy each season, not just survive. I want you to live a life of joy. I also want you to show others that it is possible to live a life that is not determined by circumstances but is determined by faith. I want you to be an example of living for me.

Next level, next steps, are you up for it? You can never resist a challenge. I love that about you. It makes my leading you pretty easy!

Find the joy. If you can't find it, create it. There is joy within you because I am in you. Bring my joy into every situation and every season and make people wonder why you are smiling!

But, be careful, don't fake it. Don't act like everything is ok when you are dying inside. That hypocrisy doesn't help any of us. Instead, I need you to truly connect with the joy and experience it in the face of the situation. I promise you, the joy is always in you because I am always in you. Tap into the joy. Tap into my love. Tap into the power that comes from the combination of the two and NOTHING can ever stop you.

I love you sweet daughter. Live out the life of joy that I have for you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hearing God...

My prayer:
Lord, God, Almighty. God you reign. God you are the amazing answer to every question ever asked and every question that will ever be thought. Mom and I were talking about it tonight--I have always wanted answers, answers about everything. You are my answer. You satisfy my curiosity God. Thank you for always answering me and my questions God. I don't always understand the answer right away but you always answer me. I find great peace in knowing that I can never ask a question that is too hard for you.

God I am so grateful that you find ways to speak to me. Whether it is from your word, other people, circumstances or the still small voice that I love so much to hear, it is all precious to me. I love to listen to you. I love to learn from you. I love just being with you.

I finished our outline for the training program to help people learn how to hear from you. I pray and ask God for help with the next steps. Show me the format that you want this all in God. Do I put it in the PowerPoint style that I am use to using or do you have a better idea? Thank you for inspiration God. I pray for the complete vision of what you want in this.

God I want to thank you again for amazing friends in my life. Everyday, one or more of these amazing people that you put in my life finds a way to bless me and encourage me. You have surrounded me with people that are so talented and smart and loving. I don't deserve the people you have put in my life but I surely am grateful. God help me be the blessing to them that they are to me. Help me to see the need and fill the need in their lives. Help me God to love on them everyday.

God, my life is in your hands and I give it to you freely and without hesitation. I am all yours God. Do with me and my life whatever you will. I love you, worship and praise you. I wish that I could find better words to describe my love for you God.

What God said tonight:
My love. It is good to be with you again here. This has become quite a place of worship and fellowship. I wish you could see this room in the spiritual realm. There is a glow that is so intense that comes from you and I spending these moments together. It is quite beautiful.

This, what we are doing, talking, listening, learning and building is important. It means so much to the world. They will all need to know how to seek me on their own. More and more my people are coming to know me personally. I have waited for this time for so very long. I have waited for a time that I could speak to people and they would hear. I have waited so long to have people speak their true hearts and feelings to me on a regular basis.

I am the God of rescue and I am here to help but I also need to hear from you when things are going well, when things are even and balanced, when things are crazy busy and when things are calm. I need to hear from you and talk to you at all times in your life. I need you to be so sensitive to my voice that you can hear me in a noisy train station or in the quiet of the forest. I need you to hear me in the midst of a landslide and in the peace of a summer night.

I love you so much and want so much for you. I sometimes want more for you than you want for yourself. But I am always here and I will give you as much as you are willing to receive. Open your arms wide my daughter and receive the blessings I have for you. You will not be disappointed.

Your life is so, so... exciting, amazing, purposeful, ordained and important. You just won't believe it. And, like most things with me, you will already be in the middle of it all before you realize it. Then, when you least expect it, you will look around and say, "WOW, look what God did!" That is when we will celebrate together. You are destined for greatness my girl. You trust that.

You don't ever need to translate for me. I can speak exactly what I mean and ordain it to reach each person that I mean for it to reach. Sometimes my words seem to be just for you but you know from experience that "just for you" can apply to millions at the same time.

The Bible, my word will never lose it's power because it is infused with life and this Holy Spirit anointing that reaches out and touches hearts, minds and spirits.

Keep teaching. Keep developing the trainings. My people need help to understand me more quickly in these final days. Help them to hear me. Help them to see me. You are going to be an instrument, a teaching tool for me. It is going to be so much fun!

Love you tonight and forever, my love. You are my light reflected for the world to see.

Monday, August 16, 2010

You be you...

My prayer:
My father and king. God, I have never had a king other than you. I don't know much about having a king and what it means. I get the impression that it is having the unchallenged final word. The king gets to make all of the rules and has the final say with any situation. That fits with you. I am grateful that my king also happens to love me to pieces. Wow God, not sure where that tangent came from.

I love you God. I am still confused about some things but I am confident that we will walk through this and everything for the rest of my life and beyond, together. There is such a great peace in that Lord. That you will be there for me always, never leaving or forsaking. I never need to worry that one morning I will wake up and you will be gone. You will ALWAYS be there. God, if there weren't a million other reasons to love you, that one thing would be enough.

God, what do you need from me tonight? What can I be doing for you tonight? Is there an act, a prayer, a change, an attitude, worship that I can give you tonight? God what I can I do for you tonight?

God, I feel like I don't do enough for you. I hear about other people who are traveling the world and taking your message, food etc. to people who are desperate. I hear about people who have quit their jobs in faith and just follow your voice. I hear about people who realize they haven't been a blessing to anyone yet that day and find someone in a roadside rest stop and give them everything in their wallet. I hear about these people God and think, I want faith like that. I want to trust you like that. I want you to be able to trust me with stuff like that.

There is that word again, trust. I guess we are not done with that topic. I love you God and want to trust you more so I can be and do anything and everything you have for me. Help me again in this God.

I praise you God. Thank you Jesus for miraculously healing Damaris. Thank you for amazing friends who listen to me yammer on and pray for me. Thank you for a mom who loves me more than life. Thank you God for every blessing you have put in my life. I praise you.

What God said tonight:
Just breathe and relax a minute. Your thoughts, your prayers are kind of all over tonight. I tell you tonight, rest, be still. I have it all under control.

I don't need you to do what other people are doing. I need you to do what I have told you to do. You have been faithful in your commitment to work on the new training courses every day. I appreciate your faithfulness. You just continue to listen and pay attention to what I have for you.

Comparing yourself to others is always a losing game. You are you for a reason. I don't need more people just for the sake of having more people in the kingdom. I need more people in the kingdom because each person is so unique and each person brings something new and needed. Don't sell the kingdom short by trying to be like anyone else. You are you and perfect in your youness.

"Youness" may not be a word, but I am God and king, so I made it up. I get to do that. I get to create things just by speaking them. It is one of the great things about being me. Discover the great things about being you. Nourish and cherish those things. Grow those things so that you can be the best you that you can be.

Your destiny is within you, not within the stories or the call on other people. Your story is unique, your ministry is unique, your purpose is unique. Be you. You know that one of the names for me is "I AM." That's just me being me. That is all that means. Now you be you.

I love you sweetness. Keep up that good fight of faith and practice trusting me each day. Please don't fall back into what is comfortable. Keep pushing and striving to do things in this new way. Masks off, show the world who I really am. Show them who I am to you so I can show myself to them. I love you.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The future...

My prayer:
Awesome father, mighty God. What do you want to say tonight? It has been all about me for awhile now. What is on your mind? What can I do for you? Your servant is here and ready to listen.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter. You spent most of today running away and you are still running away. But I love you and understand you need a break. You have been dealing with some of the really tough questions these last few days and weeks.

Tonight, let's spend some time looking at what is possible. Looking at what I can accomplish. Looking at the future that I have ordained for you and the world. I wrote it all out you know. It should not be a surprise to anyone. I know the imagery in the book of Revelations can be difficult to follow, but spend some time with it. It is all there.

So many people want to know the future and they seek out psychics, horoscopes, Ouija boards, fortune cookies, really just about anything that they think might shed light on what happens next. You don't need all that. I wrote it all down for you.

I told you that you have a great future. I have told you that you will be victorious in all that you do and I will bless the work of your hands. I have told you that you are the head and not the tail and my word is truth. I have explained the groanings, the wars, the rumors of wars, the "natural" disasters, the plagues and all that will happen to give every last person the chance to choose a life with me. Many will not make the right choice, but many will.

I know you are in a hurry. I know that you, being you, want to get it all done with now so we can move on into living in paradise together forever. But the work of this world is far from over. Please stick in there with me to finish the work. Being work, it is not always fun, but I will ensure to always prosper you. My faithful daughter, keep at it, today, tomorrow and as many tomorrows as we have, stick to the plan. Love me and love people.

I will always love you. We aren't done talking about trust, by the way. That is part of the work we have left to do. You remain my heart's desire and the object of my love.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blood, sweat and tears...

My prayer:
You were on the cross. When I was looking for you, you were on the cross. When I wondered if you were still with me, you were on the cross paying for my sin. Paying the debt I owe and cannot pay. God, one sacrifice that covered all of us. Every person ever born or ever will be born is covered by that one sacrifice as long as they call you Lord of their life. Sometimes those simple truths that I have known my whole life take on a whole new level of meaning.

Thank you for all that you said last night. I am beginning to understand it better. I am not quite there yet, but I am closer than I was. Thank you for your patience and willingness to hear me out and to try to help me to understand.

You are not a stranger to pain, torture, betrayal, abuse or death. Every terrible thing that I have experienced, you have experienced. If preventing those horrible things was the best thing to do, you surely would have prevented experiencing them yourself. But you actually chose to go through it all. You chose to be betrayed, beaten, humiliated and killed. You knew that the benefit, the possibility for salvation of every person, was worth the pain. You were big enough to see that the outcome justified the need to go through it all. It was worth it to you because of your love for us. You would go through anything to save us. You choose to go through it all because of your love for us.

Before I worry too much more about why you didn't take me out of my abusive situation, before I worry too much about the other suffering I see, I think I need to spend some time thinking about the abuse and death that you chose to go through just for me. Would I make the same choice if I was given it? If I knew that going through all that I went through was the only way to help someone else, would I have chosen to go through it? I don't know, but it does help to know that you will always use those struggles, battles, abuse to help someone else. It does help to know you never waste a hurt.

I remember when Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane before he was arrested. He asked a few times that "this cup be taken" from him, but always followed up with "Your will be done." He prayed so hard that he sweat blood. I prayed pretty hard as a little girl, but I never sweat blood! Your answer to Jesus prayer was not to take away the coming torture and death but to send angels to help him. As I look back, that is what you did for me. You didn't take me out of the situation but sent people and angels to help me through it. Not that I am comparing my struggle to Jesus' torture, that would be ridiculous, but our prayers and the outcome of the prayers were similar. So, I got the same result, the same help that you gave to your only begotten son...You say that I have first son rights...I think this is the first time that I really have an example of that in my life! God you are cool.

I love you so much God. Thank you for all that you are showing and teaching me. I pray God that tomorrow's services throughout the world are blessed and on fire with your Holy Spirit. I pray our worship blesses you!

What God said tonight:
I don't have much to say tonight. Like David, you encouraged yourself tonight! Your openness to this process is so good and refreshing. I am so glad that we are finally taking care of this. It has been a wall between us for too long.

Your life is blessed and a blessing. You will be amazed at what is to come. Your future is great and you will look back on these times with fondness, as a beginning. Do not disparage small beginnings. They can be the most beautiful things in the world.

You are a blessed daughter of the most high God and you will never want for anything. You will have everything that I have promised you. You will have great joy in your life. You will have every need met. You will have my love evident in you every moment of every day of your life.

Your family is blessed, your friends are blessed, your animals are blessed. You are blessed coming in and going out. You are blessed in the city and blessed in the country . You will conquer every place and every situation that you are in because the victorious God lives in you. I will be your victory, your help and your strength.

Your love for me is precious. Your worship is a sweet fragrance to me. Your faithfulness is a testimony of your love for me. I love you with everything that I am, now and forever. Good night my dear.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Why I don't trust...

My Prayer:
Hi God. I have really put this off tonight. Mainly because I don't know what to say. You asked me a pretty specific question last night, why don't I trust you? Well, I have thought about it a lot today. I have always told myself that it isn't that I don't trust you, it's just that I don't trust myself to hear you correctly or accurately all of the time. But, if I am honest with myself, that is a cop out. I tell myself that so that I can make it ok to not trust. I tell myself that because I know I should trust you and when I don't I feel guilty. Instead of dealing with that, I couch it in nice acceptable church language and wiggle my way out. I guess that is over as of tonight.

The question remains, why don't I trust you? I should trust you. You are a good God. You have never done anything but love me and help me. I am alive today only because of you. I am in my right mind only because of you. You have never done or said a single thing that should make me not trust you, so why?

I'm not sure that I know God. I do trust that in the end, everything will work out to my good. That you are in charge. But I also know that I have had to go through a lot of crap over the years. I also know that I have watched people I care about, good people, go through a lot of crap. Maybe it comes back to that age old question, "If you love me how could you let me go through that?" How could you let me be molested, raped, beat, tortured, rejected? How could you allow millions to die in flooding? How can you allow people and land to be consumed in fire? How can you let people lie about me and talk badly about me? How can you let it all happen? If you truly love me and want the best for me, how can you watch it all happen? Doesn't it break your heart? Doesn't it make you want to intervene?

I remember so many days and nights as a little girl praying, begging for you to get me out of it all. Year after year I didn't know what else to do. I tried to run away, but I was so little, I didn't know how to take care of myself. God, you have shown me how to forgive the people who abused me in my life. You are showing me how to forgive myself. I guess I didn't realize until tonight that I need to forgive you. I think that is the root though God. I think it is hard for me to trust you in that day to day way because a part of me is still that little girl, sitting at the lake, hiding, praying and begging you to take me away only to have to go back and face it all for one more day, month or year.

God, I am sorry I have held this against you all this time. God help me to forgive. I love you.

What God said tonight:
Thank you so much for getting that out. It is so past time that we deal with this one and now that it is out in the open, we can take care of it. You are not alone. So many people have these same doubts. Life in this sin riddled world is hard! There is no other way to say it. The things that happen in any one given life can be tragic on so many levels.

I wish I could explain to you in a way that you could fully understand. I was there with you at the lake. I was always with you. I never left you. I would never let you go through anything alone. Now, I can hear your thoughts, that knowing that isn't really much of a comfort. In some ways to know that I am right there and can intervene but don't or don't seem to, can seem even more cruel.

Maybe I can explain it this way, your life is bigger than your tragedies. Your life and purpose are bigger than you. I have a world full of people who are hurting as a result of the sin that runs rampant in the world. I need people who can reach out and help these people to know me and find a better way to live. My people, you, could never reach or help anyone if you never went through anything yourself. But, I was always there. I was always there to make sure that you were strong enough to handle it. That you had my strength to lean on and keep you from permanent damage. There is a reason why so many people who went through the things you did end up not in their right minds and tormented by memories. They did not have me in them to help. You were chosen at such a young age, because I needed to be with you and keep you strong throughout.

I will always be with you. I tell you I will never give you more than you can handle, ever. It was not some coincidence or luck that you survived those years. It is not coincidence or luck that you have such a desire to minister and to help people who are hurting. You have had a plan on your life before you were born.

You ask if it broke my heart, more than you can know. The tears you cried were just the overflow of mine. I hated to see you in such pain, so afraid. I never wanted that for you. But, choices were made by others that led to you being hurt. I can't stop them from making those decisions or the consequences of them, but I can strengthen and help you through it. I can and will bring you through everything that ever comes against you.

You can rely on me. You can trust me. You can know that you will never be so broken that I can't put you back together. Count it all joy sweet daughter. Remember each time I brought you through and know that will always be the outcome of struggle, pain, abuse, torture in your life. It rains on everyone, but I will bring you out and dry you off every time. Come sit by my fire and get warm tonight. I love you.

I hope this helps some tonight. We will continue to talk this out until you have no doubt left. We will work through this together. I promised you I would help you and I ALWAYS keep my promises. ALWAYS. You are precious and amazing and I love everything about you. Come back here tomorrow and we will continue to work this out.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My prayer:
Sweet father who loves me so much. Can I just spend some time telling you how wonderful you are? You are so patient, you never give up on me. You wait it out and trust that I will come to my senses and come to you eventually.

God thank you for the struggles and the lessons learned through them. I would be a pretty boring and shallow person if I never went through anything. Thank you for the trouble in life, not because of the trouble itself, I don't like the trouble, but I love the things I learn from it. I love that each thing, each struggle, each storm, each attack, each wrong decision, leads me back to you eventually. And once I am back, I am stronger, more loving, more merciful and more understanding than I ever was before. Thank you for using every single thing in my life to make me a better person and to bless the people in my life. I thank you that everything you bring me through will be one more thing that I can help someone else through someday.

God today was good. Busy, but good. Isn't it funny that now that I remembered what you told me to do, I am suddenly so busy that I don't have time to do it. But I commit tonight God to spend a portion of everyday working on the new training program about how to hear from you. Even if it is only 10 minutes, I will spend some time on developing it. I ask for your help in getting it done God.

God I pray over my family and friends. You know their situations, their struggles, their needs and I pray God that you move in their lives in a whole new way. I pray God that your power, direction and love be evidenced in their lives. I pray God that you comfort and love them so they know that it is you.

I love you God. You are truly my joy.

What God said tonight:
What is different about tonight? There is a great weight that is lifted. There is a pressure, a false expectation that you are no longer being tormented by. You are free, not just for today but from now on. You will not have to worry about that feeling, that weight, that restriction coming back. We are done with that one forever.

You will of course have new struggles in the future and we will get through those too. There is a way to live where the struggles truly just roll off your back. There is a way to live at such a great level of trust that you are never without my joy or my peace. It isn't easy in some ways but in some ways it is the easiest thing in the world.

Practice trust. Practice trusting. When you truly trust me and know who I am, how much I love you, there is no need for fear, pain or worry. There is no room for those things in the presence of true trust.

Can you learn to trust me like that? Can you try? I will help... I love you more than I loved living. I loved you so much, I gave up living for you. What more do you need to trust me? What questions do you have? It is ok, I can take it. Think about it daughter. Think about the things that keep you from trusting me wholly and let's talk about it tomorrow. Me + you = true love!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My prayer:
God you are so incredible. Thank you for amazing friends who have been praying for me. Thank you for laying me on their hearts. It is awfully hard for me to ask for help, even when I know I need it so thank you for asking them for me!

Today was truly a breakthrough day! During my run this morning I got to thinking, "Ok, so I am stuck. What have you (God) taught me to do when I am stuck? You say, 'What is the last thing I told you to do that you haven't done yet.'" and, eureka! I realize the last thing you told me to do was combine the training techniques with teaching people how to live for you. I started it, but it was harder than I thought and I procrastinated and then just stopped working on it.

So today, I took every spare minute and started putting together the first outline and it is so cool! You just started tying it all together and I see how it can all work together, along with the blog, Zyxter and the whole sheebang! You are SO COOL! And all I needed to do was start doing what you told me to do. That is when it all started coming together.

I feel like I am back in the groove. Back where you intend me to be. The trapped/stuck feeling is gone! There is a new freedom and purpose returned to my life! THANK YOU!!!!! It is sure good to be back!

God I pray for all the amazing people who were praying for me that you just return the blessing in their lives. I pray God that you provide us all with this kind of direction, passion, dreams that make life worthwhile. I LOVE YOU for being you and I WORSHIP YOU for who you are and I PRAISE YOU for the amazing things you do for me!

What God said tonight:
It was there all along and I am so glad you see it now. This season is going to be a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Keep paying attention and don't take my words lightly. I don't tell you things just to hear myself. I tell you to help you. You are my precious daughter and I so want you to live the life I intended for you. I celebrate with you tonight in your breakthrough. Good job getting on the other side of the wall.

I love you and I will continue to equip you. I will continue to give you everything you need physically, spiritually and emotionally each day. I don't have much more to say tonight. Now that you are listening and acting on my direction, we can just be together for a time tonight. Just enjoy hanging out.

Do you know how I see you? Do you know how beautiful you are to me? Do you know that you are every dream I ever had? Do you know that I created you especially for me? Do you know that you are a Royal Priesthood, the head and not the tail, above and not beneath? Do you know who you are to me? Do you know that you are the apple of my eye? Do you know that I have carved you in the palm of my hand? Do you know that you are what I love, long for and spend all of my time thinking about?

You are that important to me. You are my whole focus. You, everyone of you, are the children of the Most High God. You are created in my image and because of my great love for you. I loved you before you even were and I will love you throughout eternity.

Let me be your everything so I can express my love for you. Let me sing you to sleep and give you peace. Let me be your everything. Let me be the breath in your lungs. Let me be your Lord, saviour, redeemer, healer, teacher, father, creator, and the lover of you soul. Let me love you.

You rest now, we have more for tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pay attention...

My prayer:
Awesome God. You seemed quiet today or maybe I was too wrapped up in everything happening to hear you. There was a lot of crazy, potentially very bad things that happened today. Thank you for taking care of them all. Maybe that was it, you were so busy dealing with the crazy attacks to spend much time chatting.

Thank you for always being my protector. It's not that bad things don't happen, but every time, if I just take a breath, you work it out. I went at today with about 4 hours of sleep but prayed for the supernatural help and you kept me alert and able to do my job all day. The thing I worked on all morning was wiped out in a matter of seconds when they moved the database to the new server but you showed me a way to recreate the work in a matter of 15 minutes. The air conditioning at the office went crazy and it was near freezing, literally, in my office all day but you reminded me that being a good Coloradoan, I had a fleece coat in my car. It kept me warm until they fixed the ac, around 5:00 tonight :). Then there was the fire alarm...etc. etc. etc. but through it all, you worked it out, as always.

What would I do without you Lord? I ask the question but I don't really want to know. I am so grateful for you God in my life and even more grateful for your continual promise to never leave me or forsake me. I love you, thank you and worship you God. When it comes down to it, all the rest is just details. You are the real reason, purpose and joy in my life.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter, it is good to spend some quiet time with you tonight. It was a busy day and with so much happening, it can be hard to for you to hear me clearly, but you heard me on some level. You trusted me to handle it all. You listened when I sent solutions.

Remember that I don't always communicate in the same way. I love these times each night, and at other times, where we get to talk directly to each other. I want to do more of that with you. However, I can also use a sermon, people, a donkey, whatever I want, to speak to you. Sometimes I will speak to you through the circumstance.

Pay attention.

You keep hearing people say to expect me in unexpected places. I am doing a new thing and you will find me moving and active in places that you have not seen me before. You will begin to move and serve in places you have not been before.

Be alert.

Don't sleep walk your way through life. I have a lot to show you, teach you and for you to do. We still have a wall to get through, but we are taking down bricks everyday. Before you know it, we will be on the other side.

While I am working in new places and new ways, that does not mean we have to give up the old secret places. Tonight, you and me, rest with me again. Rest in my love again. Worry over nothing! Pray over everything! Trust and rest.

You keep thinking you need to be doing more. I promise I will tell you when to move. I promise you will not miss the next new thing or the one after that or the one after that. I love you baby. You are so deep in my heart, you will never get out. Take my peace that I give to you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Freedom to soar...

My prayer:
Father God. You know that I love you. You know that I want your will accomplished in my life. You know that I am trying to trust, to find joy in each moment, to appreciate the present like you have said, but I am not doing a very good job of it.

So often these days I just want to pack up and take off. Just go, anywhere. Just go and experience more than what I see every day on the same streets, in the same city, in the same state, and in the same country I have lived my whole life. I usually start getting edgy when I don't get out of the country at least every 6 months and it has been over a year now.

I want to just pack up and head for Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Africa, anywhere, for a month, a year I don't know. Just to see new faces, new cultures, new food, I crave the new.

But, then I think about all you are doing in my life right now. There seem to be so many beginnings, things that could turn into something great, and I don't want to miss it. I'm just all over the place again God.

Maybe I am just too focused on me again. I sure sound that way. Maybe if I get the focus off of me I will stop feeling so on edge? I remember that season where every time I prayed I wouldn't allow myself to use the words, "I" or "me." I should probably do that again for awhile. Because truth is, I'm kind of tired of hearing myself talk about me.

So, for now, I will stop and ask that you speak to me God. Let me know what's on your mind and what you want.

What God said tonight:
Awesome father is what you so often call me. Yet you need to remember that is who I am. I am your father, I have your best interest at heart. I will always protect, lead and guide you. I will always love you.

You cannot miss what I have for you. Do you think I am so weak that I can't find you if you leave the country for awhile? I have things for you here, but we can do this anywhere. Experience life, do what you want. Follow my word to keep yourself from sin and the consequences of sin, but otherwise, have a blast!

I want you to have joy in your life. Your days of travel are not over by a long shot. You will still yet go to places you cannot even dream of right now. There are people in countries who are preparing a place for you right now and they don't even know it is for you. I have a grand plan for the world and a great future for you in it.

Stop thinking that you can thwart that plan by something like taking a trip or even moving somewhere else. The only way that you can stop my plan for your life is by telling me no, by saying that I am no longer the Lord of your life. Thinking that anything else you can do would stop my plan is pompous and self righteous and unworthy of my daughter.

Make your plans, keep me as Lord and enjoy the ride. I love you and will not let you fall through the cracks. You are too important to me. You are not a caged bird, you are free like an eagle. Soar my daughter, soar.