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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Be a blessing...

My prayer:

God, make me a blessing to the people around me. Help me to add to their lives, not take away from them. 

What God Said Tonight:

I have developed a kaleidoscope of life experience for each person. Add to that, the experiences that result from living in a world that is still run by sin and you will get a mixture of both good and bad in most people. 

Your blessing for others is me in you. Everything you do that shows off me to other people will bless them, eventually. I am a seed that you can sow. I will continue to show you creative ways to show me to other people because I know it is your heart. 

Your life is a continual opportunity to bless those around you. Take every opportunity you can.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Glory of God...

My prayer:

Thank you God for a WONDERFUL evening! Wonderful time with a wonderful old friend, wonderful opportunity to be a blessing, and wonderful experience to witness another one of your miraculous healings of knee. You are sure good at healing knees!!

Thank you for the reminder that even though life gets mundane sometimes, if I keep my eyes open, I can see you working every day. I can get excited about your will and your power in my life. Youa are always doing something, I just have to keep my eyes open better.

I think that is my problem. I get so focused on getting all the "stuff" of life done that I keep my head down and focused on the thing right in front of me, just so I can get it done. Which works, I get it done, but I miss your glory that is all around me. 

Help me God to keep my head up and my eyes, ears and spirit alert to what you are doing. That is all that really matters in this life anyway, what you are doing. 

What God Said Tonight:

My glory is all around you but my glory is in you as well. Everything you do can be a demonstration of my glory. 

I am in you and you are in me and together we can display the glory of God to the world. That is how they will see me. Most people in the world, cannot imagine seeing me face to face and most would not be able to handle it if they did. So, when they see me through you, it is their best chance of getting know me. It is their best chance of seeing who I really an. 

I want a personal relationship with every single person. To get there, some people need to get to know me thorough you first. Getting to know a person with God in them is less intimidating than being face to face with God. Be the display of my glory until they know me for themselves. They will come around. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cleaning out the old...

My prayer:

Wonderful God. Today was long and tiring but I need our time together before I go to bed. 

I want to hear about what you want to do. What is on your agenda? I want to know how your day was. I am a little tired of me so let's talk about you tonight.

What God Said Tonight:

You had a good day of cleaning out the old. I am doing the same. I am cleaning out the old to make way for the new. 

It is a new day, a new season, and there is a new covenant that has yet to be truly understood. My grace is more than what you know. My love is more powerful than you have seen. My power is more complete than you recognize. 

I am launching a new season where those who are willing can see the true depth and length of my gift. I am launching a new season where those who are willing will experience my power and my love. 

I am excited about this new season and I will take all who are willing into it with me. Come along and I will show you great things. 

I love you daughter. Go and rest. Tomorrow has new joy, new tasks, new life in it.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hunger for the truth...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I am completely devoted to discovering and understanding the complete truth of you and who you are. I cannot be satisfied with less. I can't be satisfied with not knowing, not understanding. I cannot be satisfied with the status quo. 

I know you are perfect and I fully believe that. So, anything that does not line up with what you have said is a result of my lack of understanding. God, help me to understand. Help me to know the "why" always.

What God Said Tonight:

I love your curiosity and hunger for the truth. It will take you to many interesting places, as it has already. But also know that my revelations to you are timed and specific to what you need when yo need it. I cannot share everything with you right this second because it would not make sense. It would overwhelm you and you would not understand how it applied to your life. 

Continue to hunger for the truth but know that I will give you the knowledge you need when you need it. I will not let you go into any situation unprepared. I will equip you for every eventuality and every circumstance. 

I love you and I made you  and I will provide for you everything you need, I promise. 

Friday, April 25, 2014


My prayer:

Abba. I am working really hard to not be offended tonight God but I am failing. I know getting offended doesn't do me or anyone else any good. I also know that it is ridiculous for me to be offended in this case anyway; but knowing that doesn't keep me from feeling it. 

Rejection, even rejection over something I didn't really even want, still stings. 

God, help me to have peace over this. Help me God to not get caught up in my pride and to be humble. Help me to love and not get bitter or angry. Those are all things that I know you would want me to do (and not do) but I will need your help. I can't do it on my own.

What God Said Tonight:

I am your peace and I am your identity. I have opened up some opportunities and I have closed others. You are entering into a new season and not everyone or everything can go into the new season with you. Your good byes and closed doors are not rejections, they are simply the evidence of a new season in your life. 

You have been hungering for something new. You have been so bored with the status quo. You know that to bring in the new I have to clear out some of the old. I need to make room in your life. 

You know that if you really wanted it, I would be happy to give it to you. I would be happy to keep that opportunity and those people in your life But truth is, we are on a new road and a new journey and you will need to be free to follow my voice. I can't have you tied to other obligations. 

And, I know you, if they would have asked you would have said yes. You  know you are not good at saying no when people ask for your help. 

SO, truly, let it go knowing that this is my will. There is no reason to wonder about the reasoning behind their actions because the truth is, I am the reason behind their actions. Be grateful that they listen to my voice as you do and that they are obedient.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


My prayer:

My God, my friend. Thanks for getting me through this day. With 3 hours of sleep, I thought it was going to be a disaster but you brought me through, as always. 

God, I love your consistency. I love that you are the same yesterday, today and forever. I love that you are so complex that even if I spent every moment of every day for the rest of eternity, I could never know all of you.

Keep teaching me about you. Keep showing you to me. I want to know all of you. You fascinate me. 

What God Said Tonight:

You have seen the black and white of things but now you are getting to know the gray. Not everything in this world is clear cut. Some things are. My love for you. My goodness. My truth, those are all very black and white.

But many things are gray. many things don't fall into the convenient buckets that you try to put in your life to give you a sense of control. I will continue to show and teach you about the gray. In the gray is much of the excitement of life. In the gray is your free will. In  the gray is the artistry of life.

I love you and always will. Now that is black and white. Should you take the new job opportunity, that can sometimes be gray. The gray stuff, which is most of life, is where you get to choose, and I knwo you love to choose.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unselfish love...

My prayer:

Thank you Daddy! You took care of everything today, just like you always do. 

I admit that I had a little doubt early on when it looked like it was all going to fall apart, but just at the perfect time, you brought all of it together. You do that so often. You are never early but you are always on time. It is so true that it has become cliche. 

But really, I am just grateful that you do show up. I am grateful that you always know the right timing. I am grateful that you find something to love in me and that you bless me like crazy.

What God Said Tonight:

I have not left you or forgotten you ever. I am constantly thinking about you and constantly working on your behalf. 

In the world, with people, they don't have the capacity to have your best interest before their own all the time. It is not human nature. Some people have come close but it is the rare thing, not the norm. 

It is one way that we are different from each other. 

I am love and love gives. Love thinks about you before it thinks about itself. You can trust me to always think of you first because it is my nature. My God nature. You have human nature, I have God nature. My God nature will not allow me to ever forget you or put you second. 

You are always my number one. Love you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Timing of truth...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I have a lot on my mind but mainly just boring details of life. Nothing profound or wonderful. 

I do want to thank you for renewing my brother's dream! I forgot how fun it is to watch you bless new believers. It seems like when someone is new to living life with you, you tend to move so quickly and profoundly in their lives. It is so fun to watch you bless him!

There is a lot going on tomorrow God and a lot that could go wrong. I ask for you to be in complete charge of it all and working it all out for my good like you do. Thank you for always taking such good care of me God. 


What God Said Tonight:

I have waited to tell you something, to share something with you. I have waited because the timing of knowledge is as important as the knowledge itself. Not everybody is ready to hear the whole truth all of the time. 

I speak in parables a lot for that reason. I speak in images and stories so that people can discover the truth when they are ready. Until then, it is just a nice story that people can ignore. Don't get angry when people ignore the story. It is just not their time yet. 

I have you at a place for great revelation. I have you here because in this time I will need warriors on earth who will stand strong in me no matter what. I will need warriors who know the truth, the whole truth. I will need you to know the truth. 

I have prepared you and I will reveal more truth to you each day. It will be like building a brick foundation, one piece at a time. but, once built, nothing will shake it. 

Be alert to me and my words. Be ready for knowledge in and about things that you thought you already knew. I am giving you new levels of knowledge and understanding because it is your time. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Safe in the midst of treachery...

My prayer:

My God. I need wisdom. You have said that when we lack wisdom we should ask for it and you will give it to us so I am asking. There is so much going on right now, both the things I can see happening and the things that I sense are happening in the spirit realm. 

God, I ask that you help me to understand what is going on and what, if anything you want me to do. 

What God Said Tonight:

The activities and things going on should not be unusual to you or strange. They are nothing more than the tired old tricks of your enemy. He is whispering doubt in your ear. He is telling you that you are less than you are. He is trying to distract you so he can get you off track. 

I have seen his plays so many times and he never really has anything new. It is lies, deception, and every attempt to separate you from people, your destiny and from me. 

He cannot succeed. He will not succeed. 

You are covered in my blood. You are set apart. You have a purpose and a plan on your life that cannot be cancelled unless you yourself choose to cancel it. I will not allow any weapon to harm you. I will not allow any enemy to triumph over you. 

I am in this battle with you and I will fight, I will win. I have you completely covered. You do not need to worry. I have you safe in the midst of his treachery. Trust me to be the God I have shown you  that I am. Trust I am.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Growing season...

My prayer:

Wonderful Father, Holy Spirit, Jesus. My God who is risen. Speak to me and tell me waht you want me to hear tonight. I long for your voice God.

What God Said Tonight:

You life is about to become lush and green again. Your seeds are sprouting and producing new grain. Your soil is rich with experience and faith. 

You will have such a great harvest at the end of this next season.. Your waiting time is nearly done. Your reaping time is almost here. 

Trust me each day to lead you on the path of glory in me. 

Tomorrow is going to be so good!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Cuddle up...

My prayer:

God, I am  so in love with you! Your sweet presence is greater than anything else in the entire universe. Your peace is better than all the money in the world. Your direction, wisdom, and love complete me. 

Thank you for counting me worthy even though I am not. Thank you for being patient with me even when I am stubborn. Thank you for loving me when I am unlovable. Thank you for always seeing the best in me even when the worst in me is so apparent. 

What God Said Tonight:

I love you for you are lovely. I take care of you because you are mine. I comfort you because you are tender. I love you because I am love. 

Cuddle up tonight with me daughter. We have been through a tough week, a tough season and while there is more to walk through, tonight, it is just you and me. Tonight I want you to rest in my arms and forget everything else. I will take care of it all, I promise. So, tonight, cuddle up with me and let me enjoy you. 

Mmmm, that is good.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Such a GOOD Friday...

My prayer:

Tonight was so wonderful God! What an amazing celebration of you and your sacrifice! Thank you for putting people in my life that have the same desire to love you and worship you. Not in a showy, hey look at me way, but in a quiet, spirit and truth kind of way.

Jesus, this year more than any other, I am so aware of the amazing gift your sacrifice was and is for us. God, I continue to receive your gift of salvation and grace in my life. Thank you. 

What God Said Tonight:

I was there in the midst of you tonight and I was so very blessed by you and by your love. It is love that always wins out in the end. There is nothing stronger than true love. There is nothing that can beat it. 

The love you have for me and the love you have for each other will strengthen you to face any battle and any enemy. That love will make you victorious. 

I love you, I loved you, I will always love you. My life was a willing sacrifice for that love. You are in right standing with me because of that love and my sacrifice. You are under the grace covering that allows everything to be possible in you. I love you now and forever my sweet child.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't fight it...

My prayer:

Ok God. What is going on? There are so many of your kids that are going through the same desert, struggle that I am in right now. Two friends in the last week said it feels like Groundhog's Day where every day is exactly the same. We are all feeling this same way. Something must be up. 

God, I ask for revelation and understanding of what is happening in the spirit realm. I ask that you show me the meaning behind all of this. And most importantly, I ask you to show me anything that I should be doing or not doing that will help all of us get through this.

God, I declare your joy which is our strength into our lives. I receive the oil of joy for mourning. I lean God on you, now and forever, because I love you, I trust you and I can't get us out of this on my own. 

What God Said Tonight:

Who ever said that you have to save yourself? You can't you know. You can't save anyone else either. I am the one who can save, redeem, and set free. You, yes, you are my hands and feet so often in that process that sometimes you forget that it is me that is doing the saving, not you. But make no mistake about it, you can not save yourself from anything in this world. 

You can avoid some things for a while, you can even fight some things off. But for true victory and true freedom, you have to rely on me. 

I will bring you out. But right now, you are a little like a swimmer who is drowning and fighting off the lifeguard. Go limp for me, trust me to bring you in. Don't let your fear or your need to control keep you from your blessing. 

I am taking you somewhere. Just follow me and I will show you great and mighty things. I love you daughter, you know that I do. I am in you, you can't lose. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


My prayer:

Wow God. This season is so tough! I just think I am getting on top of it, that things are getting better, that I have some revelation and hope and then I come crashing back down again. Life right now seems like a relentless series of meaningless problems that have to be solved. 

I am sorry that I keep complaining. You know that is normally not me. I am usually the first person to find the silver lining. But, not right now. 

God, please fill me with your joy again which is my strength. Help me to see the good around me. Help me to see the hope. I bind discouragement off of me and the people around me and I loose your joy and peace. 

God, I thank you for the blessings you pour out on our lives and ask that you help me to focus more on those than on the things that are coming against me. God, renew your purpose for me in my life. Help me to see what you want for me to do or if I am doing it, help me to see how this mundane day to day experience will lead into the purpose you have for me. God, I need your help.

What God Said Tonight:

I have seen this season coming from the beginning of time. It is not a surprise to me and it is not something that we can not handle. I have a plan and the plan is not dead. I have your purpose well in hand and your purpose is not dead. 

I am the way, the truth and the life. I bring life to everything I touch. Your life is not over. Your life is just beginning. Your life is in my hands and I will see you do great things for the Kingdom. 

You need encouragement, true. But what you need most is to trust me. You need to believe that I am still active, alive and doing all that I can n your behalf and for your good. 

I know this season is hard. It is hard to trust me things don't look good. But then, if it was easy, it would not be trust. If it was easy, it would not be faith. Keep your faith in me. I won't let you down. I never have and I never will. 

Endure. Seek joy. Look for it. Have your eye out for the new spring bloom on the side of the road. Roll in the fresh green grasses of Spring. Your day, your next season is so close. Find the joy while you wait and trust me. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

God in you...

My prayer:

Today was a LOT better God. Thank you for renewed hope. Thank you for improved attitude. Thank you for a refocusing my attention. 

I am so grateful for you God. I would be such a nightmare mess if I did not have you working in me, helping me, making me a better person. Thank you for your patience and for always bringing me through. 

What God Said Tonight:

I did little but my presence in you changes how life effects you. The power you have, the peace you feel, the love you give, that is all because of me in you. 

I created you in our image. I have a vested interested in your success, your joy, your health, and your peace because I am in you and you are in me. When we made this covenant together, that is when I made a choice to provide for you. That is when I chose to make sure you had a way to live in me and me in you. 

I am glad you chose to accept it. I love our life together. I love seeing you change and grow and learn. I love spending time with you. You and me forever.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Remember God's plan...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I don't really have anything worthwhile to say tonight. I am discouraged, irritated and bored with life right now. I am ready for the next new thing. I know that my attitude is definitely not helping anything. 

I know that you have a plan and a purpose for my life. I know this is just a season and that you will soon have me knee deep in the next challenge. I know from experience that it is just about this moment, the moment where I don't think I can take another minute of the meaninglessness, that is the moment that you show up and change everything. 

I am going to do my best to focus on the truth of who you are and what you are doing and not focus on how I feel, because how I feel is cruddy and just gets worse when I focus on it. 

What God Said Tonight:

The enemy has been on you all day. He has been in your mind and poking your emotions. He is really worried about where you are going next. He is working his hardest to keep you from what is next. 

Resist him. To the best of your ability, resist him. Rely on me to fight him off. Remember that you and I have great plans remember that there is nothing in your life that is wasted. Remember that I always have and always will bring you through. Remember all of the glorious moments and seasons we have had together and remember that we have an eternity more of those moment yet to live. 

Your life in me will be continually filled with new opportunity, new joy, new love and new adventures. I am your Father and your creator and I know you better than anyone. I will make sure you have everything you need for all the days of your life. 

Right now, you need this. Right now you need a time where there is not much needed from you so I can pour into you. I am teaching you. I am preparing you. Your job right now is to learn all that you can. Question all that you hear. Gain a strength that will not waiver in the storm. You will have need of all it it in our future. 

While this season is not glamorous, it is necessary. Enjoy becoming what  had hoped you would become. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trust God...

My prayer:

What a beautiful day God. 

Awesome God, I seek your face tonight, not because I need anything but just because I want to see you. I seek you just because I want to be closer to you. I seek you because I love you and I can't get close enough to you, no matter how close I am. 

I love you God and I love your presence. You and me together forever God.

What God Said Tonight:

Mutual adoration. I have adored you from before you were in your mother's womb. You can trust me. My love for you is so great I could never not have your best interests in mind. You can trust my love. 

You can trust me to always bring you through. You can trust me to always provide. You can trust me to heal you. You can trust me to bring exactly what you need exactly when you need it, even when what you need is a lesson to learn the next level of maturity, love, grace, in your life. 

Stay open to hearing my voice and I will help you to use every situation, good, bad and indifferent to help you. Everything that has ever happened has greater value to it than just what you see on the surface. Trust me to show you the true purpose and trust me to use it for your good. 

I love you and I will never let you go, no matter what.

Friday, April 11, 2014

God is excited...

My prayer:

Thank you God for the gift of music. Thank you for the gift of amazing people. Thank you for your gift of patience and mercy. Thank you for your gift of healing. Thank you God for sustaining me through the tough times and the tough days. Thank you for reminding me that it won't always be this tough and that you have great plans for me. 

Ending this week in gratefulness. Not so much grateful for the week but entirely grateful for you.

What God Said Tonight:

I am excited! I can see what is next! I know where we are going! And that is exciting! 

We are going into to times and places and opportunities that will leave you with your mouth hanging open in awe. You will look back and think "How did I get here?" But the path has been clear and you have followed each step. 

I am yours and you are mine forever. And, that is enough. Everything comes from that simple truth. Go rest and let me love you a bit more tonight.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


My prayer:

God, I ask for wisdom, guidance, discernment, and strength. Lead and guide me into your chosen path for my life. I am willing, I am faithful, I am yours.

What God Said Tonight:

And I am yours. We have come to a point in our relationship that I can trust you and you can trust me. 

I will not let you down. I will not let you stumble and fall. I will not lead you into anything that will bring you pain and harm. I am your Father and your savior and I will always take you into new levels of my power and my glory. 

You are where you need to be. Your path is laid and you are following it. It will curve to the left and to the right but the way will be very clear to you. 

Trust me. Trust yourself. We will walk this path together.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Growing good...

My prayer:

Wonderful Father. Today, nothing went as planned but everything worked out in the end. Good thing you are in charge! No one but the God of the Universe could have kept up with all the curve balls that today had for me. 

Thank you for working all things for my good. Thank you for blessing me more than I deserve. Thank you for being with me and in me, 24/7!

What God Said Tonight:

I don't need to say much to you tonight but I want to spend some time with you. I want to hold you close and help you recover from the day. I want to love you and heal all the wounds from the world. I want to keep you close, safe and loved. 

I am yours and you are mine and we are in this thing together, forever. 

I love you and I am not looking for the bad in you with the intention of changing you. I am rejoicing in the good in you! The good will grow and that will take care of the rest. I will build you from the foundation of good in you until there is no room for anything else. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The VERY brief joy of success...

My prayer:

Sometimes I work really hard to achieve something and then when I do, it is great for a minute or two but then it just doesn't really matter any more. Is that just me God? Am I the only one who gets bored so easily and has to move on to a new challenge? 

I guess it doesn't really matter if it is just me or not, fact is it is how I am made. It's kind of exhausting. I think it would be better if I could enjoy successes a bit longer and not feel so driven to the new thing. I don't know, it is late and I am babbling at this point. 

Thank you for making me successful God. Thank you for mending the two toughest relationships in my life. Thank you for guiding me and helping me. Thank you for changing me from the inside out to be a little more like you. Love you!

What God Said Tonight:

I am the God of all creation. I created the universe. Losing is not a part of my plan or of who I am. I only "lose" when I choose to for a purpose. When I chose to give up my life for you, I chose to lose for a minute so that I could buy back your soul for you, so I could buy back your life. But that was a choice and it was a choice for a purpose. 

You are my daughter. You are a King's kid. Because of your heritage in me, you are destined to succeed. 

It is not surprising that the joy of the success does not last long for you. If it did, we would not have been able to do all that we have. Stop worrying about what you are not and rejoice in what you are. You are perfectly and wonderfully made in every way. I created you for this time and this place. I created you in the exact form that I needed you. I made no mistakes. I love you!

Monday, April 7, 2014


My prayer:

Opportunity vs. temptation...sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. God, I pray for your wisdom, your will, and your patience working in me. I don't want to jump ahead of your timing but you know, on my own, I get so impatient. I see the opening and I want to jump on through. God, this stuff right now is too important. Please don't let me mess it up.

What God Said Tonight:

My princess, Spring is almost here. The flowers are budding but not yet in full bloom. The promise is here and you see it, smell it, sense it but it is just out of reach. 

The Springtime comes when it is time for it to come. Nothing you do or don't do will change that timing. Your only job is to stay  in position and trust me to bring you the new season in the perfect timing that is mine. 

I have a plan. You see it coming. I will let you know if I need you to act. Until then, rest and know that I am in charge. 

I am letting you see the next season because I know you are mature enough to see it without jumping ahead. Watch as I bring you the Spring.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Don't run away...

My prayer:

God, sometimes I look at the world around me and think it is just too much. Too much hate, too much pain, too much need, too much fighting against each other. This world has developed into a scary place and sometimes, a lot of times, I really want to find an island somewhere, grab a couple friends and family and go live in peace. Let the world deal with itself and live life with some people I love. That sounds pretty perfect.

But, even as I am saying that, I can see all of the things that could go wrong with it. Perfect is seldom perfect even with the best of plans.

Not sure where I am headed with these thoughts tonight God, but thanks for listening.

What God Said Tonight:

I have you protected and secure. My security plan is better than the most remote island. Nothing formed against you to hurt you will ever actually hurt you. Nothing can come against you and succeed because you are mine. Every attempt will be met with great power. 

I have you safe so you can reach and love my people. I know you want to go away sometimes. I understand it. But I have need of you. I have plans for you. 

I will give you peace in the middle of any storm. I will keep a hedge of protection around you in all that you do. I will give you favor. But, I need you to live your life among my people. I need you to talk to them and to listen to them. I need you to love them. I need you to show them my love. 

Don't withdraw to your cave despite the strong compulsion to do so. Stay here in my arms and I will give you all that you need. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

God in me...

My prayer:

What a fantastic day God!! Started with a beautiful trail run that kicked my butt. Followed by sushi, new shoes, frozen yogurt, a movie, a nap...then a great time at church tonight with people I love. Sometimes these simple days are the BEST.

Thank you for being with me all day and sharing the fun! Thank you for the luxury of a whole day where I did not have to 'work' at anything, just rest. LOVE YOU!!

What God Said Tonight:

I am not in a box, I am in you. As long as you get out and live your life, you will take me with you. 

I am in you. When you look for me, don't look around you. Don't look to other people. Look for me in you. I dwell in you and I will help you. 

I am not wandering around and I am not lost. I am firmly in you and I will never leave. I love you ferociously and I will see you protected, whole and prospering forever. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


My prayer:

You are the God of restoration! Thank you God for the restoration you brought me tonight. You gave me years back that had been stolen!! Thank you for the restoration in my family!!! Thank you God that you are the redeemer and the restorer and you make me WHOLE!!!!

What God Said Tonight:

I have given you a taste of restoration but I have so much more. You have lived without for so long that you have forgotten what it is like to have all that you deserve 

I am going to show you. I am going to provide for you. I am going to see you living the life that I have for you as a Royal Prince and Prophet and Priest. 

I have determined that my children will be blessed. I said it and that is the last word on it. I love you.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Know God's love...

My prayer:

I am boring myself tonight God. How about I listen to you instead. You are never boring. One of the many things I love about you!

What God Said Tonight:

I have waited for this time together. I have waited to tell you and I have set the table for us to be here tonight. I have prepared the time and he place. 

I have much to tell you but first, lay your head on my chest where I can love you. First, let me remind you of how precious you are to me. First let my love heal, cover, and fill every empty spot in you. I have much for us to do but it can all wait until you can know my love for you is powerful, real and better than anything else you will ever experience. 

I have so much love for you and so much of what I want for you is not even possible until you have my love more firmly established in you. 

That is the key of what these last several months have been about. All that I have been teaching you really comes down to that. Know my love in a practical way that changes you. Know my love so that you can love. Know my love so you are whole. Know my love so you can trust me no matter what. 

I love everything about you, absolutely everything now and forever.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


My prayer:

What a wild ride today was God! Happy to be safe and home with you. 

It seems silly to keep saying it but Thank YOU for your favor on my life!! Each day, you have more wonderfulness for me. Each day, you get me through the hard parts. Each day, I get to say "I made it!" thanks to you working in my life. 

I am more grateful for you than I can ever say.

What God Said Tonight:

I have never worried. Ever. I have no place for worry in me. Worry does not come from me. Worry serves no purpose. 

I have anger and I have joy. I have peace and I have sadness. But I never have worry. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I know the end from the beginning. I never have to worry about how things will turn out. 

I have your back. Your success and you are more important to me than anything else. 

If you believe that, if you believe that I will take care of you. If you believe I am who I say I am and I know what I say I know. If you believe that I am working all things together for your good. If you believe, worry cannot exist in you. 

If worry is tormenting you, check your beliefs. Rest in my peace, now and forever.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tough times...

My prayer:

Amazing God. Thank you so much for what you have done in my brother's life!! You are awesome and your favor is wonderful!! 

God, I have some friends that are really going through tough times. Truth is, most of us are going through tough times of one kind or another. I pray God that you send us hope tonight. I ask that you show us the good future you have for us. Remind us God of all of the times that you have taken care of us in the past and give us complete confidence that you will take care of us now.

Your promises never change, you love never changes. What you did for us yesterday you will do for us again. You will rescue us. You will take us to new fields of glory in you. You are our strong tower and in you we will trust. Thank you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:

I am happy to come along side of you and walk you through the trouble. Or, if you let me, I can move inside of you and change you in the midst of the trouble. The change in you will last a lifetime. The change in the situation will only last a moment. 

I will love you no matter what. I will save you no matter what. I will prosper you, no matter what.