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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Servant daughter

My prayer:
Holy Father. How are you tonight? I am tired, but in a good way. Today was great, again. I am so blessed to be able to just take time every once in awhile and relax, enjoy family, friends and this world you made us! Not everyone gets to do that. Thank you for providing for all of my needs God and a lot of my "wants." You are such a generous God. Always giving, always providing and asking so very little of me.

God I pray over services tomorrow where we get together to worship you and encourage each other. I pray that your will is accomplished in every service across the world. I pray for divine surprises tomorrow God. I pray that every last person that is meant to come together in your name is drawn or just plain invited to the service that will speak to their heart right where they are.

I ask God that as we better understand who you are, that you help us better understand who we are and how we can live this life for you. I pray that you give us the practical tools and strategies to live the life you have determined can be ours. I pray God that you guide me to where and how I should serve tomorrow. Help me to see the needs and fill the needs as they arise. Help me to have the strength, the anointing and/or the knowledge to help wherever you need me. I remain yours and at your service God.

What God said tonight:
You are my servant daughter. It hasn't always been that way, remember? Remember the days when you thought it was a pretty lousy scheme for the church to get free labor? Not so long ago really. But now, you are my true servant who I can trust to do whatever I need at any given moment. I don't trust lightly but you are prepared and in a position to do some things I need done.

Thank you for being my hands and feet. I need you and love you. Listen carefully to me tomorrow and every day that you can be in the right place, at the right time and with the right person to accomplish what I need to happen right now. Listen and hear my guiding voice.

You know that I will bless you in return. You know that I will bless and keep you all the days of your life. You are my precious daughter and all that I have is yours. I am thankful that you want to work with me to accomplish what needs to happen on this earth in this time. I need those workers. I need those people willing to put my needs before theirs, at least once in a awhile. You will be surprised at what we can accomplish with what seems like very little.

Go, sleep, rest, let me worry about tomorrow. It will be waiting for you.

Friday, July 30, 2010

I gave you the world...

My prayer:
Awesome Lord. Thank you for a fantastic day. Thank you for this amazing world you made. The mountains, the animals, the sky, the flowers and all of it is so beautiful. Thank you for family and friends. Thank you for fun and relaxation, for baseball and rodeos. God I am just so grateful for all that you have given me. Thank you for a couple of days to spend in your beautiful mountains.

I love you God and I love what you have made. You are such and incredible creator. You didn't have to make things so beautiful but you did. I pray God that you forgive us for when we don't take very good care of it. You gave us this amazing gift of the world and our lives in it and sometimes I take it for granted. Other times I simply abuse it out of laziness. I love you Lord God creator of everything. You are so amazing.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter, I love you. You are so precious to me. It is good to spend the days with you and the nights watching over you. You are carved in the palm of my hand and I will never leave you.

The creation of this world was for you. For you and your brothers and sisters. I love that you take time to appreciate it. It is so good. The earth, the sky the plants the animals all working together in a intricate pattern that is so complex and yet so simple.

I do need you to take care of it better. I told Adam to tend the garden, to take care of everything I created and the same is true today for you. I need you to take care of what I made for you. Treat it with the respect you would treat any precious gift.

When someone gives you something of great value that is meaningful to you, you protect it, take care of it, sometimes even insure it. Treat my gifts with the same level of attention and respect. Protect this world, care for it and do things that insure its future. It is here for you to enjoy and is yours to take care of or to lose. I love you so much, I gave you the world. Sleep well daughter and lets have another great day tomorrow!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time to celebrate...

My prayer:
Mighty God. You really can turn it all around so quickly. What an amazing day! Thank you for your favor, for great friends, for great new ideas...You are so amazing and incredible and I am just basking in your glory tonight God.

I am so at peace and so completely satisfied in you tonight God. I love you so much. I worship you. You and all that you do continue to amaze me, astonish me and fill me with a joy that cannot be contained. Life with you is so GOOD! Even in the hard times, One day of hard times with you is so much better than a lifetime of the best times without you. You make this all worth it God! And, then, you just start popping out blessings on me out of no where! I love your surprises God! Thank you God!!!

What God said tonight:
It is time to celebrate again! Every season of struggle and hardship is followed with a season of thanksgiving and celebration. It is just the way it is. You are in your season of blessing and how you got here is simple. During the hard time, you gave it all up to me, you didn't hold back. That let me heal and restore you.

Remember this time for the next season of struggle. It will come and if you remember how we dealt with it this time, you will be a step up next time. I gave you a brain to learn with. Don't stop learning or thinking just because you are trusting me. Trust in me with all of you, your mind, your soul and your body.

Your heart is mine and I am so in love with you it is crazy. We will never be apart and every storm and every celebration is ours together. Every accomplishment and every failure is ours together. Remember me at all times so you never feel abandoned. I am with you always. Let's continue to celebrate! It is a season of growth and new ideas and birthing of dreams. Your dreams and others' dreams.

It is time to walk into the purpose you have been prepared for. There is no need to wait any longer. Your time is here. Come rest in me and be my bride. We have much left to do, but plenty of time to do it. You are my precious daughter and in you I am well pleased. You are covered by my son and through his sacrifice, I get to love on you and you on me without restriction. Receive all that I have for you. Don't hold back. I love you more than anyone has loved before. You are mine.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The purpose of life...

My prayer:
Incredible God, you are incredible! What a great small group again tonight. What amazing insights you gave us! What amazing insight you gave me God! I love this idea of combining what you have gifted me with and taught me about effective training together with ministry. I can so clearly see the type of active interaction that we had at the presentation last week, in a "church" type setting where we are training people how to live for you. Not preaching, but that interactive, polling, hands on exercise type of training that leaves people with new skill sets. This could be huge God! I LOVE IT and LOVE YOU for showing me!

I am excited about this one God! Keep showing me the details and show me the next step. I think this could be really powerful and important for your kingdom and you know I would love doing it. Wow, very cool God!

You are so incredible. You were right last night. I closed a door on thinking about "training" combined with ministry because it wasn't working out when I went the traditional route. But with this idea, let's open that door back up God! I am ready to jump in!!

Love you!!!

What God said tonight:
You make me smile. I love seeing you so enthusiastic. Thanks for paying attention.

This is a great time to begin new things. This is a great time to follow your passion. Your preparation has been long, or has seemed long to you, but it is worth it.

Can I tell you something? It's not hard to understand and walk in your purpose. It is actually the easiest thing in the world. You were made for it. What is hard is getting over the fear, getting over the fears. Fear of failure and fear of success. When you bust through that and step out into your purpose, it all comes together. I will never let you fall. I am your safety net and you can rely on me to always have your back.

The question tonight of, "If you knew that God would prosper you no matter what you chose to do, what would you attempt?" That is a really important question. When you get the answer, run with it because I have promised you that I will prosper you. I put dreams in you for a purpose greater than just seeing you fulfilled, although I love seeing you fulfilled. Your dreams are there for others and for what they can accomplish for others. You will live out your purpose so others can discover theirs. It is an ongoing chain. Everyone who discovers and lives out their purpose will do so in order that others will discover and live out their purpose and so on and so on. It is the point of this life.

Each path is different. There is a lot to do and I need people working and helping in so many areas. But the common thread is that it is all ordained and planned by me to work together for the good of those who love me and are called according to my purpose. When it is all working together, when you are all working together, it is an amazing tapestry that can move mountains.

I love you daughter. Maintain this enthusiasm. I will give you next steps. It will seem so simple and easy you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner, but now is the right time. I love you, did I mention that already? Probably, but I love you still. Sleep and rest for tomorrow, if you can!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My prayer:
Lord God of all creation. Father, teacher and saviour. Redeemer kinsman and healer. God you are so many things and I have only begun to understand you. It would take an eternity to truly comprehend all that you are. Luckily, we have and eternity together!

I love you God. Thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for always encouraging me. Thank you for understanding exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. I love you God and that love is enough. I am content in you. I rest in the love and promise that you are. I am confident that you will accomplish every last thing that you have planned in my life.

God I am your servant and happy to be serving you. Thank you for opportunities to serve. God, thank you for bringing one of my bosses to me today asking for prayer for her brother. You have already heard that prayer God and I thank you in advance for the praise report. What an honor that instead of getting in trouble at work for being so open about my love for you and my faith, one of my bosses actually comes to me for prayer! That is your favor!

Mighty God, we really are your church. Not the place we go on Sunday (or Saturday or Wednesday) but we, ourselves, are your living and active church. Very cool. I love you Father. What is on your mind tonight?

What God said tonight:
It is here and now. The time is here and now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will always be there but right here and right now, there is a preciousness to this moment. It will never come again and is gone before we know it. Each moment is precious. Cherish each moment for the gift that it is. I know it doesn't always feel like a gift or at least it doesn't always feel like a good gift, but it is. Let's just rest and enjoy this moment together.

I miss you when you are all tied up in your issue or problem. It makes it hard for you to see or hear me sometimes. It is better when you are at peace and content. Then I don't have to shout but can relax with you and talk.

It was a great day in the kingdom. Lots of people made the decision to live with me forever and we are rejoicing and partying in heaven tonight. We are so overjoyed! There is nothing better than when one of my kids come home.

You are not as stressed, angry and confused as you have been. Thank you for letting go and trusting me. You won't regret it. I love you like sunshine. You are bright reflection of me and I thank you for shining wherever you go. I will always protect you. I will always make sure that when you are standing up for me, I will stand up for you.

Funny, I don't really want to talk more tonight, I just want to be with you. Can we just sit for awhile and be in each other's presence? Can we just be content to know we are together and nothing will ever change that. Rest your head girl and know that I am God and love you more than you can ever understand. Let my love wash over you tonight and abide with me. Live with me. Love me. And I will love and live with you. Receive the blessing of me tonight. Let it fall from heaven and cover you from head to toe.

I love you so much and want so much for you. Will you receive it? There are opportunities that I am trying to bring you right now but you not paying proper attention. I will prosper and direct you but follow my lead. Love, love, love you. Think about the closed doors in your life and ask, did I close them or did you? If it was you, feel free to open them back up if you want to. It is all up to you. Peace my daughter, rest well.

Monday, July 26, 2010


My prayer:
Mighty God, awesome father, Lord of all creation, thank you for today. I praise you tonight out of a choice to do so, not in response to the day. Not in response to my emotions. My emotions are disappointment and confusion. I feel kind of numb not knowing what to think. But, I choose to trust you. I choose to love you. I choose you God as Lord of my life.

I believe that you have a great future for me. I believe that you will move in my life and change the circumstances on your time table. I am speaking this out of faith, choosing to do so. I don't feel it right now, but I know what you have said and I am making my choice. I refuse to let discouragement win. I refuse to give up on the dreams you have placed in my heart. I refuse to give up on the vision you gave me. I refuse to quit.

Thank you God for the determination to continue. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for your continual encouragement to let me know that it is all worth it. Thank you for every opportunity to serve you and your people. I love you God and always will.

What God said tonight:
I love you back daughter. Your here for a purpose. Even in the disappointment, there is so much to be learned. You will come out of this on the other side with a new appreciation, a new ability, a needed strength that you will be able to share with others. You will be able to help others push through their disappointments.

Disappointments come to everyone. Delayed is not denied you know. Will you trust me when it doesn't happen when and how you expect it to? You have made a choice to do so tonight. Stick with that choice, it is the right one.

Regardless of how things look, I am still on your side. I am still your father. I am still your provider and you still have first son inheritance rights. You will walk into my promises. Timing is so important to you, but it really doesn't matter to me. I am in charge of time. I created the world in six days! I can do more in one second than you can do in a lifetime.

Tomorrow is not today. I will continue to work the plan for your life. You will continue on the path I have chosen for you, you are destined for great things. Continue to trust me girl. I know you are "speaking in faith" tonight. Let me make that faith become realized truth. I promise you will not regret your decision tonight and you will never regret trusting me. You are in my hands and I will not let you fall. Trust, for one more day, trust.

I know that you are still not feeling it. You are still feeling numb. That is because you have shut down a bit trying to protect yourself from being hurt. Normal reaction, but it isn't doing you any good. Let it out and let me heal you. Your decision is sound tonight but let me heal your heart.

You are so precious to me and it hurts me to see you hurt. But I can't help you unless you allow me to do it. Allow me into your heart to heal the disappointment. I am not like the ones who have let you down. This apparent disappointment is nothing more than a stepping stone to your next level. You are where you need to be.

Let me heal you right where you are. Let me wrap myself around your heart and heal you. Will you let me in? I promise I will be gentle but let me heal your heart tonight. Remember and rest knowing that my love for you is boundless. You will never reach the end of it. You will always be surrounded and in the midst of it. You were created so I could love you and you could love me. It is your primary purpose and you are getting better at it every day. Rest now. The morning will bring new joy with it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

God or the pizza...

My prayer:
Ok, God, I wasn't going to put this on the blog but when I started to talk to you about it, I felt like you said don't pull any punches on the blog. So, here I am and I am frustrated and angry tonight. I am trying to have a better attitude, but fact is, I believe you told me some things that were going to happen by a certain time and unless it happens in the next 12 hours, which it could, it isn't happening.

This happened once before when I believed you gave me a very specific word on something to happen by a certain time and it didn't. It was a huge blow to my faith. Not my faith in you really but in my faith in my ability to accurately hear from you. That is the thing that is really bothering me. Yes, I want what you said I could have but more so, I want to be sure I am hearing you accurately, especially since we are sharing this with so many people now. Now, if I don't hear you correctly, it doesn't just effect me.

So, I guess I am also a little scared. I need to understand this better. I need to know, did I hear you wrong. As Pastor Mark says, "Sometimes it's God and sometimes it's the pizza." So, was it the pizza? Was it just that I wanted this so much that my own desire for it made me think that it was you? Or, is it going to happen between now and 9AM tomorrow? Or, is it still going to happen but I got the timing wrong? I need some help on this one.

I thank you that you are all knowing. I recognize that you are not a man that you would lie. I believe that your word is truth. I believe that you are my saviour, Lord and God and that you provide everything that I need. Right now I need wisdom and understanding. In your word you have said if we lack wisdom we should ask and you will give it to us. So, I am asking God, give me wisdom.

What God said tonight:
Isn't it funny that after all of this time, after all we have been through, after all that I have shown you, you still doubt? I don't mean that as a criticism, it is just a common truth. There is something in people, in my children that no matter how amazing our time together is, something will always come to give you doubt.

Do you remember Elijah? Mighty prophet. He and I did some really amazing things together and yet you know that he would fall into deep depression and ask me to kill him.

No matter how much you see, how much you experience, you always need more. Ok, so here is the more, whether this thing happens tonight or not, am I still Lord of your life? Whether it happens or not, will you change how you see me and interact with me? Will it change our relationship? Will you trust me less? You may be more careful about discerning my voice, but is that a bad thing? No, it's a good thing because it brings you closer to me.

This thing that you want, it's here. You don't see it but it's here. You will look back on this time and laugh one day. It will all make sense in hindsight. Remember I told you that a time was coming that it would seem like it was all falling apart and that you would have to trust me in that time? Well, that time is here. You must trust me or you will drive yourself crazy.

Get back to that place of rest and trust and peace. Anything else is just going to make you crazy. I WILL GUIDE YOU ALWAYS. You have that on a big picture in your office, you look at it every day but I will also remind you if I need to.

I love you so much. Get this stuff off of your chest so we can deal with it. Don't ever let it build up. We can't afford to have anger, resentment, fear between us. We have to remain in continual covenant relationship, trusting and relying on each other to accomplish what comes next. Don't take this as criticism my daughter, but take it in the love and overwhelming care that I have for you. Tomorrow, in and of itself doesn't matter. What you do with it does.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


My prayer:
Amazing God. Your love, your patience, your mercy, your grace, your guidance, did I mention your love, is so amazing. I am reminded again today that while I am unworthy, you still love me. While I continue to make a mess of things and forget what is most important, you still love me and wait for me to figure it out and come back. I started today with messed up priorities and the whole day has been a bit off. Not bad, just off.

I love you Father. The song I am listening to while I pray/type to you is saying "rest in the father." I thank you for being my place of rest. I thank you for being my strength and my peace. I thank you that no matter how often I get it wrong, you are always right and you are always waiting for me. Thank you for never changing God. Thank you for being in the same place the first time as the third time. I love you so much.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter, you are in the right place. You are with me so how could that not be right. You are too hard on yourself. You don't always have to get everything right. My grace and mercy exist for a reason. I can teach you as much or more through the mistakes you make as I can through the successes.

I love all of you. I love the perfect and the imperfect in you. You are beautiful in your imperfectness. I can't use the perfect. I need something that I can fill in the holes so that the world sees me and not you. I need you to be just as you are. I need you to accept me as the one who makes you whole and complete. Let me fill your holes, your cracks and all of the empty places. When we are done, they will see more of me than you and then you will see things move, change and make a difference.

Let me be perfect in your imperfect life. Let me fill you daughter. My heart is full for you tonight. I am overflowing with love for you. receive my love, let it flow over you and fill the holes. Your "holiness" makes you ripe for my purpose.

Friday, July 23, 2010


My prayer:
God you are awesome. What another amazing day! A little work, a little fun, dinner with a great friend and great worship. That guy's voice tonight was amazing. I pray that he continues to let you use him for your glory.

I love great, intense worship. I love when we get to that corporate place of worship and love for you where anything can happen. I love when I get to the place where I lose track of everything and everyone around me, where it is just me and you in intimate relationship.

It is kind of like what these nightly meetings are like with you, although these are more casual usually. But that same intimacy and closeness. Funny, not too long ago, intimacy of any kind scared the beegeebees out of me. Now, I can't wait to get to that place with you. I can't wait for those moments with my friends. Those times when we push aside the superficial and really connect. I love that. I guess that is the proof that I was made to love and be loved. I regret the years that I missed it by pushing you and people away.

God cover me in your blood and wash me clean. Make me clean so I can stay in your presence. God, I never want to be away from you again. I never want to close myself off to you again. I cannot imagine living a moment without you. I thank you for the eternity that we have to be together. I am yours God, totally and without reservation.

What God said tonight:
It is about time to come clean in Christ. You are being sanctified for my purpose in your life is upon you. You are being set aside for the work that I have for you. This is about you and me and the work that we have to do. You must be sanctified for the work or satan will take you out. You must be clean, set aside and ordained to do this work.

Your ordination is from me, just as your salvation is from me. We are about to do a great work You have been faithful in the little things and you are about to be given much. You have been waiting and I am here now. You have been hopeful and I am hope fulfilled. You have been trusting and I am here to show you that your trust is not in vain.

I love you. You will accomplish all that I have for you and maybe even more. You tend toward being an overachiever sometimes you know. I rest knowing that everything is in place. Wait on me and renew your strength. Each day has just enough for that day. Trust me every day. Seek me every day. Love me every day. Remember me and my promises every day.

You are growing at and exponential rate because I need you to. The time is so very short. We don't have a lot of time left on earth. We have an eternity together, but there are so many of your brothers and sisters that I want to come with us and they are not yet ready. Keep typing, keep ministering, keep mentoring, keep loving and I will bring them in, just invite them to stay. Invite them into this everlasting life with you and me. I love you peanut. Stay blessed!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


My prayer:
FANTASTIC day God! Thank you for your favor!! The presentation went so well and opened a lot of doors. You are so awesome! God I love using the gifts you put in me. It just feels so right and everything goes so smoothly and easy.

I am so tired tonight but I don't want this day to end. I want to just enjoy it some more but I can't keep my eyes open. Literally, as I type with my eyes closed now :). I love you God! What's next?

What God said tonight:
My girl, we have a lot of "nexts." We have just begun. Take the time to enjoy this time and remember it for the times when nothing seems to be going right. The good times are good at the time but they are also meant to be remembered to encourage in the rough times. Remember the blessing of today to lift you tomorrow. It will help even out the roller coaster, the highs and lows.

Ok, wake up. We are not done yet tonight. It is still waiting for the complete fulfillment. There are pieces that will fall into place in the next days, weeks and months that will make it all clear, including the timing. You have been asking why you have had to wait "'so long" for these things and you have some beginnings of understanding but it is all going to be crystal clear soon. You don't have to wait on it much longer. The time is here and it has already begun, whether you realize it or not.

Rest with me tonight my dear. You have more to do tomorrow and need to rest. I am going to wrap my arms around you so you can dwell in safety and know that I am God. Rest your head on my shoulder and nestle in. Rest in me and gain your strength for another day. Accept my love, my strength, my peace and my care for you that you can have and be all that I need you to be. You are my bride, you are a royal priesthood and you have the first son rights of inheritance.

Your gifts are just tools to use for my kingdom. Your boast is not in the gift but in me who gave it to you. You will not "waste" it on non-Kingdom work much longer. You know that even that is not a waste though. You are my light in every situation. People know you are mine wherever you go and that makes me smile.

I love you with a white hot intensity and gentle tenderness that cannot be described but only experienced. I love you with all that I am my girl. You are mine and I am yours. I don't want to say good night but I see I am losing you to sleep. Rest and trust and love my dear. You are loved, adored and deeply cared for by many. Rest in our love my girl.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peace be still...

My prayer:
Mighty God. Wow God, thanks again for an amazing small group. Thanks for reminding me through the fantastic women in the group what is really important, again. Connecting with people, sharing this amazing and sometimes really hard thing called life, that makes it all worthwhile.

I think I am starting to realize that the times I get discouraged are the times when I am less connected with people. When I get too busy, when I get too focused on getting stuff done, those are the times that I don't pay enough attention to the people in my life and begin to feel that life is not really worthwhile.

I think that is part of where I was at last night and I think that was part of what you were trying to point out when you said to share you with people, connect with people and watch the mundane become exciting.

Forgive me God for when you have to teach me things more than once. I wish I was a better student and you could tell me once and I could just start living it. I don't know if I will ever get there but I promise to try to learn faster. I don't want you to have to keep repeating yourself. I am guessing you have better things to do.

I love you God. I love how you work in my life. I love how you bless us God. I love how you take care of us. I ask for favor with the presentations tomorrow God. I pray for your timing and your will to be accomplished. I continue to lift up the prayer requests that you heard in small group tonight. I stand in agreement with my sisters for healing, favor, provision and strength. You are the great and awesome Most High God and I adore you.

What God said tonight:
My sweet girl. You are more at peace tonight and that is good. I can see that you have been really trying to reason things out today. That is ok, but also remember to trust me to have the answers. Remember that you don't always have to figure it out. I will lead and guide you always.

You learn fast enough. It is not really even about that. All I care about is that you keep learning, you keep listening, you keep trying. That is all I need from you, keep trying.

There is a sense of peace with you right now that is beautiful. I love these times where your mind and heart are quiet. I almost don't want to speak too much when you are like this. I want to just be in the peace with you. Your spirit is quiet and your mind at peace. You can keep this peace with you throughout the day if you want to. Remember the word, "Peace, be still" and use it tomorrow. You will be surprised at the power of my word.

Your presentation tomorrow will be interesting and will provide opportunities that you cannot see yet. I am and will be with you. The favor of the Lord is on you sweet girl. Walk in the assurance of my favor. Wait until you see. I am so excited for you! I love you dear. It's almost here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Appreciate today...

My prayer:
Mighty God, Lord of my life, how are you tonight? What is on your mind? What do you want to say? How was your day? I am pretty sure the answer to any one of those questions is a lot more interesting than anything I have to say after this day. I love you and can't wait to listen to you.

What God said tonight:
Why so down tonight daughter? You don't need to be discouraged. You don't need to worry about the timing of what is about to happen. I promise I am still in charge. I promise it is all on track.

Tonight is a great place for jumping off into the future. Tonight is a great time to step into the new. I love doing a new thing. Life is, or can be so exciting if you just pay attention.

You think you are stuck in the mundane again because you had one day where the only miraculous thing that happened is that you lived through it. Well, that is a miracle. Many did not. Many are here with me in heaven tonight because they didn't make it through this day. And, worse, many people died and are separate from me tonight. They are suffering and there is nothing I can do for them. There is no greater soul wrenching, gut twisting, horrifying feeling than to see my children forever separated from me and suffering. I cannot describe the pain it causes me.

It makes me more determined to offer every person the chance to make the choice for me. I need to be sure every person has a real choice and an opportunity to make it.

When you have a day like today, where it all feels routine and boring, take the time to share me with at least one person who may never have heard of me. Take the time to ask that person if they want to make a choice to be with me for the rest of eternity. Take the time to make sure every person in your circle has that choice and knows the importance of it. It will turn the mundane and boring into meaningful excitement. And, if nothing else, it will make me happy and that should be worth it.

I love you my dear. Today is another step on the journey that is your life. Today is another step closer to the destiny I have shown you. Do not despise today, it is worthwhile and worthy of appreciation. Rest and prepare for another worthy day tomorrow.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Talking with God...

My prayer:
Wow God, day 41 of this blog. I am awfully grateful that you have something to say every night. If I think too much about it, I start feeling pressure and get myself convinced that I will have nothing to say. But then, I just sit down with you and my heart starts to talk to you and better yet, you talk to me.

What an amazing thing. Why would you, the Most High God, King of Everything, Ruler of the Universe, Creator of everything that ever was or is or will be, want to talk to me? Why would you let me talk to you? I am eternally grateful that you do. I need you too much everyday to have lived in the times before Jesus sacrificed for us when people had to go through the priest to talk to you. I would have to move in with the priest I think!

But, logically, it makes a lot more sense that you would talk to a priest than it does that you would talk to me or any of the other everyday people that you talk to all the time. The privilege that I gained when Christ died for me is so much richer and deeper than "I get to go to heaven", although, thank you very much for that! I look forward to living with you in heaven some day. But you also gave me privilege in that sacrifice that defies common sense. And yet, I can't imagine life without it.

Thank you God for the privilege of talking to you and hearing from you. You are my rock, my peace and my guide. Guide me everyday into what you want for my life. I love you so very much.

What God said tonight:
Sweet girl, I love that you stop to think about and recognize that our relationship is special, meaningful and more important that even you realize. I love that you stop to think about this stuff.

My love for you is never ending. That is why I had to make a way for you to talk directly to me and me to talk directly to you. I couldn't stand to be parted from you for one more minute. I had to provide a way for us to be in direct relationship.

I was grateful for the priests who served me and kept my laws to provide a way until my Son could come and be the sacrifice, but nothing replaces one on one time together. I ached to be with you, not separated by a mediator. I longed to be with my children.

I count it as precious and beyond all worth when you come to spend time with me. I appreciate when you come to me with your needs. I love that you recognize me as our provider and father and in that you come to me when you need help. But even more, when you come to me for no other reason than to be with me...that is so special. That makes a way for us to be close on a whole new level. That makes a way for me to be able to show you my full love for you, no holds barred.

Let me pour out my love on you every day. Think of these times together when the world seems to be against you and know that I am with you. I love you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking for love...

My prayer:
God, as you know, I have a lot of questions running through my head tonight. I will work really hard for this not to turn into a whining session, but you said last night if I wanted to hear what you have to say on something specific, I should ask. Then, Pastor Joe preached the same thing today, so I am going to be specific.

Why, since we were made to love you and love each other, are we so bad at it? Why do we seem to hurt each other more than love each other? Especially between men and women, why is it so hard to just tell somebody, hey, you are important to me and I care about you? Why is that we are all looking for love and so few of us find it, at least a lasting love?

Why are there so many divorces? How do we get from, "you are the love of my life" and a surprise proposal picnic at the top of a mountain, to "I hate you and can't stand to look at you anymore and I will fight you for custody of the kids?" How do we get from "I love you" to "don't make me hit you again"?

Is there a way out of this cycle other than being single forever? Is there a way to truly love each other forever? I just don't know. I want it to be possible but evidence is not supporting it. God, I want a marriage where the three of us work in tandem. God I want a husband who loves me like you do. Is this even possible? More specifically, is it possible for me?

I love you so much and if that is the love I'm meant to have for the rest of my life, just you, it is enough. But, if I can have the Godly marriage with you first, us working for your Kingdom together and holding hands on the front porch when were 80, I want that too. God I pray that you hear me tonight and help me to understand. Love you.

What God said tonight:
Thank you daughter for making it plain. You have had these questions percolating for awhile now and it is a relief to have you finally ask me. The answers are not easy and straightforward. With people, they seldom are. I will try to explain as best as I can.

You were made for love and to love and to be loved. The original plan, as you know, got temporarily sidetracked. Your purpose for being loved and for loving will be restored one day. They remain the core of who you are. In the meantime, you are in a daily battle to love and be loved. In the meantime, you have to trust me for the strength and help to love even when it is hard.

Now, when it comes to romantic love, love between a man and woman, a husband and wife, that is a special kind of love. It is the love most reflective of my love for you other than a father's love for his child. That is why it has been so hard for you to understand that kind of love. You have already been twisted up about the love of a father and romantic love due to the abuse from your father. So, when I say that the love between a husband and wife is like my love for you just as much as the love of a father for a daughter is reflective of my love for you, you cringe a little. It reminds you of the lack of boundaries between your natural father and you.

With me, you know, it is different. My love for you is pure and holy. I would never hurt you or put you in danger My love for you is all encompassing. I will care for you forever. I will provide for and protect you forever. That is what a husband, a Godly husband is meant to do. That is what a Godly father is meant to do. That is why both types of love are reflective of my love for you.

You did not have that Godly love from your father growing up but I have shown it to you since. You have not had that Godly love from a husband, but I am trying to show it to you now. It is possible to have the Godly marriage and the love that you have described. It takes work and complete reliance on me. Not everyone is up to it. Not everyone can stick with it long enough to see love triumph, but it is possible. And, specifically, it is possible for you. It is in your future if you want it.

Try not to be scared. Trust me to be your teacher and guide as always. I love you. This is the beginning of understanding a new aspect of that love. The church is my bride and you are the church. Don't get freaked out, this is a good thing and where we need to go next. Be my bride?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


My prayer:
Mighty God, King, Teacher, Lord, Healer, Creator and love of my life. Thank you for this day. It was a great day with good friends, good food and relaxation. I needed that after this week.

You have put such amazing people in my life. I am grateful for their friendship, laughter and the joy they bring into my life. We are all flawed, but we all have greatness in us too. Thank you for putting people in my life who see my flaws, but love me anyway. Thank you for putting people in my life that celebrate with me when I am blessed. Thank you for friends who support me when I fail.

Thank you for friends God. What an amazing thing it is to have true friends. Thank you for teaching me that to have friends, all I really have to do is be friendly and trust you.

Thank you for friends that I get to support, lift up and dream dreams for. Thank you for showing me visions and strategies for their lives, ways to help their dreams come true. I love seeing dreams come true in my friends lives. I love seeing M. sing, I love seeing G. witness on Colfax, I love seeing you renewing G.'s dreams. I pray God that you continue to help people see their dreams come true. I pray God that you let me be a part of seeing that happen for the people around me.

I pray God that you help us to never stop dreaming, to never stop hoping. I love you and all that you do. You are the dream maker and the dream fulfiller. Every day I think I can't love you more and then tomorrow comes and I do!

As always God, I pray your blessing over the services held in your honor tomorrow. Bless the Pastors and the speakers to speak your words. Bless the music and musicians to help people praise and worship you in a way that blesses you and encourages them. Help each of us to know how best to serve you and your people tomorrow God. LOVE YOU

What God said tonight:
What do you want to hear tonight? You seem to have an agenda, something on your mind. I don't mind when you have an agenda, but you need to ask me if you want to hear from me about something specific.

Your not doing a very good job of hearing me tonight. It is hard to get through the noise. Focus and know that I am God.

Your dream and your will are the same. Your dream and my dream are the same. We want the same things. I will ensure that your dreams come true.

I will ensure that you get to be a part of others' dreams coming true because I know you love it. Sometimes you seem to love to see their dreams come true more than your own. You don't think you deserve dreams to come true. And, on your own, you don't deserve much, it's true. But covered in my blood you are a joint heir in the kingdom of God and you deserve to have every thing you can dream or hope for.

I want you to break down the wall that makes you think that you can't and won't ever have the things you really want. I need you to believe that you have joy and passion and love and fun and contentment and fulfillment in your future. You have all of this and more. Your life today is good. Your future is amazing.

Try to look over the journey you have been on. As much as your life has changed in the last ten years, that is nothing compared to what you are about to see. I continually speak into your future because sometimes, a lot of the time, you get so convinced that it is not going to happen. Discouragement and doubt are weapons of the enemy that he uses to his full advantage with you.

Try to see you own dreams, your own potential in the same light that you see others. You have no doubt that M will be a successful singer. You have no doubt that S. will be successful at what ever she does in life. See yourself the same way and walk in the confidence that you deserve to see you dreams come true. Through my blood, you have the inheritance. I will make sure you receive it my love.

Stay in this place of peace with me. It took us awhile to get here tonight. Now is not the time to hide. Now is the time to shine. I love you with all that I AM.

Friday, July 16, 2010


My prayer:
King and ruler of all creation. How are you doing tonight Daddy? I love you and need you to speak tonight. I am too tired to even think straight so tonight is all you. I praise you, love and worship you!

What God said tonight:
I love you back sweetheart. You are not as done as you think you are right now. This tiredness and fatigue will lift, it will go away. You are on the edge of greatness and that can take a lot out of you.

Your work, your accomplishments are secondary tonight. Tonight I want you to rest and know that I am God. I want you to remember the purpose behind it all. I want you to remember the vision and all of the many people who will experience me as you continue on your journey.

I love you. I want you to see and experience every dream and vision that we have seen together. You must stay strong and endure. Each day will help. You will do better tomorrow than today. You did better today than yesterday. Each day, do one thing better and you won't believe where we will be in a year, or five years or ten years.

Keep focused and know that I am God and Lord of your life. My purpose does not change. My goals have not changed. I want to see everyone saved and living for eternity with me. That is what I want, but they have to want it. How can they know they want it if they don't see that it is good in you?

In your fatigue and in your joy, you must remember that people look to you to see my reflection. Remember to let me shine through. No matter what is happening in your life, let me shine thorough. Let them see me as your comforter when you are sad, your redeemer when things have been taken from you, your teacher when you are learning, your Daddy all of the time. Let them see me be your strength when you are weak. Don't hide what is happening in your day to day life. Let them see it, but let them see me as the answer.

It will help more than you know. It will bring more people to me than any sermon could. People have heard the sermons. They need to see it living and working in your life. Show them that I am real and I am truth. It isn't hard, just be transparent. It is scary, but not hard.

I love you and trust you with my message and my purpose. I don't give that trust lightly but I know you will strive to do what you can. I love you, really. It doesn't become less true the more I tell you. It becomes more true the more I say it. I love you. Rest and prepare. We have more to do.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lean on me...

My prayer:
Awesome Father. Today was rough and I don't think I handled it very well. I am beat. But you are God, my refuge and my rest. You are my peace. You are what I need to live and breathe every day.

My God. My Lord. I pray for rest tonight and favor tomorrow. I pray God that you help me to do better tomorrow than I did today. Help me to be more patient, more loving and just better. I pray that you make me a blessing to everyone around me Lord. Help me to be the servant and the joy in someone's life. Help me keep the priorities straight. Love you, love people. Why is something so simple so hard to do consistently?

I love you and trust you to make me what you need me to be. In Jesus name.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter. You will rest in my arms tonight. Continue to pour it all out and I will refill you. You won't run dry. Like the widow's oil, you won't run dry. As long as you keep me first and continue to come to me for rest, you will have all you need for each day.

Your life is not really your own. When you gave your life to me, you gave your purpose to me. My purpose is now your purpose. You and I are united as one. You and I will be together for all eternity. You and I will never be apart. Every day is another day to celebrate that. Every day is another day to show the world what they can have if they just choose me. Every day is another day to follow the path I have for you.

Don't think that your life or the things that happen in it are an accident. It was all planned long before you were even born. I knew you in your mother's womb and loved you before you knew that I or love existed.

Rest in the knowledge that we will walk and live each day together. Don't rely on your own strength in the battles, rely on mine. Don't worry about having enough umph to make it through, rely on me. Lean more on me daughter. I love your strength and I made you independent and confident, but remember to lean on me. Remember to rest in me. That will refill your strength for another day. I love you and I am your strong tower. Lean on me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poised for action...

My prayer:
Thank you for an incredible small group tonight God!!! Thank you for bringing new people to the group tonight! Thank you for the amazing healing praise reports!! Thank you for healing one of the member's back pain (that she has had for 2 years) tonight before our eyes!!! I love to see your amazing power at work!!!!!!!!

I just have to praise you tonight. I just have to let everybody know that your power is real. That you are real. That your promises are REAL!!!! You are so amazing. Thank you for being YOU!!!! My God you are amazing! I wonder if I can type in my heavenly language? Wonder what that would be like or if it is even possible?

You are awesome, amazing, incredible, fantastic, marvelous, terrific, perfect. You are every good word that has ever been created. It is so easy to love you!!!!!

What God said tonight:
You make me smile daughter. It is my pleasure to show my power to you and to your friends. It is easy to bless you when I know you will recognize me as the source and not let it get you messed up. One of the dangers of blessings is that people can get stuck on the blessing and forget who blessed them. When I know that you won't forget, you won't forget me, it is easy to bless.

Your world is about to change. I have been talking about it for awhile and you have already seen a lot of changes, but it is about to change even more. I know you are ready, but I want you prepared and on the edge of your seat for this next change. I want you poised to act. I want you to be so ready to move that there is no hesitation. Like the door of the plane, just step out. I will be your tandem instructor behind you to give you the last minute nudge, but step out. Be poised and ready.

You are so going to love this next stage. You are so ready. I love you, I adore you and I will lift you to the next level. My darling daughter, you are mine and I am yours forever.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My Prayer:
What a weird day God. Thank you for reminding me tonight of the vision and promise. Thank you for friends who hear you and speak into my life. Thank you for bringing them to me to speak over the things that I am afraid to ask you about. Thanks for knowing what I need even before I tell you.

You are so amazing. I love you more than I even thought was possible to love. I remain so grateful to you for all that you do everyday for me, for my family, for my friends and for the world. So often people ask me, "Where is your God?" when they see disaster, tragedy or sickness. You are in the rescue, the restoration, and the healing. You are in the recovery business in a world where we are bent on making decisions that try to destroy us. Thank you God for being my saviour, redeemer and recovery guy! I am yours now and forever. Thank you for renewed vision tonight.

What God said tonight:
I love you, just in case you forgot. I do what I do out of my love for you. Keep trusting and loving me. Sweep away the distractions so we can be together as one. I want your whole life. I want your entire devotion. I want your love.

It isn't that you can't have fun or a life. Remember, I came to to bring you life and bring it more abundantly. But in living, be one with me. Let there be a unity between you and I that cannot be broken. Let there be a unity of purpose that cannot be shaken. Let there be unity that brings strength and accomplishes what you cannot accomplish on your own.

Find the place of agreement, both with those people in your life and with me and run with it. Look for the places of agreement, that's where the strength is. That's where the action is. I love you and in this unity we will accomplish more tomorrow than today.

Rest my love. There is a great purpose in tomorrow and you will need your strength to meet it.

Monday, July 12, 2010


My prayer:
Healer, great physician. maker of every one of us, creator of the universe. In awe of you Lord. Thank you for your healing power. Thank you for being the great healer of our bodies, our emotions, or spirits and our souls. Thank you God for healing me. Thank you for healing my friends, my family and so many more people throughout the world.

Thank you for being the God that I can always run to. Thank you for being the one that I know will always be there no matter what the challenge. Thank you that I can trust you when everything else has gone crazy. Thank you for being the calm in the storm and the peace that passes all understanding.

Thank you for being my provider. Thank you that you meet all of my needs out of your riches in glory. Thank you for teaching me how to be a woman of God. Thank you for loving me and teaching me how to be loved. Thank you for teaching me how to love.

Thank you for the Bible that teaches me all of the promises that you have for me, for us. Thank you for amazing experiences that help me to grow and to know you better every day. Thank you for incredible people who encourage and love on me. Life is so much better with people to share it with!

If there was a word better than awesome, I would use that word. Sometimes I wish we had a whole new vocabulary just to praise you God. It seems inadequate to use the same words that I use everyday for everyday things. Maybe that's one reason you gave us the heavenly prayer languages through the Holy Spirit? You knew we would run out of words to worship you adequately? You have all of my praise, my worship and my love Lord.

What God said tonight:
Hear me tonight daughter. You are loved. You are loved. You are loved. I love you, you know that. Know that you are loved. The assurance that comes from truly understanding you are loved and that you don't have to earn it is so important. Hear me again, I love you.

Your praise is beautiful and a sweet fragrance to me. I adore your words and even more, your heart. I love to spend this time with you. You are everything I hoped you to be. When I was creating you, I had this day in mind. I had this moment in mind. I love you., love, live, pray, it is an easy formula. And remember, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My Prayer:
Lord my God, I'm here tonight without much to say. Thank you for your protection today. Thank you for amazing people in my life. Thank you for all you accomplished today.

I don't feel like I did much today. I guess I helped a couple people in little ways. Doesn't feel like enough. I feel a bit empty tonight. Part of it might be the Sunday night blues. I'm almost never excited for another Monday.

Ok, I am going to stop whining right now. Sorry God. How about I focus on the amazing love and patience you have for me. God, how long do you have to hear me complain about the same stuff? You are so patient. You would be well within your "rights" to have turned your back on me long ago.

Why is it easier for me to see what isn't there than it is to see all the amazing things that are there? Last week in Bible study we talked about not looking at the donut hole but looking at the sprinkles. I need to look at the sprinkles more. You are my sprinkles. The joy you bring in my life, the opportunities, the people, and the love.

You had me born on this day quite a few years ago with a purpose and a plan for my life. I pray God that you correct for anything I have done to mess up that purpose. I pray that everything you need to be accomplished through me is accomplished. I pray that I don't get in my own way of what you want to do through me. I pray God that you continue to teach me to love and to pray and to live for you. I pray that each day is one day closer to you God. I love you God. I will continue to do my best. Forgive me when my best is not enough to accomplish what you need to accomplish. Cover me with your grace so people always see you in me.

What God said tonight:
Sweet love. Listen to me and hear me. It is time for a new leaf, a new day. It is time to stop repeating the same circle. You have much to learn and much to say. You are a teacher and a prayer warrior but you are about to see how that plays out in a whole new arena.

You are about to see how the preparation of the last 10+ years is going to be used. Every moment of the preparation will be used for your good and for the Kingdom of God. You won't have to worry about not doing enough. You are doing more than you realize. Buying toilet paper when the church runs out is as important as praying for the sick to be healed. All service is the same. It all has the same level of importance and the same level of reward. Just like there is no sin that is greater than other sins, there is no service that is greater than another service. I value it all.

I value the submission and the willingness to serve. I value the servants heart. I don't value the result. I am in charge of the result, not you. So I value your willingness. I value that you say yes whenever I ask. I value that you seek out opportunities to bless people. That is what I value and that is what you need to teach. Teach by example.

New level, new leaf, new year and new season. I love you more than you can receive but I love you that much anyway because I can't help it. I wouldn't want to if I could. Press forward my love.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Highs and lows...

My prayer:
Incredible God. You really are more than I can imagine. I can barely wrap my mind around the aspects of you that you have shown me so far and I know that is just the tip of the iceberg.

God, when I get out of my own box, when I step outside of what is comfortable, I get to see a glimpse of how much more there is in life. How much more there is of you. Your love, your knowledge, your power is infinite. Infinite, there is a word that I use but can I actually grasp it. Can I grasp something I have never seen, heard or felt? Never ending. Never ending love. Never ending strength and power. Never

Today I stepped out of what was comfortable and for a minute got to see life from a new perspective. A new angle. It has left me in awe. It has left me sitting here kind of lost in my own mind. It has also left me dissatisfied with life as usual. That is always hard for me. When I experience something amazing, like skydiving or seeing you heal someone, I love it, it is amazing and I am so excited. Then, afterward, there is day to day life and it feels like a let down. I get a little addicted to the highs God. I love them and can't wait for the next one.

I pray God for your power and anointing in services around the world tomorrow. I thank you for the freedom to worship you. I thank you for an amazing church at Zyxter that is so focused on seeking you and really trying to leave the religious routine behind. I pray a special blessing on the Pastors of Zyxter. Let them know that all the work they are putting in every day is important, meaningful and a fulfilment of what you have called them to. I pray God that you prepare me to serve in whatever capacity you have for me. I thank you for the opportunity to serve your people and Kingdom. There is really nothing better than serving you. I love you Daddy. Thank you for today!

What God said tonight:
Darling daughter. Your place is here. Your time is here. Your work is here. You are in perfect position for what I have for you now. I appreciate that there is a let down, but the life of a servant of the Kingdom of God is that way sometimes. If you were high all the time, you wouldn't recognize the joy of it. The day to day, makes it possible to fully appreciate the amazing miraculous moments.

You are going to see many more things in your life. You are going to see many more miracles, some of which you can't even imagine right now. There are people that you are going to meet that will blow your mind. There are things you will do that are so far beyond what you have done so far. There are things you will see that you will doubt your own eyes at times. I have so much for you. I have so many things to show you yet. Try to remember that in the day to day. Try to always remember that we have an amazing future together.

Your prayers for services have been heard. You know how I love when people gather in my name. Worship in spirit and in truth tomorrow. Let you worship make a way into your next step, into your future. Let others see the worship and the love that you have for me. Shine my girl shine. I love you more today than yesterday and more tomorrow than today. Sleep in peace tonight.

Friday, July 9, 2010


My prayer:
Mighty God, my prayer tonight is for friends, family, people around the world. God we all need you so much. We don't even begin to realize how deep our need for you is. God I pray that you touch the hearts of people around the world tonight, tomorrow, this weekend. I pray that they come to know and see you in a new way, a more real and personal way than ever before. I pray that they learn how to receive all the amazing promises that you have for them.

I thank you God for all that you are doing in my life. It is a really exciting time and I am so grateful to you! My trust and my love and my hope is in you. Guide me and direct me, never let me out of your sight God. Keep me on your path. Love, love, love you!

What God said tonight:
Tonight is special. We had to get past your barriers tonight to get to what I needed to say. Tonight is not about any specific need or any specific promise but tonight is about understanding the ability, the art of receiving.

I have so much for you and for all of your brothers and sisters but I can't get it to you if you won't receive it. I want to fulfill your prayer to every single person on this earth, but they won't receive it. There is a receiving problem in this world. There is also a giving problem at times but there is a receiving problem.

Who wouldn't want everlasting life? Apparently a fair number. I miss my children. I miss all of those that have chosen a different road. It breaks my heart to see them struggle lost and alone. It pains me to know that they are only one decision away from living the life that I have chosen for them.

It is time to get their attention. Don't be shy about sharing your love for me. Don't be shy about sharing my love for you. Let the world get a little jealous of that love. Maybe if they are jealous, they will want it enough for themselves to choose me and a life with me.

I yearn to have all of my family together again. I long to wrap my arms around the lost and say welcome home. Preach, share and love throughout the world that the lost can be found, that the hurting can be healed, that they unlovable can be loved. This is a serious assignment and I can't do it without you.

Be blessed and receive all that I have for you. Don't count yourself short, accept it all that you can live in my full blessing. I love you more than you know and want you to have everything that I have.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


My prayer:
El Shaddai, God of more than enough.

I'm having an attack of insecurity tonight in just about every area. You know this doesn't happen to me too often, but tonight...well, I just don't know. I don't want to talk too much about it because I know that can make it worse but I'm feeling really inadequate tonight.

You made me and you say I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You have said I am the head and not the tail. You have called me a royal priesthood. You have destined me to succeed. Against all of that, my "feeling" really shouldn't have any weight at all...but...if I'm honest, it does.

Does my life, the things of done, the people I have known really matter? Sometimes I think it would be really great to have a, "It's a Wonderful Life" experience where George gets to see what life would have been like if he hadn't been around. It would help to know that my life made a difference and has had an impact. People tell me it has, but then I wonder are they just trying to be nice and encourage me? Do they really mean it?

Wow, I am really having a little pity party for me tonight huh God. Maybe it's my birthday coming up. I always get reflective around my birthday and the new year. In my head, I know that you have been able to accomplish a lot through me during the last year, but in my heart, I feel like I just don't always have the right stuff.

Argg! I hate listening to myself tonight God! I know that I love you. I know that every good thing in my life, every good thing I have done is a direct result of you. I am making a decision right now to think about that and stop worrying about how I feel. Stop worrying what people think. The only thing that really matters is that you are my Lord, my savior and my father. You are my teacher and my healer. You are everything that I need. I don't need to be much because you are all.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter, stop beating up on yourself. Stop it. You deserve to be kinder to yourself. You are so patient with others. You have learned to give others all the space they need to grow and learn. Give yourself that same space.

You are my daughter and I love you right where you are. If you never did another thing in your life, I would not love you any less. Just rest a minute in my love and let it heal you. The world really beat up on you or maybe it was just you beating up on you, but now it's time to heal. Now it's time to rest. It doesn't do you, me or anyone else any good to get stuck in insecurity.

You know that you are my daughter with first son rights. Everything that belongs to Jesus belongs to you. Every promise in my Word belongs to you. Doesn't that show you how much your life is worth? Doesn't' that let you know how much I think of you?

You keep falling in the trap of basing your worth on performance. We have been here before and I am betting we will be here again. You know the answer, stop being a people pleaser and be a God pleaser. Look to me for your worth, not to people, not to what you can or can't accomplish. You will always be able to look at your accomplishments and see the things that you didn't do or didn't do well, if you want to. There will always be someone better, smarter, quicker and prettier for you to compare yourself to, if you want to. Do you want to? Does it do you, me or them any good? No, you know it doesn't.

Look at yourself in my mirror with my eyes. You are the best you I know. I made you unique to be and do exactly what you are being and doing. Do we still have things to do? Do you still have things in yourself to improve? Absolutely! We call that life! And life, as you know, is good.

I love you just as you are. Every freckle and every hair, every smile and every tear, I love you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good vs. bad...

My prayer:
Miracle working God. You continue to amaze me every day! Two fantastic healing praise reports today!! Thank you for healing my friend's mom of breast cancer and the good report she got today that she will not need chemotherapy.

Thank you for healing that baby who is still growing in her mother's womb. The doctors confirmed today that "they don't know what happened"...but the baby is completely healthy and won't need the blood transfusions that they thought she would!

God I love your miracle healings!!! There is something so fantastic in seeing you smack down disease, injury or conditions! How many times have we heard the doctors say, "I can't explain it but..."

I am just in the mood to celebrate and praise you tonight God. What an amazing God you are. How did I get so lucky, so blessed to be chosen by you? How did I manage to find you in the midst of this crazy world and all the things that try to take people away from you? There are so many times that had I made a different decision or had you not intervened, I can't imagine where I would be.

Living for you is the most amazing experience. Full of intense joy and full of intense challenges. Thank you God for the joy and the challenges. Thank you for not being satisfied with leaving me like I am. Thank you for trusting me to not quit and to keep on going with you. I love you so much God.

What God said tonight:
What you said tonight is true. Living this life is amazing, both in the joy it brings and the challenges it brings. Thank you for recognizing the value in the challenge.

Some things that people see as "bad" are really the best thing for them. It is time to change perspective. It is time to change how you view "good" and "bad" things. "Good" things should be defined as anything that brings you closer to me. "Bad" things should be anything that takes you further away from me. This is the value system that you need to look at the world and circumstances with.

If you see everything in this light, you can surround yourself with "good" things. You can think on "good" things and your life will be so much better. "Good" does not mean only those things that make you feel good or happy. "Bad" does not always mean the things that make you feel pain or sad. Redefine how you see the circumstance and you can better respond to them.

Life is good because it gives you a chance to get closer to me. A life lived for me is very good because you are drawing closer to me everyday. Death is bad because it separates you from me (if you have not received everlasting life). A life lived without me is bad because it is without me.

Draw close to me, surround yourself with people and things that draw you closer to me. Concentrate on getting closer to me. This relationship we have is precious and grows every day.

I love you and want to be one with you. I want to be so close that people can't tell where you end I begin. I want that which is good for your life. I love you and your life. It is good.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My prayer:
Strong and powerful ruler of the universe. God I need your strength tonight. I am exhausted with nothing left. I gave all I had for this day.

Thank you for bringing me through. There were moments when I wasn't sure I would make it to meet with you tonight but I am here, ready to hear your voice. Ready to get your direction. I'm ready for you God.

My trust and my hope is in you. Thank you God for all of the opportunities you are bringing to me. Thank you for the favor on my life. Help me God to be able to take advantage of every opportunity that you have for me. Give me that supernatural strength and ability to get it done. I love you and know that with you I cannot fail. I am destined to succeed. You are my everything God.

What God said tonight:
Sweet daughter of mine. Rest in my arms tonight. Know that I am with you always and will always bring you through. You never need to worry about not making it through the day, the storm, the struggle. I am your God and no battle is big enough to defeat me. I am on your side always.

Your blessings are here but blessings can have a price. You are paying that price in your work right now. It is preparing you, strengthening you. It hurts when you are getting stronger. You will be stretched and you will be broken but you will be stronger.

You will walk into your promised land but the promised land always has a price. It always takes a battle to win your place in the promised land. Expect the battle and trust me to be your victory. Trust me to fight it for you but you must endure. You must find a way to keep putting one foot in front of the other even when you think you have nothing left. I will always show up and I will always help you.

There is a time for for everything and there is time for everything. Walk in the peace of knowing that you will make it through. You will win the battle. You will have all the I have promised, but don't give up. Never give up.

Rest in my embrace tonight daughter. Regain your strength and know that I am God. Your in position and ready, just don't give up. I love you from the deepest part of me.

Monday, July 5, 2010


My prayer:
Mighty God, awesome Father, teacher, healer, savior and redeemer. Everything I need. The Lord of creation who claims me as his own. The God of more than enough. He that owns the cattle on a thousand hills and who's streets are paved with gold. The one who loves me enough to die for me and even more, to be resurrected for me.

I am here tonight God just to worship you. I don't have an agenda tonight. You know my needs and wants before I do. I just want to recognize you and worship you. You are the peace that passes all understanding. You are the calmer of the storms. You are the one that makes me smile in the morning and sigh in contentment in the evening.

You are the reason I can love. You are the reason I am healed. You are the reason for my life. You make a way out of no way. You are the one who gives me my dreams, my aspirations and then you are the one who makes them possible. You are the master of the time and the universe and everything. You are the one true answer to every question ever asked.

You are my whole world. Nothing is possible without you and all things are possible with you. God, I remember all that you have done for me and praise you for always making a way. God, I am grateful for where I am today. God I am hopeful and trusting you for tomorrow. I adore you and my heart swells at the thought of you.

What God said tonight:

Wow daughter, that was beautiful! The fact that you are here and wanting to spend time with me is enough but to have you pour out your heart touches me in a way that is difficult to describe. David did that. He would, for no reason, just pour out his heart in love for me. That is why I said he was a man after my own heart. His love and worship reached out to my heart in a way that was truly phenomenal.

Worship is an interesting thing. Whatever you worship gets bigger in your life. One of the reasons that I tell you not to have any gods above me, to not worship false gods, is because I know that this happens. What ever you worship and pay attention to gets bigger in your life.

I want to be the biggest thing in your life. When I am the biggest thing, everything else is manageable. You don't worry so much about things turning out. You don't worry so much about food on the table, clothes on your back and a roof over your head. You trust me when I am big in your life. That's when we really get to do the fun stuff. When you are focused on me, we can accomplish great things.

Keep worshiping me daughter, not because I need it but because you need it. Keep making me first so you can see every dream realized. You are so precious and I don't want to lose one moment with you. Don't waste your time on the things that don't matter. Focus on me and the things that matter. Focus on people, focus on love, focus on the purpose that I have put in you so you don't miss a moment with me. This week has great promise but you will need to focus.

I love you daughter, tonight and always.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Say yes...

My prayer:
What an amazing day God! Not anything like I expected when I woke up this morning but really, wow!

Thank you for the miracle healing you performed at church this morning! I LOVE SEEING YOU HEAL PEOPLE!!!

Thank you for all of the new opportunities you are bringing into my life! Thank you for doing the new thing and taking me to the next level! I was a little freaked out at first when I was talking with Pastor Mark this am and realized that the next level, the new thing, was going to be WAY outside of my comfort zone. But then, Pastor Don reminded me that you had said, in this blog, that you were going to do a new thing and that I told you I was down side of this blog, I now have 100+ accountability partners! But seriously God, I love it! Thank you!

I never could have imagined how amazing this experience would be when you told me to start it up 3 weeks ago. Not only have I gotten closer to you but the way you are blessing the people who are reading this is beyond words. I can't thank you enough. I can't celebrate you enough. I can't worship you enough. I can't praise you enough.

God, that you use someone like me to get your message out there is a miracle in itself. That you speak to us and love us so much is beyond a miracle, if that is possible, and even if it isn't. Loving you more every day!

What God said tonight:
Blessed and highly favored. My children are blessed and highly favored. Sometimes you can miss the blessing when it is mixed in with struggle and pain. The struggle makes you stronger, the pain can make you weak. Let me heal the pain and you continue to resist in the struggle. You will get stronger. You will accomplish all that I have for you.

Your dream has been to hear well done good and faithful servant. You have already made it. You have already done what I have called you to do. You have more to do of course. Otherwise, there would be no purpose for you to remain on earth. But in this season, you don't have to strain so hard. You don't have to work so hard at it. It will flow like the water over the rocks you saw today. I told you at the river today that this next thing was going to be SO EASY. It seems overwhelming right now, but once you start it will be so easy.

That is how it is with me. The hard part is saying yes. the rest is easy. Just continue to say yes to me and see what we accomplish. Continue to say yes and see what we can do.

Your in a place of blessing now my child. You are looked on with favor because you are my child. People see you and they see more than a woman. They see a child of the Most High God. They see me through you. Keep being my billboard. You are a great advertisement for my glory to be had here on earth.

I love you baby girl. Wait till you see what we have for tomorrow!