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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Never satisfied....

My prayer:
Amazing God. This weekend has gone by much too quickly. There are so many things that I wanted to do that I didn't get done. Tomorrow it is back to work and a busy week. 

Sometimes it feels like my life gets so full of routine busy work that I miss out on the things that matter. I go days, weeks, months without really sitting down with dear friends. I put off doing things I love because I am "just too busy." God there has to be something wrong with living life like that. 

I feel like it is a time to re-prioritize again. Time to spend more time on the important stuff and less time on the stuff that won't matter even one year from now or even maybe tomorrow.

God you tell us when we lack wisdom we should ask for it and you will give it to us. I ask for wisdom tonight God. Help me to reorganize in a way that makes more sense. I already hear you saying to love you with all my heart, mind and soul and to love others like myself. Sounds like the framework for reorganization to me. 

I love you God. What else is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
You know one thing I love about you daughter, you are never satisfied. You are always looking for more. The great thing is, I always have more. You can never use up all that I have for you. I will always have more for you. More blessings, more lessons, more challenges, more to do. 

You are dear to my heart and I will never let your life get boring for long. You have had some glimpses of what we are going to do next but I am getting ready to show you the whole picture. It is nearly time to move forward. Trust me. I will lead you always. I am with you always. I have everything you need. You can't see it all yet but you will. 

The next steps are going to be so exciting, you need this time of relative calm to balance it out. I am a seasonal God and you are about to finish another season and go into a new season. That is why you are feeling restless. That is why life is not satisfying you now. That is why you want to move your priorities around. 

I will show you the path and the pattern. I will show you the next step. I will show you all of it. No need to struggle. I have it all under control and you are about to see it all so clearly. Trust in me until then. 

I love you daughter. Rest well knowing that my plan is in place and working perfectly.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Closer to God...

My prayer:
Mighty and incredible God. I need to feel your presence tonight. Not because anything is wrong. Not because I need anything specific. I just need to feel you. I need to hear you. I need your presence to be real and tangible tonight God. I need you. 

I am nothing without you. I want to get closer to you tonight God. I want to know you better. I want to see you in ways that I haven't seen yet. I want to understand things about you that I don't understand yet. God I am all yours. 

Mmmm, there you are. I know you are always with me, but there are times like right now that I can feel you more. When I know that I know that you are here and present with me. 

God I am hungry for more of you. I love the relationship we have but with you, I never get enough. I always want more. I always know that there is more of you and I want to know all of you. I don't know if I could handle it. It may be that you are too big to know all of you. But I want it. You are so amazing, incredible and so very good. God, I want more, if you think I can handle it. I love you God.

What God Said Tonight: 
I am here and I will never leave. It is good that you want more of me. It is good that you hunger to know me. 

The truth is, you have me in your life as much as you allow me to be in your life. If there are any parts of your life that I don't seem to be there, it is because you put up the wall, not me. 

I love you so much and I will give you everything you will allow me to give. It has been said that I am a gentleman and I guess that is true in that I don't go where I am not wanted and I don't force myself onto anyone. 

You were asking questions earlier tonight about the faithfulness of some people who believe in other gods than me. You see them praying more regularly. You see them outwardly being more obedient to their religion than my people are to me. There is a major difference. My people are free. I give you all freedom of choice. Not only the freedom to choose a life with me or not. But even after you have chosen me, I give you freedom to choose. 

You are in control of how much of me you know. You are in charge of how much of me you have in your life. I know this is kind of a hard message tonight but it is truth. If you want more of me, let me in more. If you want to know me better, spend more time with me. If you hunger after me, turn off the TV and spend that time in my Word. 

I love you daughter and I want to be so in your life that they cannot tell where you end I begin. But, it is up to you because you are my free child. You are not my slave. You are free. 

Whenever you need me, I am here. Whenever you want me, I am here. Whatever else happens, I am always here with you, loving you.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Studying = protection...

My prayer:
All powerful God! I can hardly believe I made it through this day. Only you can take three hours of sleep and somehow make that enough! 

God, I am reading about Jacob's (Israel's) sons, the ones who the 12 tribes of Israel are named after and I am being struck by how messed up their lives were. I shouldn't be surprised by it. It is not like it is the first time I have ever read about them, but for some reason it is hitting me hard this time. I just got done reading about Judah whose descendants became a nation all on their own and I just read about how he was soliciting a woman that he thought was a prostitute who turned out to be his daughter in law. This after he and his brothers sold their brother Joseph into slavery. And yet you used him to father a nation of praisers!

I need to remember that more often. I need to remember that you can use anyone, no matter where they have been or what they have done. I need to remember that even when I mess up, you can still use me for your glory. I need to remember to leave my judgmental self out of it and watch what you do and how you use every situation.

I love you God. What is on your mind?

What God Said Tonight:
You are studying like I asked and it is good. When you study, really study my word and pay attention, I can teach you so much. Everything that I teach through my word is one less thing you have to learn the hard way. Every minute you spend in my word is protection against the struggles of life, if you are paying attention while you study. 

I would much rather teach you that way. It is so much less painful and I hate to see you hurt. I love you so much. Keep studying and I will keep teaching. Consider your study as protection. Learn all that you can so you can live in joy and not in torment. 

I gave you all the answers in that one book. What you experienced tonight, where you read the same thing you have read before but it effected you differently...that is the proof that my word is alive. It will meet your every need. It will give you every answer. 

When you want to know me better, read my word. When you want to get closer to me, read my word. When you are lost and need answers, they are in my word. 

I love you so much daughter. Do get some rest tonight and tomorrow. It is Sabbath time again and you need it. Rest well.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hanging out with God...

My prayer:
Awesome God. Thank you for the things that you teach me. It seems like I am living and learning a lot of lessons that prove that "good" is the enemy of "great." I heard that saying once and I am not sure that I really believed it, but I am beginning to.

When life is going good, it is really hard to let go of the good things in the pursuit of even greater things. Wow, even as I type that God I realize, what in the world am I complaining about?! You are awesome and good or great, life with you is more than I ever could have imagined. No more complaining from me tonight God!

You truly are incredible. You are the God of everything but you care about my smallest concern. You are the creator of the universe but you take the time to listen and talk to me every day. You are all powerful, all knowing, ever present, and you still love each and everyone of us, no matter what. It sounds unbelievable and is until we experience you. I think that is part of why it is hard for some people to believe, God. You don't make sense but you are so amazing. 

Thank you God for being bigger than my ability to imagine you.

What God Said Tonight:
Hi sweet daughter. It is good to be with you here tonight. I don't have much to say tonight. I want to spend this time together, enjoying each other's presence. 

You don't need to discount the things you struggle with. Every struggle is important; but, every struggle is the same to me. I am the answer to every struggle and I am bigger than every struggle. They really are all the same to me. Much like sin. All sin is the same to me. There is no big sin or small sin in my eyes. All sin takes you away from me and that is why I hate it so much. 

I love you though. My love for you is beyond everything else. It is greater than everything else. It is the the thing that covers, heals, and changes everything. 

I am so glad that you love me too. I don't talk about that much but your love for me means more to me than I can tell you.  It is why I like hanging out with you. It is why I want us to keep talking every day and every night for eternity. Have you ever noticed that it is a lot more fun hanging out with people who you know love you? Those are the people you want to be around. It is the same with me. Yes, I want to reach the people who don't know me yet and that is a burning desire. But sometimes, I just want to hang out with people who love me. 

Promise me you will always take time to hang out with me and love me? I promise I will always take time to hang out with you and love you. 

Rest tonight. Tomorrow won't be much easier than today but I will be with you all day, I promise. I love you sweet daughter and I will watch over you always.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My prayer:
Amazing God who knows everything and still loves. How are you tonight? What blessed you today? What do you want to talk about?

I love you and love to hear your voice. If you need someone to listen, I am here.

What God Said Tonight:
You are here in body and in spirit but your mind is wandering. I know that shutting out the world can be nearly impossible sometimes but try to focus because I do have some things that I want you to know and I want you to hear tonight. I want to reassure you of some things. 

I want you to understand to the depth of who you are that I cannot and will not ever stop loving you. I want you to understand that no matter what, the situation you are in right now, will not last. I want you to know that as long as I am in your life, you have hope and the promise of a better future. I want you to truly understand that I will never leave you. You may turn away, but I will still be right there waiting for you to turn around. I want you to understand that while this season is different for you, it is still  season ordained by me. It is still a season with a purpose and a plan. It is still a time to rejoice and know that I am with you every step of the way. 

I love you so very much. I will carry you through every rough patch, celebrate with you in every victory, and be your strength through it all. I love you daughter. Truly love you with a purity of purpose. I have no agenda in my love for you. I don't love you so you will obey me. I don't love you because of who you are and what you can do. I love you simply because I do. Love is who I am and it is what I do. I will love on you every day for the rest of eternity. I am truly yours forever. Know that and please don't forget it. It is vital to your peace and your happiness. 

I want so for you to be truly happy. I want you to experience the joy there is in this life. I want you to be filled with the love and the purpose that I have for you. 

I will be a shield against evil. I will be a shower of love. I will be your everything. Will you be mine?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Enjoy life...

My prayer:
Incredible God, your power is amazing. Thank you for bringing baby "E" safely into the world today. A brand new life is started. In the last two to three weeks you have brought new babies into the world in about ten of my friends lives! I wonder what was going on last November... 

New life is amazing God. You create people. Where there once was no one, now there is someone. Someone who has a hope and a future. Someone who is going to struggle, grow, laugh, cry, and live. 

You came to bring us life and bring it more abundantly. Life with you is so much more than life without you. Without you I had no hope and drug through each day waiting for it to end. With you, I know that each day is an opportunity to experience the miraculous. I know that you have great plans for me. I know that you will bless me. I know that you will connect me with amazing people.

Life with you really is GOOD God!

What God Said Tonight:
I am glad you have come to value life. That has not always been the case. Life is a precious gift. I risked everything just so I could experience life with you for awhile. I loved it so much, I died so you would never have to. I loved life so much I conquered death so we could live together forever. 

Your life will always be changing, but it will always be good. I have great plans, but there is no rush. We have eternity. I know that you are in a hurry. That you want to see this new dream realized right now, but there is no rush. It is coming and everything will come in its right time. 

Sometimes you rush through life so quickly that you miss the best parts. I have so many blessings and joys that I have placed in your life and when you are rushing, you don't even see them. 

Take some time and enjoy your life. It really is good. Enjoy it. Enjoy the people in your life. Enjoy the opportunities. Enjoy the cool breeze on a summer night. Enjoy the stars at night and the sun each day. I have given you much, slow down a bit and enjoy it. There will be times in your life when I need you to hurry. Now is not one of those times. Slow down and enjoy life.

Monday, July 25, 2011


My prayer:
Incredible God of mine. Today was pretty crazy but you made everything work out, as always! I am sorry my attitude was not the most positive all day. I should have known you would work it all out. And then, first day back and you lay another brand new client in my lap! Your favor is so amazing God!! I get credit for bringing in all this business at work but it is all you. I try to tell them that it is you and not me. I hope I do it enough. 

I guess my thoughts are kind of all over the place again tonight God. Probably because I am too focused on what is going on with me and not focused enough on you and all that you do. I am going to change that right now. 

God, thank you for all that you teach me. Thank you God for always turning everything to my good. Thank you for every promise and every fulfillment of every promise in my life. Thank you for the people you have put in my life. Thank you for the opportunities to serve you and your people. Thank you for unmerited favor in my life. Thank you for divine health and healing in my life. Thank you for blessing the people around me. Thank you for healing the people around me. Thank you for being you. Thank you for dying for me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for always taking care of me. Thank you for every blessing and every challenge you bring to my life. Thank you God!!!

Whew! That felt good. You are so very good God. Praising you is so easy once I get started. I need to remember sooner to praise you when I get stuck in the middle of my or someone else's mess. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

What God Said Tonight:
You won't believe what is coming up next. Your thankful heart paves a path to your future and provides the path to your next destination. You can't begin to imagine all that I have for you. 

I love to bless you. I love to pour out on you the blessings that you pour back out on all those around you. It is my joy to bless you. 

You don't earn blessings but you can position yourself to be in the right place with the right attitude to receive them. I am a generous God. I am not stingy. I have more riches and more blessings than anyone can imagine and I don't intend to hoard them. They are for you. My children, they are all for you. 

Your choices can position you to receive or they can block you from receiving, but not the choices you might think. It is not about "sinning." It is about your heart and your love for me. When you love me, have a grateful heart, and a generous spirit, that is when I can bless you abundantly and know that you will not be spoiled in the blessing. When those things are not in place for you, my blessings will cause more harm than good in your life and I refuse to harm you. 

I have blessings that you can't imagine. Position yourself so I can pour them out on you. Blessing you, blesses me. Just like you are blessed every time you get to bless someone else. How much more does it bless me when I get to bless you? 

I love you daughter. Be blessed, be a blessing, and stay positioned to receive it all.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little worries...

My prayer:
Awesome God. I am having one of those nights where I have so many thoughts running through my head that I don't know what to talk with you about. Or, I guess more accurately, I don't know how to talk to you about it all. It is all jumbled up. 

The Bible studying today was good and clarified some things but also created more questions. Funny how that happens. I often come with one question and I may get an answer, but I leave with five new questions. I guess that is part of what keeps it exciting. 

God, I find myself worrying about a lot of little things tonight. None of which really matter on their own but it has my mind racing. I give every worry to you right now God and I pray that your will is done on earth as it is in heaven. I declare that you have not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind. I am making a decision right now to think about you and what you have done and to stop thinking about the little worries that are pecking at me. Help me God to stick to that and not wander back into worry land.

I love you God and I am so grateful for you and your favor in my life. This life of mine would be worthless without you. I am so grateful that I never have to live a moment without you. I will never be alone and I will never be without hope because I will always have you. That is a gift I cannot repay.

What God Said Tonight:
Tonight I want you to rest in my arms and in my peace. You are right that none of your worries are worth the time you have spent on them. 

I have everything under control. I will give you each new step and each direction. I will not leave you confused. I will guide you always. 

Rest in my arms. Rest in my peace. Rest in the absolute knowledge that I love you and I will take care of you forever. 

You do not have to be the strong one all the time. You do not have to be the one with the answers all the time. You can rest knowing that I am always strong and I always have all of the answers. I have everything you need for every season and I will not let you be uncovered or unprepared. 

I love you, trust me now, tonight. Trust me and be comforted by my presence... There, that is better. Rest in me daughter and I will take care of everything.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Study hard...

My prayer:
Mighty God. I am falling asleep sitting up again tonight but I can't go to bed before I hear from you. I love to hear your voice and your presence is worth more to me than anything else in the world. What is on your mind tonight God?

What God Said Tonight:
I am teaching you a lot of things right now. This season you will learn a lot. I need you to  record the things you are learning. I need you to make a record of it. One day you will have need of it. 

When I teach you that my model is to go to where the people are and teach them where they are, remember that. When I teach you that I am the reason for your blessing, not your own "goodness", remember that. When I teach you these things, record them so you don't lose them. 

This is a new type and time for study for you. I need you to study on a personal level in a more intense manner than ever before. I need you to learn the principles behind the directions. I need you to understand the "why" not just the "what" and the "how." I need you to dive into my word like never before. Study in earnest and I will show you even greater levels of wisdom to help you navigate this season and the next. 

I love you daughter. Get your rest and be ready to study hard tomorrow.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Every promise...

My prayer:
God you are amazing, awesome, incredible, and so much more! Thank you for healing "K"! Thank you that your healing in her will give her the faith to believe for the healing of her son. 

God, your promises, your miracles, your word is for today. I was reading a book today that was saying that the Bible was meant to be personal to the people at the time it was written but not meant to be personal to us today. I nearly screamed out loud "NOOO!" 

God, I believe that you want us to have so many blessings. I believe that you intend for every promise in the Bible to be personal to us. I believe that because you have shown it to me. Time and time again, you show me how you open the windows of heaven on our lives, how by your stripes we are healed, how you have a future and plan for our lives and it is a good plan and so much more. 

God, it breaks my heart when I think about how much less we are living with. So much less than what you want for us. God, I pray that you clear my vision. I pray God that if there are promises that you have for me that I am not realizing in my life, that you show them to me and show me how to receive them. 

I pray God that you show all of your children the lives that you mean for us to live. The joy you mean for us to have. The blessings you mean to pour out on us. Somehow we got it confused along the way and started thinking that living without was somehow more holy than living with your promises. God, help me get my thinking right and living with every promise of yours active in my life.

What God Said Tonight:
The promises of God are yea and amen. They are present, available, and active for you, right now. I made those promises to you so that you could have them. If I made you promises and then hid them from you, that would make me a pretty bad Father. I didn't make promises to you with the intention of withholding them. Every promise is yous and meant for you. Seriously,every promise. 

There is nothing that I will keep from my children. You have to ask for it though. You have to know what the promise is and you have to ask for it. You have to be active and present to receive the promise. If you didn't have a role in it, you would likely not recognize where the gift came from and you would likely not appreciate it. 

You are going to start seeing promises fulfilled at and entirely new rate. I am cranking everything up a notch and you are going to witness the explosion of blessings and promises. I am gearing up for the end of time as you know it. There will be things you do not understand but know that I am with you and I will never leave you. 

Now is the time to recognize every promise I have for you. You will need them all in the coming days. I love you daughter and always will. That is a promise.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


My prayer:
Amazing and all knowing God. Thank you for putting up with all of my doubts over the last several weeks and not giving up on me! 

As I watch you bring this whole plan together, with all of the people and the pieces coming together so perfectly, I am in awe. Like "G" says, it is like a beautiful patchwork quilt or like "K" says, it is like a diagram of an organic chemistry molecule, beautiful, perfect, and made up of things that are different in many ways but similar in others. It is so beautiful to watch you work God! 

I gladly submit to your will because I know it is better than mine. I humbly ask that I get to continue to be a part of what you are doing. There is nothing I love more than being with you and seeing you work in people's lives. God I love that I get to spend every second of eternity with you! There is no place I would rather be.

What God Said Tonight:
This is a time to follow your instincts because they are true and right. I am in them. If you are thirsty, drink. If you are hungry, eat. If you lack knowledge, study. If you want to help someone, help them. If you want to do anything for me and in my name, you are free to do it. I release you to follow your dreams. Your dreams are my dreams. 

Everything seems to be coming together so effortlessly because you are in the flow of my will. Follow the flow and it will be smooth sailing. My will is like a river that can change course when needed but always reaches its destination. There may be boulders and odd currents that seem to take you off course, but none of them matter as long as you are still in my flow. We will get to where we need to go if you stay in the flow. 

I will continue to leave markers here and there to confirm for you that you are still on my path. It is a marked route although it is a  path that no one has taken yet. To get from where you are to where we are going, we have a a ways to travel. But the traveling will be easy if you stay in my flow.  

I love you sweet daughter. Thank you for sticking with it. We have great things in your future and I don't want you to miss them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative love...

My prayer:
Amazing and wonderful God. I love you so much! I missed meeting with you like this last night. It has become a treasured habit God. 

Thank you for the relaxation of the last couple of days. Thank you for the time off. And thank you even more for the opportunities to serve your people all day today! 

I appreciate the downtime but what I really love is to serve you and your people. What I really love is to be there for someone and watch you step in and help them. What I really love is when you take charge in a way that no one can doubt who you are or your power. What I really love is YOU and getting to see YOU be YOU! 

I love you so much and it is good to be back here with you. What is on your mind?

What God Said Tonight:
I love you my sweet daughter of grace. I hope you realize that the hundreds of fields of wild flowers that you saw the last couple of days were my gift to you. A husband may bring home a bouquet of flowers but I have  a few more resources at hand and wanted you to see my love. Every color, every shape, I fashioned for you. Every leaf, every stem, was made with you in mind. I love you and this was one display of my love for you. 

My children are so very precious to me. I am showing my love all of the time but you don't always recognize it. When you forget who created the earth, who created you, you may miss all that I have done for you. When you forget who I am, you may miss all that I have done because of my love for you. 

I am constantly looking for new ways to show my love for you. It is important that you understand and never forget. I want you to do the same. Constantly be looking for ways to express your love for me and for other people. Be creative. Find new ways to show your love. There is no right or wrong way but keep doing it. 

You know from personal experience that it is easy to doubt people's love for you unless it is constantly reinforced. Make every interaction with the people around you an expression of your love, if you can. Be creative. Watch what other people do and get new ideas. Do things, give things, say things, show your love. I will help. 

It all comes down to love. I am love and love is the beginning and ending of every story in this life. I love you. Keep your eyes open and receive love so you can give it away. Giving you a kiss on the forehead before bed. Sleep tight my sweet daughter.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Let God steer...

My prayer:
Amazing, incredible and protective Father! I am consistently amazed at what good care you take of me! How many times, this week alone could I have been killed? Between crazy drivers and killer storms...I am losing count. 

Thank you God for your love. Thank you for taking better care of me than I deserve. Thank you for always loving me more than I deserve. Thank you God for always giving me more than I deserve!!! 

I love you so much! What is on your mind?

What God Said Tonight:
Taking care of you is pretty easy. It is a natural reaction of my love for you. I will always watch over you. Lest you dash a foot against a stone. I am in continuous watch care over you. 

You are carved in the palm of my hand. You can count on my protection and my watch care over you. 

You are who I designed you to be. You are where I intended you to be, doing what I intended you to do. I have planned all of this since before you were born and I am in complete control. 

As long as you leave me in control, you can trust the outcome will be good. Don't take the reins. Don't try to steer. That is when we run into trouble. Leave that part up from me. You move, I will steer, and we will end up exactly where I intend. 

I love you sweetheart and today is for you. Tonight is for you. Tomorrow is for you. They are my gifts to you and I always give good gifts.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Step out into my dreams...

My prayer:
God of peace. God, you have the peace that passes all understanding. I need that peace tonight. I am suppose to be relaxing, taking some down time, but my mind continues to race. I continue to feel on edge. I am wound up so tight, I am not sure how to get unwound. 

God, it would be so much easier to just continue to help make other people's dreams come true instead of trying to step out and realize the dream you gave me. It is so much easier for me to believe in other people's dreams, to believe their dreams will come true. When it is my dream, or more importantly, your dream that you put in me...I start to think, "Who am I to think I can..." I am nobody God. Funny, I can hear you even now saying, "Great! I can work with nobodies! There my favorites!" 

God I want to help see your dream, your vision that you put in me, come to life. Help me God to have the strength, the courage, and the peace to do what you need me to do. Help me to listen to you first and people second. Help me God to do this right.

I love you and I love your dream for me. Just keep reminding me that it really is possible. Keep reminding me that with you all things are possible. Don't give up me God, I can do it, I just need you to keep reminding me right now.

What God Said Tonight:
You don't really need me to remind you, you are reminding yourself. You don't really need me to encourage you, you are encouraging yourself. Just like King David who you love so, you have learned the ability to encourage yourself in my word and that is a skill that will serve you well throughout eternity. 

You know what I have to say on the matter, you said it yourself, all things are possible through Christ. You know that I have a plan for your life and you know it is a good plan. You know that I would not have brought you this far to leave you. You know that I will lead and guide you always. You know that I will never leave you. 

Yes, this next step, this next season is a big one. I am asking you to do things that you have not done before. I am asking you to trust me to put together the plan. I am asking you to get started before the full plan is evident to you. You were ok with that yesterday and now, you worry. Now that you are looking at it against man's plans, you think you should know more than you do. You think you should have it all laid out. If you had it all laid out already then it really would be your plan and not mine. 

I have been leading you and guiding you for long enough now, don't doubt the pattern that we have developed. I show you the big picture in general terms and then I give you next steps. Wait for each step. Trust me to provide each one. We will do this the same way we have done so much together. It is a pattern that works for us. Don't let others influence how you think we should work together. You know me, you know how I work. Trust that. 

I have not given you a spirit of fear or timidity. Especially you. I have given you the courage of a mother lion. There is nothing that you will back down from, especially if it is something that is threatening what you care about. That is part of why you are feeling unease. I am asking you to do some things that go against your nature. Your natural instinct is loyalty and faithfulness no matter what. I need you to recognize in this case, I need your loyalty to me and your faithfulness to me to supersede the loyalty and faithfulness you feel toward others. 

It is hard I know, but I will give you peace. Peace I give to you and peace I leave with you. I will shower you with the peace of my love and the assurance that I am with you every step of the way. Don't neglect our time together. It is more important now than ever. I love you daughter sleep in peace tonight.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well of knowledge...

My prayer:
Creative God who spoke the universe into existence. You are beyond my ability to imagine you. You are greater than my mind can comprehend. I have spent much of the last 15 years of my life trying to understand you. I could spend the rest of eternity doing the same and still not know all of you. You are too big, too much for my mind to truly understand. 

Today I read through those old exhortations and sermons from Prison Ministry God and some were ok but some were so naive. Some were clearly someone who was repeating what she had heard about you, not what she had experienced of you. 

God, I pray that I never do damage to your kingdom and your people as a result of my ignorance. God I pray that you cover me so that the things that I don't know yet, don't hurt your people. God teach me everything I need to know. Show me everything I need to know about you. Help me to recognize the gaps in my knowledge and understanding and give me avenues to fill those gaps. God teach me, my teacher. 

Show me all of you God. Speak through me so people don't have to rely on my limited knowledge and they can hear directly from you. 

I love you God. I thank you for all of the opportunities you give me to serve. Thank you for the increased awareness of the responsibility that comes with it. And, dear God, please have there be less of me and more of you so people hear the truth and not what my limited experience might think is the truth right now. I love you God. More of you less of me please.

What God Said Tonight:
I can give you revelations at any given moment for the knowledge that you need. You do not need to know everything right now. I have given you all that you need for right now and for what I am asking your to do. Rely on me for everything. Trust in me and I will make sure you have everything you need for each new opportunity. I never give you anything I have not already trained you for. 

Teach from your heart, from your life, and that will matter, that will make a difference. 

You will never know everything but I always will. You can ask me anything at anytime and if it is possible I will tell you the answer. You can dip into my well of knowledge whenever you need. Where you get in trouble is when you rush ahead, thinking you know the answers and you forget to ask me. 

Always remember that even those things that you are so sure of today, may not be the truth tomorrow. There is only one truth that you never have to doubt. You never have to doubt the truth of me and my presence in your life. That is one truth that never changes and never will. All other truth comes from me, so check in with me frequently. I am your resource and your teacher. I am your provider and your Father. I love you more than you can ever know. I am completely devoted to you and I will always answer your call. Call me often.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Living sculpture...

My prayer:
My God I enjoy you! I love spending time with you and in your presence. I am so amazed that you are willing to spend time with me in the first place and then, when I take the time to really spend time with you, no distractions, it is SO GOOD! You are SO GOOD! 

Thank you so much for tonight and another night with the Intense Prayer and Worship Group. Tonight was different than the last time but it was SO GOOD! You joy is bubbling up in me God. I can't stop smiling. I can't stop even when I don't know why I am smiling. 

You are so incredible. You  are everything I need. God, I don't ever want to lose the simple appreciation of spending time with you. I love you so much. 

What is on your mind tonight? I want to know, what can I do for you, what can I give to you, what can say to you that will bless you? God, what can I give back to you? Everything I am and everything I have is because of you. What can I give back? I want to give to you tonight. I want to give back. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

What God Said Tonight:
I want everything and I want nothing. I want you to be willing to give me your all, lay everything down at my feet, but I want to give everything to you.

You are like a fine living sculpture. I have spent an eternity shaping you and I am not done, but you are so beautiful. I just want to look at you like you are for awhile. I will do more, there are colors to add, there are shapes to refine, there are character improvements for us to make but right now, I just want to enjoy who you are. I want to enjoy what you have become. 

You are a living and moving sculpture. You are my masterpiece. I created you to show others what I can do. The creation process, the refining and reshaping process is never pain free but look at you now! I know you still see the flaws when you look in the mirror, but I see the work of art that you are. You are so beautiful to me. Let me enjoy you for a little while. We have more to do, more changes to make, but just for now, I want to cherish who you have become and love you to the very depth of your soul. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skimming the waves...

My prayer:
Lord God I am so tired tonight but I love you and can't, don't want to, end my day without hearing what you have to say. Awesome God, what is on your mind? You are beyond amazing and I LOVE YOU!!

What God Said Tonight:
You are flying my daughter. You are not flying high yet, you are skimming the waves. You are still getting splashed by the stormy surf. The water weighs you down a little but not so much that you cannot continue to fly. 

You are still looking at the water and what lies beneath. The good news is you are not drowning in it anymore. You have risen above it. When you can stop looking into it, searching for what lies beneath you, then you will begin to soar. Then you will begin to own the sky that I have given you. You will be able to go wherever you want. You will be ale to see things you have not yet imagined. 

Next steps, start looking up instead of down. Look in the direction you are going. You will follow whatever direction you are looking. 

I love you daughter. Sleep well. This season is tiring but worth it. It is work but the reward is great. You are where I need you to be and I will not leave you here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting free...

My prayer:
Amazing God! So much to be thankful for today!! You gave me continuous favor at work with three new potential clients, divine health, an amazing small group discussion, you healed D's elbows, and you kept me safe from the hail that devastated neighborhoods right next to me tonight.  And, that is the stuff that I know about! Thank you for all of the hidden things you blessed me with today. Thank you for the things that you kept from happening. Thank you for leading me through this day with such kindness and gentleness that I sometimes forget that it is all you and your will being accomplished. 

You are so so so so GOOD! Thank you for every blessing, seen and unseen. Thank you for the power of your Holy Spirit, the salvation from your sacrifice, and always, always, thank you for your love!! 

What God Said Tonight:
You are in a better place tonight. You are starting to look at the right things again. You are starting to look at me. You are starting to look forward. You are starting to leave the past behind and look forward to what lies ahead. You have not quite gotten there yet but you are starting. I am glad. 

The timing is perfect. You are about to step into the new plan and the new things I have for you. You  have been prepared and you are ready. You need to finish letting go so you can move forward without reservation. You need to leave all baggage behind. Do what ever you have to do to leave any pain, any resentment and any bad feelings behind you. I don't want you bringing that with you to this new place and this new season. 

As you let it all go tonight, do not pick it back up. Leave it behind. You are poised to soar and you can't afford to have any baggage weighing you down. A bird cannot fly with a rock on it's back. I want you to fly. 

I love you so much. Rest again and I will guide you again tomorrow. I love you and spending time with you. I love what we are about to do. I love seeing you getting free from your own baggage. You will love it too...I promise!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God, the way you take care of me is truly miraculous. The thunderstorm that just went through was one of the worst I have ever seen. It took out the electrical power all around me but my house is untouched. Sirens running all throughout the neighborhood, and you keep me safe. 

As this storm rages on God, my trust, my faith, and my protection lie firmly within you. God I pray that you watch over all of us tonight, keep us from harm, and deliver us from evil. I pray God that you protect us from physical danger, emotional danger, and spiritual danger. I pray and ask God that you surround us with your angels, keeping us safe and whole. 

God, I trust in you. I pray God and ask that you help me to concentrate on your voice. I pray that any other words or ideas trying to invade my mind, any that are not of you, I bind them in the name of Jesus and I cast them to the pit of hell. 

Thank you God for your protection. Thank you that you provided me the ability, through your name, to speak your protection in my life. God I love you so much. Thank you for your protection.

What God Said Tonight:
You trust me for protection in the natural, why do you fear that I will not protect you in the other ares of your life. You are so confident that I will save you in a thunderstorm but you are not so confident that I can take you out of a unhealthy spiritual situation. 

I am your guide always. I will guide you always. You are so very important to me and I will never let destructive harm come your way. 

Now, when it comes to invading thoughts, you should know me well enough to recognize my voice and cull it out from the other thoughts and ideas. I think normally you would be able to do that.This is a tough season, but it is so worth it. It is a time when you should be in intense prayer and welcoming my Spirit at every turn. This should be a time of celebration, with a tinge of sad. 

You rest and I will take care of it all. I am your everything now and forever, and that is longer than you can imagine. I love you sweetheart. Stay the course and trust me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

You are still you...

My prayer:
God of all creation. You know what? I am starting to think that this life, living for you, is a whole lot easier than what I have made it or thought it should be. 

What if I stopped worrying about living in your perfect will and just lived with you, trusting you to take me down the paths you have laid out for me? What if I could once and for all let go of all of the baggage that weighs me down and makes me swerve off of your path and traveled light, walking straight? What if I could live with that pure presence of you in me all of the time? 

Sounds like it possible while I am still here on earth? I am not sure, but if it is, I want it. 

I love you so much God, you are so very good to me.  Thank you for another day of favor. Thank you for the amazing people you have put in my life. Thank you for loving me, no matter what.

What God Said Tonight:
Glaciers are constantly changing. Constantly in flux. You don't see them moving, but you see the result as they shed large sheets of ice or as big lakes open up n the tops of them. 

You understand that all of life is like that in one way or another. In constant change, but it doesn't change who they are or what they are. A glacier is still a glacier, no matter what shape it takes. The only way it is not a glacier anymore is if it completely melts and disappears. You are in a state of constant change right now but that does not mean that you are not you anymore. You remain you throughout the changes. No matter what changes take place you are still you. 

I have taught you a lot of things over the years and we are not done with your education. But for right now, it is more about living out your faith than it is about schooling. I love you sweet daughter and I have many things to teach you and for you to teach. But right now your life is anything you want it to be. Think creatively. Think beyond what you expect. Dream big and I will dream with you. You will see heaven open. You will see then what worship in heaven is all about. 

Your place, right now is here. Do not pine for what is not yours but hang on for dear life the things and the people I have given you. Go now and rest daughter. We have more to do tomorrow. I will wake you up when it is time to go.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turn my brain off...

My prayer:
All knowing God. I wish sometimes that I could turn my brain off. I think that is why I like to run. There comes a point during a good run, where I kind of go somewhere else in my brain and I stop thinking. I am grateful God that you gave me a brain and you made it a nicely ordered logical one...most of the time; but, it would be great if it came with an off switch. 

I keep running the same thoughts, the same worries through my head and it is not getting me anywhere. It is not helping. I want to stop thinking about it, but I haven't been able to. You say worry over nothing and pray over everything. What happens when I pray but then I still worry? Does it mean I am not really trusting you? I think it means that I am not trusting myself. I am worried that I am making wrong choices, getting your will wrong; but then, I think through it and I think that I am following your will. Then, before I know it, I am doubting again and worrying. Ugghh! 

I am 90% confident about what you want me to do and it is what I have begun to do. It is the 10% that won't stop bugging me! What do I need to do differently God? What do I need to learn, understand? How do I get out of this cycle and get back to the peace you give me?

I love and trust God that you have only good plans for me. Please don't let me mess up those plans.

What God Said Tonight:
There is an off switch for your brain. It is activated when you rest in the complete assurance that I am in charge of your life. It is activated when you remember that I will turn all things to your good. It is activated when you remember who I am and how big I am. Get your eyes off of the details for a minute and focus on me. 

Think back a minute to the time last week when you had a glimpse of the beauty of my purity. Just me without all of the trappings. That is the goal in all of this. Just you and me with nothing between us. That is what I desire. 

I will remove anything that tries to come between us. I won't think twice about it. Anything. That means any decision, any person, any spirit, any circumstance that comes between you and me, I will remove it. 

Rest daughter and remember that I have got this. I will guide you always. I will be your guide and we will walk this life together forever. I will never leave you and will never forsake you. I am with you always. 

Stop worrying about what might happen or what could happen and enjoy what is happening. This is a time of celebration and new beginnings and you are going to miss it if you are not careful. You have set your feet upon a path. It is a good one. Now walk it out. I am with you now and forever. I love you daughter. I really do.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


My prayer:
My sweet and loving God. Today was good God. Just you and me, it was good. God, I have been talking a lot lately. Thank you for always listening. What do you want to talk about? I love you God and I am here to listen.

What God Said Tonight:
You don't always see clearly but you always are looking. You don't always find but you are always searching. You don't always get it right, but you are always trying. Know that I care more that you try than I do about you getting it right. I care more about you, your character, your heart than I do about what you do or do not do. 

The law got everyone pretty messed up. The law was never meant save you. Your actions will never save you. The law was in place so that I could come and save you. I was the fulfillment of the law. I was the solution to sin. I am all that you need. 

You have learned and you continue to learn about the importance of people and loving people. I have given you a heart for people. I am about to increase your love of people. I am about to increase the burden on your heart for people. I need you to care about their hearts, their character, their future. I need you to love them. I need you to show them my love. You are moving into a new thing again and I need you to have this greater heart and love for my people. 

I love you darling daughter and you will never go wrong as long as you are trying. When you are trying, even the failures become stepping stones to the next level. I love you and I will flood you with love to share. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love, Love, and Love some more...

My prayer:
Lover of my soul, awesome, amazing and incredible God. I am so crazy about you. You are always on my mind. You are always in my heart. I love to spend time with you. I can't wait for tomorrow when I get a whole day to focus on you, no distractions, just you and me. 

The changes, the ups and downs of this week, have been exhausting but I am beginning to see your plan taking shape. I am beginning to understand how this all really will work out. 

I was thinking today how fun it is to be a part of your will in my life. To see you putting everything together, weaving seemingly unrelated ideas and events and people together into something magnificent. I love that God! I love watching you do it in others lives and I love experiencing it in mine. You are a true artist God. The ultimate designer.

Mighty God, please let me always be a part of your will and what you want to do. In Jesus name, amen.

What God Said Tonight:
I am here for you and with you my sweet daughter. I am always here with you. I am the breath in your lungs. I am the strength in your body. I am in you and I will never leave. You will always be a part of my will and what I want to do because I am already in you. You are my faithful servant and my precious daughter and you will never have to worry about how and where you will serve, where you will minister. I have such plans! You will love them. 

Tonight, tomorrow, I want to wrap myself around you so you feel and know my love. I want you to experience my love at an entirely new level. I want you to experience the selfless love that only comes through me. I want to bestow that love on you so you can share it. I need you to love my people. I need you to love all of my people. I need you to show my love to my people. There is such a lack of love in the world. There is a drought of love. People are starving for it and don't even know it. 

There is loneliness that is robbing people of their joy and of their lives. There is self hate that is keeping people from me. Love is the cure. Love will satiate them. Love will fill them, to be able to receive me. 

Love, Love, and Love some more. Be my love in this world. 

Rest tonight, spend tomorrow with me and be prepared for more next week. I said it before, this is a jumping off place. This is the start of an amazing future. This, is what I meant for it to be from the beginning of time. You are precious to me and I love you more than you can ever understand.