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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Friday, September 30, 2011


My prayer:
Beautiful God! SO, we just did this once and the whole thing got erased before I could post it. I guess you didn't want that one posted...Your will be done! What do you want to say tonight? I am here.

What God Said Tonight:
It is not that I didn't want to to say the things that I said to you before or that there was anything wrong with them. They were just for you tonight. 

Sometimes, I want your undivided attention to tell you something that you don't have to share. We don't do that very much anymore. You share so much which is fantastic and what I want you to do but I miss our private time sometimes. 

I need some one-on-one time now and then. Let's spend this Sabbath together, doing things you  like to do and things we like to do together. But mostly, lets spend it together one-on-one. I love corporate worship. I love when my people gather together but now and then, I want you one-on-one. 

I love you daughter. Rest now and we will be together for ever.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Power and strength...

My prayer:
My awesome God. Falling asleep sitting up again God. I gave all I had today, which wasn't a lot to start with. I am grateful that you brought me through this day. I am grateful for your favor. I am grateful for your healing. I am grateful for you. And, all I want now, more than sleep and more than anything else. I want to hear your voice. I love you God. What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
My Spirit is on you and in it you are strong. My Spirit lives in you and guides you, gives you favor with others, shows you the truth, gives you strength when you have none. 

There is a light in you, a reflection of my Holy Spirit that draws people and they don't even know why. There is a power in you that draws people and they don't even know why. They are drawn to my Spirit, alive in you. 

My power is addictive. Once you experience it, you always want more. That is why I never worry about the prodigal son. I know he will be back. Every time. You can't turn your back on me and my power once you have experienced it. 

That is why it is so important that everyone has an opportunity to experience me and my power. Everyone needs to have the chance to choose me. It is so important and possibly the most important thing that there is. Help people experience me through your life Provide opportunities for people to experience me. Make it possible for everyone to have the opportunity to know me. 

I will continue to draw them to you through light and my power. I will bring them. Be ready when they come. reflect me, share my power, help them to experience that power. That is your main objective and the primary thing I need you focused on right now. 

I love you daughter. Rest well.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love is a two way street...

My prayer:
My God. I am not sure how to say what I am feeling tonight God. I am so completely, deeply, and beyond explanation grateful for you God. You are so beautiful to me. You are my everything. You make everything worthwhile. You are my reason for getting up in the morning and my last thought before I go to bed. 

You are the one who teaches me all that I need to know. You are the one that blesses me beyond what I can imagine. You are the one who heals me. You are the reason for my very existence. How do fully convey my gratitude in simple words. I don't have words big enough to describe who you are and what you mean to me. My attempts are inadequate but hear my heart and know how much I truly love you My God. I am completely yours. I am here for you and for what ever you need. I am honored and grateful to be called yours. What is on your mind tonight my precious Father?

What God Said Tonight:
I am here for you always and your words may be too little but your heart is more than enough. I love you too. Our love was destined from the dawn of time. It is epic. There are no words in your language for the love that we have. 

You know how some times your prayers don't have actual words? You know how sometimes your prayer is nothing more than a groan. Those sounds, those messages from the heart can mean more and convey more than simple words ever can. 

I love you daughter and I will find multiple ways to show you. I will continue to bless you. I will continue to guide you, protect you, and heal you so that you remember who I am and my love for you. 

Love is not something you show once and expect that they will remember. Love is something that has to be renewed daily. I will renew my love and expression of it for you daily. Can you do the same for me? Can you remember to express your love for me every day? 

Each time, each day that we do, that will bring us even closer together. We have so much yet to do and I want to do it in complete concert. I want us to act as one. I want there to be no distance between us. 

I love you and I am dedicated to making sure that we are together forever, growing closer every day. I am dedicated to this, are you? It has to be a two way street. Love is our multiplier. Love me, love your people around you. Love well and you will be loved. Good night my dear. Sleep well in my love for you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My prayer:
All powerful and mighty God. Our good intentions, goal setting, and hard work are not enough God. Even our fellowship is not enough. Fact is, without your power, active and present in our lives, this life is just too hard. 

God, tonight my thoughts are stayed with so many friends that are really struggling. Divorce, sickness, bankruptcy, and more. These are your kids God and they are trying to do all of the right things. But, it is not enough. 

God we need a supernatural move of your power in their lives. God, I pray and ask that you show up and change their circumstances. I pray that you make a way out for them. I pray God that you send your warrior angels to fight the fight for them. I pray God that you heal every hurt, provide for them out of your riches in glory and restore what has been taken from them. I ask these things according to your promises to us. I praise and thank you God for hearing this prayer and praise you in advance for what you are about to do. Thank you Jesus! amen.

What God Said Tonight:
What you see as tragedy is nothing more than opportunities for me to show my power in peoples lives. I have promised to care for you and for all of my children and I do not go back on my promises. 

For those who are wiling, my power is available. For those who are willing to see the miraculous, I have miracles. For those who are willing to experience the unmatchable power of the all mighty powerful God of all creation, I am here and my power is active and alive. 

Your belief and your willingness is the only thing that can put a barrier on what I can do. When you refuse it, when you think, "oh that just can't happen!" Those are the times when my power is held back. When you can truly say in every situation that all things are possible through me, that is when you are going to see the windows of heaven open and see that as it is in heaven, it is here on earth. 

You will see the miraculous every day. Your eyes will be opened to all of the amazement around you . You will see with new eyes and hear with new ears. You will be aware of me in ways that you have only heard about in the past. 

But you must be willing. You must be wiling to suspend your disbelief and prejudice and allow yourself to believe that everything is possible. I love you and I want you to have everything I have for you. Open your heart and your mind so you can receive it. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

My God, my everything...

My prayer:
Incredible Father God! What a great day! A day full of good news. A day full of dreams fulfilled!! God you have given me dreams bigger than what I could have thought of on my own and then you go right ahead and fulfill them in my life. 

Living for you is such an incredible experience! No it is not all easy but it is always worth it, just like you promise. 

God I am grateful for everything you do and everything you are. I am in awe of your power and your love. I am in awe of you God. I am so lucky that I get to worship you forever. I love you with everything that I am.

What God Said Tonight:
I will be water when you are thirsty, food when you are hungry, shelter when you are cold, comfort when you are afraid. I will be everything you need when ever you need it. I will prepare you for every event, blessing or struggle. 

I will protect you and keep you precious and set apart. I will protect you from the enemy and the weapons that are formed against you. I will not allow any agenda in your life except for the one that we have agreed upon. I will teach you and guide you. I will help you when you need help. I will forgive you when you need forgiveness. I will heal you when you are sick. 

I will because I am. I will be everything for you because I am. 

I will never leave you. I will never turn my back on you. I will never leave you to fend for yourself. I will always have your back and I will always be with you now and forever. I love you with a never ending love that is too deep to be measured and to wide to be traveled across. I am your God and your Father and I love you. I am yours.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God and the ultimate judge of all humanity. I have been thinking a lot about judgement today. 

It seems like it is so easy for me to see where other people are making mistakes and taking wrong turns but it is a lot harder to see it in myself. But then again, I think I am seeing others clearly but I almost never know everything that they are going through so who am I to say they are making wrong decisions? Maybe that is the thing. The less detail you know about a situation, the easier it is to make a snap judgement and feel you are right about it. 

But then, why do I even do it in the first place? You have already said that we are not here to judge each other. I have always considered that I was helping them to problem solve but is that really true? Especially when I am thinking those thoughts about people who have not asked me to help them. I think that I am just being judgmental and that is not good. That is not what you want. 

God help me to remember that I don't know all the details contributing to other peoples' decisions and even if I did, it is not up to me to judge. I am sorry for being judgmental. Help me to better see the line between helping and judging. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:
No situation is simple and no decision is simple. Getting outside opinions can sometimes help to clarify things but when it comes down to it, no one can make decisions for you except for you. 

Being judgmental, or not being judgmental is a decision. I am glad you are wanting to make the right one. You will do so much more good loving people than you will telling them how to they should think or what they should do. No one likes that. No one likes being told what to do. But everyone likes to be loved. Everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of people they admire and people that love them. People want to be like the people they admire. 

Your prayer is already answered in the choice you are making tonight. I will help remind you of the choice and the importance of it. 

When you love people, they will look at your life and want to have what you have. Make sure that when they look, your life is a reflection of me. Then, watch me help people. It is a much more effective way to help people. 

I am blanketing you tonight with my love. Let it revive and nourish you for another week. I am with you every step and I love you my sweet.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God. Today was good. Quiet and good. I am very aware and very grateful tonight God for all of the things I don't have to worry about because I have you and your promises in my life. You heal me, you provide for me, you help me to make right decisions, you bail me out when I make wrong decisions. Because you are in my life, I can live and focus on adding to other people's lives instead of worrying about getting my needs met. That is a life of luxury God and I am eternally grateful to you for it. 

I love you God and am anxious to hear your voice. What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
There are shadows in your life right now. Things that have been kept in the dark that you have not been ready or had the need to see until now. Part of this next season will be to shed light on those things. It will not be easy but it will be necessary. 

I will be with you every step of the way and I will continue to provide everything you need. I want you to feel my arms around you tonight. I will not have you go through this alone. It is going to hurt a little at first, but once we get through the first part, it won't be so bad. And, I promise i will not leave you. I promise that it all works out in the end. I promise that I will help you thorough every step. 

When we banish these shadows with my light, there will be great freedom and great peace. There will be a whole new level of being able to access my power. There will be an ability to minister like you have not seen before. It will be worth it. Will you trust me to take you thorough this? 

I love you now and forever.

Friday, September 23, 2011


My prayer:
Incredible God! You always work everything out and you do it so well! Ok, now that feels silly even writing that but, it is TRUE! I run around trying to do this and that; but, when I just sit back and let you do what you want to do, suddenly everything falls into place and it is all SO EASY! 

How is it that I forget that so often? I learn it, then I get caught up in doing my own thing and forget it, get exhausted, let go, you take over and I remember that is how it should be in the first place. 

I am VERY grateful for the renewed knowledge of this God and I pray and hope that I don't have to keep going through this cycle for the rest of my life. I pray and hope that I can hold onto this knowledge for awhile this time. I pray and hope that I can remember that you know best.

You are amazing God and I love watching you do your thing. Thank you for letting me be a part of you and what you do here on earth. I love you!

What God Said Tonight:
It is a cycle but it is taking you less and less time to remember the truth each time. Life is really a series of cycles. Your job is to learn a little more each time around. Each cycle, you should learn a little more and shorten the learning curve for the next time. You will recognize the cycle more quickly the more times you go through it. You will remember the answer more quickly. Soon, the cycle becomes so short that the time you spend forgetting is so short, you hardly notice it other than as a fresh reminder of the truth. 

I will always tell you the truth. I will always tell you truth. Over and over as many times as you need. I don't get tired of repeating myself, as long as you are listening and learning at least a little bit each time. My expectations are not for you to achieve great things. My expectations are for you to try. I place great value in the trying part of things. 

I am in charge of results and I will destine you to succeed. You will rise triumphant. But you must continually try. Try to follow my will. Try to be forgiving and loving even to the most unloveable. Try be generous. Try being faithful. Try. If you earnestly try, that means more to me than when you succeed. 

I want you to understand that this is about building your character as much as it is about building my Kingdom. The two are intertwined. Build on solid foundation, learn more every day, and shine!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rest assured...

My prayer:
My Father and Lord. Tonight I am suddenly aware of the privilege of being your daughter. I realize that because you have redeemed me, I have access to you and to all of the power and answers I will ever need. 

Now, I have always known that but for some reason tonight, it is more profound. For some reason tonight I KNOW IT to the very core of me. Suddenly the honor and privilege of knowing you and being able to come to you for your help about anything stands out as truly incredible and amazing. 

I mean, if someone came up to me and said, "How would you like to know that you will never have another trouble or challenge in your life that you won't have an answer and a way out of?" I would say, "YOU BET! Sign me up!!" But, really, that is what we get with you. You have every answer and you promise that you will take care of us. You promise that you will work all things out for our good. WOW! 

Thank you for giving me a new appreciation of this tonight God. There is a deep peace and joy knowing that and knowing that I know that I know it! Love you so much God. Thank you.

What God Said Tonight:
I have been waiting for this time all day. I have been waiting for you to truly take the time to listen to me. Earlier, you thought you were trying to listen to me but you were only listening with a specific question. That is why I wasn't answering. The question you had was of no real importance and, in the mean time, I wanted to tell you other things. But, you couldn't hear them because your focus was completely on what you thought was as the immediate need. 

You are right that I always have the answer and that you can rest assured that you will never again run into a situation that you won't have a way out. That is absolute and you can rest in the complete knowledge of it. 

Now, with that assurance, hear me. You may not understand this next season but I am in it and my will is being accomplished. Trust me even when it looks bad. Trust me even when the storm clouds gather. Trust me to work it all out. I promise it is not what it seems. Rest in my love, my protection and my guidance throughout this next season in particular. 

I love you daughter and I will never leave you. You are my precious child and I will keep you safe.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hanging out with God...

My prayer:
Awesome God. I am kind of sick of listening to myself. What is on your mind? How was your day? What do you want to talk about? I love you and I can't think of anything better than hearing what you have to say tonight.

What God Said Tonight:
I love hanging out with you. I love that you don't always feel the need to impress me. I love that you love and trust me enough to hang out together with no agenda and no specified need. 

I am here for you and for your needs, don't get me wrong. I want you to bring me everything that you are dealing with. I love when you surrender that stuff to me so I can help. But I love to hang out with you now and then. 

I love when you are focused enough on me that we have the time to just hang out. Sometimes, you get so caught up in life that I have to take every minute that you are focused on me to make sure you know all that you need to know. During those times, we don't have the luxury of hanging out and enjoying being together. 

The thing is I really do love you. I really do like you. Because of that, I want to spend time with you. It is really that simple. Thanks for taking some time to hang out tonight. Let's take some down time together soon. Let's go for a hike, a run, or just hang out together soon. 

So much of your life is focused on getting it all done and I get that. What you are doing is important to the Kingdom and I want you to keep it up. But let's make sure we take time to just hang out. I love you so much and my best times are when we are simply together loving on each other. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In God's purpose...

My prayer:
God you are good. You are so very good. Your love, the way you take care of me, the blessings you pour out on me, the way you gently teach me, the way you heal me, the way you make me prosper, the way you take all of that and give it out so freely to all of your kids, no matter who we are, where we are or what we have done. God, you are GOOD!

I love you God. I had a wonderful day doing the stuff you designed me to do. When I get to do the stuff that you specifically designed me for, life is so good. Everything fits. I would love to have more/all of my life be like that. 

I am not complaining though. I suppose if life was perfect, I would never want anything to change and you have shown me often enough that change is GOOD. 

I am sensing a theme here tonight God. Goodness. I love you God and I am so grateful that you love me, chose me, teach me, protect me, guide me and forgive me.

What God Said Tonight:
Walking with me, listening to my voice, trying to do what I want you to do will always result in a profound sense of accomplishment. It is why I created your the way I did. Every person has a purpose and a plan just for them that they are meant to accomplish. 

If they choose not to, I can find another. There are always more willing feet. There are always those who are waiting to take over the thing that you start. 

You are falling a sleep on me so I think we should wrap tonight up a bit. Know that I am with you. I have not left you. We are in this together. I will guide you to calm waters where we will walk and see many more miracles. Your life is a constant joy to me. Your name is writren in my book of life and you can count on it.  I love you daughter.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Highs and lows...

My prayer:
My God. I woke up confused, drug myself through the day only to come home and realize that I had not been grateful or given you the credit for all of the amazing things you are doing and felt guilty again. Pushed that all aside and enjoyed the evening. Now I am here and I don't know what to say. 

Life is such a roller coaster right now. The highs are SO HIGH and the lows are SO LOW. Someone once told me that ministry, working for you, God, is like that. I am not sure I believed him then but I do now. 

But, the fact is, I can't do anything but serve you. I can't live one day without you in it. I can't survive unless I am doing all that I can to accomplish your will here on earth. It is who I am. It is the core of me. To love you and to serve you. That is all that I know. I have no life without you and serving you. 

I am all yours God and I am grateful that you allow me to be a part of what you are doing. I am done complaining and whining. I am done worrying about...I am done worrying. I will trust you and I will follow you. If I get it wrong, correct me. I am all yours, always have been and always will be. I love you my God and Lord.

What God Said Tonight:
I called you to this life from the beginning of time. My call, my purpose on your life was ordained from the beginning of time. That is why the pull you feel is so strong; but, you do have a choice. You always have a choice. I will never force you into anything. 

I can promise you that this call on your life will not be easy. But, I can also promise you it will always be worth it. I can promise you that you will have struggles, disappointments, and want to give up sometimes. But I can also promise you that I will renew your strength every time. I can promise you that I will never take you somewhere that I haven't already given you the skills and gifts to handle what is coming at you. I can promise that the blessings will always outweigh the pain in the end. I can also promise that we win. In the end, we always win. 

Make your choice daily my sweet dear. It is a choice. I can hear you thinking that the alternative is a worthless life. I happen to agree. But then again, I know your future. I know what we can accomplish together. I know what miracles and truly unbelievable things that you are going to be witness of. You can't see all of that yet. You will have to trust me. 

Know that I will ALWAYS choose you. Every day for the rest of eternity, I will always choose you. I am so blessed and so proud when I see you choose me when it is the hard choice. I love it when I see you choose me even though the other way is easier. I love it when you choose me when the people around you are not choosing me. It makes my heart overflow. 

I love you daughter. Keep choosing me and this life with the highs and the lows and I will make sure that you always succeed in the end. I will make sure that you are the head and not the tail. I will make sure that you are above and not beneath. I will make sure that every good thing that I have for you is yours. I love you and I will keep you strong and safe. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God. I am feeling guilty tonight. I am feeling a bit worthless. I am feeling like I did not really do anything much for you for the last two days. I am sorry God. I have been a complete slug and I am not very proud of myself. 

I suppose, if I felt rested and ready to go as a result of all of this doing nothing, that would be one thing. But I feel more worn out tonight than I did Friday. I am clearly doing something wrong. 

I ask for wisdom and for strength God. I pray that you show me what you want me to do and give me the energy to do it. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak God. I love you God.

What God Said Tonight:
Rest is good and important. I did not ask you to do anything this weekend. I know you need to rest. I know that your strength wanes. That is why I am here for you to lean on. I am your strength. I am what makes it possible for you to do anything in the first place. 

Besides, you know that guilt is not from me. I don't operate in guilt. I will convict you and point out your error so you can make corrections like any good parent. But I will never cause you to feel guilt. That one is not from me. 

I love you daughter and understand that this us a short season of rest is preparing you. You won't always have the luxury of this kind of rest. You will need your strength in the next season. 

When I need you to do something, I will let you know. In the meantime, you should rest and know that you are building a reserve for the next season. I love you too my wonderful daughter and I am with you always.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Knowing God...

My prayer:
My amazing God. You are beyond my ability to imagine. You are bigger than the biggest thing I can imagine. You are more powerful than the most power I can imagine. You are wiser than the wisest that I can imagine. I can't wrap my mind around you God. 

Maybe I am not meant to wrap my mind around you. Maybe I am only meant to wrap my heart and my soul around you. Maybe that is the only way to really know you.

I love you God and I wrap my heart, soul and spirit around you tonight in a spiritual hug that I hope you can feel. I love you God even though I may never fully understand you. I love you God for what I know of you and for all that I have to learn about you. I love you God because of your intense and unending love for me. In Christ Jesus, amen.

What God Said Tonight:
I don't need you to know everything about me but I love that you want to. I don't need you to understand but I need you to trust. I need you to always remember that I do know it all. I know the end from the beginning and if I am asking you to do something, there is a purpose and plan behind it and I can see the big picture that may be hidden to you. What may seem sometimes like a step backward to you may be just re-positioning to launch you into your new season. 

Trust me to know the right path for you. listen to my voice and go where I tell you to go. Do what I tell you to do and do not doubt. As long as you are following my voice, we will end up in my perfect will for your life and that future is good. 

I love you daughter. That is so very true. I receive your love and it is a sweet fragrance to me and a balm to my Spirit. I am with you now and forever and I will never leave you. I will guide you always. Sleep well for tomorrow we have some things to do.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A new dress...

My prayer:
Mighty God I ask that I can spend every day for the rest of my life and beyond worshiping you. There is nothing better than the anointing that you pour out when we worship. There is a joy, a peace, an revived energy, you simply provide everything that is needed when I worship you. 

I was barely conscious tonight by the time I got done with work but I knew I could not miss the prayer and worship group. Add then you came in and restored my strength. You  gave me energy when I had none. You anointed me to speak to your people. You anointed me to help them walk in their gifts and you left me with new joy and new strength. 

You are so awesome God. I am in complete awe of you and how you do what you do. I love you more than I can say. What is on your mind tonight God?

What God Said Tonight:
I am getting ready to dress you in a new dress. I am getting ready to cover you in a new way. Your new covering will be beautiful and thicker than ever before. You will need the protection and you will need the deflection that the covering provides. 

But don't worry, it will be beautiful on you. It won't keep you from doing what I have called you to do. It will be the clothing you need to to go to the places I need you to go. You need to be dressed for this next thing. You need to be fully covered. I am dressing you now. I am your covering and I am your preparation. 

I love you daughter. I will keep throwing you new things as long as you are willing to catch them. There is so much I want to do and I just need people willing to do them. I need people willing to say "Yes." I need people willing to trust me to do the uncomfortable. I need people. 

I love you my sweet child. Thank you for saying Yes.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

God's way...

My prayer:
Amazing God. I am completely spent and so tired tonight. Tonight has to be all you. I love you God and I am here because I love you and love to hear from you but I gave every last bit of energy I had to this day. Talk to me God.

What God Said Tonight:
My cross is not a burden for you to bear. My cross was my burden to bear for you. I do not need you to toil and suffer for me. I came to toil and suffer for you. I do not plan a life of hardship and sacrifice for you. I came to sacrifice for you. Over the years, those roles have gotten very confused. My plan, my intention was that I would suffer so you would not have to. 

Now that does not mean that you won't have challenges and trouble in life. You will, but I came so that you always had the answer to the trouble. You always have the hope and the way out. That is the difference because I sacrificed for you to do so. 

I want you to live free of the fear of death because I died for you. I want you to live free of sickness because I bore you  sickness for you. I want you to live because i died for you. 

I love you and I want all of this for you. I don't want things from you. Go and rest, knowing I love you more than you may ever be able to understand.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fire breaking out...

My prayer:
WoooHoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE GOD!!!!! What a day! Life with you is SO WORTH IT!!! Every struggle, every pain, every hard thing, is SO WORTH IT!!! Today was amazing GOD!! Nearly everything that could go wrong did, but as each thing went wrong, you had a solution right there waiting and it all worked out. 

And then, the news tonight!!! I am in awe of how you are bringing so many amazing people together around this new vision!! This latest addition is huge!!! THANK YOU FOR GIVING YOUR DREAM AND VISION TO SO MANY OF US AND THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US TOGETHER!!! It is a miracle just to watch you work stuff out. 


What God Said Tonight:
You have been like a wood stove with my fire burning inside of you. It has been burning just enough to keep you and the people around you warm; but, I am about to turn it up. The fire is about to become visible. My fire is about to grow so that the stove cannot contain it any more. The fire will light up the world. It is a cleansing fire. It is a powerful fire. You have nothing to fear from it. It will not hurt you and it will not burn you but it will do amazing things that you cannot even begin to imagine. 

My fire is about to break out of you and run rampant. Do not try to contain it. Let it roam. 

I love you daughter. I celebrate with you tonight. I love to see you so happy. You are my precious child and I find you precious beyond material wealth or worth. You are perfect in my eyes. Stay covered in the blood and look forward with anxious anticipation. I told you it would be worth it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Warrior princess daughter...

My prayer:
Awesome God. I was reading tonight about using every weapon and every tool that you have given me to fight. It talked about using my faith, peace, prayer and more. I am trying God. But, I need your help. 

He tried to bust my foot today God! I tell you, my response was mostly anger! I wanted to hit him back so badly but when the enemy is not physical, it is hard to hit back. I am sick of these attacks. I am sick of satan thinking he has any right to throw this stuff at me. I am a child of the Most High God and he needs to get behind me! 

God you told me I could take authority in these types of situations and I take authority in the name of Jesus over these attacks. Satan, you cannot continue to attack my physical health. In the name of Jesus, it is over! No weapon formed against me can prosper. I thank you God that you have given me the authority. I thank you that you have given me weapons to fight. 

I thank you God that there is such an amazing blessing on the other side of this that the pain will be nothing more than a distant memory. God I am excited about what you are birthing in me and I am ready for the labor to be over. Let's move into the new thing and leave satan and his attacks behind us. 

I love you God and thank you for continuing to heal me.

What God Said Tonight:
I see you my daughter, sword lifted high and swinging it as high and as wide as you can. It is a beautiful site. Keep it going. 

No one and nothing will stand up to a warrior child of the King. You are my daughter and my anointed and no one will lay hands on my anointed without paying restitution. 

You are right in your declarations and there are more to do this battle. Use you mind, your spirit, my Spirit, and your body when you have to. 

You are destined for great things. I am placing a hedge of protection around you right now. You were protected before but he is not giving up so we are going to the next level. There is a lot to see from up there. A lot of things will make sense, at least until you start asking new questions. 

I love you my warrior princess. Fight well and rest.

Monday, September 12, 2011

No chains...

My prayer:
Amazing God. Thank you for healing me. Thank you for giving me the strength for this day after only 3 hours of sleep. Thank you for your favor. Thank you for opportunities to be a blessing. Thank you for teaching me so many things. Most of all, thank you for teaching me about love and the importance of relationships. Thank you for your strength. Thank you for your peace. Thank you God for your love. Thank you. 

I know I get a lot of things wrong. I know I have a lot to learn. But, one thing I know is as long as I am chasing you, I am running in the right direction. I love you so much. I pray and ask that you continue to lead, guide, and show me what you want me to do. I promise God to always try to do it, whatever it is.

What God Said Tonight:
There are some chains on you. But they are old and the paint is chipping. They are so close to falling off. One more tug, one more unwarranted forgiveness, one more act of random kindness and you will be free. These chains are pretty puny compared to ones you have faced in the past. I bet you shake them off without even really realizing it. 

I have such plans for you and they will be so much easier if you are free. Completely free. No guilt, no sin, no curse, no chains, just freedom and me. 

Can you see what I am about to do? Can you hear the preparation? Can you understand that every discouragement, every attack on you and your health, every obstacle, has been trying to keep you from what you are about to see and experience? 

I love you so much and I have such great plans. I will guide you always. Rest and we will do more tomorrow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The answer...

My prayer:
God of all creation who knows everything and is all powerful. I am so grateful that I get to come to you with whatever challenge is before me or before the people you have placed in my life. If someone is sick, you are our healer. If someone needs money, you are our provider. If someone needs wisdom to make a good decision, you are the knower of all things and you give us wisdom. If someone is in danger, you are our protector. 

God, we have more needs than we do people in this world. thank you for being the answer to every single one! I love you God and I pray for all of your children who are sick, in need, needing guidance, what ever the need God, I lift them up to you tonight God. You are the answer for every one. I love you Daddy! 

What God Said Tonight:
Your prayer has been very similar the last several nights. It is true that I am the answer to every need. There is nothing that has ever happened or ever will happen that I cannot handle. Nothing that is bigger than my ability to deal with it. 

I am not shocked by any situation or any problem I already know them all anyway. When you bring them to me, it is  not a surprise but I rejoice that you have brought it to me. I rejoice in your faith. I rejoice in our trust in me. Bring me every burden. Don't leave anything out. Leave them with me and I will fight the battle. The battle is and always has been mine. Leave it with me. 

There you go, now you are letting it go. You don't have to be tough. You don't have to be strong. You just have to give it to me and let me deal with it. 

There was a lot of things coming against you last week. You tried to be strong and stand up to it. I don't need you to do that. Standing strong in faith means giving it over to me so i can deal with it. Don't carry a burden that is not yours to carry. Let me carry the burden and you walk free to do the things we have talked about. I love you and I am here to fight your battles, carry your burdens and be your answer. Always.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Only one way...

My prayer:
My amazing God. Thank you for the rest today. I really needed it and feel SO MUCH BETTER!! 

I don't know why it still amazes me but you always know exactly what I need and you make a way to get it to me. Every time, no matter what, you always have it all worked out and get me exactly what I need when I need it. God I love how you provide for me. I love the perfection of your timing. I love how you take care of me and protect me. The rattlesnake on the trail today was startling, but you took care of it and you immediately gave me peace, letting me know that you were protecting me. Never have I seen a more mellow snake. He just slowly moved off the trail and let me by. Now that is You GOD!! 

I love you God. You are the source of my every thing!

What God Said Tonight:
I have a way to make everything right in your life. I have a way to make everything be in perfect alignment with my will. I have a way, but there is only one way to get there. There is only one way to to get all that I have for you. That way is through my Son and the sacrifice he made and makes for you. 

I know this message is not popular. It never has been, but it doesn't make it less true. I am with you and I provide for you and I protect you  and care for you every moment of every day because you are covered in the blood of my sacrifice for you. 

I am your Lord and I am your teacher. I am your Savior and I am you your God. Because I am everything to you, I can get everything to you. You are well prepared through the blood of my sacrifice to receive everything I have for you. 

Don't ever water down this message. It is an unchangeable truth and it is unfair to tell people otherwise. You are my lighthouse. Be sure the message is always crystal clear and bright. There is only one way to a life with me. 

You know how I love you my dear. Sleep well again tonight.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Uncomfortable blessing....

My prayer:
Awesome God I am so glad this week is over! This one was rough. But here I am, with you, in my right mind, with a roof over my head and a full belly...can't ask for a better end to the week than that. 

Just being with you would be enough. Everything else is frosting on the cake, but you know that I love frosting! Ok, I am pretty tired, maybe stating that I am "in my right mind" was stretching it a bit! 

Any way, I am grateful to be with you. i am grateful for you in my life. I am grateful for the plan you have for me. I am grateful for you my God. You are more than enough for me and I love you.

What God Said Tonight:
I am going to ask you to do some things soon that are not going to be comfortable. Are you ready? I am going to ask you to do some things that initially you may not want to do. Can you trust me? 

It is easy to live this life when I ask you to do the stuff you love, when i ask you to use the gifts I have given you. But, can you do the things I need you to do that I may not have specifically gifted you to do? Will you be willing to step out and trust that it will be me working through you? 

Can you remember all of the lessons you have learned and follow my lead no matter what? This is what I am going to need from you soon. I want you to be ready for it. I want you to be able to recognize it when it comes. Because, even though it will be uncomfortable, it is from me. I have a greater plan and the bigger picture in mind. 

I promise you will be blessed and that everything you do will prosper. i promise that I will be with you and I will destine you to succeed. I promise that you will never want for anything that you need. I love you and i would not ask these things if I did not love and trust you. Get ready.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

God's love letter...

My prayer:
Amazing God. I am here but I am beat. I think I used up everything I had today. Nothing left tonight but to sit in your presence, hear your voice and be refilled. I love you God. I love your power. I love how even when I know that I am nothing, you are everything. 

What was your day like God. What do you want to talk about tonight? Love you!!

What God Said Tonight:
I am without a specific purpose tonight other than to make sure you know how much I love you. I have no agenda except to be sure that you know how precious you are to me. You are carved in the palm of my hand. I will come against all that come against you and in the end, you will be vindicated. 

You are my daughter, my child and I love you more than I love myself. I am crazy for you. I gladly sacrificed everything for you. 

Sometimes I get frustrated when I see you living with less than I want for you. Sometimes I get angry when I see you make choices that I know will hurt you. But never, in  any situation, do I stop loving you. 

My love for you is greater than any ocean and is everlasting. It will never fade and it will lessen. My love for you is complete, total and everlasting. I have loved you from the beginning of time and I can tell you that I still love you at the very end. I can see the end from the beginning and my love is there with you in both. 

Let my love comfort you tonight. Let it strengthen you. Let it give you peace so you are ready for the challenges and joys of tomorrow. There will definitely be both. 

I am after your whole heart, body, and soul. I have your spirit, I am ready as soon as you are. l love you very much.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One spirit...

My prayer:
My God, you are doing a new thing and it is awesome. I am just beginning to see what this new dream and vision could be and I am in awe of you. When you give me a dream, it is so amazing. 

This blog God. I haven't talked to you about it in awhile but I remain in daily awe of what you have done and what you are doing every night. By tomorrow, you will have likely reached over 30,000 people on the blog and many times that on the fb page. That is crazy wonderful. Only my God could do something like that! Only my God could take a nobody and use her to type out words that touch people all over the world. God it is awesome being your secretary! I am completely unworthy but completely grateful. 

And, this new dream, I can't wait to see where you take it. Help me God to make right decisions and not mess us your perfect will. God I pray that if ever my will is different than your perfect will, I ask right now that your will ALWAYS win. God my desire is that my will is your will. I love you God and I am excited to see what you will do next!!!

What God Said Tonight:
We are of one spirit daughter. My Holy Spirit lives in you and is transforming you daily into what you were designed to be. We share a spirit and therefore we share a will. I love that you choose me. I love that you want my will over your own but the fact is, if we stay close, if we stay in relationship and continue to draw closer every day, there is no difference between my will and your will. We are of one Spirit and of one mind. 

You know that friend of yours that you "share a brain with?" There is a reason that you are always thinking the same thing at the same time. You share a brain, but you share it with me. I am with you constantly and I am "talking" with you constantly. During these nightly times, my talk is more direct but only because you are focused and willing to take the time to listen. During the day with all of the distractions of life, I sometimes have to communicate in different ways. Through circumstances, through placing an idea in your mind, through other people, but it is all me talking to you. It is me living out this life with you. 

I am with you always and I will never leave you. I will continue to talk and communicate with you. We have a lot to do and it is all good. This next thing is powerful and it will be a blast. There is a reason you have been getting such resistance. This next thing is amazing and you will love it. I will love it. I am excited too! 

I love you daughter. Rest tonight and we will do more tomorrow. Listen for my voice in every situation. When you are in doubt on a decision, check with the Holy Spirit that lives in you. It will help you every step of the way. It is my way to be close to you all the time. Love you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome God. Today was SO MUCH BETTER!!! THANK YOU!!! Thank you for healing me. Thank you for fighting off my enemies. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for being true to every promise you have made me. 

You are my hope and my future and I trust you God. You are my everything. I was so happy tonight I was dancing in the line at Mad Greens and didn't even realize it! The woman behind the counter smiled and said "Good song?" And I said, "Oh, is there music?" Haha! Now, I didn't dance out of my clothes like my beloved King David, but kind of similar! 

I love you so much God!! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

What God Said Tonight:
Every problem has a solution and every struggle has a victory as long as you wait on me. I will deliver you every time. I love you daughter. 

I know this season has been rough and the challenges are not over; but, remember this night. Post this as a memorial to come back to the next time you are going through attacks and trouble so that you can be encouraged. All of the memorials set up in my name over the years are not truly to honor me but they are meant to remind you. They are meant to encourage you when you are frustrated and without hope. They are meant to encourage you when you think nothing is ever going to change. Keep a memorial of moments like this and revisit them when you feel like you cannot go on. 

This deliverance and this joy will always be the outcome of any struggle as long as you stick with me and wait it out with me. Every one of my children has the promise that I am with them, loving them, trying to teach them, and providing for them. I will protect you from harm. I will not protect you from learning and from growth. You need those and often they involve some temporary pain. But, I will ALWAYS bring you out of it. So, stick with it and keep these memorials to encourage you next time. 

I am sorry to tell you, but there will be a next time. It will be different but there will be an attack and battle. The battle continues until the war is over. Stick with me because we win. LOVE YOU daughter!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


My prayer:
Mighty and powerful God. Why is it God, that whenever I make a decision to do something for you, something that is out of my comfort zone and more than what I can do on my own, suddenly crazy bad stuff starts to happen. Not stuff related to what I am doing for you but other stuff. 

Suddenly, everything seems so hard. I never get sick and suddenly everything hurts and I can barely get out of bed. Friends who are stepping out with me keep having people and pets die. And more stuff. 

God I love you and I take these attacks as evidence that what we are doing is important; but, it is still really rough. I need your help. We need your help. I am not strong enough to get through this on my own. 

I believe your word and I believe that I am healed through the stripes you took for me. I believe that these temporary symptoms will leave in Jesus name. I believe your word that no weapon formed against us can prosper. I believe that they cannot achieve what they were designed to. I will not quit on you God. I need your strength, wisdom, and help to get through this season. 

In Jesus name I declare that I am yours, my life is yours, I will do your will, and I will lean on you through it all. I pray a hedge of protection around me, my friends, my family, and everyone who is stepping out for you, in Jesus name. amen.

What God Said Tonight:
I am with you and I am working this all out. The attacks have come to stop you but I will fight back the enemy for your sake. I will defend you as you defend me. I will stand up for you as you stand up for me. 

Your battle is to trust me when it doesn't look so good. My battle is to defeat the enemy. I will not allow him to destroy you and I will not allow him to destroy our dream. Stick it out a bit longer and you will see great victory. 

You are right that these troubles are evidence of you doing something meaningful for the Kingdom. You will always see opposition when you step out for me. That's part of why more people don't do it. They think it is too hard. I need you to stick this out and I need you to show the world that it is worth it. I need you to be that shining lighthouse to show people that the battles are worth it. That a life with me is worth it. I need you to live this out publicly so the world can see that I am worth it. That the dream is worth it. That the Kingdom is worth it. 

My daughter, I am sorry for the pain. It will be brief I promise. I have already set into place your deliverance from it. Your faith has made you well. I love you and I will keep you safe. I will keep your friends safe. I will keep your family safe. I will keep my family safe. That is one of the first jobs of a father is to keep the family safe and if earthly fathers can do that, how much more will I? 

I love you and I will be with you always. You are worth more to me than all of the gold and jewels that ever were. I am your sacrifice and your redemption. I am your warrior protection and your victory. I am yours my sweet daughter.