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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Getting to the other side of this...

My prayer:

I really hate being sick God. Thankfully, it does not happen very often but yesterday and today have been pretty awful. I pray for rest. I pray for your healing power in me. I pray for divine health to fill me up and overtake this nastiness that has tried to settle on me. 

What God Said Tonight:

I am here. I am here. I am here.

You are not in this alone. You are not on a path to destruction. This is a slight bump. this is a hesitation, a minor roadblock, that will not stay.

Trust me to get you to the other side of this. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Imperfect perfection...

My prayer:

Each day, I do my best to make good choices, smart choices. But even on my best day, I get a lot of it wrong. We are so imperfect God. And you love us anyway, which is amazing. But why are we so imperfect? 

Has it always been that way or has sin corrupted more than our souls? I just wish sometimes that I was better. Smarter, making better choices, more generous, more loving, just...more.

Forgive me God.

What God Said Tonight:

I ask you to consider that what you are seeing as truth right now, not real truth. It is not my truth. 

You are covered in my blood and my sacrifice. Through that veil, you are perfect. I never expected, I never made you, to be perfect on your own. If you were, you wouldn't need me. Your imperfection makes you the perfect child for me. As long as you are less than perfect on your own, you will know your need for me. If you were somehow able to find perfection on your own, you would no longer see your need for me and you could easily wander away. 

Your imperfection is what keeps you close to me. My sacrifice is what makes you perfect in spite of what you do, or don't do. 

I love you. Do not despise either the imperfection or the perfection in you. Both have a purpose and a meaning. Both are part of what keeps us as one. 

Monday, March 25, 2019


My prayer:

God I pray for understanding where there is confusion and misperception. I pray for truth to be released in this world. We seem to have lost truth and honesty. There is so much misinformation and good, well meaning people hear it and start making decisions and actions based on bad information.

I ask that you give us a greater discernment for truth God. Help us to understand what we see. Help us to make right choices and fight the right battles, the ones you would have us fight. 

Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

Your brain is a fog of massive amounts of information that is literally dumped into it every day. Sometimes, the key to discernment is to turn off the information dump for a little while. Get away from the television, the video, the online news, the social media, and just get quiet. 

See what you hear when the world isn't shouting in your ear. You might be surprised how simple it all is when the only voices you hear are yours and mine. 

I love you my child.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Seeking God's voice...

My prayer:

Awesome God, I had a prayer request that I ask you to speak to your people in a way they can understand. You know this is a prayer near and dear to my heart. I see so many people desperate to hear your voice God and for what ever reason, they are not hearing you right now. 

I ask Father, speak to your people. Help them understand. If you are already speaking, help them to hear. We need you Father. Just to make it through one day in the world, we need you.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ who died so that we could have a personal relationship with you.

What God Said Tonight:

There is something in the world today that is trying to silence my voice. It is nearing the end and satan is pulling out all of the stops. 

I know that makes it harder on you, my children, but keep seeking, I am still here. Keep listening, I am still speaking. Keep trusting that no matter what satan throws your way, I and therefore you, win in the end. 

I love you and I will see you victorious with me. Hold on. 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Stretch for your blessing...

My prayer:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU GOD!!! You bless me like crazy! I can't wait for this next adventure and love that I get to take it with you and my mom! I am too excited to think about much else tonight. I am so grateful!

What God Said Tonight:

A blessing often goes unrealized. Not because I haven't given it but because you haven't received it. 

Sometimes it takes a little courage to jump into to something new but if you do, you will find your blessing there. If you take a chance with me, I can bring you great joy. Stretch, just a little beyond your comfort zone and you will find me waiting with a blessing and a smile. 

I love you child.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Joy in the hard times...

My prayer:

 I feel like I spent the day running on a treadmill God. A lot of movement and work but I really did not get anywhere. I pray for focus, direction, and help God. I am not able but you are.

What God Said Tonight:

My will for you is that you find the joy and the peace in all aspects of life. Not just the times that you enjoy, those are easy. I want to teach you to find the joy, even in the hard times. 

I promise you, I always bring some joy and peace, wherever I am. My love generates it. 

If you can touch me, you can find joy. I love you.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

God missed you...

My prayer:

Amazing Father. I want to learn something about you that I have never known or heard before.  I want to know you, all of you. 

I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

I missed you today. I had several opportunities for you to turn to me, to talk to me, to ask for my help, and I missed you. 

We could have had a day together but you were distracted. We could have rode the bike together but you were distracted. I love you and I miss you when you are distracted. 

Spend more time with me than you do in distraction.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

God's light presence...

My prayer:

Well, the last few days have definitely been a change. I don't know if it is the change you were talking about, but a change for sure. Plenty of time to reset and find a calm space in my mind, my spirit. 

Awesome God, I seek an intense experience of your Spirit tonight. I pray for your visitation, your palpable presence in this room and in me. God, I need to feel you tonight. I know in my mind that you are always with me and will never leave me. I even know it in my heart. But tonight, I pray that you let me feel your presence. I need to feel your Spirit around me, in me. I need a closer experience of you tonight God.

What God Said Tonight:

There is a lightness in the air. A freedom. That is me. 

My Spirit, my presence can be different at different times. You know my blanketing presence. You know my surrounding presence. Tonight, feel my light presence that reflects the freedom you have in me. 

Tonight is not a time to curl up and hide. Tonight is a time to spread your wings and fly with me. We are taking off.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A change is coming...

My prayer:

I sense an ending God. Not sure what is ending but it seems like something important is coming to an end. Is that just me or is that you guiding me? If it is you, please let me know if I should be doing anything to prepare. 

Thank you for today. Only you can make me successful in the midst of chaos. 

What God Said Tonight:

Waiting on the end of something is no different than waiting for the start of something else. In every change, I have prepared you. Each season is preparing for the next and each season arrives exactly on time. To everything, there is a season. 

Don't be surprised if your next season looks very different. A change is truly coming and you are fully prepared. I love you. Count on me.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

God's hidden will...

My prayer:

God, I pray that if I am out of your will in any part of my life, please show me and help me get back in line. It is never my intention to live outside of your will but I know sometimes I do. Help me to see it. Help me to fix it. 

I pray for your will to be done above all things, even my own or I should say, especially my own.

What God Said Tonight:

Things in life, my will in your life, is not always obvious. It is sometimes hidden behind other things. It is sometimes only evident when the season is done. 

I love you and I am your Lord. I will guide you always. You are mine, now and forever. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

You win...

My prayer:

Today was a REAL shocker God. You never cease to amaze me and you continually find ways to surprise me. Thank you for stepping in. Thank you for giving me the strength to endure the season. Thank you for the hope you showed me today. 

The future looks bright, FINALLY. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

I have no plan that does not result in your victory. You win. In the end, you will always win because you are a King's kid and the King is King of all. I will see you prosper. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Stay alert...

My prayer:

I am grateful for the quiet time God. Two days where the world, or at least my immediate experience of the world, slowed down with no tragedy and no emergencies. That was pretty wonderful. 

As we march into a new week, I pray for guidance, peace, strength, and wisdom. I pray that you help me to be a blessing to those around me.

What God Said Tonight:

Each day, each moment is precious and will never come again. the time you have right now, you will never have again. 

Find the purpose and the joy in each moment. Do not let it pass without you recognizing why it is there. Live aware and don't miss what I have for you. Don't let this world lull you to sleep. Stay alert, stay present, there is much to experience right now.

Friday, March 1, 2019

What God builds in you...

My prayer:

Today was full of small blessings. Thank you God. Thank you for the amazing people and stories I got to be a part of today. Thank you for peace, rest, and purpose.

What God Said Tonight:

Man builds great and mighty structures, palaces, mansions, cities, and towers. But there is nothing that man builds that cannot be torn down and destroyed. Everything that man builds is temporary. What remains is what is built within man. The joy, the lessons, and the love built and grown within you cannot be torn down and will forever multiply. 

I love you. Stay focused on what I am building in you and be less concerned with what you are building in the world. I love you.