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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beyond the words...

My prayer:
Lord God, my provider, my healer, my joy and my peace. God You are and remain so incredible and I stand in awe of you. The way you orchestrate everything is so amazing. The way you bring us all together at just the right times to be the most effective at getting your work done God...I've said it a lot lately God, but WOW! You are truly amazing.

I praise you tonight God. I don't want to talk about my needs tonight, or ask for anything. I just want you to know how much I appreciate all that you are doing. I get so frustrated at times like this because I just don't have the right words or enough words to communicate what I feel. I want you to know God how amazing I think you are. I want you to know that I recognize that my life is worth less than nothing without you. I want you to know that it is only because of you that I get out of bed each day. I want you to know that because of what you do, have done and will do in my life, my life has meaning.

My life has purpose because of you. How do I say thank you for something as huge as that? How do I say thank you for sacrificing your life, paying my debt, conquering hell for me so that I get to know you and live forever with you? That is just so crazy big, no one has ever made that sacrifice for someone else. No one else ever could. How do I thank you for doing something that no one else ever could. Something I could never pay back?

It comes back to asking you God to see my heart. Hear my words through my heart to know the depth and the extent of them. I love you so much.

God thank you for showing me the vision today of all of the individual lives, the individual people with individual needs and joys throughout the world. Again, not something I can describe in words, but I will never forget that feeling, that experience. Each life, with unique needs but a commonality among us all and above all, a need for you.

Thank you for being you and for all that you do.

What God Said Tonight:
There is a golden reflection on the dark water tonight. My light is shining in the darkness. I don't mean to get too weird on you but picture that light. It is beautiful and provides the hope that the world needs. The world is filled with darkness but the light remains and is beautiful.

One day the light will completely overwhelm the dark. Until then, I need you all to reflect my light. Each reflection makes this world brighter. I have a plan, a purpose and a job for each of my children. You have begun to really see your job and your purpose. It is a bit different than what you thought. The rest will come too. For now, this is what I need you to do.

I hear your heart daughter and I love you so much too. I am glad that we are not limited to words when we communicate. I am glad that we have words. I am glad that you talk to me and I can talk to you. Words are important and create reality. But we can also "talk" to each other in pictures and in the unexplainable like the "vision" I gave you today. Just as I can show you those things that go beyond speech, when you are pouring out your heart in truth, I experience the purpose and heart behind your words.

I get it daughter. I love that you work so hard to make sure I know your appreciation. Don't stop. When you do it, when you strive to let me know how much you love me, it strengthens our relationship and reminds you how important the realtionship is to you. It keeps you from growing complacent, so don't stop; but know that I do "hear" you. I hear the whole of it, not just the words.

You are entering a new level a new season. It is a wild ride, but you are prepared and you will love it. Stay connected to the people I have brought to you. Stay on the path putting one foot in front of the other and trust me to bring you each thing as it needs to get done. You have been in these seasons before where there is more to accomplish than there is time to accomplish it. You know how to do it. Just do each thing as I put it in front of you and it will all get accomplished.

I love you daughter. Sleep well and rest in my full experience of love for you, beyond the words. Experience me tonight as I have experienced you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


My prayer:
Mighty God, Awesome Lord, Wonderful Father, thank you for today. Thank you for rest and thank you for the ability and opportunities to bless some folks.

Tomorrow God is church, a time for us to come together and worship you. It is also Halloween. I am not sure but I don't remember the two falling on the same day, although clearly it would have had to. It sounds like a set up for you to do amazing things.

God I pray that your presence is so powerful and so present tomorrow that nothing gets in the way of it. I pray God that you draw people to the services that will mean the most to them and help them to know you. I pray that you direct each of us, not only where to worship, but how to serve you and your people. Thank you for opportunities to serve. Thank you for blessing us. Thank you for hearing us and thank you for talking to us.

God you are so very good to me. When things are going badly, you show me the way out, the answer. When things are going good, you just pour on blessing after blessing. When I am alone, you are with me. When I am angry, you bring me peace. When I an sad you bring me joy and when I am happy you celebrate with me. You really are my everything God.

I pray that I get to know you even better. I pray God that you make me a blessing in others lives. I pray God that you help me to respond with love, always.

I guess that is about it God. It doesn't feel like enough of a prayer with all of the amazing things you are doing right now. I feel pretty inadequate in the shadow of what you are doing. The good part of that is I don't forget who is doing it. It is all you God and I am so grateful you let me be a part of it. God I love you. Please receive our corporate worship tomorrow as a sweet fragrance and small representation of how we, how I love you.

What God Said Tonight:
Wait just a little longer. There is more. You are so enjoying this season and it is good, but more is coming.

I value faithfulness. I value your faithfulness. I appreciate that when you tell me or anyone else that you will do something you make sure that you do it. Meeting me every night like this, that is faithfulness.

Faithfulness allows me to bless you in new and abundant ways. Faithfulness is the key to unlocking your potential. There is a steadiness, a trustworthiness in a faithful person that allows me to add responsibility, opportunity and blessings into their lives at a level that is not possible without it.

I value many things. I value you and your brothers and sisters above everything. One of the top three things I value is faithfulness. Their is honesty reflected in faithfulness. There is respect reflected in faithfulness. There are so many things that are included in being faithful. There is obedience in being faithful.

Remain faithful my daughter and there is really no end to what we will do. Each day, remember your promises and keep them. Every day remember your commitments and fulfill them. Ask me for help when you need it, but fulfill your commitments every day.

I love you so much. I will remain faithful to you in every promise. I will never go back on my word. I will never forget a promise to you. I will always provide for you my precious daughter. I love you. Go rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2010


My prayer:
Wow God! What a roller coaster of a day! Today started with so many challenges, most of them small, annoying, stupid annoyances building to the news of a prayer not answered yet for a friend. I was so discouraged and angry! Before I say anything else, thank you God for not turning your back on me when I get angry. Thank you for listening to me even then. Thank you for loving me even then.

But then, tonight...WOW! Talk about a suddenly God! All of a sudden, the book is ready and published and more and more people are coming from all over to see what you are doing God! This is so exciting. I know I have said it a lot lately but thank you so much for letting me be a part of all this! Thank you God for talking to me each night, the ideas, the amazing people that you have brought to help and just everything. This is ALL YOU God! You get all the glory. Only the most high God can spread through the world this fast!!!

Thank you God for not letting me give up this morning. You know I was close! It all seemed like too much. And then, what a difference a couple of hours make! I am SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait to see what you do next! And, I'm also a little scared...I promise I will get over that but when you said the future would hold more than I could imagine, you were not kidding!

I love you God and pray that you pour our your blessing on my friends, my family, and your people throughout the world. I pray God that your love and your compassion surround your people tonight. I love you now and forever.

What God Said Tonight:
Didn't I say that everything was getting ready? Didn't I say this would be an exciting season and you would love it? Haven't I said for months and years that this time was coming?

I know it was hard to wait, but the wait prepared you. The wait allowed for everything to come into alignment. And, now, everything is right where it should be.

Do not be afraid. We are in this together. You will never have to walk this road alone. I made the road and I will guide you down it.

I love you and love that we are here now. You are where I need you to be and this is going to be awesome, amazing and incredible. Your future is bright. As my lighthouse, my reflected light, you will shine into the future. You will help others to see their dreams. You will help others to realize the life they can have in and with me. You will be an example of what relationship with me can be like, if they want it. I wish more would want it.

I love you daughter. Today was exciting, tomorrow is time to rest a bit. Stay balanced. Don't burn out now. I know you want to ride this momentum and rush ahead because it so exciting, but wait on my and my guidance and I promise it will all continue to happen in my perfect timing and excellence. I love you, rest now and prepare for the next thing!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My prayer:
God, I am overwhelmed by you. I am overwhelmed by what you are doing. I am overwhelmed by how you are spreading your word to people and countries I never could have imagined. You told me for so long to hold on, that I wouldn't believe how amazing the future would be. You said I wouldn't be able to even comprehend all that you would do. Well, we are there!

I am astonished by all that you are doing and you have done. God I thank you that you continue to hear our prayers every day and every night. God thank you for taking care of me, my family, my friends. God thank you for adding new amazing friends into my life everyday.

Thank you for letting me be a part of what you are doing. I am so grateful to be yours God. I pray God that you continue to lead and guide me. I pray that you continue to show me opportunities to be a blessing. I pray God that you always let me know when to act and when to shut up.

I love you Daddy. I am so privileged to be able to have a relationship with the most powerful God. I am so privileged to know you. Thank you for sending your son to die for my sin. Thank you for making a way for me to know you. You know I am not great with rules so I know I never could have made it under the law. I never could have been good enough or made enough sacrifices to be in right standing with you. Thank you Jesus for being my sacrifice for all time that I can know you! You are first and most important in my life and in my eternity. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

What God Said Tonight:
You are beautiful my daughter. I love when you take time to recognize the wonder of our relationship. It is unique but available to all who would choose it. Available to anyone who would choose me. It is so good and it is what you were created for. You were made to be in relationship with me. You were made to know me and to love me. You were made to be my daughter.

We have so much more to do. You are amazed right now, but you haven't seen anything yet. The best is still to come. You will continue to be in awe. I like when you look around with your jaw dropped. It means that you remember and realize the enormity of it all and that it is me that is making it all happen.

We will go to amazing places, meet amazing people and do amazing things. I plan to keep you amazed all the days of your life. You are ready to see the next level of miracles. You have seen many but it is time to see the next level. Greater things than this shall you do in my name. Remember when I said that? It remains true and it is true for you. Great and mighty things. That is what we will do, great and mighty things.

I love you and I am with you every step of the way. Each day, look for me and my plan. Don't get side tracked. Not now. I need you to stay focused now. Be my focused beam of light. I love you, you know.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get it done...

My prayer:
Awesome God. You were right (ha, that sounds funny, of course YOU were right!). Today was better. I kept better focus, did each thing you had for me and am here tonight feeling like I spent a day doing things that were worthwhile and accomplishing the things that needed to get done.

That is important to me. Being able to see progress, being able to check things off the to do list, make me feel like I am worthwhile. I know that you have said that I don't have to perform for you. You have said that you don't need me to accomplish things for you to love me and I appreciate that so much. But for me to feel good about me, I need to accomplish things and get them done.

I thank you God for the opportunities to accomplish things for your kingdom, your people and for you. I am so grateful that you let me help. I love watching you work in people's lives more than anything; but I also love that you let me be a part of it all. What a huge privilege it is to be able to help with the plan of the Most High God of ALL Creation! I say it but I can't really wrap my mind around it. That you, I mean, YOU, would let me and more than even let me, want me to help! God I am so grateful that you can use anyone. I am so grateful that you don't need me to be perfect. I am so grateful that you can use my imperfectness to help accomplish what you need to get done.

God, I worship you, thank you, praise you and remain in awe of you and all that you are.

What God Said Tonight:
You are learning my daughter and that is so good. You are listening to me in the day-to-day as well as in the big plan, the big picture. You are hearing me and understanding what it means for you. Do you know how huge that is?

As long as you keep listening and keep hearing me, in these times together, in reading the word, in other people, in circumstances in all the ways that I try to get it across to you. As long as you keep hearing my voice in all things, there is no stopping us. There is nothing we cannot accomplish.

I know you love to get things done. I made you that way and I have a lot more for you to do. The way we will get it all done is by you hearing me and acting on what you hear. Don't be bashful. Don't worry about waiting to see if you should act. The time to act is now. It is time for decisive action. When I say move, move. When I say go, go When I say talk, talk. When I say stop, stop.

You, YOU, I love. I love you my lighthouse. Shine in darkness, shine in the fog. The darkness is evil, the fog is confusion. Be my reflected light and make the way clear for your brothers and sisters. I have to say it one more time, I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Change your focus...

My prayer:
Mighty God, I am spent, done in, nothing left. But enough about me. You are my strength. What do you have on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
When in doubt, change your focus. When things don't seem to make sense, change what you are looking at. When you look at me, when you look at my plan, when you look at how I see things, do things and plan things, you will get the perspective you need.

Your attitude determines where you go and your attitude is determined by having the right perspective. I am always the right perspective. If your attitude isn't where it should be, change your focus. You spent most of today looking at the situations and not enough time looking to me. That is when you get exhausted and frustrated like you are right now. You don't have to tell me, I see it. I know that you are here only out of obedience tonight and that is ok. I am glad you are here. But change your focus and you will let go of the anger, the frustration and you will be able to enjoy me and enjoy our time together.

It is so much better that way. I love you so much. I will always love you. I love you when you love me back and I love you when you get angry. I love you when you are frustrated and I love you when you are happy. But the thing is, life is better for you when you can be happy and not angry, at peace and not frustrated.

You can get into the good place, the right place just by changing your focus. Focus on me and eventually, you can't help but feel loved, feel joy, feel peace, because, that is who I am.

I love you my sweet daughter. Rest tonight. Tomorrow will be better. You and me forever.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dancing with God...

My prayer:
All knowing God, my father. God, today was definitely full of surprises but they weren't very good. Or at least I don't think they were good. Seems like I have a fair number of friends in sad or desperate situations. God I give you each of their situations tonight. You know them God and I pray that you take special care of them and their situations tonight. God I pray for comfort in mourning, peace in chaos, protection in danger and favor in conflict. I pray God that you meet each of their needs in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask God that as our Father, our caretaker, our protection, our peace and our joy God that you just turn around each and every situation to their good.

God I love you. I am so grateful that I can bring you this stuff. Stuff that I can't do anything much about on my own but I can give it to you and you can turn it around in an instant. I love you so much God. Thank you for a day of opportunities to love and be loved. I worship you God knowing that you are everything that I will ever need.

What God Said Tonight:
Peace I bring to you tonight my daughter. I bring you my peace that is not determined by the circumstance but is determined by my presence. I am love and I bring your peace.

Your prayers are heard. I am working in each of their situations right now. I have dispatched angles and there will be praise reports to celebrate soon. You do love those praise reports.

Be encouraged daughter. What you are doing makes a difference. Your prayers do not just bounce off the walls or off of the computer screen. I hear each one and I am busy attending to each one.

I love that you bring me the needs. I love that sometimes you just come to be with me. I love that as we continue to grow in this relationship that no matter the reason, we can be glad to spend time together.

I get to trust you with more every day as you grow in this relationship. You will accomplish things you cannot imagine today. And the main reason you will accomplish these things is that you will get out of the way and let me work. You will do your part but then step aside to let me work.

You are learning that dance with me very well. You are learning the difference between the time to act and the time to step aside. It can be hard for some people to learn but it is essential in ministry. Yes, pray, love, comfort, and be my hands and feet. But when it comes time for power, for change, and for my manifest sovereignty, step aside and let me work.

I love you daughter. Keep doing your part and I promise I will always do mine. Keep dancing with me, let me lead.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My missing piece...

My prayer:
My God, Lord and friend. Today was a pretty great day. Great service, opportunities to serve, good food, bull riding, friends, family...can't ask for much more.

I love you God and I am so grateful for everything you are doing right now. The opportunities are tremendous. I feel like I should be more grateful and more thankful though. I get mad at myself when I focus on the things that have not yet happened but that I so desperately want. With all that you are doing, with all that you are blessing me with now, it really should be enough.

Maybe I'm just greedy. I want it all God. I want the whole package. As great as everything is, I am missing a piece and I want that piece. But then, even as I say that, I feel so small for being ungrateful for all you have done. I want to be satisfied and content. In some ways I am. I don't know, I know I am being vague tonight. Mainly because I don't want to admit this stuff to myself let alone you. I still want the whole package, the marriage and the ministry. There, I said it. You are moving forward the ministry in ways I couldn't even imagine a few months ago. It is so exciting. When do I get to see the other half?

I love you and please forgive me for my ungratefulness. Help me to be a blessing this week. Help me to do everything that you need me to do and in the spirit of excellence that you have called me to. I love you and I am sorry that I keep whining about the same thing.

What God Said Tonight:
You aren't whining. It was like pulling teeth to get you to even admit it tonight. Why do you still worry about what you bring to me? You know that I want to know it all, I want to take care of it all. I want to be your everything and I want to meet all of your needs.

You have a predestined plan on your life, your whole life. I know that it can be hard and lonely sometimes. I want you to remember that I am always with you. I want you to look around and see the people I have surrounded you with. I want you to understand that there is so much love in your life. Your love is multiplied back to you.

There will yet be time for the love and marriage that you now want. It will all happen in the predestined timing that is mine. Until then, we still have a lot to do. Until then, I want to be a little selfish with you. Until then, I want to keep you for myself. I want your full attention.

When you have that husband, your time, your attention will be somewhat divided. There will be times when you will have to remind yourself to have time like this with me, especially in the beginning when things are all exciting with your husband. So, for now, I am reveling in your full attention. I love being your one and only.

But I am not a selfish God and I will not keep you from your dream. I will not keep you from the vision. I am the one who gave it you. For now, love me and receive my love. For now, trust me and my timing. For now, stay with me awhile and let me be your number one as you are mine.

I love you sweetheart. Sleep well in preparation for a great day tomorrow. I have a few surprises to keep you busy and guessing tomorrow! Love you to pieces!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love being with you...

My prayer:
Mighty God of all creation. I am not in a peaceful mood tonight. I am not in the quiet and worshipful place that I normally am. I am in that place of wanting to just let loose. Go a little crazy. God you know in the old days that meant, well a it meant a lot of things that I don't do anymore. Now it means just getting into a radical place of praise with you!

You are so amazing. Thank you God so much for changing my life!! You are everything God. You are so incredible! You are everything. You set me on fire and let me loose in this world to do your work! God I am on fire for you! You...well you are you and there is nothing better!!! You are so awesome and beyond words.

You are my everything. You are my father, my teacher, my covering, my redemption, my healing, my husband, my love, my peace, my truth, my love, my God, my everything. You provide for everything I ever need and I trust you God to provide everything I will ever need. God I love you so much!!! I love you, I dance for you, I sing for you, I blog for you, I live for you God!!!!!

I am here for you God. What do you have to say tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
This is fun and different tonight. We haven't been here in awhile. You don't need to worry, I love this time with you too. It doesn't always have to be quiet and worship filled. It can be fun and loud and out of control sometimes too.

I love being with you. That is what it comes down to. I love being with you. The only times that it hurts to be with you are when you are not in my will, when you are rebelling against what I know is best for you. But as long as you are listening to me, following me, seeking me I don't care if you are quiet or loud. I don't care if you are listening to Jason or Foundry. I don't care as long as I can be with you.

I love you and love to be with you. I love being with you during the day and I love these times when you really concentrate on me and what I need and want to tell you. You are my great creation and my precious daughter. You are what I intended from the dawn of time and my love for you will never diminish. You are the dream that I had before the dawn of time. I love you and all of this day to day will make sense one day.

In the mean time, let's enjoy our time together. Let's be together and love on each other. Let's share that love everywhere I go. You will continue to have those unexpected blessings (like lunch today, free dessert is just the beginning!). I will bless you coming in and going out. I know you will share the blessings so I know I can trust you with them.

I love you and will never stop, couldn't even if I wanted to and I don't want to. Be my love and share it every day. Let them see what love really looks like.

Friday, October 22, 2010

On the way...

My prayer:
Awesome, incredible, amazing God. I am and remain in awe of you. You truly do have it all figured out and and you work everything to my good. I will try to be better at remembering that when things aren't going the way I think they should. It is easy to think that and know that when everything is turning out great but I will try to remember this moment for the times that I question and I am not sure whether it will all work out

I love you Father. You are so very good to me. I pray God for every yet unanswered prayer tonight God. I pray for every, as of yet, unmet need. I pray God as our great provider, our redeemer, our daddy, that you will take care of it all.

For those situations that for what ever reason cannot be immediately resolved, I pray God that you give us the peace to know that it is in your hands and that you will take care of it all. God I leave it all in your hands tonight resting in the assurance of your love.

God I praise you for everything that you have done and all that you are about to do. I worship you simply for who you are. Let me know you better every day God. Show me more of you every day. Make me more like you every day. I love you forever.

What God Said Tonight:
You had a long day with much to do. Thank you for being with me here tonight anyway. Thank you for following my lead today. You avoided many pitfalls today just by following me.

I love you so very much. I love these seasons where I get to bless you. Sweet daughter I know so well that there are still some things that you want so badly in your heart. Know that they are on the way. I sent them the moment you prayed but they have been delayed in getting here.

Notice please I said delayed. They are still coming. There will be plenty of time to enjoy them. Once they are here, your waiting will seem like nothing. Your joy will be complete. You will still find new things to do and new things to want, don't get me wrong. You are absolutely created to want the next new thing and to be always looking ahead. It is who I need you to be. But soon, you will have a level of contentment that makes all waiting easy.

I love you so much. Rest tonight. Have your Sabbath tomorrow and rest. Sunday we have work to do. Love you. Rest well my sweet.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


My prayer:
My God, I hope you have something to say tonight because I am just a little brain dead. So much happening, I am just trying to keep up. I am not complaining. I love the fast pace, new stuff everyday kind of life you have for me right now, but I think I have thought all the thoughts I can think for one day.

I love you God. What do you have to say tonight?

What God Said Tonight:
Rest your mind and let me fill it.

You don't have to plan or worry. I have it all planned out. You just have to follow. You just have to keep listening and follow me and my plan. You know it is good. You know that my plan is the very best for you.

Don't worry about things falling through the cracks. As I have done in the past, I will bring to you each thing as it needs to happen. I will help you with each new thing. You just follow. I will lead you but you must follow.

Don't lose your way, keep your eyes on me. Keep your focus on me. There are things that will try to grab your attention right now. Things that are not of me and things that are not bad in themselves, but not for you right now. Keep focused on me and follow where I will take you and you will never be sorry.

You will never regret following me. You will be blessed all the days of your life and goodness and mercy will follow you just as you follow me.

Rest tonight. There is much more to do but time to get it all done. You will accomplish every last thing that I have for you. Rest in me darling daughter and know that I am God. I love you more than you can imagine. I love you more than pizza! Smile and enjoy this time girl. You have waiting a long time for it...enjoy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Too good...

My prayer:
Wow God. I don't even know what to say! So many praise reports this week, it feels like a party! There is a part of me that is almost a little scared it is all so good. That is kind of crazy I guess. Getting scared because things are all turning out too good? Talk about never satisfied!

But God, you are so amazing. You make everything work out. Simple as that, waiting on you, trusting in you, doing whatever I know to do and you work it all out. I almost don't care what is next. Knowing that you have it planned out is enough for me for a change!

Lot's of exclamation points tonight!! I really am so excited! Thank you for getting the book published on Amazon. Thank you for the praise report on my friend's biopsies today, NO CANCER!!! You are so awesome God! Thank you for letting me see you and be a part of your healing. It is one of my favorite things to see you do. Thank you God for the breakthrough at my job. Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU!!! Gracias, Merci...ok those are the only other languages I know, but THANK YOU!!!

God I love you.

What God Said Tonight:
I celebrate with you! I love seeing you excited. I love the trust that you have right now. I want you to trust me like this when things don't seem to be going right too; but, consider this practice.

I love you so much and it is my great pleasure to bless you. It is my great pleasure to have you be a part of spreading my word, healing people. I love doing these things with you as much as you love them, maybe more.

I love being with you. I love each of you so much. I know I say it a lot, but you don't always hear it or believe it. I will keep saying it, keep showing you and keep at it till you know without doubt how much I love you. And more, that the love that I have for you will supply all of your needs, guide you always and insure that you are never alone.

My love is your provision. I will not let you go without. I will let you go through some things so you grow into everything that you were intended to be but I will always provide and always bless you.

You are walking into greatness and I am your guide. Rest and be ready for tomorrow. It is another opportunity to celebrate!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

God's experience of God...

My prayer:
Awesome, incredible, mighty, and wonderful God. How are you tonight? How was your day? You know how mine was. Let's focus on you tonight.

What is it like to be you? I am sure I can't wrap my mind around it, but I would love to have a glimpse. I love spending time with you so much. I love it when we are working together. When I get to see you do amazing things. I love when we just hang out and I can feel your presence. I love everything about you.

I know what my experience of you is but what is your experience of you like? What is your experience of me like?

God, do you ever get sick and tired of all of my questions? I sure hope not because if history tells us anything, I am not likely to stop asking! I love you God. Let me hear from you tonight.

What God said tonight:
You are funny and no, I don't get tired of your questions. I love that you ask them. I have said it before, I want you to know. I want you to know me. When you ask, you are seeking and I have said that if you seek me you will find me.

You are also right that it will be difficult for you to understand the whole of who I am and what it is like to be me. You will always have glimpses, both from our relationship as well as the fact that I made you in my image. We can relate, connect and be in relationship because I made you from my very own image. Through that basic connectedness we can understand each other.

I love you so much daughter. When you ask what it is like to be me, it is hard to explain. I have never been anything except me. What if I were to ask you what it is like to be you? Would you have an answer?

Is my experience of me different than your experience of me or is it just on a wider, grander scale? I think the best way to describe it is that I am whole but always seeking. I am everything but always wanting more. I am complete in myself but desire you. I have all that I will ever need but I want you. I am not satisfied unless you are with me.

Can I survive without you, yes. I am complete and I am God. But I don't want to. I want us to be together forever I provided the way for that to happen. You made the decision that allows that to happen. Did I call you or did you call to me? Does it matter? What matters is we are now together forever and we never have to exist one second without each other.

You want to know me. You want to know what it is like to be me. Look inside yourself, see me in you and you will know.

You are my precious daughter, my bride and my love. Feel that love tonight and know that I will love you forever.

Monday, October 18, 2010

So easy...

My prayer:
El Shaddai, more than enough. Thank you for your help today. The webinar presentation went great! Thank you for blessing the works of my hands. Thank you God for making me prosper and making it my destiny to succeed.

I love you God but I am dead tired. What do you want to say tonight?

What God said tonight:
You are tired. Thank you for your faithfulness to meet here with me anyway.

I love you daughter. You have great things ahead of you. I know you have some fear too. We are about to do some things that go way outside of your comfort zone again. But, remember that I always help you and I always make sure you are fully equipped.

You will be amazed again at how easy it all is. Just like the recent past, the blog, the book, the web site. All so easy because you trust me and let me do it. You are my hands and feet and when you let me lead you completely, it is so easy.

You go rest. Your friends are blessed, your family is blessed, your pets and your home is blessed because you are mine. I love you tonight and forever.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Unprecedented blessing...

My prayer:
God I am in awe of you. I am in awe of what you do for us. Thank you for the immediate, repeated, miraculous healings this morning!!! You are so awesome. I love seeing you work and the way that you did it this morning, just one after another, jaw healed, knee healed, voice healed and another knee healed all within 5 minutes!!! YOU ROCK GOD!!!!

Seeing your power at work is my motivation to pray for others. I love seeing you just show up and take care of it. I love you God. Thank you for showing how real you and your power are. You are AMAZING!!!

It is back to the day job tomorrow. I pray God that somehow, you help me keep this amazement and recognition of your power as I go back to the mundane day-to-day.

I cannot thank you enough for the last week. The time to focus on you, finish the book, and connect with your people has been amazing. God it makes me want more. Help me to recognize you and the opportunities to serve you and to witness your power in the day-to-day. Help me God to have the attitude that makes the right environment for you to work in my and others lives.

God I ask for your favor for the webinar I need to conduct tomorrow. This is another one with a lot of tech challenges and I ask you blessing over it all. Help me to convey the message in a way that is meaningful.

Thank you again God. This week has been a true gift and I will treasure it always!

What God Said Tonight:
It was good to have you back today, back where I can use you and show you again what we can do or what I can do through you when you don't shut down. I want to use you for my hands and feet every day. You achieve such great things when you stop trying and let me work it out through you. Do that in your day-to-day work. Let me do it. Just relax and let me lead, guide and show you where the opportunities for meaningful action are. I will take care of your stuff if you will take care of mine.

I see your sacrifice daughter, I see your giving and I will bring it back to you pressed down, shaken together and running over. You know that promise like the back of your hand but I think you have forgotten the significance of it. I want to open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing you cannot contain and the time for it is now. Right now.

Relax, and receive daughter. The time for your blessing, the time to reap is NOW. You will remember this season for many years because it comes with unprecedented blessing. You are in place, you are in right standing and you are prepared for what I have been saving up for you. Let me bless you. Let me love you. You are all mine.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shake it off...

My prayer:
Hi God. Today was rough but I get to end it here with you and that always makes it good. I am not sure what to say tonight. I kind of shut down today and it is hard to open up again.

I love you. I pray God for worship services tomorrow. I pray that you are present and achieving your will in every service. I pray God that people experience your love and get to know you better. I pray God that you inspire each person who is bringing your words, your teaching to your people. I pray God for every person who is serving you tomorrow. Give us strength and fill us to overflowing with your love. Help us to love and serve your people and you in excellence.

What is on your mind tonight God?

What God said tonight:
Wow, you are shut down tonight. You have closed out the whole world. I understand why, but you can't stay there. You have to come back out. The pain was momentary and you know it wasn't from me. You know it was your enemy. Will you let him win? Will you let him win so easily?

I built you to be stronger than that. You will put this behind you and you will move into your future with the love that I have put in you. You will know and trust that you have more to give. You will stop doubting the significance of you life. You will recognize that you are the head and not the tail. You will recognize that you are a royal priesthood and you will recognize that you are covered in the blood of Jesus and an adopted child with first son rights. You will remember and recognize all of this because you need to know exactly who you are to do what I have called you to do.

I can't afford to have you close yourself off. Not now, not ever. I need you to stay connected. I need you to stay connected and loving my people. I need you to stay connected to me.

You will rest tonight but tomorrow, you will leave it all behind and remember who you are in me. You will pull yourself up by your bootstraps and walk into the future that we have both been waiting for.

I love you daughter. Don't give up. Not now and not ever. Don't give up. I love you and I need you to be what I created you to be. Shake it off, like Paul and the snake, and move ahead. You are my precious baby girl and I will be with you every step of the way. Be healed and move forward, now.

Friday, October 15, 2010


My prayer:
God it was good to be with you today. It was so good to spend the day with you. Thank you for insights. Thank you for showing me the root of the issues. Thank you for explaining things. Thank you for ideas. Thank you for completing the book. Thank you for time with amazing friends tonight to celebrate and confirm what you have been teaching me all week.

God I am so grateful for this week. It has been amazing to have the time to spend with you, focused entirely on what you want to do. God, help me to carry this into the weeks to come. Help me be able to keep you and your will in front of me every day. No matter what the day brings, help me to keep you and your plan dead center in front of me. Help me to remember the importance of your plan regardless of the other demands that life brings. Help me to maintain a better balance so I don't get so burned out.

Wow, I clearly need a lot of help tonight God! I love you Great Helper. Thank you for coming to help me today and every day. My life is yours.

What God said tonight:
Today was good. You heard most of what I needed you to know. I have some more that you will need to hear this weekend, keep listening. But, you are well positioned for the next season. Your completion of this week is the beginning of your next season. It all ties together in an intricate and beautiful plan that I have had from the beginning of time.

You are part of a purpose much greater than you know or can imagine. You are networked into a tapestry that is my plan for the world and my people. You are perfectly placed to hold together the beautiful pattern. You are doing exactly what I need you to do at this time.

In the future, your tasks may change. In the future, your connections and network may change. You will always be connected. You will always have amazing people in your life that are a part of the greater plan. You will not walk alone although there will be times when I keep you to myself for periods. Those times when I need to get your full attention.

Your love, your capacity for love, your ability to love freely is getting stronger and as you love those around you, it will reach farther than you can know. You will always have love in you and in your life. You were made for it.

I love you more than you know. I adore you. My daughter, my love, my sweet cherished confection. You are and I love you for it. Rest and we will finish tomorrow. Rest now and we will begin tomorrow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


My prayer:
Incredible creator of the universe. What a beautiful day God. I feel like I have been whining a lot to you lately God. Tonight, I want to focus on how great you are. I want to spend my time and effort toward reminding myself how wonderful you are and showing you how much I love and appreciate you.

God, I got "caught" singing your praise on the trail today by the guy on the bike. But he seemed to think it was pretty cool. :) I guess if I am going to make a fool of myself, it is best that I do it for you!

You are so amazing. As I looked out today over the mountain range, the trees, the river, the animals, the flowers and the rocks, I marvel at all that you created for us. I am in awe of your artistry. I am humbled by the loving care in which you fashioned it all. I am never more aware of your mighty power and massive creativity than when I am out in the nature that you created.

God, this week has been so great. Thank you for this time. Thank you for the time to rest, work on the book, connect with friends, and most of all, connect with you.

God you are good! You always so good! I love you God. My life is yours. My heart is yours. My mind is yours. My soul is yours. Everything I am and everything I have is yours. God have your way.

What God said tonight:
Is this the time that we have saved for each other tonight? Is this the set aside time to concentrate on each other? This is the time and the place that I can count on your attention and while I am grateful for it, I need more from you right now. I need more of your concerted attention.

We have a few more days before you return to work. Spend more of that time listening to me? There are some things you need to know. Some things I need to make sure are clear for you. You will need it in the days to come. I love you and want you to have every advantage, every tool that I can give you.

I love you so much. I am glad that you have rested. You needed that. But now, now I need you to pay attention and hear me. I need you to focus on me. There are as many distractions in this world as you will allow. Anything can become a distraction. I need your undivided attention.

Watch and I will show you. Listen and I will tell you. Focus and I will reveal to you everything you need to know. You will be fully equipped for the next season.

I love you. You are so very precious to me. You are rubies and gold. You are emeralds and platinum. You are pearls and diamonds. You are every precious gem that has ever been and you shine for me. I love you. Be with me, hear me, see me, and experience me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My prayer:
Lord, God, Jehovah. Pretty incredible Bible study tonight. That was a pretty quick answer to the unanswered prayer questions from last night! Thank you God for moving in the women's lives. God, thank you for providing the help, the house, the job, that has been our prayer for almost a year! What a great reminder that you always come through. Even when we have been waiting for so long and think that it is never going to happen, as long as we don't give up, you will come through. Thank you for coming through and thank you for the reminder.

God you are so very good to us. So very good to me.

Timing continues to be a topic that keeps coming up for me. I have such a hard time waiting on your timing. God I need your help. I don't know what I really need but I know that I am so often frustrated with waiting on your timing; even though, when I look at it in hindsight, I can usually see why it was important to wait for it to happen at the exact time that you made it happen.

You are always right God. Why then do I have such a hard time trusting your timing and waiting on you? I get so impatient. I want it all yesterday. God, I am almost afraid to ask for help in this because in the past when I have asked for patience, you have had me wait longer to build my patience. I don't think I can handle waiting even longer.

I wish that I could just enjoy each day for what it is and at some level I do. But I know there is so much more and I want it.

Same old complaint God. What am I missing? What do I need to change? How can I learn to wait more patiently with the assurance that your timing is always right? I ask your help God. Thank you for teaching me, growing me, and making me into the woman of God that you want me to be.

What God said tonight:
Good questions and thank you for finally asking me about this issue that has been percolating in you for weeks now. You have been telling others that you are struggling with it but you haven't been talking to me about it. I want you to bring this and everything to me so I can help.

Timing is a funny thing. I don't think about time the same way you do. Since I control time and I am simultaneously the beginning and the end. I am at all places and times at the same time. I am ever present and being so, I don't think about time as linear like you do. I don't see it so much as past present and future. It all just is.

Now, from the time that I lived on the earth as Jesus, Yeshua, I understand how you think of time. I understand that it can be frustrating. I understand that timing and waiting are more important and more difficult for you.

Part of it is how I made you, with ambition and drive to accomplish the next thing. Part of it is a sense of general restlessness that is based in fear. You think that if it doesn't happen now, it might not happen. It seems like no amount of reassurance has touched this fear. It is a deep root based in disappointments of the past. You need to find that root and get it out. Once you find it, expose it so it can die.

I will help you find it. Look for the disappointments that bring the feeling of pain back. The ones that you can still feel today. Those are the ones that are at the root of this.

You are going to come through this like every other struggle. You will be better off when we get this root out. When you are waiting in anticipation and not in fear, it won't be so hard to wait.

I love you daughter. You are on track and you will see it all. Let's get this root out of the way and move on. Be blessed daughter.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unanswered prayer...

My prayer:

Awesome Lord of everything. What a great day you gave me. Rest, time to work on the book, opportunities to help people, what more could I ask for. I am so grateful for all that you do for me God.

I am struggling a bit in one area tonight though God. It seems like there are a lot of people, well maybe not a lot but several people in a row, who are telling me that praying, believing, standing on your promises are not working for them. They say they are doing everything they know how to do, that they are seeking you and they don't see changes. They don't see the things they are praying for being answered.

What do I tell them God? There is always the easy answer that you "always answer prayer but sometimes the answer is no." But these people are hurting. They think something is wrong with them and that is why you are not moving in their lives. I know that isn't true but what do I tell them. What would you want them to know?

I love you Daddy. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for meeting every need in my life and thank you for always listening to me. I love you so much.

What God said tonight:
Interesting that your prayer is about others needs and desires not being met tonight and not about your own wants not being met yet. You know that the reason you are having trouble meeting their need, answering their questions is that there are things that you are still waiting on and that you sometimes still doubt whether I will make it happen in your life. Despite my reassurances, despite my promises, you still doubt sometimes.

What will it take to convince you that I am on your side, that I will always do what is best for you and that I will always do it at the exact right time? You will see as you go through life that there are many things that you will have to wait on. You will wait to increase your faith. You will wait to improve your character. Sometimes you will wait because what I have to give you will not be right or good until the right time.

When you are convinced that my promises are true every time and all of the time, you will know how to respond to people who are struggling. You will know what to say. Until then, bring me your doubt. Bring it to me so we can continue to eradicate it.

With doubt there is an open door for your enemy to get in. You can't afford that. Let's shut the door and get it right for your sake and so you can help others.

Darling daughter, I love you so much. I will do all that I can to convince you of that love. I will continue to show you the patterns and continue to move in your life. Write it down, remember it, let it grow your faith and let it erase your doubt.

You are in a position to be a true beacon and lighthouse but your doubt will not serve you well. Trust me and I will not let you down. Make the decision to trust every day, every minute, every second if you have to. I will honor that decision, I promise. I love you. Rest again, we have more to do tomorrow.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Completely good...

My prayer:
God of all creation. Creator of the universe. God you are holy. You are the only completely good thing ever. You have no evil, no perverseness, no sin in you. You are pure love and pure good. Since you are the only fully good thing, it is hard for me to wrap my mind around that sometmes. I think if I could really understand that at a gut level, I wouldn't ever have trouble trusting you. If I could truly understand your love and your complete goodness, I would know that you would always come through on your promises.

I am ready to leave all doubt behind. I am ready for a day that I don't have to think about it, I don't have to encourage myself, I don't have to be encouraged by others. I just know that you said it and I can expect it. I am there sometimes God. Sometimes, I am so confident of your promises, especially when I am praying for other people, that I fully and completely expect you to come through.

I have more trouble with that abosolute faith when it comes to my own life. I honestly don't know why. Maybe I don't think I deserve it. Maybe...huh, I can't think of a second possibe reason so I am guessing it is related to thinking I don't deserve it.

I love you God and I pray that you help me to have a deeper understanding of your goodness. I pray for increased trust and expectation so that I can fully expect you to fufill your promises every time. God I pray for wisdom and understanding regarding the times that it seems like your promise has not been, or at least not yet been, fuflilled. God I pray all of this so that I can be a better help to others and live my life to the full plan that you have for me. I love you so much. Thanks for your help God.

What God said tonight:

Hello daughter. You are right in that conclusion that if you could better understand me, my goodness, you would not worry so much, you would trust more, you would be able to rest in the assurance of my promises on your life.

I can give you that deeper understanding. I need the time and the sacrifice from you. I need you to spend more time in my prescence, paying more attention to me if you want to know me better. I need you to commit to more worship time, more prayer time. I need you to commit to more time with me. That is the only way that I can show you my goodness so that you understand it better.

Are you willing to make the sacrifice? You may think you don't have time, but you also know better than that. You know that I multiply your time when you give it me.

There is so much for us to do. We must be in complete agreement to do that. I need us to work in tandem like a two seated bicycle. Remember those? It took complete coordination to ride one of those. You had to ensure that you were both balancing the same way, you were both pedaling at the same rate, you were both turning at the same time. That you were both headed in the same direction at all times. That is how it needs to be with us. We need to be in complete agreement in direction, speed and destination.

You and I need to be one and that can only happen if you get to know me as well as I know you. I created you and know every hair on your head. I know where you have been and what you have been doing. I know your friends, your family, your unspoken needs. I know every part of you, body, soul and spirit. I want you to know me that well so you understand my goodness and can live a life of peace and joy, trusting me to accomplish every promise I have made.

Always believe in me daughter. I promise I will never let you down. I am so completely on your side. I am your biggest fan. You will always hear me cheering you on in whatever you take on. You are in my heart and I will never let you out. Unless you ask of course, but I hope that you never will. It would break my heart. I love you to pieces my daughter. Rest tonight and prepare for tomorrow.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Desires of your heart...

My prayer:
Awesome God, my Lord, my everything. The weekend is done and it was an awesome start. I can't wait to see what we accomplish this week. Although, right at this moment, I am so exhausted I am having trouble imagining accomplishing anything.

God, I realized something this weekend. You know the scripture where you say that you will give us the desires of our hearts? Did you mean that you would give is the things that we want or did you mean that you would put those desires in our hearts? Does it mean that you will give us what we want or does it mean that you will cause us to want things? I probably need to study that a bit more but I thought I would start by asking the author.

I love you God and trust you. I believe that we are on the edge of seeing some amazing things happening in your kingdom and I am so deeply honored that I get to be a part of it.

God I pray your blessings and your protection over family and friends throughout the entire week. Keep them safe. Help them to see the dream, the desire and to receive it too.

I love you God. I truly adore you.

What God said tonight:
You are my dream. You are my one desire. I have you in my heart and etched on the palm of my hand. I will never forget or forsake you. I will be with you always. I an the author and finisher of your faith. I am the reason for you to live and the reason you serve. I am everything at the same time.

Just like that, I put the desires in your heart and then I make sure you get those things that you desire. It is in full agreement with the way that I work. I would never want to give you something that would hurt you and sometimes you want things, on your own that are dangerous to you. I won't give those things to you because I can't be the source of harm coming to you.

However, I can put desires in your heart for the right things, the good things, the things that will elevate me and my kingdom and bless you with a blessing that overflows.

It is not important that you walk away from this with full understanding of it. I have a long time to help you understand. But I do need you to understand it someday. If you can get this one concept, so many things will become clear. So many things will make sense.

I need you to rest and to listen carefully for my voice tomorrow. Keep you plans flexible tomorrow. I have some divine appointments and I want to bring around you the people you will need in the next 90 days. I love you. Rest now but be ready for tomorrow.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


My prayer:
What a night of worship God, what a night of prayer. Mighty God you are so amazing. To feel your power. I know of about your power. I see your power at work but to truly feel your power.

You are something beyond words. You are something that I can never describe or even fully understand. My gratefulness for you cannot be expressed or understood. How God can I even talk to you when I know that you are so much more than anything I can ever understand.

God I am so unworthy of you. I am so grateful for you but so completely unworthy. Thank you Holy Spirit for the amazing presence you had tonight. Every prayer, every word was directly from you. We all experienced both you speaking through us and speaking to us. That was the truly amazing part. To receive as much as we all give. Wow. That is all I can say, Wow. My words, my self is so inadequate, I have to stop and let you talk.

What God said tonight:
Your experience of my love tonight is only a portion of what I feel for you. My Spirit was in each of you tonight and will continue to reside in you so that I can continue to work and speak in your lives and the lives around you.

You have no idea of the significance of this night or of the futures I have planned for each of you. You are my precious gems. You are what I intended you to be. Each of you in your uniqueness and in your similarities. Your willingness to serve, your love of me, your desire to be my hands and feet are the similarities that bond you. Your gifts are what what set you apart.

You are each needed and you are each set apart for a special service. You know your part. You are beginning to understand and help others to understand their parts. No part is more important than any other but all parts are important.

I love you daughter. Go inside and warm up. I am with you now and always and my love for you cannot be measured. You are not done. There is more to see experience and receive in this weekend. It is another beginning. I love you.

Friday, October 8, 2010


My prayer:
Beautiful God. I love you God. You have seemed quiet today or maybe I just haven't been listening well enough?

Thank you God for the rest today God. Thank you for the amazing people in my life. Thank you for being my Lord.

God, I have this kind of uneasy feeling today and yesterday. I thought it was just the stress of getting everything done and maybe it is left over stress still. But I give it to you and pray that you give me your peace. If there is something I need to do or to change, please let me know and speak to me clearly. If it is just me being stressed, fill me with that peace that only you can give.

I love you God. You who know the end from the beginning. You who wrote the book. You who know everything that ever was or ever will be. I love you so much and I am so grateful that I can come to you with every thing on my mind. God you are so beautiful.

What God said tonight:
You are beautiful, you are my beautiful creation. I took every good thing I could think of and put it into you. You are my daughter and as such I give you my best. I will always give you my best.

Your uneasy feeling is not dread. If you look closely, it is anticipation. It is the anticipation of what we will do next and the move of God you are about to see. You will see great and amazing things and it is so exciting that you can feel it before you see it. Things are preparing in the spiritual realm that you cannot see but you can feel them.

You will have more and more of these occurrences. You will know them by asking me, I will tell you. I don't want you in the dark. I want you to understand what is happening . I want you to know so you can reflect it and explain it.

I never meant to be mysterious. I always meant for you to know me. It is just, there are so many facets to me. There is so much in me that it can seem mysterious. It can seem like I am hiding things from you when actually it is just that you can't yet comprehend all of it yet.

I want you to know me. We talked about that the other night. I want you to hear me. I want you to understand what I am doing so you can help and let others know.

I will continue to speak if you will continue to listen. This never has to end. For the rest of eternity, I will speak if you will listen. Go now and enjoy your friends. I will be with you even in that. I love you dearest daughter.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let go...

My prayer:
Hi Daddy. I am spent. I am all out with nothing left but to listen to you tonight God. I love you and thank you so much for getting it all done today. Could not have done it without you. Now, as I put down every worry and every thought, what do you want to say tonight God?

What God said tonight:
Don't be afraid, Daddy is here, you are not alone. I love you so much. I know it took a lot to get through the day, through the things that had to happen, but now, now you can rest in me. Now you can just rest and be with me.

This weekend is designed to fill you up and connect the five of you together. You will each have much to give and, for a change, you will all have much to receive too.

You are prepared, now let go and let me do the rest. I love you. Close you eyes and leave it up to me. I have and will take care of every step. You don't need to plan, to worry, to think about what needs to happen. I am with you, you are not alone and I will tell you each step as you need to take it.

You will never be alone again. You will never have to face this world on your own again You are with me forever. Tuck in under my arm and walk with me. We are moving into your future and your future is good. Be what I have called and taught you to be. Rest and know that I have prepared you, I have made you and I have created this time and these opportunities just for you.

Leave the worry here. Leave the fear here. Leave it all so we can just be together. You are mine forever, by my choice and by yours.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fresh eyes...

My prayer:
Mighty God, my Lord, you are so Holy, Amazing, beyond words. Thank you for such a great day! You got so much done...just like you said. I got to end it with one of my most favorite friends.

People are kind of amazing God. You made us each so unique and yet we all have things in common with each other. I love that you made us so we can connect with each other but kept us totally unique. Kind of like snowflakes, they are all made of ice and might have similar crystals but everyone of them is completely unique. Hey, you made snowflakes too!

God, I revel in who you are tonight. God show yourself in people's lives. Let them see the real you. Not the image we have turned you into over the years but the real you. God I pray that you shake off our preconceptions and what we think you should be like and show us the real you. The you that has always been and will always be. The you that created the universe and called it good. The you that died that we could be saved and live. The you that loves us more than we can ever understand. Let us see YOU God. I love you God and pray that everyday I get to know more of you.

What God said tonight:
Ah daughter, it is my greatest desire to show you the "real me" free of every misconception and lie that has ever been told about me. It all gets in the way of our relationship and anything that gets in the away of that is inherently bad. I long for you to see me just as I am. No more and no less.

I need you to let go of what you think you know in order for that to happen. I need you to see me with fresh eyes, like a child. I need you to come to me as a child without the scars that life lays on you. You can only do that with the complete healing offered through my son Jesus. His blood can bring you to the innocence you need to really see me.

Leave behind everything that stands between you and me and let me give you fresh new eyes to see. Read the Bible with fresh eyes, like the very first time. See the things that have been hidden because you have read it before and you know what it says. My word is living and every time you read it with fresh eyes you will see new levels and new layers of meaning.

I have layered meanings so that you can continue to dive deeper into the word and rise higher in your spiritual walk as a result. But we get there when you have fresh eyes to see.

I love you daughter. You will see me. You will know me just as I am because it is what you want and it is what I want. When our desires are aligned, nothing will stop it.

I love you. Rest now so we can finish tomorrow what we started today.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Give me an excuse...

My prayer:
Marvelous God. Mighty Father. Awesome Ruler. How are you tonight? I am beat! You were not kidding that we had a lot to do this week!! I am ready for vacation God. I can't wait for a weekend with some of the amazing women you have put in my life, the mountains and you. Thank you God for the work and thank you God for the rest. You are so amazing God. What do you want to talk about tonight?

What God said tonight:
It's important to recognize the season you are in. It helps you to know how to focus your energy. You are in a busy season, a season of a lot of opportunities. You are in a season where you need to remember how to say "no" sometimes but most importantly remember to rely on me. You know when you do, we get it all done. I will never leave you to do it on your own.

Just like today. You really thought there would be no way for you to get done at work in time for your commitment tonight but did I or did I not help you to get it all done exactly on time? Don't forget that the ability to get more done than seems reasonable is me and not you. Your "efficiency" is partly my gift to you to see how to get things done in the most efficient way but a bigger part is when you put forward the effort, I can mutiply your effectiveness.

I am the God of multiplication. I can multiply anything. I can multiply your effectiveness, time, money, anything. Anything you give to me, I can multiply. If you want something, anything to multiply in your life, start giving it out and I will multiply it back. If you want more money, give money to my church and I will multiply it back. If you want more time, give it in service to me and my people and I will multiply it back to you. If you want more love in your life, love me and my people and I will multiply it back to you.

You will always get back more than you give. It doesn't make sense to you but that doesn't make it less true. You are my daughter and I will take any excuse to bless you. Give me an excuse. I love you sweet daughter. Be confident in the truth that you know.

Monday, October 4, 2010


My prayer:
Awesome God, light of my life, my everything. I love you so much. I am so grateful to you.

I know that I have a lot of growing to do right now. I know that you need me to work on this jealousy that I am suddenly struggling with. I don't know where this is coming from God. It's not usually a problem, but lately, I am really having a tough time.

It seems like the things that I want so much, the opportunities are going to everyone around me and not to me. God, I understand that this is an opportunity to grow. I understand that when I get through this I will be more loving and a better reflection of you.

That being said, I need your help. I need your help to get the thoughts out of my head. I need your help to remember that you have a plan for each of us and that my plan is right for me. I need your help to love the people who are getting what I want.

God, I hate that I am having this struggle. It is ugly and I know better but there it is and I need your help. Thank you God in advance for getting me through this like you have every struggle in my life so far. Thank you for the opportunity for growth that this is. Thanks for your help.

What God said tonight:
Good job. Always better to get this stuff off your chest. Always better to give it up to me and ask for my help instead of letting it stew inside of you and get bigger and bigger until it is all you can see.

Jealousy is so damaging. It is an evil thing that tries to distract you, alienate you and separate you from the people I have put in your life. It is a lie from the devil who wants to isolate you so he can hurt you. When you are surrounded by the people who love you and are praying for you, he has less of a chance to get at you. When you are isolated, he can start talking to you more and lying to you more.

Don't let him lie to you. Every time you have a jealous thought, recognize it as a lie from satan and get angry at him for lying to you. Take control, bind him, and loose my Holy Spirit and love over your life. Take control of this lie, this attack, as I have taught you to do. It cannot control you as long as you rely on my power to take control. Call on my name, on the name of Jesus and take control.

You are now free, stay that way by taking control on the spot at the first inkling of that jealous thought.

I love you so much. We will move through this and you are right, you will be better, more loving and a better reflection of me on the other side of this. I have such great things especially for you. Rejoice in the unique and special blessings that I have for each of my kids.

I love you. This next level will create a prism effect of my love for you that you will not only reflect my light but you will reflect it out in a prism of brilliance. Like a diamond sparkling in the sunshine, that will be you. My diamond lighthouse.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mixing it up...

My prayer:
My God. You are really interesting. I am fascinated by you. Every time I think I have you figured out, you shake everything up again. God, I am not sure what is next. I don't know how it is all going to happen, but I know that I know that I know that you have a purpose. I know the promises you have made on my life and I stand on those promises. I believe in those promises and I trust you God to make them happen in my life.

God, I am going to keep putting one foot in front of the other, doing what you have told me to do so far. If that changes, if you want me to change direction, let me know really clearly. Speak to me loudly so I don't miss it. With everything changing around me, it makes me wonder if I should change what I am doing, but you haven't told me to change. You haven't given me a different assignment that I know of. If I am missing it, please let me know. Do what it takes to get my attention God.

I love you God. Thank you for today. It was good. I pray God for your help through this week. I pray for your help to see the opportunities to help people and be a blessing. I pray for the ability to get all the things done that need to get done. And God, I pray that you prepare me and my friends for the retreat this weekend. I believe you have something really special for us. You don't bring women like this together for no reason. I love you Daddy. What do you have for us tonight?

What God said tonight:
It isn't time for you to change. I am mixing things up just to get everything into position. But this is not a surprise to me. I always knew that I would do this. I always knew that this is how we would get to where we need to go.

Why do you think I have been telling you that a time was coming where you would need to trust me like never before? You are on the right track. There are things and people who were slightly out of position and this shake up is getting everything in place.

Remember to continue to keep your eyes on me and not on the storm around you. You are where I need you and that is all you need to be concerned about.

There will be a time where I will need you to change. In reality, you are constantly changing. Life is change. But, as far as your assignment, what I need you to do right now, that has not changed yet. You will stay on this course until we have accomplished all that we came to accomplish and then you will move on.

You have all of the next steps. Keep doing a little each day as you have been and we will get it all done on time. Trust in me everyday to be the rudder of your boat and the wind in your sail. You are my lighthouse, reflecting my light but you are also my boat going out to accomplish what I need you to do. I am your rudder and the wind and I will guide you where you need to go. But don't start up your own motor and try to fight my direction. Don't start trying to get it done under your own power. You will get off course then. Let me move and guide you.

I love you my sweet daughter. We have a lot of great stuff to do this week. Be ready.