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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dark vs. Light...

My prayer:
Awesome God. How are you doing? How was your day? I have been pretty wrapped up in my own stuff lately and haven't taken time to ask you about what is going on for you.  I love you God. If there is anything that you have wanted to talk to someone about today, I am here and I am all ears.


What God Said Tonight:
Today was good. Every day is good when I greet to spend it with my kids like you. 

When I look at the earth, I see the shadows of darkness and the the light. I see the people who are living free and those under oppression. I see the light spread and I see the darkness try to counter. They are always at war, the light and the dark. 

Darkness cannot exist where there is light. However, light can exist in darkness and change the darkness to light. You are the reflection of my light on the earth and everywhere you go, the darkness has to leave. My children, those who have made a decision for me are all points of light that banish the darkness. 

One day, the world will be all light with no darkness. The light will overpower the dark and there will be no darkness left to battle. Until that time, do not fear the dark. Shine my light at it and it will flee. It cannot exist when I am present. When you see the dark approaching, invite me in and reflect my light, speak my words, and it will flee. It can not stand the life in you. It knows that your life, your light spells its death. 

Shine on my daughter. I love you back.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome protector, my Lord. Tonight could have ended so differently. Here I sit, safe and sound in my home, talking to you, satisfied; but without your protection, I very likely would have died tonight. That is pretty sobering. Every day, I get in my car and commute across crazy, busy highways with other fallible people making bad decisions like me and the only reason I get to sit here tonight is because of your protection. My poor guardian angels must be EXHAUSTED!!! 

Thank you God for your protection. Thank you for loving me enough to keep me safe from the dangers I see and the dangers I don't see. God, I would be scared to leave my house if it weren't for you. This world is a dangerous place but my safety and my comfort is in you. I love you God. Thank you for another chance.

What God Said Tonight:
Danger is all around but there is safety in me. I am your insurance policy against the evil and harm that is around you. I can't keep you out of dangerous situations because they are literally all around you; but, I can keep you safe and protected. I can keep you under my wing, sheltered. I can keep you as my own. I love you and I will keep you from harm. 

I love taking care of you. It is a natural expression of my love for you. I love to teach you and see you grow. It makes me proud of you. I love to walk with you and spend time with you because I like the person you are. It isn't so complicated really. I love you. I love my children. 

What parent would allow harm to come to their children if they can stop it. I hear your thoughts and you are asking, what about all of the horrible things that do happen to my children. What about the horrible things that happened to you. We have talked about it before.  There are some things that won't make sense to you now but some day you will understand. There are some things that have to happen because of the disruption of sin on this earth. Others can make bad decisions that effect you . I can't always keep those things from effecting you but I can always be there to help you through it. And, I will always give you the opportunity to use that experience to help someone else.

If the life of a Christian was easy all the time, everyone would want to be a Christian but not because they wanted to know me but only because they wanted the cushy life. I need people to come to me out of love. My love for them and their love for me. Nothing short of that is worth my time. I love you daughter and the hedge of protection remains around you. Walk with courage knowing that I walk with you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Free to fly...

My prayer:
Awesome God. There is such freedom when I get in agreement with your will! I feel 1000 pound lighter just by doing the one thing you have been asking me to do. As much as I dreaded it, it wasn't so tough once I actually did it. That is how it usually is with you. If I can just take that first step, get myself to the door, pick up the phone, whatever it is, you take care of the rest.

God, forgive me for taking so long to get into obedience to what you were telling me to do. I can't wait to see what is next. I will try to do better, obey faster, with the next thing you tell me that I don't want to do. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for your grace and mercy that gives me things I don't deserve and keeps me from suffering the consequences I do deserve.


What God Said Tonight:
You have opened up the windows and are free to fly. You are free to soar as I designed you. You are free to feel the sun on your back and the rain on your head as you soar above the earth. 

The earth, your temporary dwelling, is in jeopardy. There is not a lot of time. 

Glad you are back on board so we can get serious. You are free of every last thing that was keeping you tied to the past. You are ready for the new thing that I have. You will see as you have never seen before. You will go places you have never imagined. You will see my power fall with an intensity and a fire like you have never experienced. Get ready for supernatural phenomenal experiences that will shake your socks off. You will be witness to a new era of miracle power. 

There is much to do and little time to do it so I will be intervening more and more. I will be releasing the angels to carry out their assignments all over the world. You will see then on their way coming to and from. You will see them fighting the battles that keep you safe. You will see, you will hear, you will smell, and in it all, give me the glory. Talk about it, even when it sounds weird, talk about it. I need people to relearn what my power is and what it can do. 

I cannot and will not hold back any longer. It is time and you  are in position to witness. You are blessed to be in this time. Keep your eyes on me, every day. I love you daughter and I am so glad we get to do this together!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

God's perfected plan...

My prayer:
My God, I need your help. Help me to let go of things that you don't want in my life. Help me to let go of old dreams that don't matter any more. God, please help me to look forward and not backward. God, if I have to mourn it, please help me to mourn quickly so I can get on with the good stuff with you. I don't want to ignore the pain of the loss, I know that doesn't work. But, help me to move through it quickly. 

You have prepared me, thank you for that. I could not have handled this a year ago. Now, I think I can but I need your help. In Jesus name, help.

What God Said Tonight:
Go ahead and feel it. Emotions cannot hurt you. Just don't get stuck there. 

I do have an amazing future for you. There are some plans that we had that are getting changed up a little due to decisions of others. But, that doesn't mean that the purpose and the promise of the future that I have for you has changed. It might look a little different but it will be better than ever. 

Remain faithful to my will and my future for you. Remember all that you have learned and watch what I can do. Remember when you got your new job about a year ago. You didn't think it would work out and now you see it as a fulfillment of so many years and a perfect fit. You are going to see more of that in your life. Things that start out seeming like they are off of the plan that turn out to be my perfected plan for you. 

Just trust me to work it out. I have said that to you a lot lately. I really need you to trust and to follow me right now. We are in this season of transition and it is easy to get off tract if you are not careful. Follow me, don't look back, remember Lot's wife. The future is sweet.  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just do it...

My prayer:
Awesome God. My thoughts are all over the place tonight. I have 3 days to do what you have told me to do and i still have no idea how to do it. I still have no idea how to have that conversation. I feel like I will really be letting them down. I feel like I am being selfish. I don't know how to explain the decision to them since it doesn't make sense. All I can say is that it is what I believe you want me to do (or in this case not do). That is going to have to be enough. 

God, I ask that you help me. Show me the opportunity to do this. Give me favor with them that they understand and are not hurt or angry. At this point, I have probably built this up to be much worse than it is but I need your help. Thank you Father.

What God Said Tonight:
I will help you but you will have to do it. When you were a child, young in your walk with me, I would have taken care of this for you. I would have made it so that it took very little effort from you other than agreement. But, you are not a child anymore. 

You know me. You know that I never ask you to do something without a reason. It may not make sense right now, but you know from experience that someday it will make perfect sense. 

You have heard me on this. You know what to do. You have to figure out how to do it. You have to take the action. I am here for you. I will help you with the words. I will help you to have the courage when you need it. But, take the first step. Like that time you jumped out of the plane, take that first terrifying step and the rest will fall into place. 

Remember that they know me too. Remember that I may have already paved the way for this conversation. Remember that I am always working behind the scenes for you sake. Trust me. I love you daughter. Just grit your teeth and do it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Small beginnings...

My prayer:
My amazing God. Another day of blessing and opportunities. I remember back to a day when I was worried that I would not have enough opportunities to serve you. I remember worrying that I might not have the opportunities, that I might not be "worthy" and capable. Those days seem like a lifetime ago but really, it was just a couple of years ago. 

Thank you for showing me that opportunities to serve you, serve your people and to love are all around me every day. Thank you for showing me that the only "credentials" I need are to love you and to serve you. Thank you for showing me that I will never be "worthy" but when I rely on you, because you are so worthy, you can speak through me and your message gets to your people. God I am so grateful to be a part of your ministry. I love, love, love you!

What God Said Tonight:
I am glad you are in reflective mood tonight. I want you to reflect on a couple of other things. I want you to remember that everything you have ever done for me has started with one simple act of obedience. The big things that you have done, have simply been me taking that one simple act and growing it it into what I need it to be. 

You are still getting a little stuck because you have these great visions for what you want to do but your reality is not matching your vision yet. Stop getting frustrated and remember the "small beginnings" that you have seen so many times. It is in the small beginning, the small acts of obedience that I can show up and magnify it. Small acts in my hands become great movements. I am the God of multiplication. 

Please stop trying to create the full vision and instead, do the one thing I have in front of you right now. I will multiply it. I will grow it. Leave that part up to me. I love you daughter. You know that I tell you, Don't despise small beginnings. Small beginnings are truly great in that they show the miracle of my power to multiply. I love you. Trust me to be me.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


My prayer:
What a perfect day God. Whoever first decided that having a day to be thankful was a good idea was a pretty awesome person! Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite "holiday" especially when I get to spend it giving to other people. For me God, it is more a celebration of who you are and all that you do than even Christmas. Wow, I feel a little weird saying that but Christmas has become so commercial with so many things wrapped up in it that have nothing to do with you. On Thanksgiving, I get to concentrate on you, how grateful I am for all that you are and all that you do, and then I get go love on other people, give them food, clothes, prayer, and what ever else you bless us with. 

I love it God! Thank you for the amazing team that you put together for the outreach today. Thank you for guiding us to the perfect spot to bless the most people. Thank you for the amazing warm weather. Thank you God for healing the two women that we prayed for. 

God I pray that you help me to maintain the spirit of Thanksgiving every hour of every day throughout the year. I love you God and I am the most grateful for you in my life. Without you, nothing else is worth it.

What God Said Tonight:
Being grateful and giving thanks is a decision and it is one that is completely under your control. It is good to have days like today to remind you of that. It is good to remind you that you have a choice each day to recognize the blessing in the day or focus on the curse. Every day has some sunshine and some rain. Every day has growth and death. You choose what you focus on. You choose what you grow and make bigger simply by what you choose to spend your time thinking about. 

Even in the worst situation, there is something you can choose to be grateful for. It is a better way to live. If you can do it, you will live a life of joy and not torment. You will live a life of peace and love and not strife and tension. Choose to be thankful and you will find more and more things to be thankful for. 

I am your God and I will never let you down. I love you more than you can see or know but I love you. I have chosen you. Because I have chosen you, and because I focus on you, you become bigger too. Your dreams, your plans, your life becomes bigger because I have chosen you. Stay humble, stay grateful, and you won't believe where I will take you and what we will do next. Mmmm, love you sweet daughter. Go rest now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A new heart...

My prayer:
Awesome God. On the night before Thanksgiving I am reminded of all of the amazing things you have done in my life and the lives of the people around me. God, thank you for everything and thank you for teaching me the value of living a grateful life. 

It comes back to that same message you have been talking to me about for the last couple of years. Living for you and with you is a 24/7 thing. Loving people, loving you, being grateful, being kind, being merciful, prayer, these are all things that I am meant to live out every hour of every day of my life. God, thank you for teaching me how to live this way. It is awesome when I can manage to do it! 

I love you God. I can never express my thanks to you but I will do my best everyday for the rest of eternity.

What God Said Tonight:
Wait. I have a present for you tonight. I have something I want to give you. I have a missing piece of your heart that I want to restore tonight. Your heart has been beaten up over the years. It happens in this sin ruled world. But tonight, I have something for you to restore your heart. I have something that, if you can receive it, will make your heart new again and ready to love like you have not known for a very long time, for as long as you can remember. 

I am going to restore the love you had as a young child. Before it was damaged by  sin. Before it was twisted. I want to restore to you the heart of your youth. I want you to love like a child again. With all of the trust and the hope that comes with a child's love. 

I love you daughter. I am thankful for your heart. I am thankful that we get to live togerther for eternity. I have always loved you, but after tonight, you are going to understnad that love in a whole new way. Sleep tonight and wake up with a new heart. It is really that simple if you are willing to recieve it from me. Wake up renewed and reborn. I am yorus forever.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My prayer:
Great and all knowing God. The God of wisdom who knows the end from the beginning. God, I need your wisdom. There are some things in life where the decision is obvious. There is a right choice and a wrong choice. There is a choice that leads to you and one that leads away from you. Those choices, those decisions are obvious. I can choose the right thing and be blessed or choose the wrong thing and lose my blessing (at best) or be cursed (at worst). 

But, what about all of the other decisions and choices we make everyday. The ones where I don't know at the time of the decision how it will turn out and therefore I don't know what the right choice is? What do I do about the decisions that I have made that I still don't know if it was the right decision or not. 

God, you know that there are few things that I dislike more than being in "limbo" where I am not all the way in and I am not all the way out. And yet, I think I have put myself exactly in that position. 

God, I need your help. What do I do. What do I not do. What is right and what is wrong in this situation. It is really unclear to me and my limited understanding. What do you want God. I will do whatever you want. Let me know what it is.

What God Said Tonight:
Does this feel familiar my daughter? We have been here before. What do I tell you when you are stuck? What do I tell you when you feel like you are stuck between two places, two seasons? What was the last thing I asked you to do that you have not yet done? Go, do it. You will be unstuck before you know it. 

I hear your thoughts right now and you are saying "But God, I don't know how." I sure do hear a lot of "But God..." from my children. 

I will help you when you ask. This thing that makes it seem impossible is nothing more than pride. You are holding onto the last pieces of "legitimacy" as recognized by religion. I am telling you right now that you do not need it. Where I am taking you has no need of titles. It has no need of positions and hierarchy. Let go and let me do what I have planned from the start.  I will help you as soon as you are willing to do it. As soon as you are willing to let go. 

Isn't it time that you jumped into this thing with both feet? Isn't it time that you really gave it your full effort? You know that you will be amazed at what I can do with it. But I need you focused and undivided. You are of two minds right now and it is making you crazy. Follow me fully in this thing, get your mind focused on what we are doing, it will be better I promise. And, if nothing else, you will know for sure if this is the right way or not. Once you commit fully, you will quickly know if you made the right choice or not. 

Stop being paralyzed by the lack of knowledge and trust me to guide you in all that you do. I can redirect a wrong choice. I can't redirect you if you don't move. Just like you were taught so long ago. I can't steer a parked car. Get out of park and drive on my girl. I love you forever.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Perfectly flawed...

My prayer:
Awesome God. I did not do a very good job of showing your love to the world today God. I was so wrapped up in getting stuff done that I really kind of ignored people around me at best or snapped at them at worst. I hate it when I get that way. I hate that I don't usually realize it until later when there is not much I can do about it. 

God, help me to love better. Help me to be a better reflection of you. God, don't let people be turned away from you because I am flawed. Help them God to see you in me and not the messed up me. I love you God. I love your people God. I am sorry I did such a poor job of showing it today. I will do better tomorrow with your help. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:
I never ask you to be perfect but I ask you to be repentant. I ask that when you don't follow my best from you and you realize it that you turn from it and follow my will for you. That is what I need from you. 

Don't try to cover your flaws. I have a purpose for them too. People are more drawn to you flawed than they are to someone who seems perfect. People don't trust perfect. It is why some have such a hard time believing in me. They cannot believe that anyone, any god, could be perfect. They continue to expect me to fail them. 

Show people the truth of your life and I will show them the perfection of me. When they see that they don't have to be perfect to be my child and to be loved by me, they will know that they qualify for that love. Don't try to be perfect but strive to be transparent. 

I love you daughter, even your flaws. Love on people tomorrow twice as hard and I will help you. Rest in my grace and mercy tonight knowing that my love for you never fails.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


My prayer:
Mighty God. I am not sure what to pray about tonight God. Thank you for today. Today was good and much needed. I needed the rest, the hike, the book, all of it. I think I am ready to go after another week. Just feeling a little boring and mundane tonight God. Maybe I should stop talking and listen. What you say is always a lot more interesting than what I say. I love you God and am grateful for all that you are.

What God Said Tonight:
There is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is me. That hope is me. That passage into a new life and a new time is me. I am life and I am all around you. I speak and things come into existence. I breathe and there is life. I am the breath of life for you. I am not only your purpose but I am also the very essence of your life. The source of your life. 

I will not allow your time on this earth to end before my appointed time for you. I choose when you, my child, comes to heaven. Your life and your death is completely in my hands. Trust me to know the timing and do not live in fear of it coming early. Trust me. I will protect you. i will heal you l I will strengthen you. I will do whatever is necessary so that you can achieve all that I have set out for you. 

I will equip you for every last thing. Trust me. There is a lot left to do and most of it will be exciting and fun. I have such good plans for you. I love you so much. I waited for you for so long. I will not sacrifice one day of this life with you. Walk out in my love this week and be what I have called you to be.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bad decisions...

My prayer:
Awesome God. I made some bad choices today. I made choices that were not in my best interest. Why do I do that? I know that I will regret it. I know at the time it is the wrong choice and still, I do it! I can be my own worst enemy at times. At the time, I think, oh it will be different this time or I deserve a little treat. But then, it is never as good as I thought it would be and then I am left with regret and guilt.

God forgive me for the wrong choices. Help me God to make better choices. Help me to do what I already know is right and best. Help me God to stop lying to myself. Wash me clean in your blood and guide me with a firm hand God. In Jesus name, amen.

What God Said Tonight:
I have made you to soar with the eagles. Bad decisions, sin, weigh you down and keep you from soaring as I intended. I have given you everything you need to make the right choices. Learn. Learn from today and change what you do in the future. 

There is no condemnation in me. There is no need for guilt or regret. I have washed you clean and you have a new slate. But learn from it. Tomorrow, remember tonight and make the right choices. Even when they seem like the harder choice, make the right choice. Even when it seems too hard, just do it and I will help you. 

I love you daughter. Your bad choices today were good, in a way, if they taught you to make better choices tomorrow. Life is a continual lesson. You will always be learning and climbing as long as you are alive. It is a big part of the reason you are here, to learn and to grow. 

Focus on making right decisions and you will. Reward yourself for good decisions and you will make them more often. I love you daughter. Go and sin no more. Learn from today and sin no more. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

God's kids...

My prayer:
God I love you. I love your presence. I can't live without you. Nights like tonight when your presence is so apparent. We could hear you, feel you, see you...God I can't get enough of that. I can't get enough of your healing power. I can't get enough of you God. Every moment for the rest of eternity is not enough time to spend with you. You are all that I need and all that I want. I love you more than I can ever express. 

This week was wonderful and insanely busy. I am so grateful for a day of rest this weekend. I love you God. You think of everything that I need and you provide it before I know I need it. I am yours forever God.

What God Said Tonight:
Walking through life with me is not so bad. There are struggles and battles, absolutely. There are decisions and work. There are choices and consequences. But I will always be with you. I will always love you. I will always be the way out. I will always have the answer. 

It rains on the just and unjust together. Everyone has struggles and battles. But my kids get an umbrella and a space heater to warm up and dry off. My kids have to go through all the same challenges but they can know that they will always win in the end. They can go into every challenge with a blessed assurance that they will win. 

You my daughter can face every challenge for the rest of your life knowing that I will make you win in the end. My kids will not be oppressed and held back any more. My kids are about to be set free in a whole new way. My kids are the jewels of the earth and the rocks that the future will be built on. 

See me, hear me, feel me and know that I am God, I am here, and I will see the new Jerusalem just as  I have said. 

I love you more than you are worth. I love you for what I am worth. You will never lose my love and you cannot keep me from loving you. I can't help myself. Get use to it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


My prayer:
Amazing God! I just watched Tim Tebow miraculously lead his team to another win, giving you all the glory and then...he started a huge prayer circle in the middle of the football field with guys from both teams. AWESOME!!!!!! What an amazing example he is of one of your kids God! What an amazing impact he is having for you and your Kingdom. AWESOME!!! Mighty God, I pray your protection around him and his family. The enemy can't be happy about this. Please God, keep him safe to proclaim your glory in a way I have never seen before. 

God I pray that you make me a positive influence on those around me. Help me God to be that reflection of you within my circle. Help me God to show the world how amazing you are. 

I love you SO MUCH and I am so excited that you were shown off in such a great way tonight God!! Yeah team GOD!!!

What God Said Tonight:
Hear me now my daughter. I will speak through anyone willing. I will show off in anyone willing to be my vessel. I will do the miraculous in anyone willing to share it with others. I am not stingy and I don't play favorites. Anyone willing to be my lighthouse will have my light in them. It will never burn out or fade. As long as you keep your windows clean and you are willing to let it shine out, my light will shine bright from you and lead those around you to safety. It will lead them to me. 

I am the truth (I cannot lie), I am the light (I bring life, heat, and illuminate the dark places. I am all that you need and i will make you successful for the sake of the Kingdom and because I love you. 

Keep your windows clean. If you let yourself get clouded and confused, my light won't shine through you. A lighthouse that does not shine is a very sad thing. It is also a dangerous thing. I have you right where you are because I need someone in your place to lead people to safety and to me. If you refuse to let my light shine through you, if you hide it, not only will people not find me but they will be crashed against the rocks and may die in torment. That is how serious it is. This is life and death. Shine my light and bring life to the world. 

I love you daughter. You are and will continue to be my lighthouse, won't you?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Perpetual goodness...

My prayer:
Another amazing day filled with your favor God! Thank YOU!! I love these seasons where everything seems to be working. Everything is blessed. There were so many amazing things that you blessed me with at work today God! You are blessing me to overflow again and I LOVE IT!! It is also exhausting and I am really ready for some good sleep tonight. 

I do have one worry or thought. When things are all going so wonderfully, part of me is always thinking, when is it going to end? You have taught me that the only things that don't change are you and change itself. Everything, everywhere is changing, except for you. That is a very comforting thought when things are hard and not going well. But, in seasons like this where it is all so good, a part of me wonders, when it will all change and what will be the turning point. 

Even as I am typing this God, I am feeling like I am being ungrateful and I don't mean to be. I LOVE what you are doing in my life. But I love it so much, I am afraid what it will be like when it changes. Forgive God for my doubts and forgive me for complaining when things are better than I could hope for. Cover me in your blood God and keep me whole. 

What God Said Tonight:
What would you say if I were to tell you that you can live a life of perpetual goodness? It sounds too good to be true but it is not. The more you look away from your circumstances and the more you look at me, the better you are able to live a life where "good" is defined by who I am and my presence, not by what happens.

I can, do, and will continue to bless you and pour blessing on you. But I need you to always maintain an  attitude that looks to me to define how your day went. I need you to come to me everyday and ask questions. Any day that I am in your life is a win and I can turn any circumstance twoard your good. 

I love you daughter and don't want you to spoil this amazing time wondering when it will be "over." You are my child and you are therefore destiend to an eternity of blessing. It may change the way it looks now and then, but I will bless you all the days of your life. Go sleep, there is more tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My prayer:
Days like today God are too good to exist outside of you and what you do for me! Too good to be true, but it is!!! You are awesome God. Thank you for today. Thank you for ridiculous favor. Thank you for putting me in positions of influence. THANK YOU GOD!!! 

And, now, with only two hours of sleep from last night and a very full and wonderful day, I am ready to pass out but have to hear your voice first. I have to know what my amazing Father has to say. What is on your mind God?

What God Said Tonight:
It is my great pleasure to bless you. I enjoy seeing you blessed. I am encouraged that you always remember to thank me and that you give me the glory for it. Don't ever forget where your blessing comes from. The second you do, satan jumps in and pride swells up and before you know it, you have fallen to pride and to sin. 

It can happen in the blink on an eye. I love to bless you but it can be dangerous too. That is why it is easy for me to bless new children, those who have just come to me. When people have newly come to me, they are so fresh, they remember how bad it was, they know that they don't deserve anything good and they are so grateful for all that they receive. 

Sometimes, when we have known each other for awhile and you get accustomed to being blessed, it can spoil you and make you pretty horrible to live with. The insurance against that is simple gratefulness. Remember that all blessings come from me and they come from my love, not because you "earned" anything. 

I am with you now and forever and love you more than I can say. I have more blessings for you. Can you contain them? Probably not but I am bringing them anyway. I love you sweet daughter. Be blessed and be a blessing forever and ever,  plus one day.

Monday, November 14, 2011


My prayer:
All knowing God. You were so right. Something changed today. Status quo was not enough anymore today. 

Amazing God, thank you for healing Mom today. Thank you God for hearing our prayers so quickly. Thank you for the physical assurance of your healing power. Thank you God. This life would be so much harder without her in it. 

Your miraculous power is so amazing. I know not everyone realizes it, but your miracles are real and they are for today. I believe that you work in my life in little ways every day. But i also believe and experience your crazy awesome miracles on a regular basis. I know that you can provide for me out of your riches in glory and I see it in a bank account that doesn't go down even when I spend money. I know that you heal and I see it when I pray over Mom, friends, others, myself and the sickness runs away like a scared puppy. And, so much more!!

There are the miracles that I have heard about but haven't seen yet like raising from the dead and the jewels that appear out of no where. I want to see both of those God. I want to marvel at your power and be able to tell everyone about it. I want to see and experience it ALL! You are so amazing God. Don't hold back, show me everything! please.

What God Said Tonight:
You will see every miracle that you have faith enough to see. My miracles are surrounding you every day. You see the ones that you have faith enough to believe. The others, those that you don't yet have faith to believe, you either do not notice or you find a "reason" for their happening. 

Experiencing my miracles is not magic. It is faith, belief, and awareness. I am all around you every day. My miracles abound. Open your eyes and see. Believe with everything that you have that I am God and I can do ALL things. There is already so much happening around you but you will need to watch for it. I will help you see. 

I love you my miracle.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Changing seasons...

My prayer:
Magnificent and awesome God. Today was absolute luxury and rest and I thank you for it. I don't deserve you God. I don't deserve the blessings you give me. I don't deserve any of it but I am so grateful for it and for you. Life is worth living because of you. I love and thank you God. I don't always understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, but I am learning to trust you anyway. 

God, I pray and ask as we go into this new week that your will is fully accomplished. I pray God that you guide and lead me. I pray God that you make me a blessing to those around me. I pray God that you tell me the assignments you have for me clearly without ambiguity. I pray God that you help me to be and do everything you have for me this week. I thank you God that destine me to succeed. I thank you that I am like a tree planted my water and that all that I do shall prosper. God, I pray that this week be everything you want it to be. I love you Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, God!

What God Said Tonight:
The seasons are changing again. The things that seem normal and right today will not seem so tomorrow. I am calling you up to a new level. I am calling you to a place of greater influence. I am calling you to a place of greater understanding. 

I am calling you. Do you hear me calling? Don't delay. I have much for you to do once you come to the new level and the new season. You know that the changes in seasons, the new levels are sometimes hard but they are always worth it. I promise this one is worth it too. 

I don't think you understand where we are going. I don't think you understand your future. I will continue to you tell you about it as you need it. It is exciting. I can tell you that and I can tell you that it is good. I have such good plans for you. I have prepared you and will continue to prepare you and I am not one to waste my time training someone for  no purpose. 

I love you daughter. Follow and trust me in the new season. I love you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Live above it all...

My prayer:
God my savior and the designer of my life. I got to reflect today God on how amazing my life is. This life that you designed. I never could have put this life together. My silly little plans were so limited. Thank you God for having your will accomplished in my life instead of mine. I would have missed out on so much! 

God, forgive me for the moments, hours, days that I forget how amazing and how blessed my life it. Forgive me for every time that I have taken you for granted. Forgive me for placing limits on me and on you. I am beginning to get a glimpse of what you can provide if I will just let you. I am all yours God and I love you more than life. 

What God Said Tonight:
Live above the struggle with me. Live above worry with me. Live above the mess that doesn't matter and is only a matter of time before I wipe it away. Live above it with me. 

Yes, you still live on earth but you don't have to live in it. You know how you so often feel during worship. When you can feel yourself puling above and watch yourself and those around you. I can help you live life that way. I can help you to live with a Kingdom mind. I can help you live so that what you see is my hope and my plan, not the barriers and limitations. 

You have to want it though. Ask me and I will give it to you. I love you and I want to give things to you that you don't even know exist right now. We are moving into a season of growth and building. It is time to see so many dreams realized. There is also some restructuring. We need to know where everyone is supposed to be. It is hard but with me all things are possible. Love you my sweet daughter and this next season is a really good one. You are going to like it.

Friday, November 11, 2011


My prayer:
I've have done all I can do mighty God. Your strength never wears out but mine does and has tonight. 

But, I can't imagine going to bed without hearing your voice. Talk to me God and tell me anything and everything you have wanted to say today that I was too busy to hear. 

I love you God and I love your voice. I love how you let me be in a true relationship with you. It is wonderful and you are beyond wonderful.

What God Said Tonight:
I want to show you beauty tonight my daughter. I want you to see all of the beauty around you. You spent much of today focued on the ugly in life. I want to give you the antidote, the beauty in me, in my Kingdom, and the beauty in you. 

See the colors, the light that shines around you even now? I love stained glass. It looks so much like what the spirit world looks like. The light shining through the different colors. It is so beautiful. 

My Spirit is light in the darkness. My light is beautiful and it sends the darkness away. Darkness cannot survive in my light. 

You have a color too. Your spirit has a color of light. Your friends can see it. What makes your light beautiful is it is a mixture of my light shining through you and the light that I gave you when I gave you life. It is so beautiful and it draws people even when they don't realize why they are drawn. 

Look on the beautiful light for awhile tonight. Clear your mind of the ugly and focus on the beauty. I have more beauty for you than there is evil. I will always win out in the end, my light, my beauty will win out in the end. See the beauty all around you and keep it in your heart and mind, to wall off the ugly. 

I love you daughter. I have many beautiful days left for you. Keep focused on the good and your life will be better. I love you, go rest and we will talk more tomorrow.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am God...

My prayer:
Jehovah Jireh my provider. God, I thank you tonight for a job that I love. It took a lot of years for me to figure it out, but I love the work you have given me. Today was great. The way you bless me is amazing. The way that you make me successful is a blast. I can't wait to see what is next! 

None of it happened how I thought it would or should. All of those years of my whining to you about not being fulfilled, wanting to serve you full time, wanting to be in full time ministry. And now I get to serve you 24/7 and work at a job that pays me well that is a blast and teaches me things that help me serve you better...seems like maybe you had a plan in all of this. 

God, forgive me for every time I doubted that you were going to work things out. Forgive me for every time I didn't trust you. Forgive me for my impatience. I love you SO MUCH!!!

What God Said Tonight:

I love you too my sweet daughter. I have had and continue to have a plan and a purpose for you and for your life. I would not have spent all of this time with you, I would not have taught you all that I have taught you, I would not have taken you through the things you have been through if I did not have a a purpose and plan for it all. 

I am not a God of waste. I use everything. I turn everything around for your good. I can't help myself. When I touch things, they turn to good. When I speak things, they come to be. Everything I touch is blessed. Everything I curse is cursed for good. 

I am God. That may sound silly but I think in this world of virtual reality and beyond reality movies, it is easy to forget that I truly am God. I am all powerful. There is none that is above me. There is none that know more than I do. I know everything, all the time. I have complete power and yet I am love and I will never use that power for anything other than for your good. 

I love you more than I can say to you. Putting my love into words for you is like trying to cram a bed pillow into a coffee cup. It is just too much. Remember how big I am and how powerful I am so that you can know and trust that I will always work things out for you. Remember my immense love for you. Remember that you are mine and I will always make sure that you are blessed in the end. I will always protect you and I will always guide you. It is out of my great love for you that I do what I do. Rest tonight and know that I am God.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spa day with God...

My prayer:
Magnificent God, I ask for your amazing presence to be with me here tonight. God, I know that you are always with me. I know that we get to talk and be together all day. But there are times like now, tonight, where I just need, I just want a extra turbo shot of your presence and your power. 

Maybe it is not that there is more of you during those times. Maybe it is just that I take the time to recognize and focus on your presence which makes me experience it more. 

God, I love your presence. I love what it can accomplish. I love how your presence heals. I love how your presence restores. I love your presence God. It is kind of like a drug for me God. I am addicted to your presence. I can't go very long without feeling and experiencing your presence in my life. 

God I love you. I love you for who you are. Not for what you do for me, although what you do is amazing, but I love you and worship you for who you are. You are awesome and I can't wait any longer to hear what is on your mind tonight.

What God Said Tonight:
I am washing and renewing you in my blood and through my sacrifice. You are going through a purification right now. We are going to wash out the sin and we will wash out the things that get between you and me. I need you purified and whole for this next season. Let's get you washed up. 

You can think of it as a spa day. I know you like those. I am gong to soak you in my blood and wash every part of you clean. I am going to wash out old things that you forgot were there. I am going to wash out fresh things that you picked up and have not yet gotten rid of. I am going to wash you clean and purify you for this next step, this next season. 

There is no righteousness outside of my salvation and covering on your life. I will be your righteousness that goes before you. I will keep you sanctified, set apart, for my purpose and my plan for you life. I will keep you protected and whole so you are ready. I will keep you close so you know where to go. I will lead you so you know how to finish. 

I am yours now and forever. I ask that you trust me. Be sanctified, made whole, and be ready.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why life matters...

My prayer:
Amazing God. I have felt all day, all week, maybe even all month that I am waiting for something but I don't know what it is. I am anxious for something, but I don't know what it is. I feel like things aren't moving as fast as they should or as fast as I want them to. You know me God, I am not very good with patience. 

The weird thing is, I don't know what I am impatient for. In some ways, I have been looking at life from 10,000 feet lately and realizing that all of this is just temporary, just a dress rehearsal for what really matters which is eternity with you. I look at my day to day life, I look at all the people around me living their day to day lives, and I think, are we really making a difference? Have I done anything today that will effect eternity? Have I done anything today that will help one more person make a life changing, eternity changing decision to live with you? I am not sure. Maybe one or two small things but is it enough? Is it ever enough? 

Searching for purpose tonight God. Remind me God why this temporary vapor we call life matters? I love you Daddy and I want to do what ever you have planned for me. Please let me know when I am not doing enough and show me how to do better. Thank you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:
Life is a precious gift that I have given you. It is the first and important step in your eternity with me. There are great joys in life and there are great lessons to learn. There are things that you can learn in life that don't have the same impact after your life is over. 

There are things that you can do in life, while you have freedom of will and free choice that will determine how you spend eternity. There are decisions that you make today that will have impact on your eternity. Your actions have impact on other people's decisions for eternity. Life is a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. You are not promised tomorrow in this life. 

That is why your decisions, how you choose to spend today is so important  Once you leave this life and come to live with me in heaven, you no longer have access to people who have yet to choose a life with me. 

You ask why your life is important. Your life is important because it becomes a testimony to people and helps them to make a decision to live with me. Your life is important because it determines how and where you spend eternity. It is important because it is your training ground. It is important because I gave it to you and I never give you bad gifts. I only know how to give good gifts. 

You must understand that you decisions, your actions, your words, all have eternal impact for you and others. Spend your life wisely, making good decisions, being a positive influence, helping people to make right decisions for their future. I love you daughter and your life is important because it is yours and you are mine.

Monday, November 7, 2011


My prayer:
Awesome Father. Today was a barrage of negativity. Nearly everyone I talked to today was miserable and complaining about their situation. God, you know that I try to keep a positive word in my mouth. You know that I have learned about speaking life and not death. But, sheehow! That was hard to do today. It is days like today where I want to close the door and hide until it is over. But then I think, if I do, who will give them a hope? Who will point out that there is often a silver lining and that you will work everything out?

God, I pray and ask that you help me to always speak life and hope. I pray God that you help me so that I don 't get drug into the whirlpool of negativity but that I help pull others out. I

I love you God and I know that my hope is in you and always will be. I will never be hopeless again because I will always have you and as long as you are in it, there is hope. Thank you Jesus!!

What God Said Tonight:
You have encouraged yourself tonight my daughter and that is good. There are days when you will be the only one who can see a way out. There will be days when you will be the only one to hold onto their faith, to hold onto me. 

There will be days when someone will do that for you. The day that you can't hold onto your hope, I will always have someone there who can hold on for you. I have waited to long for you, worked to hard for you, sacrificed too much for you to let you go. 

As long as you are listening, you will hear my voice. As long as you desire my will in your life, you will have it. You always get to choose but I am here for your forever. 

I love you daughter. Be that ray of hope to the world. Be that lighthouse. I will be the light. I love you and I won't ever give you up.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


My prayer:
God I am amazed by your power. I am amazed at how your presence changes everything. I am amazed at how you heal. I am amazed at how you can give someone as simple as me, words that turn out to be just what someone needed to hear. I am amazed by you God. The more I get to know you and the closer I get to you, the more amazed I am. What a privilege it is to know you. What a greater privilege it is that I get to serve you. You are amazing.

God, we are about to start another week with challenges all its own. I pray and ask God that your will be done. In every word that I say, every action I take, every thought that I have, I pray your will be done. I pray God that you make me a blessing to those around me and not a curse. I pray God that I am a better person tomorrow than I am today. I pray God that your purpose and plan for my life be perfectly accomplished in your perfect timing. My God, cover me and help me to be everything you want me to be. I love you so very much. In Jesus name, amen.

What God Said Tonight:
I want to walk with you in the fields tonight. I want to sit with you and have you see what I see for awhile. I want to relax in the moonlight with you and tell you just a few things that you need to know. 

There is great pain and suffering all around you. There is so much to do for my people. You cannot do it on your own. But, I can. You can not heal the hurts, but keep relying on me and I will. My healing power is greater than the power of satan to cause pain. My comfort and my peace are stronger than his torment. I have an answer for every form of suffering and I will give it to you every time you come to me for help. I will never leave you helpless. I will never leave with no help to give someone. You can count on me. 

I am your help, your hope, your healing. There is a reason that I use the analogy of a shepherd and his sheep so often. My sheep, my children, are going through life, blindly following the herd, eating, drinking, and playing around. But, when they fall in a ditch, when the wolf comes and tries to kill them, when they are bloody and beaten, they don't have the ability to help themselves out of it. I am your shepherd and I will always get you out. I am your shepherd who will always bind your wounds. 

I will take care of you forever and I love you more than you will ever know. I love to take care of you. You are so precious to me. Let me rescue you. Let me comfort you. Let me be a safe harbor for you in a storm. I am yours forever. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011


My prayer:
My God how I love you. You make life worthwhile. You make existence worthwhile. You are my reason to get up in the morning and my purpose. You take care of everything I need before I even know I need it. Thank you for all that you taught me tonight. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for being willing to be present in my life 24/7. I love you more than I knew was possible to love.

What God Said Tonight:
Do you see the multitudes tonight? Do you see them looking up, hoping for a reason, a purpose, a teacher? They spread as far as you can see. The world is hungry for hope and I am that hope. They don't all realize it yet, but I am that hope. 

Keep teaching. Keeping talking. Keep sharing. Keep reminding people that I am here, I am real, and I am waiting for them. 

I love you you so much. I love my children so much. I miss them so much. I want this time of gathering to be accomplished so we can move forward. Heaven is wonderful. You will see. It is beautiful and I love being seated in heaven. I love my time there. But more, I want more. I want to live with you in the new Jerusalem in the new earth. I want to love you with no distance. I want to be one with you. I want all of my children with me. 

I love you. Remember the faces in the multitude. Remember the look of anticipation and hope for a hope. Don't hold back. Tell them what they need to hear. I love you daughter. Go, rest, but remember.