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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

God, my anchor...

My prayer: 

Tonight marks the end of 2016. Not my favorite year. I am ready to say good bye and hope for better in 2017. 

Normally, on New Year's Eve, I get all introspective and look back at the year for all that I learned and all of the celebrations. This year was so bizarre, I really just want to look ahead and not back. 

Thank you God that no matter the year, no matter the circumstances, you are always with me, loving me, helping me and healing me. I love you with all that I am.

What God Said Tonight:

I don't have the same significance of marking time as you do. 

I have seen great times and I have seen the most desperate of times. I am not overwhelmed by either but I am your anchor, your talisman, to hang onto. I am the grounding wire to keep you stable. 

I have much for you.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Time alone with God...

My prayer:

Today was pretty wonderful God. A reprieve from the cold, time with old friends, a great bike ride. Sometimes these days with a combination of a lot of little joys can add up to be really great. 

And now, alone here with you, I am anxious to hear your voice and know what is on your mind. Let me feel your presence, your glory and let me hear your voice God. I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

I have time alone with you so we can know each other in a closer and more intimate way. 

Like any relationship, you can learn about the other in group settings. You see how they treat others. You see what their general personality is like. You learn about their likes, dislikes, their passions. But it is not until you spend time alone with them that you get to know how they feel about you. It is only in those quiet times alone that you get to truly experience their love for you. 

It is in the intimacy that you find a closeness that withstands the storm. I cherish our time alone. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Less worry, less fear...

My prayer:

Your help today was invaluable God. Thank you! I am so blessed to have you in my life. I cannot imagine the messes I would get into without your guidance. 

What God Said Tonight:

You have less to worry about than you think you do. You have less to fear than what you think you do. 

I have seen to so many things that you worry about. Your future is in my hands and I have taken care of you. I have ensured that you always come out on top. I have ensured that while you have experienced pain, it has not broken you. 

If you can find your way to trusting me more, your life will be filled with greater peace. I really do have you in the palm of my hands and I will not see your destroyed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Do more...

My prayer:

Thank you for the revelation today God. I am not sure what to do with the information but I am grateful to have it. 

Thank you for the journey of healing and wholeness. I know I am more apt to complain about it than I am to remember to be grateful. Healing hurts sometimes. But, I know it is all worth it. I can already see so many positive effects of the healing you have done in me. Things that use to really bother me, I mean make me so angry I couldn't see straight, don't really effect me at all. Things that I use to be afraid of, have no hold over me anymore.

Thank you for healing. Thank you for progress. Thank you for purpose.

What God Said Tonight:

What is your favorite part of life and living? Whatever it is, do more of that.

Monday, December 26, 2016


My prayer:

What a fantastic Christmas break this has been God. Thank you for the celebration, the love, the joy, the peace, and the break from the craziness of life. Thank you for time with people I love. 

It is back to work tomorrow and with your help, I can carry this peace and joy into the everyday world. Help me to be a blessing to everyone around me. Help me to see circumstances through your eyes. Fill me with your Spirit and your peace. 

I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

Another year together to grow, to love and to get closer. 

Time does not have the same meaning to me as it does to you. I am the beginning and the end. I am in all places at all times at once. But, where time is the same for us is in our relationship. As we spend more time together, as you get to know me better and draw closer to me, the value of time is realized for both of us. 

See time as the measurement of our growing intimacy, not as a barrier standing in the way of the changes you want to see. 

I love you. You are mine. We are going to see great things together.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve...

My prayer:

We get to celebrate your birthday tomorrow Jesus! It is unthinkable to me what life would be like if you had not come to earth to save us. I cannot imagine it. 

Thank you for paying for my sins. Thank you for healing me. Thank you for making it possible for me to have a direct relationship with God. 

I celebrate you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:

A life lived without my grace is a hard life that ends badly. A life with my grace may still be hard, but it ends well.

I love you and can't wait to celebrate with you. The decorations are up and the dinner is made. I love you. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Choose joy...

My prayer:

Tonight, I can focus on all of the amazing blessings in my life or I can focus on the things I am missing in my life. It seems like the choice would be very simple and yet I find myself seeing what I lack and not what I have. What is wrong with me God? 

What God Said Tonight:

You have your answer in your question. Make a different choice. I have given you free will. Use it. 

Choose to look at and see the multiple blessing in your life. It is within your power to make that choice. Make it. Then, anything more becomes an added blessing that you can enjoy and not a plug to a hole that you can't let go of. It is the difference of rejoicing in the gift and smothering the joy. 

I am yours, now and forever. Your joy is in that fact.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Love your way out...

My prayer:

Today had a lot of blessings and things to be grateful for. Thank you God. I don't really know if you have changed the circumstances or if you have changed me but I do know that life is a lot more tolerable today than it was a week ago. 

Thank you for always taking care of me and working things out. I am looking forward to what you have for tomorrow.

What God Said Tonight:

It is not a mystery. The answer is always right in front of you. When things aren't going the way you want them to, find a way to love and you will find a way out. Love is really always the answer. 

I created you for love. I created you to be loved and to love others. When you are reacting from a place other than love, that is when things get turned around and difficult. 

Find a way to love in every situation and it will make a way out. When you can't find a way to love on your own, you can always tap into my love. It never ends.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


My prayer:

Your presence is thick tonight God. So present, so amazing, so wonderful. 

It comforts me and holds me. I fills me and cleanses me. It makes me whole. I makes me yours. 

I love you dear Father. I love your Spirit. I love your son. Jesus, the one who gave up everything for me. There are no words of thanks for that. I love you and I relish n your presence. 

In a world that is drowning, I swim to you God. You are mine. 

What God Said Tonight:

Hear me now. Hear my voice. My voice will guide you through and out of every situation this world can throw at you. 

Keep your ears trained on my voice. Do not grow complacent. Be diligent in your focus. I will call you by name and you will follow my voice. Don't take side trips, follow my voice. 

I am with you and I am for you. I will see you through. My love for you cannot be measured or explained. But it is. I am. And we are made one through my son and my Spirit. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Shine victorious...

My prayer:

Today was SO MUCH BETTER! Thank you Jesus! I am exhausted but I had to give you some glory. 

You made everything fall together today. I had my doubts, that woke me up at 3:00 AM and kept me up. But then you just showed up and changed the atmosphere making the impossible possible. Thank you! 

Today was such a relief compared to, well compared to the last month or maybe even year. I am so grateful for you!

What God Said Tonight:

Lay your head on my shoulder and rest in my love. When I tell you I will work all things for our good, I mean it. 

Now, relax and know that I am God. I am your Father. I love you more than anything and I will always see you shine victorious. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016


My prayer:

Amazing God. I have found some peace and balance this weekend. Tomorrow it is back to work. I will need your help. 

I pray God that your peace that passes all understanding, live and grow in me. God, let me be a pillar of peace for you. Let people feel your peace and your love when they come around me. Surround me God in your peace and your love. 

I need and ask for it for my sake and for theirs God.

What God Said Tonight:

I am not in a rush and I am not worried about the outcome. I already know how this all ends up. It is that assurance that gives me patience to wait out all that needs to occur. 

That same assurance is yours. 

Trust me. Trust that I will work everything for your good. Trust it because I have promised you and trust it based on what you have seen throughout your life. 

Your time for action is not yet here. Your time for peace is always here. 

Trust in me. I will see you through. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Say yes...

My prayer:

I feel like I am on the verge of digging out of this hole God but I also feel like I could slide back in really easily. 

I pray for your hope, your light and your love to shine bright in me. God, make me a joy and a blessing to people, not a burden. Help me to see life and the future through your eyes so I can see past the trouble and into the hope.

What God Said Tonight:

There is a time and a purpose for every season. I will not let you stay anywhere too long. In fact, it is the feeling of unease and unhappiness that will motivate you to move and change when the time is right. 

Don't worry about missing it. I will make it obvious for you. Just be ready to say yes when it comes. 

I love you and your tomorrow is better than you think.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Miraculous life...

My prayer:

I gained a little perspective today God. Thank you. You showed me I was out of balance. You reminded me how much better life is when I look for opportunities to bless other people instead of getting so tied up in my own troubles. 

Maybe that is my new thing. Making sure that everyday I go out of my way to bless at least one person. That sounds like a really good idea. Thank you! I will do it!

What God Said Tonight:

The miracle of life is that the more you give, the more you receive. The miracle of love is that the more you love others, the more you are loved. 

The miracle you need lies not in prayer but in your own power to give, to bless, to love. I have put in you all that you need to live the most miraculous life. 

It is not magic. It is miraculous. It is not logical. It is my gift to you.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


My prayer:

Amazing God. I feel like I need to be washed off after this week. My mind, my body, my spirit, need to be washed in your blood. 

Wipe away the negative thoughts, the offences, the massive doses of negativity God, Wash them away in your blood. God, wrap me in your arms and make the week fade away in the presence of your love. 

Help me God to let go and release all that has piled up. Thank you Jesus!

What God Said Tonight:

I am here. I am yours. You are clean in my blood, You are whole in my Spirit. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


My prayer:

I am here at peace with you Lord. I am not expecting anything but your presence. I am not asking for more than your presence. Be present here with me. Let me hear you, feel you, see you Lord. To see your face God, that is something that I have not yet known. 

I want to know all of you God. Every aspect and every facet. I love you and I want all of you.

What God Said Tonight:

All of me may be more than you can handle. But, I will bring my grace and my glory over you. I will blanket you in my love. I will show you new ways of experiencing my love for you. 

The air sparkles with my love for you. The animals sing it and the earth dances with it. The unrest you see in the world is not always a sign of dire destruction. Sometimes it is the earth jumping with joy for the new season, the new earth to come. 

Growing pains are never fun but if you can focus on the reason for them and trust that the growth is worth it, that puts you in a really good place. 

Your struggles are not about what you think they are. I have you here for a purpose and you will see great growth in this, I love you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sit in the fire...

My prayer:

Let me hear your voice God.

What God Said Tonight:

You are locked in and trying so hard to get out. Why don't you take a page from Shadrach, Mishach and Abendego and sit in the fire with me. 

I will protect you. I will bring you out. Until then, sit with me and let the people see that you can sit in the fire, with me, and come out unscathed. That is a miracle and a message for the world. 

You are the message for a generation that is longing for eternity. I'm here to make sure we get all of my kids that we can before we go. I don't want to leave anyone behind. 

I am yours and you (all of you) are mine. Rest in the fire knowing I am God.

Monday, December 12, 2016


My prayer:

I struggled today God, Not because of anything that happened. Not because of anyone. I don't really know where it came from but I was definitely just going through the motions. If people hadn't been counting on me, I am not sure I would have even gotten out of bed. 

I don't know where this came from but I don't like it.

I ask God that you take this heaviness, this lack of fire, this lack of joy. God, I ask that you replace it with your joy and your peace in me.

What God Said Tonight:

Life is smoke. It is here and it is real but it is brief and always changing. It is the result of the fire. I am the fire. From me comes life. The life does not last but is beautiful while it  is here. Life fades into heaven where it lives on forever. 

Your life of smoke has little consequence in the grander scheme of eternity. But it is beautiful in its own right and deserves to be cherished. Cherish this time. It won't last forever. One day you will loo back and regret not appreciating the beauty more. 

Look at your life with the wisdom of your future self and see the good, the joy, the purpose that only comes with hindsight.

I love you and I have many blessings for you. Keep your eyes open and your ears clear. I love you.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Living out the full season...

My prayer:

Mighty God, your presence, your love, your joy, your peace. You are Holy and Amazing and I am at my very best in your presence. God, I honor you. I praise you. I lift my words, my heart and my spirit to you. I am all yours. God, I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

I have yet to show you the deeper reason for this season. Thank you for your faith and trust. It will all be clear, in time. I have a purpose. 

But, you are likely tired of hearing that. You are likely looking for the end of the season, looking for the new season. You are likely ready to move on, regardless of the purpose. 

I understand that feeling. I knew it myself when I was there on earth. But this season is not over yet It is not fulfilled yet.  

I will sustain you. I will comfort you. I will make sure that every moment is for your good. But, I won't end it early. It needs to run its course, for you and for others. 

I love you.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Paying the price...

My prayer:

Thank you for victory in my friends and families lives tonight God. Your power, love and healing are amazing! 

Tonight, I do have one more thing to ask for. I ask God that you help me to see the lesson, the insight in everything. I have a tendency to get a little bored when someone is telling me about something you already told me about years ago. I try to hide it, but I am sure it makes them feel rotten. The insight is new and exciting to them. I have tried to get excited for them and for their experience. I have been a little more successful with that but still, I think it is probably obvious that I am a little bored with it. 

Then, tonight, I thought about last night and you showing me brand new things in a situation where I thought I knew it all. I bet, those kinds of new insights in the middle of things I already know are all around me if I can just see them. I ask God for you to show me the new thing, in the thing I already know. Show me new insight. Help me to see deeper understanding in everything.

You say ask for wisdom when we are lacking it. I am asking. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

You are paying the price of someone else's decision. Your own time and your own cost will come but not in your lifetime. 

Your generation is late to the game but making some ground. 

The disease of evil...

My prayer:

I am kind of amazed tonight God. Thank you for the new perspective. Here I was thinking I knew some things and knew some people and tonight showed me that all that I thought I knew, was wrong. Humbling, yes but also exciting! 

I am grateful that you can still surprise me God. 

What God Said Tonight:

Connecting. I made you to be in relationship. I am in relationship and I made you in my image. Your purpose is fulfilled in relationships. 

The only way to truly be in relationship is to be willing to see each person in a different (and often better) light than your first impression. Trust that every person is made in my image and there is inherent good in them. You just have to look for it sometimes. 

I did not create evil in man. The evil is a disease. Part of the disease leaves you blind to the brotherhood and sisterhood you have together. Don't let that overtake you anymore. Strive to see others through my eyes and let your love lead you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


My prayer:

Sometimes, my role as intermediate, peacemaker, communicator...whatever you want to call it is exhausting. But, just when I think it is all too much (whatever "it" is on any given day) you step in and show me that I am capable of more than I thought, I am stronger than I realized, that this thing which I thought was going to take me out, is no more than a bump in the road. 

Thank you God. 

Now, maybe we can have a little break? Maybe we can have a little bit of time where everything doesn't have to be SO hard? If that is possible, I would really appreciate it.

But, above all things God, your will be done. If there is a purpose that you have for this season, if there is a reason you need me in this right now, I will stay as long as you have me here. I will trust you to give me all I need to make it through.

Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

It's not time to rest or to break. I promise you, not one more second than necessary. I promise you that my timing is not intended to hurt you, it is intended to bless you. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Celebrate blessings...

My prayer:

Today was a day full of good news and blessings! THANK YOU!!! 

I know that I am not supposed to let circumstances control my feelings and it is very true that the worst day with you is better than the best day without you; but, every once in a while, I really love a day like today. It gives me hope, joy and reminds me that things can work out.

THANK YOU for the blessings!

What God Said Tonight:

It is good to celebrate blessings. 

Remember the story of the lepers. I healed ten but only one came back to thank me. That is human nature. You get blessed and you rush on with your life. But you, you can choose to be like the one and be grateful for the blessing. 

Not only does it make me feel good, but also it makes the blessing, and the joy of the blessing, live longer in you.

Monday, December 5, 2016


My prayer:

I am not sure if I should be complaining about all of the battles from today that came flying at me or if I should be grateful that I made it through. As I say it out loud, the choice seems pretty obvious! At the end of the day, I am here, with you, relatively within my right mind. That is a "win" in my book!

Thank you God for all that you do for me. Living life with you means I get to laugh at adversity and be grateful in everything. I know, no matter how rough things get, you will turn it for my good. You have shown me over and over how true this promise is. I am grateful for all of your promises, but that one might be one of my favorites!

What God Said Tonight:

Sparkle and shine my jewel. You are set in this world to reflect my beauty. You are  the reflection of my light in the world. 

Shine, shine, shine. Do not hide your glittering reflection. 

I make you shine for a purpose. I light you up for a purpose. 

Be bold and show the world my love. Be confident in my love. I am in you and you are in me and the world needs to see that. 

Don't hide our love.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Worship time with God...

My prayer:

Sweet Father and Lord. I am not too interested in words tonight but I am craving your presence. May I sit with you for awhile?

What God Said Tonight:

I have room. Come and sit with me. Come into a place of worship and peace here with me. 

The heavens rejoice with you. The angels are glad to have you here. I am blessed by your presence. Let me restore you. Let me heal you. Let me love you. 

A sweet spirit of peace, joy, and love has settled here with us. It is so beautiful. Do you see the colors and do you see the light? I smell the fragrance of your worship and it brings me great joy. 

I am yours. Never forget, I am yours. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The season of abundance...

My prayer:

Tired but grateful tonight God. Thank you for the perspective. No matter how hard life seems to me, I can always find someone (usually a lot of someones) who have it tougher and are dealing with it better than I am. You grace really is sufficient Lord.

What God Said Tonight:

This is a season of abundance and you will see abundance in your life. Right now it is a abundance of strife and challenges but soon it will be an abundance of blessings. 

I keep showing you the gold and the jewels for a reason. Your inheritance in Christ is soon to be here. You will see things and know things and have things that are beyond your comprehension. 

I will take care of you always. I will bless you very soon.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

God has...

My prayer:

Ok, so I almost completely lost it today. The stress built up to a level that had me ready to scream. But then, you were there. Reminding me that you are in charge. Showing me how my own toxic thinking was making it worse. wrapping your arms around me in comfort and making everything better.

What an awesome Father you are. What an awesome help you are. What an awesome friend you are. There is no life without you God.

What God Said Tonight:

You come tonight with a purpose. You have a need. 

I have space to move in your life and in your need. I have license to work it all out for your good. I have power to change the world.