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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Time is precious...

My prayer:

I am sorry God that I have not posted very regularly this week. I have been so worn out that when evening comes around, I can't keep my eyes open. And, there are still two more days to get through before there is a break. 

Thank you for getting me through this week. While I have been exhausted each night, every morning you wake me up and I am ready for a bit more. You are my strength and you are my support. Let me lean on you for a few more days.

What God Said Tonight:

Lean on me forever my child. 

Your time is not wasted or thrown away. Your time is precious to me. You are precious to me. Our time together in the quiet corners of the night is precious to me. 

Rest in plain site if you have to. 

Monday, January 29, 2018

We win...

My prayer:

Today was a much better day than what I thought it was going to be. Thank you for your healing and your help. I would be so lost without you. 

I am yours now and forever God.

What God Said Tonight:

It is not a surprise that you were successful today. I have detstined you to succeed. Not just to do ok but to truly succeed in everything you do. 

You may have set backs and you may lose a battle or two but my child NEVER loses the war. In the end, we win.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Circular thoughts...

My prayer:

I am not excited about going back to work tomorrow. I am going to need your help all of this week. Guide me, direct me, and let people see your love through me. I know without a doubt I can't do it on my own but I also know that all things are possible through Christ.

What God Said Tonight:

Thinking about a thing over and over does not get you results. My healing power brings the change. My love makes you whole. 

When a thought refuses to leave your mind and it is not doing you any good, remember to pray. Ask for my help. Ask for my healing and love to come in and fill the holes that those thoughts are circling around in. 

I am your God, your Father, your brother, your friend. I love you more than life. See what I will do for you.

Friday, January 26, 2018


My prayer:

Thank you for the warning God. I got to celebrate the victories for a few hours but then, right in front of me, was the next challenge. I am trying to see it as the next opportunity for victory but I am having a hard time not letting it tear me down a bit.

Dear Father, I pray for wisdom and strength. Help me to learn what I need to learn from this. I am tired of this lesson and I am ready to learn it for good. Show me what I can't see. Change what I can't change.

Thank you.

What God Said Tonight:

Your life is not your job and your identity is not dependent on your circumstances. You know this but sometimes it bears reminding.

I love you. I have made you a a royal priesthood. I have created you and covered you in the perfection of my son. Your self image is more rightly a reflection of the daughter I created. It is the glory of God. It is the reflection of my love.

See yourself as I see you. I will work out he rest. Know that  my covering will keep you whole and holy.

I love you now and forever. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


My prayer:

Victory! Several victories today actually! THANK YOU JESUS!!!! It feels so good to see some things turning around. I know that I need to praise you in the tough times and look for the blessings in the mess. I know that you give a peace that passes all understanding. All of that is true and awesome. But, it is also pretty wonderful when the rotten circumstances of life start to turn around a bit! 

Thank you for your help, encouragement, wisdom, and favor!

What God Said Tonight:

You want to check things off the list and you want everything to be resolved and at peace but unfortunately life is not like that. Learning to live in the tension between unresolved and resolved is very important. 

I will turn everything for your good. I promise. I will destine you to succeed. I promise. I will also stick with you in the waiting for victory. 

Celebrate the victories of today but do not get discouraged by the challenges of tomorrow. They are just victories in the making.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Don't stop now...

My prayer:

Wooof. I am full God. SO much to deal with, handle, do. My brain is still racing but the rest of me is completely worn out. I pray and ask for peace and rest tonight and you continued help tomorrow to handle whatever you have got for me. I love you and I know that all things are possible in Christ.

What God Said Tonight:

I haven't waited all of this time to let go now. I haven't waited all this time to stop now. Your journey and your purpose is building, growing, and on track. 

Lean on me in the hard times. Rejoice in the good times. But always remember we are in this together and there is literally a purpose for every last thing in your life. 

My heart is in your heart and your heart is in mine. Forever together.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Resting vs. hiding...

My prayer:

I don't have any words tonight God but I have ears. What is on your mind?

What God Said Tonight:

There is a difference between resting and hiding. Your rest is needed. Your hiding is destructive. 

Find that passion and spark that will keep you moving. Remind yourself of the people you love. Don't let the season overpower you. 

I have rainbows of color to brighten your day and joy that comes up at unexpected times. Keep yourself open and available to receive it all. I love you.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Blanket of darkness...

My prayer:

Awesome God. There seems to be a blanket of depression on your people right now, including me. 

I pray and come against that depression and I tell depression, you must shatter and disappear in the name of Jesus Christ. You are a weapon of the enemy and you have no place in the lives of God's kids. God rebuke depression in the name of Jesus. I release your joy over us God. Let it fill every corner leaving no room for depression to return.

Thank you Father.

What God Said Tonight:

The darkness of the enemy is like a blanket covering the world but it cannot and will not stay. The fall of darkness is a temporary season, it just feels like it will last forever. 

Hold on and continue to use the spiritual weapons I have given you. Your victory is assured. 

Nothing can hold my child for long. except for me. I love you.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Walking with God...

My prayer:

Thank you God. You took care of everything just like  you said you would. Sitting safe and sound in a warm home tonight and appreciating the things that I often take for granted. 

Thank you for everything.

What God Said Tonight:

Walking alone through life is dark and lonely. Walking with me through life you will always find joy, color, life. 

I love you and I am I am breath in your lungs and sun on your face. Everywhere you are, I am there. Everyone you love, I love. 

Love is contagious and is waiting for you. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

You belong...

My prayer:

I have done a whole lot of complaining to you lately God and not enough worshiping and praising you. I bet if I turn that ratio around and spend more time worshiping and less complaining I will be a lot better off. 

Thank you for all of your help today. Thank you for repeated reminders that you are taking care of everything. You are the BEST Father! You are an amazing healer, teacher, brother, and Lord too but tonight, I am most aware of what a great Father you are. 

You are always there for me, even when I don't deserve it. You always take care of me. You always defend me. You make sure I have everything I need, just when I need it. And, most of all, you love me like crazy and will never stop, no matter what. 

I am so grateful for you Father!

What God Said Tonight:

I have got you carved in the palm of my hand and I am never letting go. 

You belong with me. You belong in my Kingdom. You belong in my heart. You belong. 

You are my family and my love. We will see eternity together. I love you now and forever my child.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

No joy...

My prayer:

I am searching for the joy God. Those little moments of joy but I am having a hard time right now. So much to handle. I ask for continued help to get through this season. I know that this too shall pass. I pray for your strength to get me through until it does.

What God Said Tonight:

I love you. When you can see no other joy or goodness, remember that I love you. I will take care of you, now and always. You have many examples to look back on and I will not let you down. 

A time and a season for everything. No season too long and no season too short. Your life is in my hands.

Monday, January 15, 2018


My prayer:

A whole day hiding from the world. I am not sure it was the right thing to do but it was really nice. Sometimes a break from the craziness of reality is something I need. Back to it tomorrow. I will need your help as always. I remain completely grateful for you in my life God. It is unimaginable that I could face one moment of one day without you. 

What God Said Tonight:

Spotlights point out certain things. They don't create them. Whatever the spotlight lights up was already there in the darkness, we just did not notice it. 

I bring spotlights into your life to highlight certain things that I want to help you with. But, just because I shine a light on it does not mean that I brought it to you. I am just highlighting what is already there so we can approach it together with open eyes and a strong heart. 

Know that when I highlight something in your life, it is never meant to hurt. It is always meant to start the healing process. I love you.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Reason and purpose...

My prayer:

You have put some amazingly talented people in my life God. I am not complaining but I wonder why sometimes. I have no real artistic or creative talents and yet you surround me with musicians, actors, artists, and creative geniuses. 

That can't be just coincidence can it? It seems like there should be a purpose. I hope so and I hope you show it to me soon. I am curious and anxious to see what you are up to!

What God Said Tonight:

You have talents that you do not see. I have given you gifts that have yet to be opened. 

I do have a purpose and a plan for everything in your life. You are my child and everything about you is for a reason and a purpose. Discovering them is the joy that keeps life worth living. 

I love you and you are not done growing and learning yet. Leave room for the unexpected blessings.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


My prayer:

Tonight was pretty wonderful God. Thank you for everything. 

There are moments. Sometimes they last for hours sometimes days and sometimes just seconds. But in those moments, I have this amazing awareness of you in my life and the amazing relationship we have. I live for those moments. There is absolutely nothing better. Thank you for giving me one of those moments tonight.

What God Said Tonight:

I am everywhere but I inhabit certain places and certain people. In those places I inhabit, I dwell, I stay and the places and people are changed by my presence. The change is permanent. 

When you are touched by me, you don't change back. I am in you and the change in you will shine throughout the world and eternity. We are meant to be together. I made you for me and we will be together forever. 

Nothing can separate you from me, now and forever. I love you.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Rocks of joy...

My prayer:

Life can be rough sometimes God. There are days when I just don't feel equipped for everything that flies at me. But somehow, if I lean on you, we get to the end of the day and everything turns out ok. Not perfect, but pretty good. There were times today that I really could not imagine being able to say that. 

It sure does take me a long time and a lot of repetition to learn that you have got everything covered. LOVE YOU!!!

What God Said Tonight:

Warm bread baking in the oven. Sun shining on your face. The smell of rain. There are small but intense joys all around you as a cushion against the harshness of this world. 

Don't forget to look at them, to appreciate them. It is not trivial. They are there for a reason. 

Those spots of joy are like rocks sticking up out of a river. If you hop from one to another, you can get across the wild rapids that could have killed you. 

Keep seeking and finding the rocks of joy and let them lead you through the rapids of chaos. 

Love you too,

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Light in darkness...

My prayer:

Today was not easy but I felt your help all throughout every challenge. Now, I can barely stay awake but I want to hear you before I sleep.

What God Said Tonight:

Walking through the darkness is never a first choice but it has its place. I am your light in darkness and you will never stumble in my presence. I love you

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


My prayer:

Things seem really messy all of a sudden God. Everything at loose ends. I am not sure how I can go from feeling such deep peace to chaos in just a few days. God, I place it all in your hands and pray your will is done with all of it. Guide me and fill me with your peace and grace.

What God Said Tonight:

I know you like for everything to be tied up in tidy little packets. Nothing out of place and nothing lacking. You must realize that is not the world you live in. 

Your world is chaos under tenuous control. Your best bet is walking with me, in my will, under my care. 

When you are thirsty I will give you water. When you are tired I will give you rest. Trust in me to provide all of your needs and let the worry slide off your back like rain on a rain coat. 

I love you.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Lost children...

My prayer:

Today had its challenges and tomorrow will too I am sure. Life can be exhausting God. I pray for your help, your strength, and your favor. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

Coming away for a night, a weekend, a season can be wonderful. It can restore and renergize you. I created you to have breaks, holidays, Sabbaths, to rest and recover. Not out of weakness but in recognition of what this world would do to you. 

I want more than you can imagine to throw off this old world and start new with my children. I want the new heaven and new earth to be a home for us all for eternity, It is not far off. I can see the future on the horizon. But it is still not yet. 

There are lost children in the corners of the world that have not had the opportunity to receive me, to love me. They are hidden in plain site. you have spoken to some of them. You don't realize it but no one has ever told them about me. They don't know. I can't replace this world until they have a chance. 

Don't be shy in letting my light shine in you. I love you and remember you are not of this world. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Fear of the Lord...

My prayer:

I pray for wisdom God. Help me to see the truth and make choices that are best. Keep me firmly in your will. I love you and I need your guidance in all things.

What God Said Tonight:

Oceans are beautiful and powerful. They can soothe your spirit and they can destroy entire cities. There is beauty and fear within the ocean. 

I have said "fear the Lord" more times than I can mention. But it is not fear of punishment or death that I am talking about. It is the same fear that comes from understanding and strength the power in the ocean. 

I tell you to have this fear because without it, you are likely to forget that power and forget that I am on your side. I tell you to fear me not to separate is but to ensure we are never parted. 

Fear being separated from me, fear a life without me, but never fear that my power is coming against you. I love you, now and forever.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Practice receiving peace...

My prayer:

What a great place of peace tonight God. No worry or stress. Just peace and comfort knowing you are in charge. Thank you for your peace and for rest. I pray that you send it out to all of your kids around the world tonight. Surround them with your peace and your love. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear tomorrow from people all over the world saying, "I don't know what happened but last night, (or yesterday depending on time zones I guess) I had the most wonderful sense of peace come over me." If for just a few minutes, no one was killing anyone else, hurting anyone else, lying to anyone else, That would be amazing!

What God Said Tonight:

This is your season of peace. There will be new challenges in the future. There will be times of great activity. I will give you peace in those times too but it is not the same.
Now is time to practice the receiving of peace in a state of rest. It is deep peace that is undisturbed by circumstances around. As you practice receiving this peace at rest, it will be easier for you to receive this peace in the middle of a struggle. 

My peace is meant to stay with you at all times. Life, satan, all sorts of things want to steal that peace from you. Your enemy understands the power of peace. It is stronger than anything except for love. Peace that is not swayed by circumstances gives power to the person that outweighs the power of an opponent. 

Practitce receiving my peace.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Gift of grace...

My prayer:

You are fantastic God. Thank you for a wonderful day. I pray your love, your peace, and your salvation surround the world and everyone in it tonight. Make us right, make us whole, make us yours. 

What God Said Tonight:

Your dropping into a time of grace that is unprecedented. 

I am not saying that there is more grace available than ever. I provided you with all of the grace you will ever need when I sent my son. What I am saying is that the world is ready to receive grace like never before. There is such great need for grace. You will begin to see people understanding my grace and letting it transform their lives. 

I have been waiting for this time. It is like when you get someone a very special present. You want to give it to them right away to see their joy in receiving it. But, sometimes the impact and the power of the gift is greater if you wait for the appropriate time. A Christmas gift opened in November does not have the same effect as it does being opened on Christmas day. 

Your Christmas day is here and you will see people all around the world opening the gift of grace over their lives. It will be glorious.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Upside down...

What God Said Tonight:

If forty years go by and nothing changes, are you in my will or outside of it? If someone finds joy in the middle of disaster, does that mean that I caused the disaster or I caused the joy?

The question of perspective is always important. Seeing things in a slightly different light or in a new situation can make all of the difference in the world. 

Take a minute to turn your situation upside down.


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Recharge your spirit...

My prayer:

I am drained tonight God. Gave today my all and now there is not a lot left. 

God I ask for your will to be done in every corner and aspect of my life. I pray that your will is in complete authority. I submit gladly to your will. I don't know everything but I know enough to know that your will is the best for everyone concerned, every time. 

Thank you for being my Lord.

What God Said Tonight:

A sandwich will fill you up physically when you are hungry. I will fill you up when you are spiritually hungry. 

Your spirit is drained tonight and needs to be refilled and recharged. Plug into my Holy Spirit and recharge your batteries. Plug into the source that never diminishes. 

I love you and I am here for you, giving you everything you need when you need it. I love you.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Never ending love...

My prayer:

Today was interesting. I was thinking it was a pretty decent day and then when I thought through everything that happened, a lot of pretty rotten stuff happened all day. I guess it is good that I am not depending on circumstances to effect my experience of the day?

Thank you for joy and peace in the middle of chaos that doesn't make sense but is as real as anything.

I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

I have you carved in the palm of my hand. You, your welfare, your joy, your blessings are infinitely important to me. 

I don't know that I can ever explain to you how much I love you. It is a love that never dies. It is a love that is not dependent on what you do. It is a love that is the source for every good thing in this world. 

Rest in my love for you. Know that it is yours forever no matter what. I decided a long time ago to love you.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Open doors...

My prayer:

I have really enjoyed this break God. Thank you again. Tomorrow it is back to the world and all of its complications. I ask for your help in navigating it in peace and showing off your love for everyone around me. You are wonderful.

What God Said Tonight:

There are cities and towns around the world that you see with me. I have given you a door to the world, now it is time to walk through it. You have shared my voice, my thoughts and now you will share my presence. 

I will inhabit the places you inhabit and I will fill the places you enter. I will go before you and with you. 

I love you and the doors are open.