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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

New new vs. old new...

My prayer:

Sweet Father and Lord. You are so good. Your presence is amazing. Your love is indescribable. Thank you for fulfilling the law so that I can know you like this. As we close out 2017, I pray for a memorable, purpose filled, and joy infused 2018.

What God Said Tonight:

Shiny and new is not always the best way to start over. Sometimes, you can find treasure in your past, in something you already have, just by seeing it in a new light. You take a slightly different view and the thing that you thought was over, done with, no longer relevant, comes to life and becomes powerful and useful again. 

Look at what you have and see it anew. 

I love you.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Season of travel...

My prayer:

I definitely got the time for rest today God. Thank you for that luxury. 

We are almost at the new year. 2017 seems to have passed in a flash. I am not even sure I remember most of it. Maybe I should go back through our posts for the year and see if that gives a clearer picture. 

Most years, there seems to be a bit of a theme. There are years of growth and years of death. Years of joy and years of sorrow. But this year was kind of a fire hose of everything. So much that I think I am left a bit numb. I can only take so much in. 

I think that is why I am enjoying all this quiet time at home right now. It is pretty wonderful to be a bit isolated and not constantly bombarded with everything that comes with being out in the world. I know that soon I will have to go back out but right now, I am really enjoying the peace and quiet of home. 

Thank you for always giving me just what I need God.

What God Said Tonight:

There is a season of travel coming to you. Your time at home is in preparation. Getting your home in order so you can travel the world without worry is the purpose behind this time of rest. 

Remember always that whether we are out and about or home safe and snug, I am with you and I will give you what you need for that moment in that time. I am the great provider. I am your Father and teacher. I am the one that loves you above everything else. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

An undemanding God...

My prayer:

Thank you for a simple and good day God. This has been a season of finding joy in the simple things in life. I don't need a lot to be contented. A lot less than I use to think I needed.

Thank you for showing me the joy in simpleness.

What Good Said Tonight:

I love you. I don't need anything from you, not a single thing. Just rest and know that my love is in you and around you. The love bubble is active and functioning with no glitches. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hope vs. Hell...

My prayer:

You were right God. Today was full of surprises but following your lead, it was peaceful and no problem. Thank you for your guidance, love, and care for me. I am so grateful of you. 

I am grateful that you have already promised that you will never leave me or forsake me. I can't imagine a minute without you. That would be hell.

What God Said Tonight:

A world without me is a world without hope., The actual definition of hell is to be removed from me. I will not let that happen to you in this life or the next 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


My prayer:

I am at peace and loving you. That is a pretty wonderful place to be. What is on your mind tonight God?

What God Said Tonight:

Life is about to become a bit unexpected again. I will guide you through it. Hang on to me and we will walk through each twist and turn. 

There are hazards that I will guide you around. There are joys I will take you to. Follow me and you will never be sorry. 

My angels are around you and we are prepared. Your task is to follow.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Light of the world...

My prayer:

The night before your birth. I know we probably have the day, even the time of year wrong, but to imagine that night. Mary had to be so frightened and excited. John had to be worried and confused. Did they have complete assurance of who you were or did they have doubts? 

I would think there had to be doubts. No one had ever seen a savior, God in human form on earth. No woman had ever given birth without having carnal relations. But, maybe, their experience with you was so profound that it scattered all doubt? I hope so, for their sakes. 

Any way, just the random musings on Christmas eve. I love you and can't wait to celebrate your birthday!

What God Said Tonight:

The lights that shone, from the sky and from the earth. That is what I remember of that night. They were beautiful and seemed to announce the beginning of something never seen before. 

I am the light of the world and that night, all light seemed to celebrate my coming. 

I love you and I am your light.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Until Jesus comes back...

My prayer:

Thank you for getting me home safe tonight God. The storm was intense. 

Nights like tonight remind me how blessed I am to have a safe and warm home to come home to. I pray for every person who does not have that luxury tonight. Awesome Father, take them to shelter. Keep them safe. Keep them warm. 

Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

Nights together, those are what I crave. No worries of food and shelter, I will and am taking are of it.

In the meantime, notice the people around you. Care for them until I get back. They need my love more than ever. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Let God in...

My prayer:

There are times when I need you God and then there are times that I just want you in my life. I don't know which is better. Needing you is more intense but wanting you seems better somehow. Like the difference between a friend who needs you vs. one that chooses you.

I don't know where I am going with this. Would you rather be needed or wanted? Which shows greater faith and love?

What God Said Tonight:

Away from your hand and into my will. There is no one right way to love me. 

There are those who know me and love me. There are those who want to know me and love me. I value both equally. 

Your need for me is something you were born with. Your want of me comes from your heart. 

I really don't care why you let me in your life, need, want, or confusion. All I care about is that you do let me in your life. All healing, all change, all love, comes from you letting me in to you. 

I love you now and forever.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Heart of freedom...

My prayer:

Thank you for the miracles today God. Big and small they were all wonderful. And now, five days of rest and play. I have been working so hard, I am having a hard time believing we made it. My mind has not caught up with the reality that I don't need to worry about work for awhile. I pray for peace of mind tonight God. I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

I have peace in abundance and it is all yours. 

My peace which passes all understanding is not dependent on donors or harness. My peace is the heart of freedom. It is the result of grace. And, it is all yours. 

I love you.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Unseen purpose...

My prayer:

What a long but pretty great day. Thank you God for the opportunities today. I am anxious to hear your voice.

What God Said Tonight:

You are here for a reason and your reason is not lost or missing. You do not always see the purpose I have in events. My thoughts are not your thoughts. But you can always trust that for your life, because you have given it to me, will always have a greater purpose at work. 

I am yours and you are mine. Together we will see the world return to its glory and shine. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Why Jesus was born...

My prayer:

Some interesting challenges today God but you got me through it all with grace. Thank you. Three more days of work and then I get five whole days to celebrate your birth! That is pretty wonderful. If you ever want to transport me in time, that would be one of the moments I would love to see. You, just born with the shepherds and angels and kings all coming to visit. Did they all come at the same time like we have in our nativity scenes or were there visits spread out? Was it right after you were born like tradition says or was it weeks or month later? 

I guess it really doesn't matter. All that matters is you were born, you lived, you died, and you were raised again so that I could know you and my sin could be covered. But, I am curious. I am curious about you. I wonder what your life was like. All those years of growing up, knowing you were you but living like any other man. In your twenties, before your documented ministry and miracles, did the people around you have any idea of who you were? Did they wonder?

Ok, I will stop with the questions. I love you and I am fascinated by you God.

What God Said Tonight:

A life lived is not unusual to the one living it. I cannot really describe what it was like because it is all I know. I came to earth to live as human, but I was always God as human, so my experience was different from yours. 

I came to save you but I came so I could know you. Before that time, I could not truly imagine what it was to live in a mortal body that gets hungry, tired, frustrated, and feels pain. I am God and as such, those things are not a part of what I deal with. 

Coming to live as human helped me to understand the power of the carnal. It helped me to empathize with the struggle. And, it convinced me, more than ever the need to provide you a path out of the grip of sin. To imagine that you could conquer sin through the law was never truly a possibility. On your own, that is not possible. I had to fulfill that law to free you, to know you, to release you from the carnal bond that is so strong on your flesh. I would do it a million times over if I had to. You are mine and I am yours and that will never change. 

Go rest and I will show you some of my memories from that time. I remember a field. It was wheat, the sun was shining, and the children were running through the wheat laughing. That was a beautiful day.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


My prayer:

A wonderful day of rest God. Thank you for the luxury of rest. I know a lot of people never get it. Walking into a new week with most likely, new surprises. I pray for that never ending help that you are so generous with. I am pretty useless without you but with you, literally all things are possible. Help me to be a blessing to others. Help me show your love. Help me so that my words and actions are an encouragement and not a barrier to those around me. Thank you Jesus.

Oh, and also, thank you for the new insight. I am sorry I was so slow to realize the truth of the matter, but thank you for opening my eyes. 

What God Said Tonight:

A light and a horizon are in view. Burning brighter even as you look at it. 

It is the start of something new. Something wonderful. 

You have seen the sunset and you have seen the night. Now it is time to look at the sunrise and see the morning. I love you and a new day is coming.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The future just around the corner...

My prayer:

I have questions I don't know how to ask tonight God. I know that is odd coming from me. I am usually so full of questions, I exhaust the people around me with them. But tonight, I feel as though I am missing something. Some truth, some purpose, but I don't know what it is. 

I pray and ask for your wisdom and knowledge if it is good for me to have it. Open my eyes and mind to whatever it is that is just out of reach, if you are ok with me seeing it. 

I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

The thing that glimpse in the corner of your eye, the thing that you know is there but is just out of reach, that thing is the near future that is waiting to burst in. 

I am telling you, this next season is pretty amazing and fabulous and it cannot wait to get to you Trust my timing, You will see when it is time to see and you will know when it is time to know, 

Consider these shadows precursors to our celebration 

I love you.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Season of success...

My prayer:

Sweet Father. Thank you for everything you have done for me and provided for me this week. I could not have done it without you. You provide for me, everything I need, right when I need it. You are wonderful.

What God Said Tonight:

Wait and see what I have for you next. 

Some seasons are about surviving. Some seasons are for striving. And some seasons are for succeeding. 

I have a season of success for you around the corner. I am excited to see you prosper.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My will, His will...

My prayer:

Today was an exceedingly long day God, but not bad. I pray, more than anything else, that your perfect will be accomplished. Everything is better when your will is in charge. 

What God Said Tonight:

I have very little requirement. I have the ability to work in many different circumstances. 

Sometimes my will is very specific because of the importance of the event and the circumstances it is under. The sacrifice of my son is a great example. But sometimes, most often, my will can be woven into the circumstances of your life to become the structure or backbone of your many other choices. 

As long as you don't choose to live life without me, I can accommodate most other choices. 

I love you and I will never let go. 

Monday, December 11, 2017


My prayer:

My mind is blank God. I guess that is better than stressed and worried? What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:

Wait. It is not a bad word. Most people think that waiting is some kind of punishment. 

While you are waiting, your ability to perceive reality is twisted. The waiting can create anxiety and anger in you. The waiting can also create strength and faith. 

Waiting is never intended as a punishment. It is always about finding the right and best time for whatever it is you are waiting for. I am pretty good with timing. I know when particular event will have the most positive impact. 

Wait on me so I can give you the life that I have intended for you. Wait on me.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The time has come...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I pray, as we head into this week, that you show me opportunities to be a blessing. I pray that you show me opportunities to live out your purpose here on earth. I pray for meaning, love, joy, and peace everywhere I go.

What God Said Tonight:

The simpleness of your heart is a joy to mine. A great deal more is in your future. I have such joy that you cannot contain I have such blessing that it overflows. I have more than you need and more than you can imagine and I will see you blessed,  I will see you blessed. 

The time is come when the fear shall run. The joy shall fill the heavens. I see your love and it won't be long, We will ride the wind together.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

True love...

My prayer:

I love seeing your kids loving on each other God. We are not very good at it and sometimes we forget to do it at all but other times, we get it right and I get to see somebody just love on a brother or sister for no reason, just because they are there. 

Please keep teaching us how to do this better.

What God Said Tonight:

Teaching you to love better is not actually what you need. The barriers to love in your life are more complicated than you realize. 

You know how to love. The challenge is to react in love. Given time, it will be as natural as breathing. Right now, it feels strange because you have been shown twisted versions of love. 

True love, my love will never die. no matter what you do to it.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Wisp of smoke...

My prayer:

I am grateful. I am at peace. I am content. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

Would you have wanted the past to have been different if it meant forfeiting the future I have planned for you? 

Please understand that every season, every struggle, every blessing and every  joy, is all part of the fabric that builds your life and your future. When you are in the hard season, remember I have a purpose. When you are in the easy season, remember I am God. 

We have so much more time together and so much more to do together. This life that you have lived so far is nothing more than a wisp of smoke in the wind. There is so much more. I love you now and forever. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

God provides...

My prayer:

Today was full of surprises. I can't even say if they were good or bad surprises but I sit here tonight with my head spinning and filled with thoughts that are rushing by. This life is so uncertain sometimes. We truly are not promised tomorrow. 

Awesome God. You are my rock and my strong tower that I can hang onto in any storm and in this ever changing world. Thank you for being the one thing that never changes. Thank you for always being there for me. 

What God Said Tonight:

Your words and the smoke in the mirror will actually be what saves you. I have a standard principle that I will provide for you. I will not neglect it. 

I am yours and you are mine, forever. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Spring of life...

My prayer:
Thank you for answered prayers today God. You are extending the life of a very good man and I am grateful.

What God Said Tonight:

There is the season of planting, the season of growing, the season of harvest and the season of rest. Each season happens in its own time. Your season is changing now. 

The grass of yesterday has turned into the bailed hay of today. Your tomorrow is of rest and preparation for the new Spring. 

I love you and will see you in the Spring of life. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

All miracles...

My prayer:

Surviving today was a testament of you in my life. There is no natural way I could have survived but you brought me through. I am greater, stronger, more capable, and more successful because you are in my life. Thank you!

What God Said Tonight:

Not every miracle comes with a flash, bang, and celebration. Sometimes the miracles are barely noticeable. They are so small that you think they did not really matter but without them, your life would be over. 

I love providing you miracles great and small because I see how they strengthen you and your faith. Take time to recognize them all no matter how big or how small. I love you.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Come and rest...

My prayer:

I am praying for your continued peace God. I sit here tonight, in peace, in contentment and I pray that it continues. 

Thank you for all you are doing in my life, in my friends and family's lives. You are working everything out and that is amazing and wonderful. But thank you most of all for your peace and love that are not dependent on the circumstances, they simply are. 

I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

Come and rest in my presence and my love. I have made a bed of peace for you to lie in. I will see your energy returned and your fire relit as we prepare for a final battle. 

I love you, I love you, I love you. Come and sit in my love. Let it heal you and make you whole. Let it calm your worried soul. 

I love you, I love you, I love you. I will see you through. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Chasing after love...

What God Said Tonight:

Waiting for anything can make you anxious. Waiting for love can make you crazy. 

The love I have for you is ever present and all encompassing. The love of the world is limited and conditional. The love I have for you is a given. I have already given it to you. The love of the world is most often two steps out of reach. My love heals. My love makes you whole. 

I leave it to you to decide what love to chase after.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Don't be oblivious...

My prayer:

Another long day, but not a bad one. I am just kind of worn out. When I look at this day I kind of think, "meh". Nothing great but nothing terrible. With the world we live in, any day without something terrible is a pretty good day. 

Wow, that sounded really pessimistic. Maybe I am too tired to talk and I should stop and listen. I bet anything you have to say will be a million times better and more encouraging than me. 

Thanks for being you and thanks for being my friend.

What God Said Today:

Here and now are important because you have been planted. Some of my kids, I need mobile and some I need planted. You have had your seasons of mobility but your season now is being planted. We will travel the world again someday but today is about here and now. 

Do not close your eyes and ears to all that is going on around you. It is important and valuable. Some will inspire you and some will depress you. Some will require a response and some will require you to stay put. As always, wait and listen for my voice. I will guide you in this place an this time. 

Having said that, it is only true because you choose to give your life to me. If you make another choice, you can pick your place and time but you also open yourself up to everything that wants you destroyed. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


My prayer:

Today ended up a lot more fun than I expected it to! Thanks for the exciting ending to a rather mundane day.  One of many favorite things about you is that you always find ways to bring little bubbles of joy into my life even in the tough times. You are such an amazing gift in my life. 

I was about to pray that we live out every day through eternity together, but you have already promised me that. SO, I will just thank you for your promise to live out every day together with me throughout eternity!

What God Said Tonight:

You are in a growth and harvest season. Your life is growing thick and green and is getting ready for harvest. 

All that you have learned and all that you have had healed has prepared you and grown you into a maturity that I can use in the Kingdom. Your brothers, your sisters, will reap of your experience and growth. Your maturity will be used to grow the lives of others. 

Keep growing. It is worth it. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Don't give up on love...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I am not looking for any life lesson or even any blessing tonight. I really just want to be with you, feel your presence, and hear your voice. 

What God Said Tonight:

With all things equal in the world, there is one thing that will always transcend. Love. Our love, the love you have with others. 

Reach for the love, seek it out, don't give up on it. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017


My prayer:

I am hoping for good things this week God. I am hoping for opportunities. I am hoping for joy. I am hoping. 

And, if none of that happens, I still have you and that is enough. You are the source of every good thing so as long as I have you in my life, I have hope. 

What God Said Tonight:

Hope is good. Hope is the internal understanding that where you are, who you are, and what you have is less than what I intended for you. Hope is the recognition that I have more for you. Hope is the fuel that makes tomorrow possible. 

Place your hope in me and you will never be disappointed. In the end, you have everything that I planned for you. Live in the hope and understanding that I have more for you.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Hidden fruit...

My prayer:

What a great and restful day God. Thank you for slowing down my world today. And here tonight in your presence, in your peace, this is a slice of heaven.

I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

A rocky desert may see;m to have no life in it but if you look closely, life is abundant but not apparent.

Sometimes, that is true of your life. You may not see the life and the fruit of your life apparent but it is there. The hidden life is no less important than the showy apparent life. The scorpion is no less impressive tan the lion.

I love you. Recognize all of the fruit in your life.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pockets of joy...

My prayer:

I am thankful for so many things this Thanksgiving evening God. What a great holiday this is. A day set aside just to be thankful and be with people you love. I really love this day. We have had a lot of great Thanksgivings together. The years of the huge outreaches downtown feeding thousands of people were amazing. But, these quiet ones are pretty great too. 

Thank you for providing for me God. Thank you for the privilege and blessings you have given me. Thank you for teaching me and talking to me. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you most of all for loving me. Thank you for the millions of things you do every day for me, most of which I have no idea you have done.

What God Said Tonight:

Doves perched on a phone line waiting for the breeze to come. Sun setting and turning the sky orange. Joy can be found in the smallest things when you are looking for it. 

I will always leave little surprise pockets of joy waiting in your life. Remember to look for them. Remember to enjoy them. They are for you. 

This life can be so very hard. Find the pockets of joy to ease the pain. I love you and I am always always here for you.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


My prayer:

I have lots of questions and thoughts running through my mind tonight God. But, I am kind of tired of me. I am really just interested in hearing you. I love you. I am amazed by you. You are my everything.

What God Said Tonight:

Patterns and pictures are all around you. Sometimes you think that they mean something and they do not. Other times, you do not recognize the pattern, but it is there. Your wisdom will not get you very far. My wisdom will lead you to great and wondrous places. 

Lean on my wisdom, not your own and you will not go wrong. 

You know me. You have read and heard my words for so many years. Know my voice now as I say, this is not an ending. This is a beginning. This was priming the pump for a great outpouring. 

This is in my purpose and my wisdom will walk you through it. I love you, now and forever.

Monday, November 20, 2017


My prayer:

Well, I am not sure how to feel about today. I got some news that was unexpected and did not fall in line with what I had thought you had told me. At first, I was pretty disappointed but after a little bit, I am not sure why, but I knew it would be ok. Somehow, I had total peace that it would be ok and that while the denial seemed definitive, the truth is I don't know everything that happened today, nor do I know what will happen tomorrow. 

I am grateful for your peace that truly passes all understanding. To know, down to my most inner being, that you are and will take care of me, is such an amazing comfort. Thank you.

What God Said Tonight:

Wait for tomorrow. Wait and see what I will do. Your steps are ordered by me and you walked in each one of them perfectly. It does not make sense now but it will someday very soon. I will reveal all to you as soon as I can. 

Thank you for trusting my will in your life. You will see great favor and joy. I love you.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Holiday decorating...

My prayer:

A weekend of celebration, fun, and hope...I am exhausted! But happy! Awesome God, as we go into this week of Thanksgiving, I pray that we all remember the multitude of blessings that you have showered on our lives. There are struggles, absolutely, but there is joy, peace, love and you. You are the greatest blessing of all. 

What God Said Tonight:

Your life is being frosted with sparkle and shine right now. Just in time for the holidays, I am decorating your soul with the joy of me. 

I love you and my love will sparkle on you, drawing people to me and filling your life with abundance. Look up at the sparkles falling down on you. Like the most beautiful snow on a quiet mountain top. 

I love you.

Friday, November 17, 2017

God's shadow...

My prayer:

Well, I did it. I stepped out and took a chance. Now, the waiting. I feel such a peace about this. I am excited and hopeful but not nervous at all. This is potentially such a big change, I would think I would be nervous, but I am not. That makes me think even more that this is your plan. I always have peace when I am in your will.

Thank you God, for, well, everything.

What God Said Tonight:

Simple, easy, one step at a time. That is the flow of your life in me. 

We have challenges and we have struggles but when it is time for change, when you are building for a future, the steps are easy and the burden is light. 

Enjoy this season. It is precious and wonderful. I have talked to you so often of the great things we have yet to do Those things are closer today than ever. 

Walk in the ease of my shadow.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Time to move...

My prayer:

Another long week but an inspiring evening God. Thank you for showing me a potential open door. This is going to take some real courage to step in this door. I pray that if it is the right door, one that you have opened, keep it open for me. If it is not, please close it quickly so I don't waste time on it or cause any damage. 

I am excited! Funny how one idea, one step forward can take me from burned out and exhausted to wide awake and almost giddy with anticipation! It's good to know I can still feel that way!

What God Said Tonight:

It is for you. Move forward, take the step, take the chance. I love you and I am with you. It is time to move. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Use what you have...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I am feeling a real pull to do something significant about hunger but I am not sure what the next step is. I pray for your guidance and opportunity. Show me where I can make a difference. If there is something I can do to help, show me.

What God Said Tonight:

There are resources at your finger tips. Use what you have. 

I will provide opportunities to the willing. Use what you have. Do what is in front of you. 

My guiding hand is with you, as always. I will make you prosper, even in this. 

Feed my sheep was a figurative instruction but also a practical instruction. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

New beginning...

My prayer:

Today was a day for starting from scratch. Nothing really made sense. Ideas, projects, things that I had started and made perfect sense yesterday, when I looked at them today, all I could think was, "what was I thinking?!" 

SO, I started a bunch of things over today. I hope that was the right move. I hope that I won't wake up tomorrow and think, "That was stupid. It was better the first way." Sometimes listening to my gut gets me in trouble.

Huh, don't know why I just shared all of that with you. Thanks for listening to me no matter what I am droning on about. What is on your mind tonight?

What God Said Tonight:

I am all about new beginnings I will tear an entire generation of people down to give you a fresh start. I don't like doing it. Starting fresh always has consequences and sometimes those consequences are really hard. Sometimes you get stuck in the middle. 

I will not see you broken or left behind. 

Rejoice in your new beginning and see it from the joy that it is. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017


My prayer:

Tomorrow is Monday again already! I am not ready to go back to work. At least I know you go with me. You are amazing and I love how you work in my life. Maybe that is the way to think about it. Going back to work tomorrow gives you opportunities to show off your awesomeness. 

Let me be a reflection of you on this earth God. Let people see you instead of me when they look at me, when they talk to me. God, let you love flow out of me like a fire hose. 

I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

You life is good. It is going to go well tomorrow. 

I do not tell you these things as prophecies. I tell them to you as fact. 

I am yours and you are mine and I will make you prosper, wherever you are. Just like Joseph. I even made him prosper as a slave. No matter where you are at or what is coming against you, I can and will make you prosper. 

I love you too.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


My prayer:

It's done. I am exhausted but it is done. Thanks for all of your help this week God. As crazy and exhausting as this week was, there is satisfaction in getting it done. There is satisfaction in seeing your favor and help in my life, again. And today was just plain fun!

I love you. I am grateful for you. I ask for rest and supernatural rejuvenation for tomorrow.

What God Said Tonight:

A time, a moment in time, may seem inconsequential at that moment but some of those moments are actually changing the world. Today, was one of those moments.

The significance of today will not be seen for many years but it was there. Realize that while you live your life, day to day, there are bigger plans, bigger waves and movements that go out and effect the world, through your tiniest actions.

You don't see it. You don't have to. But it is truth and it is happening. Your significance in this lifetime is measured by what I am doing through you. It is magnificent. I love you.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Blessing of the missing...

My prayer:

Loooonnnggggg days and short nights. I had no idea what this week had in store for me! 

Thank you for all of the help, peace, and favor you have shown me. I ask for your continued help and favor. Looking at what is left to be done, it does not seem possible. But, how many times have you done the impossible in my life? I have lost count. 

I love you!

What God Said Tonight:

Fields sweeping across the horizon with nothing to show but wide open space. Miles of nothing but it can be one of the most beautiful sites in the world. 

Sometimes, the beauty and the joy and the blessing in life is more about what is not there than it is about what is there. Enjoy the times where there is not the intense battle. Enjoy the day when your life is not threatened. Enjoy the day when the food has not gone missing and the day when your loved ones are whole and well, without sickness and without pain. 

Enjoy the blessing of the things that are missing.

Monday, November 6, 2017

You are mine. I am yours...

My prayer:

in no mood to talk but always happy to listen. What is on your mind?

What God Said Tonight:

I am your Lord and I am your guide. I teach you how to live this life. I love you more than you will ever know. There's very little left to know. 

You are mine. I am yours. 

I love you, more and more. There is nothing that will defeat you. There is nothing that can crush you. 

You are mine. I am yours. 

Together we fight the world. Today, tomorrow and always, my love is never changing. I will take you on a journey and I will never let go. 

You are mine. I am yours.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The meaning of life...

My prayer:

Back to work tomorrow. Monday has come awfully fast. Guide my steps God. Help me to see the opportunities to be a blessing. Give me wisdom and peace to meet the challenges of the week. And above all, walk through it with me and have your will accomplished in my life. 

I love you. Keep me surrounded in your presence and your love.

What God Said Tonight:

We are never sorry for the people we love. We are only sorry for those we fail to love enough. Your love, my love, all love is what heals and mends this world. It is the fuel and power for everything good. 

Finding a way to love those around you is always worthwhile. It is the most important thing you will ever do. 

Some people are always asking, "What is the meaning of life?" Well, it is simple. Love. Your life's purpose is to love and be loved. It is what I created you for. Everything you do that teaches you to love and be loved is good. Every thing you do that takes you from a place of love is not good.

I am raising you to love. I am teaching you to love and be loved. One day, not yet but one day, you will be so full of love that you will not be able to do anything but love. When you are not able to speak without speaking in love, not able to think without thinking in love, not able to move without moving in love, when that day comes, you will be fully whole and at peace with everyone and everything. It is a glorious day. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Everything is connected...

My prayer:

What a strange combination of blessings and well, maybe not curses but definitely things not going as planned. Thanks first for the opportunities to be a blessing to some folks today. You know how important that is to me and if I can at least have one moment to look at where you let me be a blessing, that can be enough. Today had several, so, bonus!

Then there was the series of things that went wrong. But, even as I say that, I can already see how you could work them each out to be a blessing for me. So, instead of whining about it, how about I just wait it out and see what you do? 

I had a fresh reminder today of how grateful I am for our relationship God. I love that it has gotten to the point where I know I can tell you anything, literally anything and not only will you not stop loving me, you will help me with it. No matter how rotten it is. That has not always been the case. There was a long period of time that I thought if I was not good enough, you wouldn't love me. That, if you knew what I really thought, you would turn your back on me. 

That seems silly now. Now that I understand your love better and know you better, I know that is simply not possible. Thank you for letting me know you like that.

What God Said Tonight:

Wait until tomorrow to see the true fruit of today. I do not work in isolation. Everything, literally everything is connected. 

I will achieve our purpose but most likely not in the way you are expecting. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

God love...

My prayer:

Awesome God. I realized something today. You almost always give me what I ask for but sometimes it is so subtle or it takes awhile and I don't even realize what you have done until later. Several years ago, I remember saying I would like to spend more time in a particular area but I didn't have any reason to go there so I forgot about it. Now, you have moved the salon right in the middle of the neighborhood so I will be going there all the time. 

Such a small thing but when I realized it, I started thinking of all of the other things like that. When I need more business, I ask, you provide. Sometimes before I even get done asking! Other things take longer, but you always come through for me. 

Don't get me wrong, it is not like you are some giant Santa Claus or ATM. But you bless me, over and over and over again. Thank you for every blessing, even those that I didn't recognize at the time.

What God Said Tonight:

A kiss and hug is a reflection of love. The depth of love is felt through action. 

I, not living in a body on earth right now, don't have the luxury of giving you a hug and a kiss in the physical realm. I do have the ability to rain blessings on you. I do have the ability to show you favor in every situation. I have the ability to remind you of my love each day. 

See my love in the blessings of your life. Feel my love through the struggles of your life. Live in my love always.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Waiting and hope...

My prayer:

It has been a week of gaining new perspective. Seeing life and me from different angles. Thank you God for new perspective! It is amazing how different everything can look when you look through someone else's eyes. 

You are wonderful and always giving me what I need, even when I don't know what to ask for.

What God Said Tonight:

Waiting a day, waiting a lifetime. The;y can seem like the same thing. In the waiting you never know when it will end so all waiting seems as though it will go on forever. 

It won't. As a matter of fact, I can promise you that all waiting will end, sooner or later. 

Your times of waiting are valuable. They give you time to get ready and they give you a sense of anticipation and hope. 

Hope is one of my greatest gifts I give to you. There is healing, there is salvation, there is peace, and there is hope. Hope is the fire that drives you. Never let go of your hope in me. I love you.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

In God's hands...

My prayer:

Satan had all of his demons out for sure today God but you protected me. You helped me. You made impossible things possible. How many car accidents to you protect me from, just this morning alone? I counted at least three.

I am so grateful for you in my life. I am so grateful for your power and your love. I love being on the winning side.

What God Said Tonight:

I have you engraved in the palm of my hand. You are in my heart and on my mind, always. 

I have not and will not forget your troubles and your needs. 

I think you are beginning to see the options laid out for you. There are more to come. And, just like this morning, if you do not find your way to follow my first directions, I will work out another way that is just as good. 

You are in my hands, quite literally, and I am never letting go. I love you beyond what you can know or understand. Rest in the peace of my love tonight.

Monday, October 30, 2017


My prayer:

Thank you for giving me opportunities to be a blessing today. Thank you that the experiences you have brought me through (good, bad and indifferent) can be a blessing to other people.

I am asking for direction God. What is next?

What God Said Tonight:

Opportunities. You are asking for new opportunities. I am a God of opportunities. I work in opportunities and open doors. 

You have more opportunities at your feet, right now than you realize. Some take more courage than others but always remember you are free in me. You are free to do and to choose whatever you want. 

Have the courage to believe in my blessing on your life.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


My prayer:

Sweet Father. You know me better than I know myself. I pray your will be done on earth, in my life, as it is in heaven. I pray for your perfect will to be accomplished.

Thank you Jesus for providing me the access to ask and to pray.

What God Said Tonight:

Adventure is a life well lived. Joy is a life well loved. You have what you need for a beautiful life. You are who you need to be. 

I have planted beauty around you. Please remember to look. Not everything. Some things are truly horrible and ugly. Those things seem to catch your attention. 

It is not the death but the life everlasting that should be your focus. I sacrificed on the cross. That had to be done and was important. But when you think of me, I would rather you think of the resurrection, the evidence that I have bought your freedom from sin. That is the part that is most important. 

The death was needed, it was real, I am not asking you to forget it. However, when you think life, when you think of the resurrection, you have a path forward. That Is what I want for you. Life and a path forward. 

Spend some time meditating on the resurrection. I will show you new revelation as you do.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


My prayer:

Praising you God for all the of 'little' things that I tend to take for granted. Thank you for a warm and peaceful home, thank you for a Mom who is amazing and who loves me, thank you for friends who love me and want my opinion on things, thank you for food and water whenever I want it, thank you for the best kitty in the world, thank you for a new haircut, thank you for freedom, and more than all the rest, thank you for loving me.

The little things really mean a lot!

What God Said Tonight:

You can relax, I am in control. You can relax, I am working on your behalf. You can relax, I am your God. I love you and I have everything under control. Even those things that look completely out of control. 

Know that while I may not take care of things in the way that you expect, I will take care of them and I will make them work for your good. I love you, now and forever.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Love each other...

My prayer:

Thank you God for the luxury of a lazy day. I feel quite decadent. The world is still crazy and the needs are still great and I am trusting you to take care of it all. Let me know what I can do to help.

I love you and I want to help if I can. 

What God Said Tonight:

A day and a night can fly by so quickly but can be so significant. It is nothing but a whisper in time but the events of that moment can change history. Your actions, especially those you don't even think about, have great impact. 

A smile, a kind word, helping someone who can't help you back, talking to the person that others avoid. These small acts of love and kindness make all the difference. 

This world is nearing its end and you all need each other to move through it and get to the new world, the new heaven. I am your strength but your strength magnifies in numbers. Come to together in love every time you can. Each time,  you get stronger, they get stronger, and you all make it through another day. 

I love you, love each other.