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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Change in nature...

My prayer:

Amazing God. You have given each of us great gifts and talents. I want to be better about appreciating the gifts in others without being jealous of them. I want to be better about appreciating what you have given me and appreciating what you have given others and being satisfied in that. God, you know best. 

You know what I need to accomplish what you have for me in my life and you know what each other person needs to accomplish what you have for them. I pray that you help me to always appreciate that and to never envy. There is enough work to go around and I want to be sure I am doing what you want me to do and not what you had saved for someone else. Thank you Jesus for listening.

What God Said Tonight:

Now that is they kind of prayer that is easy to answer. And my answer to that kind of prayer is always going to be yes. When you pray for things to change so that they are in agreement with my word and my plan for you, the answer is always yes. I will always help you to live according to my word. 

You are coming back to the form and the nature that I intended for you. You are shucking off the sin nature and you are walking in the new nature that I have for you. It is not natural for you to hate, envy, lie, cheat or steal. It is not natural for you to kill. And yet those things have become the nature of man in sin. 

You are returning now to the nature that I intended for you . You are returning to the nature that is creative and not destructive, loving and not hateful, joyful and not morose. Welcome back my daughter. Your change in nature is nearly complete.

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