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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time to study...

My prayer:
Awesome Father, God of all creation.  I am at a loss tonight.  I have fragments of thoughts running through my mind, but nothing to really talk about.  I have all the same desires of my heart. I am grateful for all of the same blessings.  I continue to lift up all of the same needs of my family and friends.  But, you know all of that. 

Life has been a constant state of change for awhile.  So much so that change is becoming common place.  I am not complaining.  I love change. I love the new things.  But, when change becomes common place, where do I find the same excitement that I use to get from change? 

Oh God, I don't know.  I mean really things are great.  I think I am just in a Sunday night funk.  Probably I need to stop talking and focus on listening to you.  I bet it will be a whole lot more interesting.  Love you Daddy.

What God Said Tonight:
Why don't you know your own mind tonight?  It is not like you to be  at a loss for words.  You are still on the path I have picked for you. You are still doing what I planned.  You don't need the bells and whistles every moment to show you that you are on the right path.  Let it be enough that I have told you that you are right where I want you to be doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. Let my words be enough. 

Life is not always excitement and fireworks.  If you had miracles in your life constantly, you would lose the appreciation for them.  Like you said about change, when change becomes common place it loses its excitement.  The same is true of most things. 

A day lived with me is miraculous on its own.  You will see great miracles and you will be a part of them.  I have told you that is so.  You have already seen many.  One day, two days, a season of quiet miracles, of the miracle of living each day, those are good seasons too.  They help you appreciate the rest. 

I need you to use this time to study.  I need you to use this time to build up your faith and your knowledge.  I need you to prepare.  The next season is on its way in my perfect timing.  I know you get restless.  Use the energy from that restlessness to fuel you to be better, to learn more to love more.  The rest will come in time.  Know my word better.  Sow it deep in your heart that it is ready and available at all times.  Spend time with me, asking, seeking, and sometimes just being with me. 

I am your light and I am your guide.  I am the answer to every question you will ever have.  I am the excitement you seek.  We have more excitement than you can imagine this year.  Wait until you see.  In the meantime, prepare and wait with anticipation.  I will keep my arms wrapped around you and keep you in my heart.  You are mine and I am yours forever.  See me in everything.  Not only did I create everything but I created it for a purpose.  Look for me, look for my purpose.  Learn, study, grow.  Love you so much my daughter.  Keep reaching.

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