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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018


My prayer:

What a wonderful day God. Basking in your presence tonight. There really is nothing better. I love you.

What God Said Tonight:

A day for fulfilled prayers. Today, there was an open heaven and my will poured out on all humanity. Not every prayer was fulfilled but a prayer from everyone who prayed was fulfilled. 

I am all mighty God and in these last days, I will let my glory shine for those with eyes to see. Have I got your attention? 

It is time to gather in the flock. The war is coming.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Blessings that last...

My prayer:

Thanks for the opportunity to be a blessing today God. I love when I get to be a part of making someone a little happier, a little stronger, a little more encouraged. That is a good day. 

What God Said Tonight:

Isn't it fun! I love blessing people. I love seeing their lives light up. It is my favorite thing to do. 

When I can't, when it is not in their best interest or when some other purpose keeps me from being able to bless someone, it literally is painful to me. 

Trust me, I will bless you all that I can as soon as I can. I can't resist! But, I will never bless you when that blessing will cause you more harm than good. 

It is why I have told you the lottery is not for you. If you look at most people who have won, you think it would make all their problems disappear. The real truth is, it magnifies their problems and most end up in a worse place than where they were before the lottery win. 

I love you and my blessings will last. My blessings will cause you joy and not harm. I love you now and forever.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


My prayer:

I know so many people who are at the end of their rope right now God. Why is life so hard? Does it really have to be so hard? When are you coming back?

I pray for your strength and power to fall on us all God. Give the ability to make it through this season. We can't do it on our own.

What God Said Tonight:

Strength and power are not what is needed in this time. This time is for endurance. 

It is not fun. It is hard. It makes you feel like you won't make it. But with all endurance, when you hold on longer than you think you can, you come out of it stronger. You come out of it with new abilities and new confidence. 

This season is hard but this season is preparing you for the strength that will make you victorious in the next season. 

I will not leave you. You will not endure on your own. I am with you, now and forever. Nothing in this season will break you. Keep your eyes on me. Trust me. It is for a purpose, an essential purpose. 

I love you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


My prayer:

There was a lot of good in this day, mixed in with a lot of challenges. I am left feeling drained and grateful. 

It is right about now I start to think about how my "problems" are so minor compared to many others around the world. 

You know I have been lifting up Heidi Baker and her ministry in Mozambique to you. I was just there in Mozambique a month ago and to hear the terror and evil that is threatening them breaks my heart. Your power and your miracles are shown every day in that ministry. 

I pray that your glory and your power reign God. Keep them safe. Bring peace into the conflict. Heal the hearts of the terrorists. Fill your kids with joy and confidence. Thank you Jesus.

What God Said Tonight:

No need is more important than another. When you are God of the universe, all powerful, all knowing, and nothing is impossible, the needs of one person are just as important to me as the next. I don't place them on any kind of priority list. They are all top priority. 

By virtue of being my child, your needs are important to me. 

I will show myself in Mozambique. The miracles will be present and the people will rejoice. I will do what needs to be done for the short and the long term . 

But that does not diminish my ability to help you. I never run out. I always have more. More love, more favor, more help. I do not diminish with use. 

You know the analogy, it is like any parent with more than one child. You think you love your first child so much, how can you have enough love for a second...until you have the second child and you realize, love does not run out with use, it multiplies. 

The same is true true of me. When I act in one situation, it does not deplete me, if anything, it increases me. 

I love you. Don't discount your need for my sake. I am here for each of you.

Monday, June 11, 2018


My prayer:

I do not feel like I made the most of today. I mainly just got through it. And the sad part is, I had the opportunity to do more with it. I had time to experience some greatness but instead I slept in, went to work, came home, and watched YouTube videos. What a waste. Sorry God. 

What God Said Tonight:

Do you need to apologize to me? Was there anything I asked you to do that you ignored or refused?No. 

Some days are for adventure and some days are for rest. Some days are for fun and some days are for work. There is a time and a season to everything. 

Today may have been the time and the season for you not to do things. Today may have been the preparation for doing something great tomorrow. 

Find the balance in life if you can. It is here for the taking and makes your life much easier. I love you.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


My prayer:

I have been asking a receiving a lot lately God. Thank you so much. Maybe tonight is night for listening, not asking.

What God Said Tonight:

Listening. It seems like it should be easy but I know that it is not. I understand the effort it takes. I understand that you have to work at it. 

It is the second most important thing you can do. The first is love but the second is listen. Truly listen. To me, to each other, to everything around you. 

Listening, truly listening will give you wisdom beyond your years. It will give you insight and strategies. It will give you direction. 

Thank you for taking time to listen dear daughter. It will not be wasted.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Healing and health...

My prayer:

Thank you God for your healing power. I don't know what this thing was but I am grateful that you healed me. 

It is amazing how much sickness can take from you. It is not just what it does physically, although that can be bad enough, but also it messes with your head and your emotions. Suddenly fear raises its ugly head and all kinds of crazy thoughts start running through your mind. 

I really hate sickness. But I love that you are the healing God!

What God Said Tonight:

Healing is a gift. Health is my desire for your life. 

I paid the price so you could be healed from sickness but in the new heaven and earth, you will live in divine health. 

I hate sickness too. It was never meant to be a part of your life. It is a symptom of sin in this world and it is not meant to be here. 

I love you. I will heal you. Now and forever.