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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday...

My prayer:

Thank you Jesus for your willingness. It kind of hit me tonight in a way it never has before. Not only did you die for us, but you did it so willingly.

You knew the torture you were going to experience and you walked into it willingly. You knew how messed up we were and you and you died, willingly, anyway. You knew they were going to torture, humiliate and do everything they could to discredit you and you went willingly.

Thank you seems so paltry but it is the only words I have.

What God Said Tonight:

I struggled. Remember I was also a man and part of me was filled with dread at the coming pain and torture. I  struggled with it so hard that I sweat blood.

But, when my Father said go, I knew it was my purpose and my destiny to go. I knew that was what love would do.

I have no regrets. I willingly obeyed my Father for your sake and I am grateful that I did. It means we get to know each other now and forever. I get to be brother and savior to man and that is a truly wonderful thing.

I love you. I did it for you. It wasn't easy. Nothing worth so much could ever be easy. I love you.

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