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The History: A couple of years ago, I started journaling my prayers and God's responses to them. I told my friends about this, they were really interested. I told my Pastor about it and he said, how about sharing those on line. When I asked God, He said, my words are for you, but not just for you. And, here we are...I hope He speaks to you in these words.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Peace in any storm...

My prayer:
Awesome God, I am not sure what to pray tonight. I am not sure what to talk about. The last few days have been a whirlwind and my head is spinning a little. Thank you for giving me rest and some perspective today. Thank you for good friends who can help see clearly when I am a confused. Thank you for the opportunities you are bringing me. Thank you for being the God of all creation and still loving me so much. 

God I pray and ask for more Holy Spirit power in my life. I pray God that greater things than this will I see. I pray that the amazing miracles you have shown me are only the beginning. I want to see you do crazy wonderful stuff. 

I love you Daddy. I am all yours. Even if you never did another thing, what you have done already is enough. But, that is easy for me to say because I know you will keep blessing, guiding and loving me. I love that you can't help but love me. God change my mind and my heart where it needs to be changed. Show me the future path so I don't get stuck in circles of the past. 

I am yours forever God.

What God Said Tonight:
You are healed You are healed physically, mentally and spiritually tonight. You will begin to understand that healing more over the next several weeks but Know that tonight was the night of the healing. 

Tonight is the night for you to get free of anything that is holding you back. Tonight is the night for you to prepare because you are going to a new level very soon and you will need to carefully choose who and what you take with you. Not everyone can go where we are going next. It takes preparation and quietness of spirit. If you are at all not at rest, you may cause some rather disastrous results. 

You have found your peace in me, don't lose it. Remember that peace no matter what comes at you. Find that place of peace in every storm. I am your refuge and your strength and you will need an abundance of both in the next season. Listen to your prophetic friends. They are in your life for a reason. Everything that happens in your life, every person in your life, is there for a reason. There really are no accidents or coincidences in your life. 

Trust me, this is going to be big and wonderful.

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